Characteristics of a Good Cuckold




Cuckolding is not about cheating, degrading women or the destruction of the cucks psyche. It is, at least from the cuckold's side of it, a celebration of women. It's about a submissive's desire to see that his wife is happy - sexually happy, emotionally happy and happy in her dominance.




One last point. Cuckolding is not necessarily about cutting off all sexual relations between the wife and her cuckold.  There is so much fantasy/fiction that says cuckolding is about stopping all sex with a cucked husband. Thrown in a chastity device never to cum again.  Not usually the case, sometimes but rarely yes.  In a broad perspective cuckolding is about the power and dominance a women wields over her submissive. SHE gets to decide who she has sex with; she gets to decide when she has sex with her husband; she gets to decide how long he stays in chastity. Get it...she gets to decide:  That's why some submissive men love a cuckoldress - it's an intense power exchange.






 This type of cuck usually likes to just watch his woman having sex with another guy.  He usually does not participate in the sex act and just sits in the corner watching and/or masturbating.  Though he may also be sitting next to his wife or even holding her hand.  On average a couple with a voyeur cuck is not heavily into D/s.  It tends to be more along the line of, "Honey it gets me so turned on to watch you with another man and the sex we have afterwards is amazing."  Depending on the couple sometimes the voyeur cuck is not allow to view the sex act of his woman and her lover in person.  Instead the sex acts are taped and shown to the voyeur cuck at a later date and used to drive sexual kink when having sex with his wife at a later date.  On average the voyeur cuck male is not "that" submissive and may even be a relatively alpha style male.  Also, this type of cuck may not really even consider himself a cuckold and may not even know the definition of the word.  He is simply a voyeur who enjoys watching his wife have sex with another man.








 This type of cuck enjoys participating with the wife's lover while she is dating and having sex with another lover.  The bi-cuck might enjoy "fluffing" the lover (oral sex to get him hard for his wife), or talking to the lover while he is in action.  This cuck may also participate in the sex acts, usually exclusively as the bottom to the wife and her lover.  When a dominant wife has a submissive bisexual husband and she cuckolds him, and also includes him in the sex acts with her lovers, it tends to be a little easier on the mental humiliation of the cuckold.  It's easier because the cuckold is participating with his wife and is engaged in something that he enjoys (bisexuality).  The bi-cuck may not even feel any humiliation at all.  It's the "inclusion" factor here that lessens the mental blow of allowing your wife to have other sexual partners.  Some bisexual cucks may even greatly enjoy this type of relationship because it does afford them the opportunity to have same sex relations.  If the dominant wife enjoys this type of sexual interaction between two males, then everyone is happy.  Bi-cucks could be D/s driven in their desires or it could be a little tamer along the lines of a MMF threesome.  Many variations could be taking place in this realm of a bisexual male husband.








 This type of cuck wants to be feminized by wearing wigs and make up, and women's clothing while serving a wife and lover engaged in sexual relations.  Many times this is accompanied by a sissy maid drive where the cuckold wants to become the maid for the evening and made to serve the wife and her lover.  Sissy cuckolds may be masculine men, feminine men, crossdressers or transvestites.  Where they fall in this range will determine what type of play or scenario or humiliation they are seeking.



For men that are into "forced feminization" vs "consensually enjoyed feminization" this may be about humiliation and emasculation of the male.  To be dressed, in non-passing way, with a hairy chest and legs and to be ridiculed for it.  This is fairly outrageous to see and it's easy to humiliate a male in this position.  Most men into this type of sissy play are not crossdressers and do not try to pass as female.



Some men may also enjoy being forced to wear panties or bra under his business suit and be ridiculed for it by his Mistress.  And cuckolding is simply an extension on this type of sissy or feminization play where this would be shared with Femdom's male lover or lovers.



