Cuckold's Wife

Jackie Makes Two Cuckolds




by nocluescooby©



"When I first saw your post, I was intrigued," I said. "You seemed to be very interested in what the cuckold was getting off on, and how he could submit so."


"Yeah, that and a curiosity about how his wife got him to agree to it," Jackie giggled. "I mean, it's so erotic because he accepts that she can have what ever lover she might like. Meanwhile, he is totally dedicated to her. What woman wouldn't like that?"


I had spent weeks getting to this phone call, and her giggle and tone had turned me on immensely. When I first chanced upon her post, I checked her profile and saw her pictures. I was physically weak with desire for her as a saw her luscious, full figured, womanly body. We had emailed for awhile, and eventually decided to talk off line.


"Have you ever talked about it with your husband?"


"He is very open generally. He took those pictures you liked so much," she said with a teasing twist in her voice. "We fantasized about me dominating him a few times, and he seems to like the idea of trying it. But, I don't know if we would actually do it. What if it changed things?"


I considered this for a moment.


"What if you were to try it out in a mental sense? I think that what drives a man to desire to be cuckolded is intense desire for a woman, even to the point of needing to see her at the highest point of erotic pleasure."


"How would you propose to do that?" Jackie asked.


"How about over the phone?" I replied. "I could dominate you over the phone, give you instructions, things to do. We could set up some ground rules and play it for a week."


"That could be fun," she replied.


"Why not ask him and see if he would be interested? I would love to do it," I said.


We talked for a bit longer, and agreed to talk the next day. After the call, I went on line and called her pictures up from my favorites (I had book marked all of them . . .). Seeing her flesh made me weak in my center, except my balls and cock. Those shook slightly, eager and wanton. I avoided touching myself at first. Instead I studied Jackie's pictures. Her body was curvy. And those curves and few extra pounds screamed decadence to me of sexy potential fertility inside her wide, enticing hips.


"Those hips were made to grabbed firmly," I thought to myself as I fantasized.


I let my hand wander momentarily as I reloaded the image of her ass invitingly in the air. In other pictures she was laid open to view, with her pussy lips big and inviting. Jerking my cock dry, I had figured I was safe and wouldn't cum.


I turned out to be wrong . . . I felt the cum start, and I was unable to stop . . .


The next day . . . "We talked last night," she said. "My husband and I have decided to take you up on your offer."


"Good," I said. "I want you to start tonight. You need to tie your husband to a kitchen chair in your bedroom. Gag him too. I want for him to feel like he is helpless. As a cuckold, he needs to understand how much more he is about to desire you. And seeing while restrained is the start. Once he is in place, I want you to slowly strip. When you are totally nude, get your biggest toy out. With him watching, get on the bed you share with him, and close your eyes. Use the toy on yourself, chanting my name over and over softly at first, then louder and louder. When you are reaching orgasm, scream out my name.


She was silent for a moment, and there was an erotic charge in the air.


"Wow," she said. "That's pretty hot!"


"Thank you. But that's not all. For this week, I want control over your sex lives. I want you to write this down so get a pen and paper." When she said she was prepared, I continued, "For this week the following rules apply:


1. Your husband is to refrain from masturbation completely. 2. If he wants to have sex with you, he is to wear a condom. 3. If he has sex with you he must lick your pussy for 15 minutes afterward. 4. If he has sex with you he must give you $25, which you will hold. 5. He isn't allowed to have sex with you more than once every 48 hours."


"I think that should do for now," I said.


"This is so hot, I can't wait for tonight," she said in a sultry voice. "Well, I want you to wait . . . this time. At some point in the future, I will talk live with you. For now, I want you ready to burst tonight. Start at 9, and realize that I will be stroking my cock at the very same time you are cuckolding him, I will be looking at your pictures. When you cum, screaming my name, I will be cumming also.


"So how is your husband taking things?" I asked Jackie.


