female supremacy





Woman is supreme - She is a whole being.


Man is but a mutation from the Whole - He is an unfortunate necessity in a fallen material world. As the sperm is to the Egg so is man to Woman - If Woman does not accommodate him then he is nothing - His journey futile and foolish - Doomed to emptiness. She will only open up to him if he is obedient and suitable.


The possible glory of man lies in his obedience to his Source - He must recognise and honour his Mistress - Without this he is a spiritual non-entity. Woman to save man in Her mercy may seek to teach him of this fact. His lessons may appear harsh but are necessary.


To be redeemed requires submission to Her - Submersion into the Egg where She engulfs him and he is no longer separate - Then he may know the joy of service to One much greater than himself.

This enslavement is Her greatest gift - Her chains will bring man his fulfillment and he will achieve his true purpose before his Divine Mistress.



The inferior male form.

Incredibly easy to torture and tease. The cock an extension of their corrupted ego. Vulnerable and exposed to it's surrounding elements. The testicles producing sperm, a man's essence of reproduction, also vulnerable. Such vital reproductive organs displayed on the outside of their body like a badge.


Unprotected genitals hanging side by side with only one lifeline to its sperm. Susceptible to not only temperature but also the blade of My knife or anything else it may encounter. Easily restrained by chastity devices and the taunting force of a superior Woman. Their excitement cannot be hidden. They base their worth as a man upon such a package.


Unlike Women who's reproductive organs hide safely behind protective tissue. Each ovary on opposite sides of the womb creating distance. Each ovary with it's own route to the womb If one is destroyed, another is still present Her superior seed can still create life.


Her essence continues through offspring as the castrated male's is snuffed out. Survival of the fittest dear. This is why men are My tools. I bend, and shape them as I wish because in the end it is My decision whether they are good enough. A Woman ultimately determines a man's worth.



Sexual Arousal

Sexually aroused men almost revert back to little boys. Their eyes widen in awe and their speech becomes impaired. their groin pumps instinctively and some even wiggle their extremities. Blithering idiots willing to hump even the floor to get off. Writhing around on the carpet like worms.


Nostrils flaring and breath heaving to pick up the slightest sent of My silky flesh.

Putty. Visually they are stimulated by Me. The sound of My voice and My choice of words massage their mind and their member grows harder.


Flushed and sweaty they grow more impatient to relieve their aching tight balls. The pressure builds and they are denied an explosion of sticky spunk by their Femdom Mistress. Emotional intensity drives them to obey all of My wishes, but I like to see them suffer.


I adore watching a man's character crumble beneath My feet. I am aroused by the stupidity inflicted by My sexuality. I am turned on by the fact that a huge man agrees to be bound and tortured for My amusement in hopes that he will be rewarded with release.


My lips dampen with the sight of an intellectual man stuttering in My presence, loosing his words, and submitting to My whims and fantasies. I overpower them by exploiting their own sexuality. <smile> What a lovely game it is.




I adore commanding men to disrobe and perform in front of Me. I want to see them bashful and shy. I like the fact that some are ashamed of their appearance or what they must do to prevent punishment.


I enjoy slowing the reflex to speed their rhythm of masturbation. I smile at their frustration or loss of climax, knowing they will need to start their rhythm again to orgasm. I like to watch them sweat and flush from arousal.


I see their discomfort and laugh. I refuse their release because of the pain they feel from their tight throbbing balls. I refuse their release because I can. I refuse the release of their nasty spunk because it is dirty and vile. Every time they release their essence they are denying Me the pleasure of their sexual suffering.


I am aroused by the power they give Me over their lust. I am aroused by their willingness to obey in hopes they might have more of My attention. I love seeing a man quiver under the point of My fingernail as I rake slowly down his back into his panties. I love panties both on My self and My playmates. A boy in panties is quite amusing. Especially when his panties cannot hide his erection.


A hard and lubed c*ck crying to be touched and released from the pressure of extreme excitement. Look at Me when I talk to you. Watch My hands run down the seam of My stocking as I correct the sheer nylon. Watch My glare catch your lustful gaze. Feel the ice. Feel ashamed. Be aroused and beg to repent.


It is a never-ending battle boys, and I love to play the game. Please Me, pamper Me with unnecessary gifts, and do exactly as I tell you to do. Succeed and you will feel the pleasure of release.



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