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The Earnest Cuckold – Chapter I






For our fifth anniversary, Stacey gave me the present that I've wanted for years, she said she would 'look into the possibility' of going to bed with her friend and lover, while I watched. Ben was a great guy - witty, intelligent, attractive and totally into making Stacey feel wonderful. Stacey and I met Ben for our first 'date' at an out-of-town hotel. Ben preferred this arrangement until he, if ever, became comfortable with my presence while he had sex with my wife.


Although my wife had been seeing Ben for several months, this was the first time we would all be in the same room. Until this last week, Ben did not want to share with me his intimate relationship with my wife, and it took both time and Stacey's influence over him to get him to agree to this 'date'. As our cuckold marriage required, Stacey would tell me about their dates in great detail while I was permitted to masturbate next to her. Ben is a very private person; he would not allow pictures to be taken and definitely not my physical presence during their sex acts. While I felt deprived by not being able to see my wife fucked by another man, she always made an extra effort to vividly bring to my mind the experiences she was getting so much pleasure from.


My ultimate fantasy has been to see my wife with another man, in another man's bed and enjoying it. This thought had fueled my fantasies for many years and this year, Stacey finally said 'yes.' Long ago, I had dismissed the possibility of Stacey willingly being with another man. She is so beautiful, with a sensuous body and voice that caused many a man to 'hit' on her. Some were so blatant in their desire to be with her that Stacey told me years later she was afraid to tell me because she thought I would become jealous. I was only jealous over my wife's love, companionship, and trust. My inability to please her sexually is the result of having a small penis, and while I learned at an early age to compensate with considerable cunnilingus skills, I knew that Stacey needed both the passion and ecstasy that goes with a good, hard fucking.


Ben is a longtime friend of Stacey's and they began a phone sex form of play after Stacey reached a point when she needed to have a man-sized cock in her sexual life. Someone she knew and felt comfortable with; she told me that she was uncomfortable with the idea of being with an unfamiliar person for sex. Ben recognized her nervousness, her fears, and even her difficulty in overcoming her own image of herself as too good a wife to do something like this. When he first suggested a more personal relationship, I got my first surprise; she agreed to meet him one night after work. I spent hours jerking off as I fantasized about their encounter and wondered what had gotten into her, that she would now pursue what I thought was my fantasy alone. Little did I know how much would 'get' into her.


After Stacey's first sexual encounter with Ben she had volunteered her delightful discovery that Ben is very well hung; that on a bad day, he is just under 9" long, which is four inches longer than the cock I was given. What she neglected to mention was that the head of his penis flares out like a mushroom, where mine is essentially the same size as the shaft. Stacey thought that I was insecure to be interested in the size and she wrote it off as a 'guy thing.' That is, she wrote it off until the first time he put it inside her. When he did, she told me later, she felt the head 'pop' into her; a feeling that she described as 'incredible.' Then, when he pushed his cock all the way inside her, she learned that size is indeed, a 'guy thing' and that Ben's thing was much bigger than her husband's, touching places she had never known existed. I must admit that Ben proved to be a masterful lover; I only suspected as much, but Stacey confirmed it, over and over, in the months following their first encounter.


Only a month before Ben finally agreed to allow me to watch while he fucked my wife, he had offered Stacey to go on a 3-day Mexican cruise with him. They would leave on a Wednesday night where they would stay at a posh LA resort, board the cruise ship the next day and return the following Sunday evening. When Stacey told me about the trip for the following week, I reminded her that we had made plans for that weekend to celebrate our sixth engagement anniversary at the Carmel resort where we honeymooned. She told me that she had already agreed to go with Ben, he had paid in advance for the trip, that she was going and if I were a good cuckold about this, she would reward me at a later date with something wickedly kinky and provocative. She knew that she had me completely cuckolded, as I bowed my head in ascent and skirted the issue by asking her how I could help her prepare for her trip with her lover. She paused and mused saying, "If it's not too much trouble, my little pricked cuckold husband, pack my suitcase, the black one that I like and make sure you include my sex toys and four sets of my sexiest lingerie and two nice evening dresses, no, make that one evening dress, the one you love on me, we will probably leave the cabin for only one night."