"You wouldn't believe it!" she said in an erotically charged, excited voice. "He hasn't been so hot for me in YEARS! We've done it four times since you and I talked yesterday! He really seems to be getting into it, and I've got $100 too!"


I took a deep satisfied drag off my smoke, and thought about the news.


"Desire," I said. "The key is that denial brings desire. So now that he saw you denied him for me, even just with your toys, he moves just that much further into being a cuckold."


"Yeah," she agreed dreamily. "He was like a teenage boy once I let him near me. Just to make him feel his new position I made him go to an all night drugstore for his condoms right after the show."


"Well, I think that he's ready for the next step in his journey, and so are you. You will call me Lover from now on. That is how I want you to address me. Also, whenever you two are alone he is to be called 'Cuck', and not by his name."


"I am changing a few things about sex between you," I continued. "I want for him to wear two condoms, one over the other, and for you to force him to cover his balls with several sandwich bags and tuck them under the condoms. I want you to secretly save the condoms in your freezer, full of his cum. Also, from now on he is to pay $50."


"Very depriving of you Lover," Jackie sensually whispered.


"He has had your pussy and not truly appreciated that hot little secret of yours, has he? I mean he got hot at the idea of seeing you with a new lover. Well, I have every intention of enjoying you as my dedicated woman."


I let my hand wander, and my fingers traced my manhood.


"I love the way you make me feel, Lover," she replied.


"The feeling is mutual," I said. My forefinger touched the tip of my hardness. The stickiness of pre-cum wet the tip, which I spread along my length. "Ever since I saw your pictures, I've been so hot to feel your erotic pleasures. I LOVE that you had pictures in which you were stretching out your pussy with wide items, like that apple. Eve isn't the only one that tempted with an apple, and I lust to eat your apple. "Uhhhhh, oh Lover," she said, voice thick with lust. "You're making me so wet. My body is both weak and anxious right now."


"I want to keep the suspense for a bit longer sexy," I said. "I want you to repeat last night, tonight. I will. We'll talk tomorrow, OK?"


"Oh, Lover I want to do it on the phone now."


"Soon, we'll talk the day after tomorrow. Goodnight."


"Goodnight," she said.


I went to my computer and called up her pictures again. My cock was rock hard, and dripping constantly. I lustfully viewed her nakedness. Desirous, hot and sensual, I sat. Her large inviting lips tempted me, and I wanted to feel them around me raging cock. Knowing her penchant for wide toys, I found myself in heat for those lips, wanting to feel them before and after she worked them. I wanted to feel her tanless, alabaster skin, with open palms. Her ample breasts lay waiting for my hands.


Finally, seeing her was too much . . . I gently gripped my staff. My palm was soaked in pre-cum.


Loose grip, loose grip!


Back and forth, back and forth . . . Jackie's lips! YES!


"I'm loving how much this has my husband turned on, I admit," Jackie said. "But now he won't have enough money to have sex again until Friday. I'm turned on too, and I don't think I can hold out!"


"That's okay, your Lover is going to make sure you are satisfied. How much money has he given you so far?" I asked


"Three hundred."


"Hmmm, seems like he likes this too! That's enough money for right now. He gets the point, I think. So how does he like being all wrapped up?" I said with a giggle.


"Well, he isn't a big fan of it."


"Good, I want for him to long for your pussy like he did before he ever experienced it. It looks so hot and I bet it gets drenching during driving sex doesn't it?"


"Yes," she confirmed in a sultry tone. "Lover, my pussy would please you. If you liked what you saw in my pictures, it's everything you'd want. I am a responsive lover, and yes, for the right man I cum long and hard."


"I can't wait to find out!" I said. "I want you to tie him up again tonight, then call me. But, don't tell him beforehand."


"Sounds great!"


Later . . .


"Hi Lover, here I am just like you said," Jackie said in a lusty tone.


"Mmmmm! Nude I hope."


"Yes, nude, of course!"


"Climb on the bed, with your legs spread wide facing him, just like that picture on the net. That one is my favorite," I said.


