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To begin a dialogue with your wife about anything new and sexual can sometimes be a tricky subject to say the least because of the very nature of women themselves. Just coming right out and telling your wife that you want her to have sex with another man can send a strong signal and send up all sorts of red flags. She may feel that if you love her how can you want her to make love to another man. She may feel that you are suggesting this so that you can have permission to go out and make love to another woman and that thought may disgust her. As a general rule she will feel that something is seriously wrong with you and the relationship so hitting her with this suggestion straight forward can be a very hard thing for her to cope with.


The last thing any of us want is to damage our relationship or loose our loving wife. In fact quite the opposite is true. As with any sexual lifestyle a very strong and open communication is the key to making any relationship work.


The hotwife lifestyle should be talked about and entered into very carefully and even at best you can bet that unwanted emotions can expose its ugly head. Perhaps this article will serve one well and hopefully avoid the many pitfalls that can be associate with this and the other recreational sex practices.




Here are some things to help one begin to sexually explore themselves as a couple.



1. Get your wife to agree to one night a week that you can talk about sexual exploration.


Topics like things that turn each other on. Sexual thoughts that cross one’s mind throughout the day etc.


Be sure to set some guidelines that if either of you have hurtful or feeling of jealous that you will openly talk about those as well. Understand that if you are wanting her to try the hotwife lifestyle and you find out that she is attracted to a co-worker or your best friend that this can come with a range of emotional charge and you may find yourself being jealous or hurt and want to really give her a hard time over it. To the point of actually damaging a relationship.


So be very careful what you want and ask for. After all women have sexual thoughts and fantasies too and their minds can be one step ahead of you. It is okay for you to be totally honest when you are talking. If you are turnd on by something, go ahead and say “wow that turns me on” if it turns you on and hurts you, you may say “wow that turns me on and stings my heart, but this is good for us to talk” If the only feeling you have is pain, then it is okay to say “I love you so much but that hurts me and I want to get passed this in our relationship.” Having said that, beginning a hotwife lifestyle can be filled with a range of emotions as well as sexual excitement that will have to be balanced. Be careful as you do not want to move too fast as to damage anything in your relationship. After your night of talking regardless of how it turns out, positive or negative, the next day shower her with affection, do something special for her, and or buy here a nice card, flowers or a gift to show her how much you love her and appreciate her for taking time to explore with you. If feelings come up that are hard felt emotions it is ok, it is like getting to know each other all over again.



2. Once you have determined something that turns you both on as it relate to this lifestyle one may begin experimenting a bit. Set aside one night for her sexual fantasies and one night for yours. For example if she is turned on by a forced sex fantasy, then you give her a night doing all the things that she desires. When it comes around to your night of hotwife exploration here are a few suggestions that you might like to try.


a. Have her to dress sexy and invite some guys over to watch a ballgame, or take her out to a dance, or invite a male friend over while she walks around in skimpy clothing. Do something that is relatively mild and fun with no pressure. Do not try to get her to do things that she does not want but let her set the speed. She will be gauging your response very closely.


b. After the male counterparts leave or you get back home then you can have her to play along with your fantasy and tell what she wanted to do.


c. After sex is over you can talk about your feelings and emotions and the same is true as before. The next day be sure to go the extra mile and show her how much you love and appreciate her for taking time to act out parts of the things that turns you on.


d. WARNING: Do not move too fast and never pressure her or she may run from this. Just plant the seed and play and be patient.




3. At this point the male should be very careful and not become obsessed with this. Men have a tendency to want things sooner rather than later. If you become obsessive about this could be set back in the exploration. So be careful and very patient with her. Talk about the fun times you have had. Deal with any emotions that come up and they will come up. Set more clear guidelines on dealing with emotions. EXAMPLE: “Baby the other night was the best and you were so damn sexy and I wanted you so badly knowing you turned other guys on.” Go ahead and define more guidelines about dealing with relationship issues and any emotions for either of you that may come up. At this point both of you must decide if you are going to continue to experiment with this lifestyle or not. If you both choose to continue then you can plan another night of fun. Below are some other ideas.


a. Rent a room at a nice hotel with a bar. Have her to dress sexy and go down to the bar a little while before you.


b. Have another friend’s night at your home and invite someone over that you both want play with


c. Give her a night out with her girlfriends and you stay at home and do housework.


d. Go to a dance as a couple and allow her to dance with other males if the opportunity presents itself.


e. Get her input on what she might like to do to, make her feel like a woman. Both of you can be creative and create your own ideas.




4. After your night of explorations be sure to check the temperature of you and your mate. Continue talking about this lifestyle and one of you at this point may be more into than the other. In fact you being a man may find that this lifestyle is not for you and she may be getting into it or vise versa. It is very important to keep a balance in the relationship before it goes too far. So after talking out the turn ons, turn offs, the pleasure, the pain and getting a balance into the relationship one can decide to stop or continue on. If you decide to continue her are some ideas to further grow.


a. Time to allow her to go on a shopping trip to get her some things she wants to wear. It is fun shopping together. Have her to order some nice things just for herself. You will get the benefits as well.


b. Treat her to a day at a spa or beauty salon and have her to pamper herself and feel like a woman.


c. Let her plan her own night that she want to experiment with and you play whatever part you are told. At some point she will be taking charge so get used to the idea.




5. As with other step before take time to talk about this and all the elements, positives and negatives again and again. Never, never stop talking. It is essential in keeping a relationship strong and growing. You should have enough information to decide if this lifestyle is going to work in your relationship. Because after this step you will probably have yourself a real hotwife if you continue along the path. Her are something’s for a man to ask himself before continuing.


a. How am I going to feel knowing that my wife has another man inside her?


b. Am I really ready to share my wife’s body with another man?


c. How am I going to feel if my wife really enjoys sex with other men?



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FINAL: Before taking it to the final step set other guidelines and rules and it is okay to come up with an individual agreement between both of you Topics like dealing with jealousy issues. A fail safe clause whereas if any emotional issues come up that the lifestyle can be ceased for 60 -90 days by either party, etc. Just do whatever it takes to keep your relationship safe and sound. Because after your wife does get totally into this lifestyle she will be “glowing” with seductiveness and sex appeal and she will be empowered. And chances are that if you and her have a strong relationship she will be very involved into this and will be ready to take it to any level you want.


So like I said in the beginning be careful what you ask for you may get it.






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