I waited until the following Tuesday to pack my wife's suitcase. I included her evening dress, the one that when she first modeled it for me made my head swoon and my cock hard, her best lingerie, several panties, five casual outfits and of course, her sex toys. All of them, including her whip, fur-lined wrist restraints, nipple clamps, her favorite dildo, a silk rope, and lastly, a blindfold. She was set and ready to go and I waited proudly as she opened the expertly packed suitcase that night for inspection. She inventoried the items and sharply criticized me for including panties in her suitcase saying, "Why did you include these panties? Don't you realize that I'll have no need for them; after all, I'm vacationing with my lover, not you. Panties will only delay access to HIS pussy. You will not receive my offer of kinky pleasure. You will instead have your balls clamped and weighted down until you scream in pain while I fuck myself to orgasm with a dildo." With that, she tossed her panties at me and told me to wear them while she and her lover where vacationing and fucking.


Later that night, I complied with her order by placing a leather ball restraint around the base of my testicles and placed two weights in a pouch that was attached to the leather clamp. As I stood before her, my balls being stretched and my cock limp from the mild pain, Stacey began fucking herself with her favorite dildo. It wasn't all that large, maybe 8" long by 2" thick, but it vibrated at a frequency that she could control and usually brought her to a quick orgasm. After a few minutes and with the vibrator at it's highest setting, she told me to come closer to her. With her other hand she grabbed the pouch and started to pull. I groaned in pain and she told me that since she wanted Ben to cum inside her pussy on this trip, that after she reached orgasm, I would be permitted to stick my little prick inside her and cum. Stacey came with a quick rush and released her grip on the pouch. I quickly removed the clamp and started to stroke my cock to get it hard. Her patience wore thin as I tried to get erect, but the painful experience of my balls being stretched that hard left me impotent.


Only when she told me that my inability to get erect and cum inside her would result in more pain and humiliation, was I able to get hard and mount her. Her pussy was still very wet and loose around my cock as I started to fuck her. She grabbed my hair, pulled my face close to hers, and spat in my face, telling me how inept I was as a lover. Her words and acts were carefully chosen to get me to cum quickly and well rehearsed for just this occasion. As I vigorously pumped my cock into her pussy, she squeezed her pussy tight around my dick and told me this is how her pussy feels to Ben when he fucks her with a man-sized cock. She then started a countdown from 30, where I was required by the time she reached 'one' to cum or put myself into a position of being severely whipped while forced to lick her shoes. By the time she reached '10', I came hard and shot a good size load into her pussy. She pushed me off her and pulled her legs up into the air allowing the relatively small amount of my semen to deeply coat her pussy. She then had me lick her dildo clean and teased me that she might want Ben to cum inside her during their trip and by allowing me to cum inside her, she was making sure that I would never know, if she got pregnant, whether the baby was mine or her lover's.





She had me drive her and Ben to the airport the next night with the two of them sitting in the back, cuddling and kissing as I drove. She unzipped his trousers, pulled out his cock, and stroked it lovingly telling him what an extraordinary lover he was and how lucky she was to have his wonderful cock. I drove without a word until we neared the airport drop-off curb, both of them oblivious to their surroundings, deeply enjoying their pleasure when I told them that we were almost there. He started to cum and she stopped sucking him only long enough to tell me to drive around the airport loop again, giving them a few more minutes. She placed her mouth back on his cock just in time to receive his ejaculate. She swallowed several times and moved her now satisfied mouth away, patted his still hard cock and placed it carefully back in his pants. She opened her purse, adjusted her makeup, and reapplied her lipstick telling me that her lover tasted so good and that she wanted me to begin to address him as 'Sir' from now on.


They exited the car as I opened the door for them. I got their bags and took them to the skycap. As I stood next to them in the check-in line, I noticed Stacey had used her maiden name when she was looking at her ticket and both her wedding and engagement rings were not on her finger. She looked up at me and said, "What! You're still here? We don't need you anymore, you may leave." I took a quick assessment of how many people heard her words and her demeaning tone and awkwardly made a rejected attempt to kiss her on the cheek goodbye. She grabbed my ear and whispered to me to tell Ben goodbye and address him in the manner she had just instructed. In the lowest tone I could manage and still be heard, I looked at Ben and said, "Please have a safe trip, sir, and enjoy your time with my wife." He turned to me, pulled Stacey close to him, and said, "Oh I will, believe me, I will." She then kissed him passionately, waving her hand at me in dismissal.


