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Cuckold Tube 20



Cuckold Tube 20 - Michelle Myers Works Hard For Her Cock

Duration:  5:06 min


Michelle lived a life of leisure, to be sure. She had everything she needed and more. But what is there left for a woman who has it all? Well, everything else, of course. Seeing how she herself wasn't interested in getting a job of her own, she decided the best way to acquire more cash for herself was to have a heart-to-heart talk with her husband Jimmy's boss. By heart-to-heart, of course, she was thinking more pussy-to-cock. Things were going well with her plan until her husband walked in, but then she had a really bright idea: what if Jimmy chipped in by sucking his way to higher raise himself...






Cuckold Tube 19



Cuckold Tube 19 - Katie Angel Jumps The Cock

Duration:  5:21 min


Katie not only needed a tune-up for her beloved piano, she also needed a little fine-tuning for the soft spot between her legs. She's had way too many limp-dick attempts at this from her sissy husband. It had been far too long since anything bigger than, say, a little finger had been able to wiggle its way into her vagina. She honestly thought she was in danger of her pussy growing shut, but the large penis she suddenly found in front of her came with the promise that her love canal would never be the same again!






Cuckold Tube 18



Cuckold Tube 18 - Gioia Says Brothers Only!

Duration:  6:08 min


Having had her expectations concerning both the institution of marriage and the size limits of cock shattered in one day, Gioia found herself enjoying a wonderful new paradigm. No longer was she bound by the chains of love and law to her mediocre husband and his light switch-sized tool. She discovered the wonders of the big black American cock and became completely aware of the power her pussy had over her suddenly insignificant husband. Not that her pussy is going to be of much use to her husband in the future; from now on her pussy is for brothers only!






Cuckold Tube 17



Cuckold Tube 17 - Lily Spreads It Around Town

Duration:  5:27 min


Lily wants to make sure her husband Kade isn't mad about the recent revelation that she's been spreading her ass around town. He claims to be fine with it, but he could be lying, right? The only way to know for sure is by introducing Kade's mouth to her lover's rock hard cock for a little demonstration of matrimonial solidarity. Or maybe she just wants to see her sissy husband goes balls deep on the man she's been fucking...






Cuckold Tube 16



Cuckold Tube 16 - Coco Wants To Watch Her Hubby Suck It

Duration:  4:48 min


Billy is quite aware of his wife Coco's voracious appetite for dick, specifically her affinity for the long black variety. That's why it came as no surprise to him when he peered out of his window to see her riding their neighbor's dick like an Indy car. The sight is enough to inspire his tiny pecker and he begins fantasizing about what sex with his wife might be like (it's been quite a while since Coco let Billy near her sugar walls!) He can't hide from his wife's keen eyes, though, and she rewards his voyeurism with a taste of black dick that he won't soon forget!






Cuckold Tube 15



Cuckold Tube 15 - Taisa Wants Her Husband To Be Her Bitch

Duration:  5:21 min


Imagine waking up in your buddie's house, warm, well-rested and being blown by his horny wife. That's the reality that Jay wakes up to today. He went to sleep anticipating a long day of job hunting. What he woke up to was his buddy Kade's wife Taisa sucking his dick like it's the cure for cancer. Jay tried to fight the good fight for his friend's sake, but when you have a grade-A piece of ass like Taisa chasing you around the bedroom begging for your cock, it kinda gets hard to keep saying no. This early bird wants her worm, and she wants it now!






Cuckold Tube 14



Cuckold Tube 14 - Haley Makes Her Husband Suck Cock

Duration:  5:01 min


Haley has a nice surprise for her husband Jimmy: she's bringing her new lover home to meet him. Jimmy couldn't be happier; it means that he'll be let loose from the chains he's been bound in all afternoon. Being left in chains might be the least of his problems, though, once he sees that Haley means to degrade him as completely as possible. He won't get to taste those huge tits of hers, or taste her sweet slit. He'll be doing just as he's told--which is just what she wants!






Cuckold Tube 13



Cuckold Tube 13 - Brooklyn Laughs While Hubby Chugs Cock

Duration:  4:42 min


Billy is a romantic at heart. When he saw a window of opportunity to spend a couple extra days with his wife Brooklyn instead of laying over in cheap hotel in a strange city, he jumped at the chance to give her a nice surprise. Brooklyn, however, was not impressed. In fact, she was more than a little put out by the uncalled-for intrusion into her private time. She had plans to spend her afternoon with her favorite Latin cock, Rafael...






Cuckold Tube 12



Cuckold Tube 12 - Danica Has Some Surprises For Her Husband

Duration:  5:01 min


There are only a few things in the world that Danica loves as much as feeling a hard cock pressed tightly into her wet pussy. One of those things is knowing that it isn't her husband's cock burrowing it's way through her soft folds. Another is making her sissy husband watch as she unrepentantly spreads her legs for any strange man that crosses her path. Lately, though, she's wanted to try something new in the bedroom. She wants to be a more active participant in the humiliation of her husband...






Cuckold Tube 11



Cuckold Tube 11 - Violet Has No Use For Her Sissy Husband

Duration:  5:50 min


All Les wanted was a blowjob from his sex-kitten wife Violet. Is that too much to ask for? It all depends on how the question is framed. Sometimes a man says one thing and a woman hears something wholly different. Whatever it was that Violet heard, it inspired her to find a willing cock donor to help her out for the afternoon. While she gets all of her wet holes drilled like a Gulf oil reserve, Les finds himself saddled with the onerous job of clean up!






