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Cuckold Tube Movie 21



Esperanza and Her Husband Love the Taste of New Cock

Duration: 4:48 min



Esperanza knew immediately that she wanted the house that her husband had found. It wasn't the spacious rooms or the beautiful back yard. It was the attractive man next door that had put her panties into immediate tsunami condition. Esperanza was practically dripping down her leg by the time her bumbling husband wandered off and finally left her alone with her new neighbor. What better way to kick off a great new friendship than my stripping each other down and exploring sexual limits? Esperanza couldn't think of anything she'd rather do, so she forgot all about her clueless husband and jumped on that pretty prick!







Cuckold Tube Movie 22



Khloe's Cuck Husband Watches On As She Enjoys Black Dick

Duration: 4:58 min


Khloe wants to teach her dim-bulb husband a little lesson in propriety. If he wants to be seen with her in public, he's going to have to learn to watch her in private with her friend Ricco. Ricco wants to see just how far he can stretch out Khloe's tight little box while her redneck husband looks on in horror. Will Billy learn his lesson? Khloe couldn't care less. All she knows is she needs more of that big black cock!







Cuckold Tube Movie 23



Reena Has Her Cuck Husband Suck Black Cock and Take a Facial

Duration: 4:11 min


Reena's boyfriend isn't real keen on the changes that have taken place in the power structure of their relationship. Even though Reena could be exasperating and difficult to work with, she generally took his direction well and hit all of her marks. Now that Reena had the reins, it was a horse of a different color. Reena planned to ride this black stallion all the way to the top of Hollywood!







Cuckold Tube Movie 24



Elaina Raye Has Her Hubby Watch and Join In on the Fun

Duration:  5:33 min


Pretty Elaina just loves making her husband Kade sweat. And she knows that nothing drives Kade up a wall faster than seeing his petite wife get treated life the cum-hungry slut she is. This afternoon, Elaina wants Kade to sit down, to watch and learn, as she does her whorish best with another man. Once her pussy is dripping with a load of cum, it's time for Kade to get to work!







Cuckold Tube Movie 25



Nadia Nash Suck on a Black Cock Together

Duration: 3:49 min


Nadia really can't get enough of her dark chocolate treat and she's looking forward to it melting in her mouth as well as all over her pussy! Nadia's even feeling a little bit generous today; she can't imagine keeping this giant bar of goodness all to herself. Just a little bit for her husband, then. That ought to put a smile on everyone's face!








Cuckold Tube Movie 26



Brittany Lauryn Shares A Black Cock With Her Husband

Duration: 4:18 min


Brittany, like any other woman, likes to be complimented on her looks. When her husband Kade began failing to do so with the proper enthusiasm, she decided to have her hairstylist try something new: he waxed her pretty beaver then brought her home for a romp across the living room while Kade tries to pick up the pieces of his suddenly troubled marriage. Maybe there's hope for Kade yet...








Cuckold Tube Movie 27



AJ Estrada Shares a Cock With Her Cuckold Hubby

Duration: 4:53 min


When pretty little AJ was growing up, she learned early on that sharing means caring. She also learned that nothing says "home" like a freshly prepared meal. So, when AJ's lover blasts the back of her throat with a piping hot serving of creamy man milk, she is more than delighted to pass along this precious gift to her husband!








Cuckold Tube Movie 28



Kelly Surfer Makes Her Cuck Hubby Eat Cum From Her Pussy

Duration: 5:22 min


Jimmy brought his pal Ricco over for a little show and tell with his homesick Aussie bride, Kelly. He knew Ricco was packing heat down under, and he thought he knew his wife well enough that she would be happy with just a peek. Nope. When Kelly saw Ricco's enormous cock, she knew she needed more than just a taste. She wanted that pecker tickling her tummy from the inside!








Cuckold Tube Movie 29



Tori Lux and Her Husband Both Suck on a Black Cock

Duration: 7:51 min


Tino's afternoon has fallen apart in a hurry. His wife Tori is cheating on him and a camera crew is along for the ride taping the whole thing for ratings. If that wasn't bad enough, Tori has emasculated him for the masses by forcing him to clean her lover's cock after it's been deep inside of her ass!