"Okay, Lover. I am ready," Jackie responded.


"Let your hands wander and imagine that they are mine. I just love your body. I want to feel it, run my hands over it. I've had fantasies of being between those thighs. Caress them for me," I said.


"Oh, yes Lover!"


"That's it, do it right in front of him! Caress your sexy body, make it charged! I want to lick your luscious breast now, kneed them for me."


"Mmmmm" Jackie responded.


"My hands are on my hard cock now. I want to lick that pussy of yours. It looks nice and big, with full lips for me to lick and suck on. When I have you you'll see just how much I NEED to taste that rich musky secret garden of yours. I'm HUNGRY for it."


"Oh, ohhh," she said.


"Mmmmm, those lips are so inviting, I don't think I could control my urges with you laying like that in front of me!" I said as my body ached in heat.


"I hope not!"


"I'd want you when it was dangerous! I know you're always hottest right at the most dangerous time. That is driving me crazy . . . I couldn't stop myself with you. Just imagine my hot bare cock, glistening with pre-cum, touching the big gentle folds of your hot pussy. I start to glide in, and you are alarmed."


"Oh, it's so hot, and I'm working my clit now," she said.


"I know that your cycle is at the peak, and I shiver with erotic fear and anticipation. I push further and further. Finally I am all the way in. Your full wet garden surrounds me all the way to my base. You are so hot and wet that I forget that your husband is being forced to watch us!"


"Oh, my husband is being humiliated too! Uuuuummm! Lover, I'm getting close!" Jackie said.


"Yes, I am too! I want you to think about me taking your pussy bare back!"


"Yes, Lover, take my pussy bare back! I'm hot and fertile! I want to feel it in me!" Jackie moaned.


"Yes, I am cumming in you now, making your pussy mine!" I said.




"Talk to you tomorrow, sexy! Good night, and don't forget to have him wrap up!"


Things continued like that for three whole weeks. Jackie and I would have SUPER hot sex over the phone, while her hubby was forced to watch.


After the first week, they talked about it and decided that this situation was enriching their relationship. She told me that they wanted to continue, and I was more than happy to do so.


My problem was desire. Yes, I knew that I had already succumbed to Jackie. Just seeing her sexy pictures had me in lust for her sensual secret, and earnest in desire to experience it. As a bull, I had fear of the butterflies in my stomach. I knew that to successfully be a 'Bull', I needed to have this cool, 'indifferent' type of attitude – to not NEED her as a cuckold. Whenever I had phone sex with her, I came in thick hard cum. This was not very 'cool' or 'indifferent'.


And so as I was playing a Bull to Jackie and her hubby, I had to contend with a fatal weakness for her ñ fatal because if she knew my levels of desire I could no longer be a classic Bull. I decided that I could control my desire, that I must. I would still play cool.


After two weeks, her husband was used to being cuckolded to the point that I allowed him to watch from the chair without restraints. He had to hold himself back, which would have made it even more of a turn on.


It had been three weeks since he had felt his own wife's juices. I felt his deprivation was not important, since I had so far been without intimate knowledge of her beautiful pussy. Jackie had kept me informed as to how many condoms she had saved in her freezer.


Finally, she had both the condoms and money for the next step . . . "I bet you've been wondering what I've been making you save money and spent condoms for sexy, haven't you?" I asked.


"Well Lover, the thought has crossed my mind," Jackie said.


"I want you to take the money from your husband and buy a package of spermicide tablets. Then, while your husband is at work, get a room at a motel. Make sure that it has adult TV and a reputation. Then, with his money, buy the biggest toy that you can get," I said.


"Should I do this all on the same day?" she asked.


"I don't care when you get the tablets, just don't let him know. In fact, get them in advance. After you have them, book the hotel," I said. "Can you get them for Friday?"


"Yes, of course Lover."