Cuckold Tube 10



Cuckold Tube 10 - Lea Enjoys A Chocolate Cuck Cream

Duration:  5:08 min


Lea and her husband have been living in Los Angeles for a while now, and Lea is absolutely itching to be a star. She fantasizes about seeing a golden star on the sidewalk in Hollywood with her name written on it. She's been going to audition after audition, hoping for her big break. And her husband Kade has been there for her the whole time. Lea feels good about today's audition, though; something about it feels so right. She isn't going to let anything stand in the way of her becoming a star. Not even her husband!






Cuckold Tube 9



Cuckold Tube 9 - Tweety Has A New Boyfriend

Duration:  4:31 min


Tweety has been caught trying to burn her candle at both ends. But really, what were the chances that her husband would run into her new boyfriend at some random Hollywood party? Surely it's a sign from heaven, or at the very least a sign from Tweety's secret heart of hearts. She knows that this was supposed to happen. That's why she throws caution to the wind and introduces her husband to the black man who's going to father her babies!






Cuckold Tube 8



Cuckold Tube 8 - Chloe Punishes Her Snooping Husband

Duration:  4:18 min


Kade made a mistake many husbands are guilty of making: he read the private journal of his lovely wife, Chloe. When you betray that kind of trust, you should be prepared for a good mind-fucking of your own, and that's exactly what Kade got. Before, he only had suspicions about his wife. Now, though, he has concrete evidence that she's been spreading her pretty pussy all around town. What's worse than that? Hearing your wife come home with her new lover while you bawl like a baby for your crushed dreams!






Cuckold Tube 7



Cuckold Tube 7 - Addison Keeps Her Husband Under Lock And Key

Duration:  4:55 min


Addison has worked long and hard to succeed as a businesswoman. She's shrewd, tough-minded and knows exactly how to get what she wants. She's quite used to having people jump when she snaps her fingers. Her husband knows this better than anyone; he's been living under her thumb since their marriage vows rang through the church they were married in. She wants to see him in panties? Done. She wants to put his tiny cock under lock and key? Done. She wants him to give her a helping hand with her new lover? We'll see...






Cuckold Tube 6



Cuckold Tube 6 - Izy Needs Help Sucking That Cock

Duration:  5:12 min


Izy was more than a little happy when she saw her drunk friend Troy at her bedroom door. Her husband Wayne was a little less enthused. Wayne knew his place in this little troika and he knew that he was going to have to watch as his lovely wife spread her legs for this caddish lout. Turns out, Wayne was only half right: he wasn't going to just watch tonight, he was going to get a nice big mouthful of hard cock, just like his wife!






Cuckold Tube 5



Cuckold Tube 5 - Riley Wants To Celebrate Without Her Husband

Duration:  4:28 min


It's Billy and Riley's first wedding anniversary. Billy has a really special night planned for his pretty wife, but she wants to go out partying with her girlfriends. Sadly, her husband is not invited. Left with nothing to do on his special night, he falls asleep like a lonely bachelor. What he didn't expect was to be woken in the wee hours of the morning by his wife and the random barfly she brought home as a present to her spineless husband!






Cuckold Tube 4



Cuckold Tube 4 - Presley Prefers Her Man In Panties

Duration: 5:11


Presley's husband Billy finds himself in an uncomfortable position: not only must he have a face-to-face with his wife's lover, he also has to model some of Presley's panties for the laughing lovers. Once Billy has sashayed around the bedroom in his pretty panties, Wolf and Presley decide to take advantage of the situation and make time for a little of the old in/out. Of course, they don't want to leave Billy out of the fun. His sissy mouth is going to come in handy when it's time to get Wolf's dick wet!






Cuckold Tube 3



Cuckold Tube 3 - Nella Spices Up Her Marriage By Cheating

Duration: 4:36


Tino was oblivious to the fact that his marriage had entered into a state of perpetual stagnation. He had attained a woman far out of his league. Nella was a fuck machine of the highest order and for some reason that remained unknowable to all but her she had agreed to tie her life to his. Big mistake. When she met Jason, she decided to throw caution to the wind and begin an affair with a man with a hundred times the sexual energy of her husband. You could hardly blame her for wanting to spread her legs whenever she could for her fabulous new lover. Does she care if her husband has a problem with it? Not the least bit. Sorry, Tino!






Cuckold Tube 2



Cuckold Tube 2 - Pretty Lou

Duration: 5:41 min


After spending a few months in the States with her new husband tino, Lou discovered that she missed her home. She missed the cultural exchanges and the art, but most of all she missed having someone, anyone, to connect with in the language she knew best: the language of love. Or, more importantly, the language of dirty, rough, no-holds-barred fucking. The shine had worn off on her marriage; she saw her husband for what he truly was: another dumb American without any imagination or culture. What she needed was someone who could give her what she needed (a proper ass fucking) while at the same time keeping what she found to be important (her US citizenship). Could she have her cake and eat it, too?






Cuckold Tube 1



Cuckold tube 1 - Parker's Unusual Engagement Celebration

Duration: 5:11 min


Parker isn't much different than most of the wanna-be actresses you find in and around Hollywood. She wants what she wants, and she isn't too concerned about who she has to run over to get it. What she wants today has nothing to do with her boyfriend Satyr or the engagement ring he's planning on giving her. What she wants is a lovely late-summer romp on a king-sized cock. Preferably, this cock will be black as midnight. That's not too much to ask, is it?




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