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For the past couple of years I've tried to talk my wife Linda into doing it with someone else. and she started getting angry at me for suggesting it, so I quit talking about it. But I'm still trying to get her to take small steps in that direction.


For example, I asked her to have some nude photos of herself taken as a gift for me. She agreed and I made an appointment with a male professional photographer. At first she was nervous about removing her clothes, but soon became very relaxed and seemed to enjoy being completely naked in front of this other man, especially after he told her how pretty she was. I did want the photos made, but I also saw this as a way to let her get used to being naked in front of another man. Afterwards when we got home she was very horny.


A few weeks after the positive results with the photo shoot, I told Linda she deserved a massage and arranged for a masseur to come to our house. She had never received a massage from a man before and was very nervous at first. But after the man started massaging her, she relaxed. Soon the towel that was covering her body was fallen to the floor, and she was completely naked and exposed on the massage table enjoying the touch of his hands rubbing over her body. I really loved watching her laying naked while this other man massaged her sweet ass. Then he rolled her over and massaged her inner thighs while he enjoyed the close up view of her trimmed bush. From the bulge in his sweatpants he obviously liked what he saw. And she made no effort at all to cover herself. After the man left, Linda said she loved the massage and would have let him rub her pussy if he tried. She was unbelievably horny after he left, and I easily brought her a couple of incredible orgasms. I was very pleased with how easily she accepted having another man touching her naked body. But to avoid her getting angry, I am being careful not to suggest that she have sex with anyone, but I'm hoping that it will become her idea. Unfortunately for now our 2 college kids are now back home living with us so it difficult to find any privacy.


My plan is to continue scheduling massages for her, while hoping that eventually she will be enjoying orgasms by the massuer rubbing her pussy. Maybe then she'll be comfortable enough to reward the massuer with a hand job. Then maybe next time a blow job, etc. I just need to be patient and let anything that happens be her decision and at her pace. But once she's had a good time with one guy, I think she may be more receptive about future encounters with other guys.


The key is to never try to push her into anything she doesn't want to do.


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