"Good," I said. "Then, on Friday get the room. Bring the condoms to the room. There'll probably be a fridge, store them there. with your new toy. After, go home. Around nine, tell him that you have a date, and as a cuckold he needs to accept your superior sexuality."


There was a slight pause, as though she bit her lip on that one.


"Are you sure he will take this?" Jackie asked.


"Of course sexy," I responded. "Tell him that you don't expect to make it home, and he shouldn't wait up."


"This sounds so forward Lover," she said, a bit exasperated. "I'm not sure that I can do this just yet."


"Relax Sex! That's my new nickname for you - Sex!" I said. "This isn't THAT time. Not yet anyway. This time I want you to use that toy LIBERALLY! When you are in the room, work your pussy so hard that you know that you'll be sore the whole next day. Watch porns the whole time. I want you to really satisfy yourself. The next morning, take your spermicide tablet first thing. When you know it's effective, open the condoms and spread all that cum all around your pussy."


"This sounds so hot Lover . . . " Jackie said.


"It will be," I confirmed. "When you get home, I guarantee that he will be up. Tell him that you are sworn to secrecy regarding the night before, and you will not reveal anything. He will want to have sex, and you will tell him the truth . . . that you are far too sore down there. But, INSIST that you want him to give you oral sex."


"Oh Lover, this is so hot," she said. "I can't wait!"


"Neither can I,"I honestly said.


I spent the whole day anticipating the phone call with Sex. All day I had to try to keep behind my desk because my raging hard on was turning my Dockers into a teepee in my lap! At least me boss thought I was finally getting a good day of work in. If he only knew that all those law books might as well have been Penthouse letters, because that's what I was reading no matter what was on the page! When I had to go to the men's room, I was forced to bring papers and such to hide the spot of pre-cum that was percolating from my manhood.


"So I want you to tell me every little detail, Sex," I said, hurried like a teenage boy as soon as she picked up the phone.


"Oh Lover, you have outdone yourself this time!" Jackie said. "At the least I owe you a play by play."


Just hearing her voice tempted me to hold my hardness. I was on the net on my other line looking at her pictures while she spoke. I had to promise myself not to touch, at least for awhile.


"You should have seen the look on his face when I told him I was going out for the night! I was flabbergasted that he, well . . . it was like he submitted. He stayed in cuckold mode, if you will, accepting my sexuality as prevalent to his. I think he's really getting into this too," she started.


"I went to this motel that's a total dive. You know the type of place, frequented by teenagers and people having affairs. Free porns too! I got a new toy on the way. I brought a few toys to really get my pussy ready for the new one. You'd like this one, I've nicknamed it 'Lover', and it has the girth of a can of soda! I had to work my pussy up through four toys to get it loose enough for Lover!!" Jackie said with a lusty twist. "So, once I was warmed up for you, because I've decided to concentrate on you whenever I use this toy, I pushed myself harder and farther then I ever did before. I wanted to do that just for you, Lover. You've been pushing my boundaries, and my husband's too, and I just wanted my first time with you, so to speak, to be special." "This morning my pussy felt like I gave birth!! I couldn't sit up without feeling the burn. But, I savored that burn, and put the spermicide tablet in. After it dissolved, I poured 8 condoms worth of his cum all over my well worked pussy. I sloshed his cum all over the outside of my luscious, rich lips."


"Oh Jackie," I said, voicing a tone of approval. "You KNEW I wanted his cum outside and not in!! Besides, all the better for him to lick!"



"And lick he did, Lover, lick he did!! I waited for the cum to dry before dressing and going back home. You hit the nail on the head. He was laying in bed, submissively waiting. He asked, of course, and I told him what you said. Let me tell you ñ at first I sensed his shock. Then, he began devour me like he was a teenager. He licked and slurped and sucked on my pussy like his life depended on it!!"


Just as she reached the peak of her story, I came in thick, jumping hot cum. It was rich cum, deep from my balls, just imagining the luxurious, luscious lips of hers covered in cum. I gathered my cum in my hands and massaged my shaft.


