The Art of Feet Worship Slavery








Nothing excites me more then to encounter a true foot slave. Not just a foot fetishist but a submissive man that worships and adores the feet of a Goddess. Yes, he is no doubt he loves bare feet and bare feet might make him hard, however if a woman is clever she will use this to her advantage. So many dominant women feel that a man's fetish is a burden and that they expect her to feed his sexual desires. On the onset it may appear that a submissive man with a sexual fetish is selfish because it's all he seems to think about. If allowed he can becoming a draining slave always looking to have his sexual fetishes satisfied.




I have always felt that by understanding the fetish and what truly motivates him that I can easily manipulate him and render him even more submissive. Of course I will admit that I enjoy having my feet rubbed, licked, toes sucked and caressed, nothing is more exciting then having it done by a man that is truly obsessed with my feet. Especially, if he's very expressive, shakes and grovels when I tease him. I assure you that if you that a man will do ANYTHING if you know the right secret in making his head spin.




First you need to start with a true foot fetishist. Keep in mind that there are all types; bare, stockings, smelly, clean and pretty or dirty & grimy. You need to figure out exactly what makes his cock launch like a rocket. Once you know you can begin your strategy. I can't go over each and every detail so I'll use the example of bare feet. The real trick here is NOT to shove bare feet in his face but to make him not only work for it but inspire him to learn to earn ANY reward regarding your feet. He really needs to get the fact that it is a privilege even if you love having your feet adored. More on this later.




When I wake up in the morning the first thing I want is coffee at my bedside. I expect my slave to have it there kneeling and then gently waking me up. I take the coffee and as I sip it I am kicking the covers off my bare feet. I might stretch, kick a foot out, take my bare foot and place it on his lap or I might even command a foot massage. Just because you get a foot massage doesn't mean you must oblige him with a foot sessions. In fact the whole theory I have here is to first tease him to an unbearable suffering. So make him rub your feet as often as you want and with NO REWARD. Don't let him get into the bad habit of thinking there's always something in it for him. This will ruin everything.




So I tease him subtly and then leave him wanting. Throughout the day I will often make reference to my feet. I might purposely rub my own feet and walk around barefoot. The more teasing the better and I better not catch him playing with himself.




The trick is to do it in such a way that it truly makes him crazy. Do things that no ordinary woman can or would do. Make him smell, taste and really adore YOUR feet to the point that you create and addiction, so to speak. So the real trick is to have him long and adore YOUR feet, not just any feet. This may take some time and very clever manipulation. If he has another fetish like smoking or ass worship combine the teasing with this to create a dynamic double whammy. This is why its important to really dissect him and understand his fetish. I also believe that using the right words is very effective. For instance if he loves bare feet I might talk about the arch, the way my foot wrinkles or my toe cleavage when I have my shoes on. If you let him talk to you openly you will discover all types of descriptive words he uses for what makes him crazy. I might ask him to close his eyes and confess a fantasy the urge him to describe each detail. Remember this is all ammunition for your manipulation.




There is a problem that many of you have already discovered and that is that after he's had an orgasm he seems less inspired or submissive. This is actually a huge problem with so-called submissive fetishist. This is why your seduction is so very important. You have to be able to affect him like NO WOMAN can. So many dominant women have a problem with this but I assure you that it is extremely effective. Any great Goddess learns the art of seduction to control her mates. When its all said and done you will have accomplished a great deal with very little work or sacrifice.




Now for the secret and this might be difficult if you have begun to develop feelings for the slave. You have succeeded in getting him addicted to you. You've got him wrapped around your finger and the sight of your feet makes him nuts but he's one of the foot slaves that seems to lose interest after he cums. This is where you must really stick to your guns and set your ground. As soon as he is done having an orgasm you MUST give him submissive task and expect him to follow them according to your standards. You need to make it very clear what you expect and if you don't get it he's history. This can all be easily accomplished with the right protocol on a daily basis such as how he addresses you, how he entered a room, serves you a drink, etc. Always keep these in place because it keeps him mindful of his place so that when he is rewarded he stills knows who is boss. If he wears a collar during the day make sure he has it on during his reward and after.






Another way to set control is to teach him to cum on command; however this takes more practice from both of you. I make all my slaves orgasm only on the count of ten, not a moment before or moment after. The trick here is that I will purposely tease him until he shakes and when the number 10 comes he is off like a rocket. This sets a very certain dynamic and he will surely remember who wears the pants. lol- or shoes in the relationship. The art of teasing is something women have done since the beginning of time. Use it to your advantage because it is an effective tool.



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