Her Perfect Cuckold Husband


A feminized sub-husband explains...


I was willing to do anything. I've been a hen-pecked all of my married life. I stopped work to look after Alice and I'd have a problem finding work after all these years. When we swapped roles I wore her clothes for a few weeks. After a while I began to find new articles of clothing in my drawers; a bra, panties, a few slips. By the time I was wearing a frock she was treating me like a maid and we rarely had sex. Alice was obviously sleeping with other men!


The question of divorce shocked me rigid. The only reason she wanted to leave was because she felt guilty about cheating on me. When I told her I'd known about her lovers she was shocked. 


'Doesn't it upset you?' She wanted to know.



I'm not a good lover. It's hard for a man to work like a housewife all day and then perform like a caveman in the bedroom. When I told her that I understood and sympathized with her sexual needs she promised to think about a different role for me. 'But when I bring a man home with me,' she warned, 'it will take very special skills on your part to make sure he feels welcome and at ease.'


By the time I understood that I was to practice sucking cock it was too late! 


We talked about it for a week. Slowly but surely my role as husband evaporated. Separate bedrooms. Oral sex only. And an agreed checklist of what was required of me for her special evenings: An early afternoon visit to her beauty salon, 'Mavis, my beautician, will add a few waves to your hair, a hint of make-up, just enough to soften your masculinity, and your nails of course.'


Dressed - as a sexy she-male slut - by six p.m. I'll expect you to wear really feminine and sexy.'


Dinner in the oven, table set for two, 'you eat in the kitchen.' 


And I accept - I want to be a good househusband! Every night I put on my frilliest gown, I wear a bright red lipstick, and I suck in front of a mirror until I'm perfect! Her perfect cuckold!




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