"Mmmmm, Jackie!! My rod is covered in cum right now just thinking about your story," I said.


"My, my, my, if I'd known I'd have done more to help," she said, with a twinge of disappointment in her voice.


"Actually, I was planning on doing that with you when I called. But you sounded so sexy while you told your story got me so hot I just exploded when I touched myself!" I said.


"Thank you for the compliment!" Jackie said. "There is one thing though. Last night caused my husband to worry. He was turned on and everything, but I don't want to endanger my marriage. And I don't want him to worry. So, I did tell him that I used a contraceptive. I hope that you're not mad or disappointed."


"No, not at all," I said. "Always remember that the idea of cuckoldry is that you aren't supposed to leave your husband. Instead, he derives sexual fulfillment through the knowledge that you are sexually active with other men. On some levels he should learn that he is actually more likely not to lose you since he accepts your sexual vigor."


"I'm so glad that you said that," she said. "I LOVE what we're doing, yet have no desire to leave him."


"Well, explain it to him, and I think that will help him. Once you both feel okay with it, you'll be ready for the next step. Take a few weeks and let all this settle for both of you. Until then, I want you to do a repeat of last night every Friday, okay?"


"Sure Lover, I'm all yours!"


Things continued on that way for a full month. Sex went to the same motel and repeated her ritual for me. She had kept her secret, and even kept the existence of her new toy a secret.


After two weeks she began to allow her husband to have intercourse with her on Saturday mornings when she got home. She took the initiative on that one, mostly on a whim. The curiosity got the better of her as to what would be going through his mind when he felt how loosened up she was the next morning. Besides, he had been begging for it, and this caused her to become a bit haughty with him.




As I had told her at the outset, he craved her like never before, and being lusted after like a teenage girl rejuvenated her sexually. After years of marriage, he had come to take her for granted sexually. This is not to say that either they didn't love each other or that he didn't desire her. No, the simple human truth is that people do not appreciate what they have until they think they have to work for it. Things had gone the natural course, until now. The prospect that his wife had asserted sexual control over him, and now was cuckolding him, had made him virile as a stallion. She told me that she had instituted a new rule that he wasn't allowed to masturbate anymore. The result was more cum in those rubbers, which completed the circle while strengthened the fuel.


Time was right for the next step . . .


"Hi Sex, is he ready?" I asked.


"Yes Lover," she replied. "We are in our bedroom, and he is tied to the chair as you told me. I always like to please you lover, and if it pleases you to have me hand my reigns to you I always will!"


I thought that last was laying it on a bit thick, but it gave a new throb to my hard on. This was true because she was forcing him to hear it, and because I could feel that she really meant it!


"Oh Sex, I do love how you relish attention on me!" I said. "Now, I want you to enjoy me just fantasizing about you. Please, feel free to touch yourself as I describe and tell me if you are getting close to cumming. OK?"


"Absolutely Lover!" Sex replied.


"I come to your house unannounced. Your husband is home, and when you meet me at the door there is a quick flash of worry. But, unbeknownst to you, I had called earlier. I told him to make sure that you were both there and that it was time for him to see you sexually satiated. Right in front of him, and with the front door wide open, I plant a lusty open mouthed kiss on your sexy lips.


You are shocked, but only momentarily. A flash of heat runs down your tummy, straight to the tiny flower at the top of those secret lips south of the border! I wrap my arms around you and close the door. You look to your husband, unsure what to think. Then you see the same look that you have become used to on Saturday mornings, and you know that he's into it.


I tell him to bring Champagne, and any doubts that you had are lost when he comes back dutifully with two glasses. The realization that he was completed his transformation, that he is now your cuckold, and that you have personally trained him yourself makes your pussy juices begin to swirl within. Realizing that he is giving over to you all sexual control makes you decide to take the initiative. You decide to give your husband the show which he is so desirous to see.


