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The Wife will reserve the right to pursue and undertake extra marital affairs at her sole whim.


The number of Partners for the Wife is not limited in any manner whatsoever.


The frequency and duration of extra marital encounters is the sole discretion of the Wife.


The selection of a Partner or Partners is the sole responsibility of the Wife.


The Husband must be informed and consent to any extra marital affairs before they begin. The Husband may, if with reasonable concern for the safety or health of the Wife, withdrawal his consent.


All details of any extra marital affair must be conveyed to the Husband within a period no longer than 24 hours from the extra marital experience. The Husband may, at the request of the Wife, forfeit this right for any one extra marital affair experience.


The Wife reserves the right to terminate any extra marital affair at a time of her choosing.


Both the Wife and Husband must keep hers extra marital affairs private and may not convey any aspect of any activities without the explicit consent of all parties.


The Husband must carry out any activities as detailed by the Wife during any extra marital affair experience.


The Husband must never undertake any activity that could be construed as attempting to facilitate an extra marital affair between himself and another.


The Husband may be allowed heterosexual or homosexual experiences as deemed appropriate and arranged by the Wife.


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The Husband shall never join the Wife and her Partner(s), unless expressly approved to do so by the Wife.


The Husband shall never appeal to postpone or prevent an encounter between the Wife and her Partner under any, but dire, circumstances.


During any extra marital affair experience taking place within the presence of the Husband, the role of the Husband will be decided by the Wife as she seems fit.


The preparation of the Wife and her belongings prior to an extra marital affair experience is the duty of the Husband, to be done in a manner determined by the Wife.


The Husband will offer the Wife cunnilingus, for a duration determined by the Wife, prior to the commencement of an extra marital affair experience. This will signify the official beginning of the experience. The Wife may refuse cunnilingus and will not be required to offer any alternative to the Husband.


The Husband will provide the Wife cunnilingus following an extra marital affair experience. Cunnilingus will end only when the Wife has indicated her satisfaction.


The use of a dildo or hand will facilitate the penetration of the Husband by the Wife in order to maintain a proper cuckold relationship and to share with the husband the experience of a proper fucking. This will be done at a time chosen by the Wife either before or after, and within 48 hours, of an extra marital affair experience. The duration and intensity of the penetration will be determined by the Wife.


The Husband must remain prepared to submit to any form of sexual activity as required by the Wife. The Husband may not refuse any demand.


Both the Wife and the Husband must maintain a high standard of hygiene at all times.


The Husband to ejaculate solely at her discretion and only by her command. The method of discarding the Husbands semen to be determined by the Wife.


The Husband must offer cunnilingus to the Wife three times every day. She may refuse any offer and may provide one the following alternatives: 1) Directing the Husband to masturbate quietly while she talks to her Partner on the phone; 2) Ordering the Husband to lick and suck her toes while she talks about her last encounter with her Partner; 3) Fucking the Husband anally with any object she chooses, while the Husband is allowed to masturbate to orgasm.


The Husband may not be permitted to request, nor shall he be granted, sexual intercourse with the Wife. This is the sole pleasure of the Wife and her Partner.


The Wife has possession of all her Husbands innermost fantasies and further owns his cock, balls, ass, and mouth for her sole use and pleasure. She further possesses and retains all rights to subject the Husband to any sexual humiliation or ridicule as she desires and may document by any method, a record of any activities, but only within observance to the policies of this contract.



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