More feminine men or cd/tv's may wish to complete a more encompassing feminine look while in service to his wife and perhaps lover.   Many times a full feminine transition is done on the male to make him look as female as possible.  The male even take on a feminine alter ego and try to get into the head of a female.  The male may even practice dressing enfemme outside of a cuckolding scene in order to practice being more female - walking, speech, dress, make-up.  While in service to a wife, she may use this to tease and humiliate her husband about what a sissy he is and how girly he looks.  Telling him it's no wonder she needs to seek out a real man to satisfy her sexually.  Again, this is humiliation play.



Sissy maids tend to take the feminization up a notch and really go all out to be seen as a maid to his Mistress.  As the sissy maid, he is there to serve the wife and perhaps her lover by waiting on them in various manners as seen fit by his Mistress - sexually or not.  In some cases the sissy cuck may be made to have sexual contact with his Mistress and/or Mistress's lover - usually as a bottom.



Sissy and sissy maid play may only take place during a cuckolding session or it may be part of a larger D/s dynamic where his Mistress partakes in the sissy husband feminization of the male on a regular basis.








 This type of cuck enjoys, or tolerates from a submissive state, the wearing of a male chastity device.  Many cucks that are in D/s relationships do wear chastity devices for their Mistress, at least at times.  This strictly reinforces the cuckolds submissive position in the relationship.  The Mistress has control over when and how the cuckold will achieve orgasm - and sometimes if at all.  This type of man directs his devotion to his Mistress by cutting off his ability to obtain erections or orgasm while his Mistress is free to purse sexual relations and orgasmic release at her discretion. Many times the chastity cuckold will take on a "service" role during or after meetings with his wife's lover.  Most of the time chastity cucks are into humiliation play and enjoy it when she taunts his locked penis and denial of orgasms while she fully enjoys the sex of an outside lover. Chastity and denial may last for hours, days, weeks, even years in extreme cases.


Again, there are many flavors of D/s and cuckolding that can be taking place here.  It could be short term chastity followed by release after the wife finishes with her lover.  Release could come from having sex with the wife or perhaps simply masturbating for her. Or, perhaps the cuckold will be denied (Cum denial) for slightly longer periods as defined by the dominant and in some cases dominants impose strict long term orgasm denial.


Some cuckold couples play "numbers" games: After I have sex with my lover three times I will let you out of your chastity device and you get to have sex with me or get to masterbate etc.








 The humiliation cuck and his wife are usually heavy into D/s (Dominance and submission).  There are usually a combination of cuck traits in this type of man as well.  The cuck is can be very much the slave of the his wife/mistress and he might exhibit traits that include - chastity, sissy, and bi-cuck.  This type of man thrives on his submission and service to his dominant partner.  One of his goals is to make sure his wife is happy under almost any circumstances.  Heavy humiliation is NOT for everyone and should be something worked into, like anything in the D/s lifestyle.


This type of cuck loves it when the wife or girlfriend calls him names and shames him while her and her lover are having sex, perhaps in your marital bed! For even more intensely wicked humiliation the wife's lover joins in on the name calling and begins claiming the wife as his own from here on out.  The wife relishes the fact that she can completely flaunt her dominance and her desire to cuckold her husband and have sex with other men.  She may be relentless in her dominance and humiliation, driving her husband deep into sub-space brought on the the mental humiliation of having an adulterous wife and having it flaunted in his face. He may have normal sexual relations with his wife part of the time, or he may accept that his wife has chosen another man to replace him completely in her sexual bed, at least for some period of time (the latter is more fantasy than truth, mostly).


Sometimes, and I think rarely, at this level of play the cuck may be in semi-permanent chastity and be denied any sort of orgasm aside from a prostate milking for long periods of time.  Others may be put on a strict orgasm schedule as defined by the dominant wife which would vary from couple to couple - once or twice a week, twice a month, once a quarter...etc.


Humiliation cuckoldry at this level is for extremely secure, loving (in there own way) and open minded people.  The couple should have a strong vanilla and D/s relationship in place and have built a foundation of play that both are comfortable with.  This is for advanced cuckold couples only, anyone else might get their feelings hurt...and not in the 'good' kind of way!  Many times the couple lives a cuckold lifestyle where this type of "play" is lived out on a daily basis.



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