"Come, Lover," you say Sex. "I want to finally have you in MY bed!!"


You giggled and took my hand, leading me to the bed you share every night with your husband.


"I want you to listen from outside this time," you said to your husband. "Lover and I want to break in the bed in privacy. But don't worry, we'll let you see the next round!!"


"The new condescension reached a crescendo, and the more you played the role of bitch the more obvious his hard on becomes."


"When we are alone in your room, I get behind you and nuzzle your fine long hair clear of your neck. I start to sensually kiss the back of your neck. My hardness rages between the cheeks of your full sexy ass."


"Your back arches involuntarily, as your pussy begins to flow with burning lava like heat. The softness of your ass tempts me, and you begin grinding your crack against my manhood."


"I am driven by lust for you, and tear all of your cloths off. In a flash my head is between those glorious thighs. You spread them for me as I feast on your womanhood. I tounge, and suck on your clit. The thick folds of your pussy engulf my face as I drink your essence. I am possessed in my hunger to taste your well of fertility."


"My cock drips as I taste you. It is hard, and wanting. A long drop falls and marks my new territory in your bedroom!"


"Unable to hold off any longer, I climb up onto the bed. You reach out and touch my aching hardness, feeling my precum on your finger. In a flash of lust you slip your finger into your well of lush passion. We both know exactly the heat of potential that your body is capable of on this very night. Yet, instead of being abated at the knowledge, we are driven instead."


"With gentle touch you guide me into your most sacred place. I loved that it was loose with use of "Lover". I felt proud that you wanted me so much that I could feel the difference in your sweet folds. When I am completely in, your thick sexy lips surround and engulf my whole rod and balls too!"


"Oh Lover, I'm getting very close!" Sex said in sexual exasperation.


"It happens too fast," I started, resuming the story. "My cock slides in and out of your hot pussy with animal like intensity. I suddenly slow my thrusting. 'I'm just about to cum, should I pull out?' I ask you, giving you a chance to back out. Even though we chose this day because it is your most fertile, I still want to know that you want it. Instead of answering verbally, you use your strong thick thighs and begin to rock my hips for me, taking me just like a virgin! My breathing becomes fast and short as I submit to your strength!"


"Oh, Lover ñ now, now," Sex screamed.


"Yes Sex, I am cumming for you right now! Go with it Sex. Oh, my cum is so thick and sticky for you . . . MMMMMMMMMMM YYYESSSSSSSS!!!"


"Yes, yes, YES LOVER, Sex shouted.


There is really nothing like a good Martini. To the uninitiated they symbolize style, elegance, and grace. Perhaps is it because of slenderness of the glasses, who knows. So it was fitting that I was sipping one at the bar. I had been anticipating the first face to face meeting with Sex and her husband all week. They were at a table, and I waited for the final signal that they wanted to go through with our plans. I sipped my drink and waited as they talked.


"Hi, would you like to join us?" Sex's husband asked when he walked up to me at the bar.


"I would love to," I replied.


"I think that you two don't need an introduction," he said when we got to the table.


"Hi Sex," I said shyly to her.


"Hi Lover, glad to finally get to meet you," Sex replied.


I took the seat next to her and gave her a lusty kiss. He sat on the bench across from us. I could tell that it was shredding he good and bad to see his wife kiss me in public like that. The erotic burn was obvious in his countenance.


"Well Lover," Sex started, with a slight bite on her upper lip, "what do you think?"


I took her bait like a willing fish, and quickly responded, "I think you are even more sensual in real like than in your pictures."


She looked at her husband. He knew this was his last chance to call the night off. I imagined what was going through his mind. Several facts had to be swirling. I had insisted that we meet when she was prime in her cycle, because I wanted her as hot as possible. He also knew from the look in her eyes that his role of cuckold was now complete.


"I . . . I . . . well, I invite you to have my wife . . .,"he said, finally uttering his line of submission.


"Well, what are we waiting for?" I asked.