For the rest of week, I wore not Stacey's panties, but the ones she had bought for me some time ago. They fit properly and helped keep me hard, serving as a constant reminder of my cuckold position and of my wife's sexual desires now being satisfied by her lover's cock. That Saturday afternoon the mailed arrived and I casually scanned each letter, sorting out the ones for Stacey, placing those on top of her inbox. Among the letters and ads was a small package addressed to me from the Hilton resort in LA. I opened the package and found a postcard and a Sony memory stick inside. The postcard was dated last Thursday and read, "Having a wonderful time with your wife. Glad you're not here. As I write this, Stacey is busy sucking my dick and just now stopped to have me tell you that my cock is tasty in her mouth and very fulfilling in MY pussy. See you Sunday night at the airport, and be prompt. Regards, Ben and Stacey." The memory stick contained 25 digital photos from their night at the resort in LA. The shots showed only Stacey in various poses, some with her fully clothed, some in her lingerie, a few with her naked, spread-eagle on the bed with her wrists and ankles tied to the bedposts. Two showed her dildo fully inserted into her pussy and the last ones showed her face covered with his cum, her mouth open and her tongue extended. Not what I hoped for, but they gave me enough material to jerk-off several times as I read the postcard and looked at the pictures, over and over.




They arrived on time that Sunday night and I was there to pick them up, worn-out from having spent hours jerking-off in those panties. They both seemed exhausted from the trip and no doubt from the long hours and days they spent fucking and engaging in the bondage activities that she loved and Ben was well versed to provide. She loved being dominated and was frustrated throughout our marriage by my submissive nature, as I was unable to convincingly play the part of a dominant and bring her pleasure. They did little to interact with each other as I drove Ben home and exchanged only brief whispers as I dropped him off at his place. Stacey told me to thank Ben for fucking her often and hard and for treating her to such a nice, romantic vacation. I did as I was told and Ben replied that my wife was the 'best fucking whore that he has ever put out'.


I closed the car door for my wife as she sat in the front for the ride home and asked her what he meant by that remark. She was weary and emotionally distant, telling me that last night on the ship, Ben wanted to gamble and socialize with other people. He told her to stay in their cabin and she would receive a visit from two men that he had met earlier and that she was to entertain them like a whore. She went on to tell me that when these two men arrived they put $300 cash on the bed and told her they were there by Ben's invitation for a DP experience. 'Double penetration' is what they were referring to and my wife would have two cocks in her pussy at the same time. She quickly stopped in her story and parenthetically added that both men used condoms.


I drove in a daze as she rapidly finished her account of last night by telling me that she was fucked for a long time as both men took their time, alternating their thrusts into her pussy. She came three times before the guy in the top doggy-style position came first and the other came shortly thereafter, placing her in a missionary position and fucking her for a brief moment longer. When they were done they dressed and left, but not before telling her, that she was a great whore and that her boyfriend would be back shortly to finish fucking her. She indicated that Ben came back to their cabin after 10 minutes and she obediently gave him the $300 and then with his command, she started to suck his cock. Using some of her bondage equipment, he bound her wrists and raped her for the next two hours until he collapsed and went to sleep. I understood her need to be dominated but was surprised that she would allow two strange men to fuck her and that she wanted Ben to use her like a whore. Other than concluding that her bondage equipment was put to good use and that she had a wonderful time, she never told me any further details of their time together.


In time and with my encouragement and reassurance, she was willing to admit that his cock made her feel better on their first encounter than I had ever made her feel with mine in the entire time we've been making love. To my delight, she did concede that no other man could lick her pussy as well as me; she would often tell me during and after our lovemaking that I was the best pussy-licker that she's ever known or heard about, and nothing else could make her cum as quickly, or as hard, as my tongue. Her reassurance made it easier for me to overcome my insecurities about my manhood and inspired me over the years to live up to my reputation, which may have been Stacey's plan all along.


Before our first date with Ben, Stacey got herself ready. She showered and made herself stunning for her lover. As she did, she had me touch her to make sure she was smooth enough for him. She had me shave her pussy, with the message being unmistakable; her lover was going to see her, touch her, kiss her, and fuck her there and she wanted her body to be ready for him. We arrived at the hotel and checked-in. Stacey went into the bathroom to check her hair and makeup and I got her a glass of wine. I then unpacked and prepared the room; candles lit, the bed turned down, fresh strawberries on the nightstand and a 'magnum' brand condom package placed on the bed pillow. I also set a chair at the foot of the bed, with a container of my favorite lube. That would be my place for the day.


