What is a slave? It is simply a piece of My property, no different from a chair, a pair of shoes, a footstool, or a toilet.


It is something that exists to bring Me pleasure, make My life easier and a little more enjoyable. While My slave is in service to Me, he is no longer a man or even a person, the slave becomes a thing.


It is not even as good as a dog, dogs need to be taken care of, and given love, and companionship, but My slave is just a thing to do My bidding. I am its Owner, Mistress and Goddess. I am My slaves' very reason to live. its purpose is to serve Me and do what I want.


This is a little of what is expected of My slave when he serves Me in private, or with My Girlfriends. When ever I enter a room where My slave is, he is expected to drop to My feet and kiss them in worship of his owner.


I make My slave do all My housework, including My laundry, cooking, dishes, and cleaning My bathroom and toilet. I ring a bell, or call him when I require his services. My slave immediately comes to Me, falls to the floor and kisses My feet waiting for My orders.


I often use My slave as a footstool while I'm watching TV, reading a book, talking on the telephone, or listening to music. It is so relaxing to have My slave massaging My feet, licking and sucking away the dirt and grime that accumulates during the day. I really love it when My feet smell and it is My slave job to clean them with his tongue.


I also use My slaves' tongue to pleasure Me in other ways. I will often snap My fingers and have My slave on his knees eating Me.


Sometimes I am sitting in a chair, sometimes I am eating a meal that My slave has served, and sometimes I will just stand there and have him drop to his knees and lick Me. I also enjoy this when I am on the telephone talking or even sometimes when a special girlfriend is over.


Another use for My slaves' tongue is licking My perfect bottom and rosebud.


I will lay down on the bed or couch and have him lick gently sticking his tongue in as far as he can reach. Sometimes I even fart in his mouth, of course I make My slave thank Me for helping him breath.


Other times I have My slave put his head on a soft char or My bed and I just sit on his face with his tongue doing it's work. Oh I must admit it feels soooo gooood!


Another use for My slave is as an ashtray, if one is not handy or sometimes just when I feel like it, I have My slave open his mouth and in go My ashes.


When I am finished with My cigarette, I just drop it in My slaves'mouth. If I really feel mean, I will have him eat My cigarette butt, otherwise it's just his problem. It is nice having an ashtray I don't have to empty myself. But then again, I do not have to do such menial work anyway since I have My own slave.


I often like having My slave feel a bit helpless, so when ever I feel like it I keep him naked, or just wearing a G-sting, with a collar and leash around his neck and sometimes even around is little prick and balls. That way I know he will pay attention or I give a little jerk on the leash and I have his full attention.


I can also play with him whenever I want. I can smack his little butt if he's not good, or use his little prick as a leash and pull him around with it. It is always fun to attach his leash to My ankle and know he's going to always be at My feet.



That is if I feel like walking. Sometimes I sit on his back and make him take Me from room to room. Since I am his superior, and My slaves' reason for living, I should not be expected to walk when I have a slave to ride.


Ya know sometimes when you are watching a great TV show, having an enjoyable meal, talking on the telephone, waking up, or just relaxing, and you have to go to the toilet?


You know how much you just hate having to get up and walk into the bathroom just to go. Well I must admit I really enjoy using My slave as a portable toilet for just those times. First I make My slave beg Me for the privilege of being My toilet, then I either have him place his mouth so none will spill, and then piss away, or have him bring My portable seat. This is great; it has a padded toilet seat, for My precious butt, and his little head fits right under Me allowing him to drink My golden offerings. The nectar of My slaves Goddess, owner, Mistress, and after all waste not want not. My waste helps keep him alive.





A few other usages for slaves are:


Prolonged toilet, or for parties


Reusable self cleaning and ohh so soft Toilet Paper tongues


Pedicure slaves


Human Furniture


Water, butler, maid, cook and general gofer boy. Mistress can make any messes She wants and not care, after all the slave will clean it.


Liking spit up off the floor, or spitting into his mouth


Serving when Sisters, Mother or Girlfriends, are visiting.


Personal service: Body massage, dressing and undressing, combing of hair, bathing and drying, ironing of clothes etc.


And of course slaves are never allowed on the furniture!


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