Sex rode with me as we drove back to their house. She teased me be slowly raising her skirt and showing more of her milky thighs, and kneading her enormous breasts.


By the time we arrived back at their house, her shirt was unbuttoned to her navel. As we all got out of the cars and walked into the house, her husband was stunned by the erotic dagger of seeing her shirt undone.


"I want our first time to be special," Sex said to her husband. "So, wait in the living room, and we will come for you shortly."


When we entered her bedroom we virtually tore each other's clothes off. The lust we both felt was palpable as we groped and familiarized ourselves. Finally I laid her out on the bed. I got on my knees and positioned myself between her thick, womanly thighs. I was unsure if she had realized how much the pictures of her and the 'friend' that her husband had found for her had turned me on. I began to reenact those pictures, licking and teething her gorgeous big pussy lips. I tried to give her the best oral sex she ever had, nibbling tasting, probing with an eager tounge. I knew that she loved to have oral sex done on her and I wanted to keep going and going. I glanced up and was treated to a view of her stretch marks, which turned me on even more. They whispered to me of her powerful potential, and I loved them. At that moment she held me with spellbinding authority, she clasped my hands beneath her powerful thighs, clearly knowing what was compelling me.


When I could contain my desire no longer, I rose. She started to reach for my cock to return the oral delights I performed on her.


"There'll be plenty of time for that later Sex," I said. "I NEED to be inside your pussy, NOW!"


She started to turn over, following the sequence of the pictures that we were reenacting. I stopped her, and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. I wanted to see her face as we made love. I needed to see her at her horniest, with her face bright red with heat.


"Oh yes Lover! But remember, we have to stop before you let go."




I balanced my hardness at the tip of her female delight. Her lips were big and puffy from all that oral attention, as well as being loose and inviting. I knew that she had anticipated that I wanted her to work her pussy out with that big toy for me, and like everything else she had not let me down.


Sex reached down and positioned me throbbing pole just inside her fertile, tempting pussy. That was all I needed. I drove into her sharply, and felt the rush of her drenching heat overtake me. Her womanhood was sizzling, and I slid freely inside. I nearly fainted with fulfillment at being full inside her. I could not contain myself for long and started to work my hips, yearning that she enjoy me as much as I her.


This first time was so erotic that I couldn't hold off for long.


"I have to stop," I said breathing hard and slowing my pace.


"Why don't you just admit it, you want my pussy - right here - right now!" she said with a new tone of authority. She gently wrapped her legs around my ass. "Think about it Lover, your precum is already in me. There's already some of your sperm in me. I already have you."


"Oh Sex!," I said as I felt my hardness throb with desire.


She controlled me, sliding me in with her calves for a few slow, sensual, strokes. I gave in at that point and lost all inhibition. I started a final driving effort. I felt the building deep in my balls, then the rush of it slowing through my staff.


Finally, I blasted inside of Sex just as she came.


I laid there for a few minutes, psychologically digesting what had just happened. Sex was completely at ease, which I found both reassuring and troublesome. It was true that I wanted it. I just hadn't planned on cumming inside her, and was unsure of how this might change things. There was no question, my surrender inside her intimate flesh was complete. But the surrender was psychological also, and it was just as through . . .


She arose, and after opening the bedroom door called to her husband saying, "Dear, you can join us now and bring some chilled wine."


Sex propped her torso up and spread her thighs out over the bed. As I surveyed the room I noticed that condoms were on the bedstand. I could only speculate that her husband had perhaps left them as a hint to me.


"Yes, that is HIS cum in me!!" Sex said as he entered the room. "Remember that you WANTED to see this, cuckold? Well, now you got your deepest wish!!"


I felt the erotic tension in the room as he was forced to accept what had happened as Sex and I drank our wine. My insecurities subsided as I saw his acquiescence of the situation. But, I felt a change in Sex. It was almost a realization of power. She swung her feet over the side of the bed and said, "Lick!!"


