"He's bigger than you"


In spite of all the ads in men's magazines, we haven't found a way to change what God gives us. Few women marry a man because of the size of his penis, but much has been written about how good it feels to many women to be "filled completely."


So, wifey goes searching (or the well-behaved cuckold searches for her) for a man who can measure up. Some women find a large penis to be painful or uncomfortable, but if she finds the experience to be fulfilling , hubby must recognize that there is no way on earth that he can offer her what her lover does. In our society, in which "bigger is better," it is truly humiliating for a man to see less between his own legs than he sees on the man between his wife's legs!


Not to mention the conversations with her lover, who tells him how good his wife feels "deep inside," and then laughs at the fact that hubby can never, ever know what that feels like. In other words, this man feels parts of your wife's body that you can never touch -- so go sit in the corner, and listen to her make me cum with those places you can't touch!




"He's better than you"


Why wifey would want this is obvious -- what a surprise, after 5, 10 or 20 years of marriage, to learn that sex is more fun than you knew! And for cucky, the embarrassment is even greater than if her lover is bigger: at least if he is bigger, you can claim that there is nothing you can do about it.


But if he is better -- especially if he is about the same size as cucky, then the plain truth is, "You are not such a good lover." (Actually, that's the diplomatic truth; the plain truth is that you're a lousy lover!)





"Don't Touch Me"


Here is a major difference between a Hot Wife and a cuckolding wife: Often, I read of husbands fucking their wives before they head out on a "date." Cuckolds hardly ever get to touch their wives before a "date," unless it is to clean her, dress her or apply her makeup! And, of course, this makes sense: if her husband really isn't much of a lover, then why would she want to ruin the mood, or take the edge off her anticipation? In her words, "I'm saving it for him."


In more extreme cases, where the wife has replaced her husband with another man (or men) on a permanent basis, her body may simply be off limits to him at all times. In these cases, the occasional glimpse of a breast or pubic hair can trigger spontaneous orgasm!





"Clean Up the House While I'm Gone"


If the husband acknowledges his sexual inferiority, he may fell compelled to try to make it up to his wife in any way possible. Therefore, he may be among the most obedient husbands on the planet! Remember, hubby gets off on his own sexual failings; therefore, cleaning the house, etc., only serves to remind him that he's doing this because he's not very good in bed. This may be one of the few times you see a man vacuuming with an erection .





"I Want to Have His Baby"


I tend to believe that the vast majority of cuckold stories in which the lover impregnates the wife are fictional, though I could be wrong. After all, the couple will have to live with that decision for the rest of their lives. But certainly, if you want to feel that you have "lost" your wife to another man, having him impregnate her would probably do that in spades! I do not judge here, so I mention that a number of cuckolds are very turned on by finding their wife's birth control sitting on the dresser when she goes out.



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