Cuckold Tube Movie 30



Onia Nevaeh Has Her Hubby Service a Pulsing Dick

Duration:  5:12 min


Kade was hoping for a new bedroom from the producers of the home improvement show he was appearing on with his wife Onia. What he got instead was a wife left with a hot mess dripping from her freshly fucked pussy. Onia took one look at the handyman and decided that the most important renovation she could think of was creating a little more room in her tight little pussy. After all of the year of non-use thanks to her dickless husband, Onia felt the time was just right for a little expansion project...







Cuckold Tube Movies 31



Teagan Makes Her Man Watch Her Receive Another Cock

Duration: 4:53 min


Teagan likes to be catered to and pampered by her sissy husband. He's good for cleaning her feet and other trivial tasks she can't be bothered with. Sadly (for him), one thing she doesn't need from him is is micro-pecker. She needs something quite a bit more masculine inside her sugar walls. That's why she's introducing him to her new boyfriend today. He needs a first-hand lesson in what it means to be a man...








Cuckold Tube Movies 32



Jynx Maze and Her Cuckold Husband Love Sucking Dick

Duration: 7:03 min


Jynx was kinda new to the whole world of anal pleasure. She knew it was hot, but she had no idea how much hotter it could be if it was her husband's mouth lubing up her lover's cock. The sight of her sissy husband Tino prepping a big cock for some backdoor loving was almost more than she could bear. Maybe if he continues to be her anal fluffer she'll reward him with a bunch of fun new scents to discover in her panties!








Cuckold Tube Movie 33



Danica Dillan Hubby Eats Black Man Cum From Her Ass

Duration: 5:27 min


Jimmy loved his wife Danica and he trusted her as much as he could, but there was that niggling feeling that she wasn't being quite as honest with him about her extramarital affairs as she had promised to be. To satisfy his morbid curiosity, he did the unthinkable: he spied on her with her new lover. Much to his chagrin, he saw she was completely disregarding pretty much everything he had asked her to do. This is his moment; he's going to put his foot down!








Cuckold Tube Movie 34



Seda Takes A Black Cock In Her Ass As Hubby's Tied Up

Duration: 5:12 min


Seda wanted to inject a little more fun into her married sex life. Unfortunately for her husband Jimmy, this meant that she'd be getting her asshole injected by a generous slab of black meat. Seda suspected that Jimmy might not initially be up for the challenge of watching his wife getting anally assaulted, so she made sure to use another tip she had read about at the grocery store magazine rack: tie your husband down for a little more fun in the bedroom!




Cum Eating Cuckolds  




Cuckold Tube Movie 35



Dana and Her Cuck Husband Share a Black Cock

Duration:  5:00 min


When Dana was asked to participate in the making of the documentary "Black Sexual Power," she jumped at the chance. It seemed like only yesterday that she was romping through the bedrooms of every black stud she could get her hands on. Marriage changed all of that. Or so she thought. With all of those memories coursing through her mind, she couldn't help but notice how wet she was getting. This afternoon, her husband is going to pay witness to another documentary, one Dana is considering titling "Hey Sweetie, Watch While I Jam This Black Dick Up My Ass!"








Cuckold Tube Movie 36



Lily Carter's Husband Eats a Juicy Cream Pie

Duration: 5:21 min


Tino wasn't going to be happy until he had some good hard evidence that his wife Lily was cheating on him. The problem was, Lily wasn't cheating on him as far as private investigator Wolf could see. The only way for Wolf to get paid was to make sure Lily was cheating, and the best way to do that was to go ahead and put a dick in her himself. Just to make sure Tino got exactly what he wanted, Wolf planned on doing just that right in front of him!








Cuckold Tube Movie 37



Hubby Tied and Teased While Kimberly Enjoys the Black Cock

Duration: 4:02 min


The longer Scotty watches his horny (and greedy) wife Kimberly fuck the muscular black guy with the enormous penis, the more he gets the feeling that he's going to be snuff it when they're through. Ricco doesn't seem to be messing around, and devious Kimberly seems to be quite happy with the size upgrade she's received. Perhaps if Scotty appeals to their humanity he can worm his way out of this to be a sissy for one more day...