Her husband did as he was told, taking her toes into his mouth one by one. After he had complied she said, "Okay, you can get yourself off now, just don't get any on me!!"


He started to rub himself as she withdrew her feet from him. Sex got on all fours facing me. She pushed her pussy near his face, forcing his acknowledgement of my cum. She looked back at him one last time, before she turned her attention to me.


"If your eyes leave mine, I'll stop," Sex said in a flamboyantly daring tone.


With that warning I watched as she brought me back to complete hardness with her mouth. Twice I was thrown to such passion that my head involuntarily back. Each time she stopped. Her eyes awaited mine. My eyes returned and that set her to start again. The rest of whole time she sucked my manhood our eyes were engaged. She wanted to make sure that I knew that I was getting hard for her, and she had succeeded. My manhood was hard again, and I had watched her the whole time. I knew that I was hers . . .


She turned away from her husband on the bed, offering her fertile pussy to me from behind.


"I want to take you every way that I can tonight Lover," Sex said.


I was still a bit out of sorts, besides the lust, and she could tell.


"Look Lover, what does it matter now?" she asked. "You KNOW that your cum is already inside me, and that I am completely fertile. You KNOW that WE are already joined permanently. You KNOW that you want it . . . I'm right here, so take me!!"


The shift in power was palpable. I grabbed her full sexy hips and pulled myself closer. She positioned my shaft as I felt myself give over to her charms. What I remember best was her lips surrounding the base of my cock, and the warmth of her ass as we pushed against each other.


That night we made love five times. With each surrender of mine, she reminded me that I knew what I was doing. And I grew more bold to cum harder with each encounter. Afterward each time, I licked and nibbled at her pussy until the next. Her husband had eventually left us for the night, and we spent the next day fucking like animals all day. It was Sunday, and he only came to bring us food.


On Monday, she told me to call in sick to the office. I did, and we kept at it all day and night.


Ditto Tuesday.


Ditto Wednesday!


The fact that I had seeded her fertility for four straight days did not elude me. That she now had control of me with that pussy was clear to us both. She had conquered me with that luscious pussy, and she was going to enjoy this . . . Things began to calm down after those first four days of lustfully abandonment of wanton fleshly cleaving. I had to start putting in appearances at the office, and Sex seemed like it was okay for us to break from our joining. We all agreed that I should move in, and I started with the preparations right away.


After the first four days, Sex and I still made love in the evenings. One difference that I noticed was that she loved for me to give her oral sex right after I came inside her sacred flesh folds. At first she would just guide my head lower. In time, she graduated to a point of erotic aggressiveness in which she held me by my hair during sex, and as soon as I came shoved my mouth there. I knew what she wanted. It wasn't merely to feel my tongue pleasuring her. No, she was forcing me to acknowledge my weakness for her. Responding with zest, I pushed any of my cum that was leaking out back inside.


This took place over the course of a full month, every day she became slightly more assertive, until we reached the plateau I just described.


On the night of our one month anniversary, Sex had something special waiting for me when I got back to the house. She was nude on the bed, and there was a bag on the nightstand.


"It's time, Lover," she lustily said. "In that bag there is not one, not two, but three different home pregnancy tests. I am going to take them all tonight while we are together."


The tests confirmed what I already knew . . . We were permanently joined!!


"What now?" I asked as my heart raced with erotically charged fear and anticipation.


"Well let's get a few things straight," Sex said in a fully assertive voice. "You wanted this. In fact I could have made you BEG if I had desired. From now on, I OWN you!! That's right . . . now you're the cuckold, and I've decided to upgrade my husband back!! You will now beg to even see my pussy. And you are going to sign over your pay to me."


I didn't even have to think about my decision. "Yes Sex, I surrender to you."


"Good, your training will start tonight. I have a new black fuck buddy that you will watch take my luscious pussy, and consider yourself lucky to have the chance to watch."


I knew that the circle was now complete . . . she had me, and I gave myself to her completely willingly . . .




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