Black-Into-White Philosophy  





The submissive hubby in the biw lifestyle.


The femdom wife in the biw lifestyle.




The femdom wife and submissive hubby are the essential dynamic components of biw, plus his slut, dominant wife engages in interracial sex, and the Black Man or Men who are fucking her.


BIW (Black-Into-White) represents a lifestyle of confirmed heightened sexual pleasure for all involved parties as well as unmatched interacial lust between the wife and Black Man or Men like no other can offer. And it offers a duration long enough to bring a Caucasian couple pleasantly into their 60s, still contented with their BIW union. The basic principles of BIW are: 


1. A Caucasian couple who attract a Black Man or Men into their lives for sexual relations with the hubby's willing white wife plus, 


2. A white hubby who will intently watch her satisfaction with Black Men as well as encourage her to increase this completely fulfilling interacial sexual union between his slut wife and her Black Lovers plus, 


3. He, the cuckold hubby, becomes submissive to his slut wife in the process. 




Soon into the BIW lifestyle, the female and her cuckold husband nearly always report that the biw-style sex between her and the Black Male is of such profound satisfaction that she would never again go back to white-on-white sex again. Nature did not have to work magic here to attract such women to Black Males: The Black Male has ALWAYS been a superior force in sexuality. And the cuckold biw hubby accepts and even promotes these facts the interracial sex union between his slut wife and her Black Studs. 


Besides being generally far better sexually endowed than Caucasian man, the Brotha is also more satisfactory to white woman than her husband in numerous other ways: He possesses greater endurance than the white man, and a more profound understanding of the sexual needs of women, for example. The white woman has always known of and desired ebony sexuality but feared infuriating the white man. We white men involved in biw interracial sex have lifted those restrictions and welcomed the sexually-superior ebony male into our lives and into our slut white wives. 


If you believe that bigger is better, if you believe that longer lasting sex is better than just a few minutes of fucking, if you can't bring your wife to mind-bending, Richter-scale orgasms, then it is time to bring improvement to her sex life! 



The obvious solution is to introduce your lady to Big Black Cocks, while you -- the devoted white husband -- give up demands for sex from her. Let her hung Black Studs fuck her long, hard and rough from one crashing cum to the next. It is the very least you can do for your wife. 


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