Queening is, basically, the use of the male face, mouth, and nose and tongue, as a substitute for sexual intercourse and masturbation, by the dominant woman.


It places the man in the most slavish, subservient position, under the woman's buttocks and crotch.


She sits on his face, or has his head trapped between her thighs.


The whole event is devoted to her pleasure, her orgasms, and her time schedule. The man's pleasure or pain, satisfaction or frustration, desires or fears are of little importance, if any.


The woman's clitoris, vulva, labia and vagina demand service.


This thrilling, delicious sexual practice has an ancient and traditional history. Ladies of medieval households often had pages, whose sole job was to provide them with mouth, lip and tongue service under their skirts while their husband were absent, thus remaining, technically faithful.


Many a young boy had his first lessons in sex with his head under Madame's backside, with her quim vigorously riding his face. Many young girls still virgins, enjoyed orgasms on a male servant's mouths as the earliest sexual experiences. In ancient Chinese courts one long tongued, trained male slave was used by female royalty and court ladies as casually as if they were going to the lavatory.


The slave would be summoned, face-fucked then dismissed casually and serenely. In old Japan, brothels would provide male victims for such use by visiting, paying women and girls.


Mouth and tongue sexual service to the female genitals is 'cunnilingus' or 'cunnilinctus' literally cunt licking/ sucking. Queening properly places the woman on top of the male face, using it ruthlessly and selfishly. The lady commands, the man obeys.


Having the male slave erect, frustrated and unsatisfied adds to the sadistic pleasures enjoyed by the woman.


In ancient Persia, cleverly constructed chairs were known as man face stools with the male face replacing the seat centre.


Ladies could lift their skirts, sit down, cover the scenario with those skirts, and with gentle rhythmic, firm hip and buttock movements enjoy private little orgasms even when others were present. Old Indian pornographic graffiti depicts scenes like that, with gowned girls, obviously in ecstasy, riding a male face while gazing at an enormous male erection.


In more recent, Western times governesses and nannies have been recorded as teaching their young male charges just how to please their crotches with their tongues. Many a frightened, cowed Georgian or Victorian boy knew intimately the underside of Madame's skirts and felt the vice-like grip of her gartered thighs round his head.


Masquerading as a punishment and usually followed or preceded by a whipping, the queening would take place in conditions of discipline and severity. The curt command, the superior, unsmiling demand would be followed by a rustling lifting of black, voluminous skirts, the stripping off of Madame's panties and the heavy, fleshy hot damp descent of her buttocks and crotch onto the boy's face.


Heaven help him if Madame did not orgasm satisfactorily. A savage whipping would follow.


Even down in the servant's quarters, the youngest male servant would find his head trapped under housemaids' skirts. Cruelty seems to have been part and parcel of queening procedures in olden times.


'Queening' by definition, requires a dominant, demanding woman and a subservient, obedient man. The woman must be concerned only with her personal pleasure and satisfaction.


His mouth, lips, tongue and nose are merely live tools there to pleasure her labia, clitoris, vulva and vaginal passage. He must be trained, if necessary by painful punishment, in the proper use of his facial features.


She must gain the maximum delight and orgasmic satisfaction without concerning herself with her victim's possible distress, humiliation and discomfort.


He is nothing more than a sexual toy or playing, as of no more importance than her lavatory pan, her sanitary towels, her d*ldo, her handkerchief, her lavatory paper, her condoms or contraception pills, or her vaginal douche - all quite necessary to her private sexual and private well being, but all useable and disposable.


The choice of type of slave is up to her. She may wish to have a wimpish male twit under her backside and quim. She may find more delight in subduing a macho strong male. She may have a cuckolded husband to humiliate, taunt and sit on.


She may have developed her talents as a schoolgirl, together with her girlfriends, taking the school wimp into the girls' lavatory and taking turns in squatting on his face. She may have gained experience by dominating a younger brother, riding his face selfishly while their parents were asleep or away from home.


Some women like to have a mouth-d*ldo attached to their slave's head, sticking up from his open mouth as a rideable accessory.


This provides pleasant, full, vaginal passage orgasms, but prevents sucking and licking by the male victim. Other women blindfold their prone slaves, thus deleting any possible visual pleasure they might obtain.


A few cruel ladies inevitably urinate on to his face after having orgasmed. Others enjoy demanding mouth service right after enjoying satisfactory adultery with a lover, thus making the victim more humiliated. Most talented queening ladies humiliate, taunt, torment, degrade and tease their victims before and after this enforced cunnilingus.


It is essential that the male slave is more than intimate with those parts of a woman's body which require servicing by his tongue, lips and nose. Kneeling astride his face, with his eyes very close to her c*nt, is a pleasant torment.


He is able to see and fear each part of her sexual equipment, staring right up into her vaginal passage and memorising her clitoris, labia and vulva. Using her fingers to stretch her labia she is able to insist that he looks and learns. He must also examine her anus ;with respect, in case she decides to have his nose inserted into it.


She must teach him the way to kiss, lick and suck her sexually, with particular attention to her clitoris. He must suck and swallow her sex juices. To add a special thrill to her pleasure, she must make him afraid of her.


He must be in awe of her. He must adore her. He must give her respect, and recognise her superiority. He must worship her genitals. They are his goddess, his fate, his destiny. His life is less important than a single orgasm enjoyed by her.


Riding the male face requires careful, skilful experience, as much as is required in learning to ride a horse.


The hip and buttocks movements are the key to success. The careful placing of the c*nt on the mouth or nose is, of course, essential, and might require some wriggling adjustment until the male's service parts are properly positioned.


It may be that the lady wishes to have his nose against her anal rose while his mouth serves her quim. She will, of course, be as rough and savage as she wishes at the moment she comes. At that moment she must not care in the least if he suffocates, or chokes.


After satisfaction she can relax, still sitting on his face and enjoy a cigarette or a glass of wine. When she dismounts she will casually ignore the fool, dismissing him abruptly, sending him off to continue his housework, followed by taunts and insults. Perhaps she will lend him to the girlfriends!


The complete, perfect, mature woman always has two men in her life, one to f*ck her normally the other to be queened by her, as her slave.


Enjoy yourselves, ladies!


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