Cuckold Tube Movie 38



Victoria White and Cuck Husband Sucking a Big Dick

Duration: 4:55 min


Victoria knows that her husband Tino isn't completely without use. In fact, from time to time she likes to extend a friendly hand and lift his spirits by asking him for a little help. Today, she needs her husband for a critical role: Tino is going to play the role of fluffer during her afternoon fuck fest. Sometimes it takes more than a few seconds to change up positions, and during those crucial moments she likes to know that her lover is being taken care of. Victoria's really quite giving and she'd be more than happy to tell you all about it. If you don't mind giving back a little for her!




Cum Eating Cuckolds  




Cuckold Tube Movie 39



Alyssa Branch's Husband Eats Cum From Her Cooch

Duration: 4:30 min


Alyssa's husband Jimmy had his sissy little heart almost broken to bits when he came home to see her cheating on him. All he wanted was to be with her; is that such a crime? Apparently so. He wanted to prove to her that he still deserved a place in her life, so he did what he had to do for the love of his wife. Sure, it hurt to see another guy balls deep in his baby, but his compliance meant that she wasn't going to leave his side; that's not too high a price to pay now, is it?








Cuckold Tube Movie 40



Jada Stevens and Her Husband Share a Black Cock

Duration: 5:02 min


Jada's husband Kade had the audacity to ask her how she thought she was going to fit Jason's giant cock in her pussy. Much to his chagrin, he then found out that his job for the afternoon was to be the one to shoehorn Jason's mighty cock into Jada's waiting hole. It's not an especially noble position in life, to be sure. But it's a necessary role, and one that Kade will gladly play for his loving wife!








Cuckold Tube Movie 41



Asia's Husband Eats Another Man's Cum From Her Pussy

Duration: 5:04 min


Asia isn't usually the impulsive type, but once she took a look deep into Wolf's soulful eyes, she knew she wasn't going to be able to say no to anything he wanted. He could have had her right there in the park, in front of her husband and the whole world. Asia didn't care. All she wanted was Wolf's cock deep inside her pussy. Nothing else mattered!









Cuckold Tube Movie 42



Kelly Klass Receives Dick As Hubby Has to Watch

Duration: 4:51 min


When pretty little Kelly came over for some help around the house, Gabriel could hardly say no. And like a good neighbor, he stuck his dick in her when she asked for that, too. Kelly, being the loving wife that she is, allowed her decrepit husband to hang around and watch while she had her sugar walls assaulted. After all, she wasn't going to be the one that was going to clean up the spunk; that's a man's job!









Cuckold Tube Movie 43



Aria Aspen's Husband Eats Cum From Her Pink Pussy

Duration: 4:47 min


When Devontea was in lockup, he fantasized about all the fine white women he was going fuck when he got out. Imagine his surprise when he found that his new parole officer was a horny white girl that craved black cock! Not one to pass up an opportunity, Devontea shoved his dick into Aria's eager wet hole. When her husband Jimmy protested, Devontea showed Jimmy a trick he learned in Cell Block D: black dicks fit just as snugly in a sissy white boy's mouth!









Cuckold Tube Movie 44



Tiffany Brookes and Her Hubby Love Sharing a Cock

Duration: 5:25 min


Just when Tiffany thought she'd never feel a real cock between her legs again, in walked the man of her dreams. Or rather, the doctor of her dreams. Dr. Gabriel has the remedy that Tiffany needs: a big cock ready to get stuffed into her tight little box. Tiffany's going to feel like a virgin all over again when the good doctor puts his dick down on her, and all Tiffany's husband can do is watch and learn as a real man gives her what she needs!









Cuckold Tube Movie 45



Yuki Mori Feeds Cum To Her Cuckold Husband

Duration: 5:11 min


Once that Yuki had gotten past her fear over the the bulge in Ricco's pants, she just let go of all apprehensions. Did it bother Yuki at all that her poor husband was forced to watch as she hid Ricco's giant black dick in her tight pussy? Not one bit. Yuki was enjoying herself for the first time in ages and she wasn't going to let the tears of a sissy slow her down one iota!








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