CreamPie Variations



More often than not, it is the pussy creampie in general that gets the most favor from cuckolds, but there are also other sexually exciting variations of the creampie fetish that bring much arousal and stimulation.




Married pussy creampie


As the name suggests, this cuckold fetish involves a married woman being taken and inseminated with another man's cum. The excitement is in the idea that another man has not only had sexual relations with his wife, but that he has also laid seed into her womb, an act that is considered to be sacred and reserved for the husband's enjoyment only. It is extremely humiliating and sexually exciting for the husband to be made to lick another man's semen from his wife's married pussy. There is also an added bonus here if the actual sex act has taken place in the marital bed, with the husband being made to sit outside of the bed and watch as another man takes his wife.




Black cock creampie


One of the most common stereotypes is that black men are thought to have larger cocks. This stereotype does not go unnoticed in the cuckold cream pie fetish. Because the black man's cock is coveted for being so much larger than the average white males cock, it stands to reason that they are also thought to have larger loads of cum to deposit into their lover. Added to this is the additional turn-on of the black man having sexual relations with a white woman, which in many circles of society is still considered to be 'taboo' even in today's modern age. Even if the cuckold does not have an extremely small penis (as small penis size is typical of cuckolds), the addition of a black man and his large cock can add extreme pleasure and excitement to the cuckold fantasy.




Anal creampie


Yes, as you have probably guessed, this variation involves anal penetration and ejaculation into the anal cavity. This cream pie variation may not be as emotionally humiliating as having another man ejaculate into the wife or girlfriend's pussy, however it is still extremely humiliating in that the cuckold would be made to lick or eat the ejaculate from his wife or girlfriend's anus. It is often also the case where the cuckold has not previously been permitted (or invited) to have anal intercourse with his girlfriend or wife, therefore the other man is the one being granted the honor of engaging in anal sex with the wife or girlfriend for the first time, and thereby adding to the cuckold's humiliation (and, of course, his sexual excitement).





Snowballing and/or oral cream pie


It is common practice for a man to ejaculate into the mouth of the one who is performing oral sex on him, so an oral cream pie is nothing really new. Having a cuckold receive an oral cream pie from a man who is having sexual intercourse with his wife can be extremely humiliating, for not only is this other man having sex with his wife, but now he also is involved sexually with the other man himself. The term 'snowballing' refers to the act of someone gathering ejaculate (cum) in their mouth, either by having it deposited there by the cock itself or by eating it from a pussy, an anus, or other area, and then using their mouth to transfer it to someone else's mouth.





Cream- pie- to- go, (or Leftover cream pie)


This variation of cream pie usually comes into play when a woman cuckolds her husband or boyfriend, but he is not permitted the pleasure of watching the actual act of her engaged in sexual intercourse with another man. Typically this happens when the wife or girlfriend goes out and has sexual intercourse with another man and he ejaculates inside her, and then she returns to the cuckold after the fact, where he then is made to clean up the 'mess' of the other man. This is extremely humiliating to the cuckold because not only has his wife or girlfriend been sexually active with another man outside of the relationship, but he also has to lick the fruits of the other man's labor from his woman's body.







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