Ben arrived, and I watched my wife kiss another man. Not an 'air kiss,' not a kiss on the cheek; she offered him her mouth, her tongue, and her body. He undressed her, kissing each part of her body as he exposed it. I saw him grow in his trousers, until he bulged out obscenely in anticipation of her body. He looked at her ass, her shoulders, her breasts, her nipples, her thighs, and her mound. I felt a twinge of jealousy as he saw, and then touched my wife's body. She undressed him, pulling selfishly at his underwear to expose his hard cock, and as though starving for it, she took his entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. He shuddered as she engulfed his penis with her mouth, and she, my wife, shuddered with delight at the pleasure she was giving him. They guided each other onto the bed which I had neatly opened for them, and wrapped their arms and legs around each other. Ben knelt between Stacey's legs and gently massaged her breasts, her mound, and her legs. He took his time, savoring each moment, each touch. She gasped as he touched and licked her nipples, and when he removed his mouth, they pointed up at him with excitement.


Before we arrived at the hotel, I had asked her about the possibility of Ben entering her without a condom. She had rejected that idea completely, and reminded me that she could not, for medical reasons, use the 'pill' for contraception and didn't want to chance it. I watched as her hips moved toward him, reaching out toward his cock, which stood out between her legs as he massaged her tits. I thought, 'If she doesn't stop that, she'll end up with him inside her.' Just as I had that thought, I heard her moan and saw his hips move forward. Her legs shot up in the air, he laid down on her, and suddenly my wife's pussy was filled with the hard cock of another man, uncovered, and unprotected.




Watching from the foot of the bed, masturbating furiously, I saw his hard cock slide in and out of her. Her natural lubrication glistened on his huge shaft and it started to flow down from her pussy in small streams onto the bed. He fucked her gently, purposefully, rhythmically. She made noises that I had not heard in all the years of attempting to satisfy her, and saw in her face a look of surprise, excitement and wonder at the sensations that he was giving her. I heard my wife say, "My God, you are touching my cervix." She never said that to me, and I knew that she never would; I'm not nearly big enough. He fucked her slowly at first, and then quickened his thrusts as her passion increased. She was urging him on telling him, "You're so big, you're cock feels so damn good, darling, yes, that's it…fuck me harder, please…yes…yes, more cock…I need more cock" as well as other things that I could not hear as she grabbed his head, pulled it close to hers, and whispered her private thoughts of passion into his ear.


At one point, I stood beside the bed and looked in her face. She was so beautiful, so alluring, so open, and receptive; and it was for another man. She looked up at me, her arms and legs wrapped around his body, his cock deep inside her, and she said, "He really is better than you. God, he is so much better than you are! - you will never be able to fuck my pussy like this." As she returned her attention to her lover, there was not a doubt in my mind that she meant it.


She came in his arms. I saw all the familiar signs of her approaching orgasm, but I could only see them; he felt them. He sucked on her nipple, and just as she came, he moved his mouth to hers and kissed her through her orgasm. His body tightened, his pace increased, and her moans turned into encouragement; "Please cum inside me, darling. I need to feel you cum inside me." I sat in a chair at the foot of the bed as another man inseminated my wife. He came loudly, and hard; I could see his entire body shaking, as he pumped his semen into her.


My wife had said, despite her teasing, that this would absolutely, positively not happen; evidently, she changed her mind, or he changed it for her. It was nothing he forced on her; she practically begged for it. She wanted it so much; she wanted him so much; she wanted to pleasure him, so very much. When they finished and finally separated, Stacey spread her legs wide and called me over to her pussy. It was like all the 'creampie' pictures I had ever seen, with thick, milky liquid clinging to every fold, flowing slowly out of her just fucked pussy. However, this was no picture, and no anonymous woman; it was real, it was my wife's pussy, and it was filled with another man's semen.


The smell was dank, and bittersweet; I hesitated, and the two of them laughed, hugging and kissing each other while she reminded me of my cuckold duties. "Go ahead, clean me up," she insisted. So as my wife kissed her lover, I licked his cum from her pussy.


I tried not to moan as the semen flowed into my mouth, and I realized that what I saw and tasted was just the excess; he had cum deeply inside her, deeper than I ever could, and what I was licking up was only what would not fit in her pussy. I quickly reached orgasm, shuddering for several minutes and then finished licking her clean. She sent me back to my chair and they fell back into each other's arms. I watched them cuddle and whisper to themselves and saw that my wife was not doing this for my sake, but was very pleased, very comfortable in bed with this man. I pictured his cum still inside her, going where I have never been.


Later, when she noticed me still at the foot of the bed, she decided to send me to get pizza. It took a while to find the place and to fill their order. On my return, I entered the room to find her straddling him; her legs spread wide, his huge bulbous cock sliding in and out of her pussy. I felt excited as I pictured myself standing in line at the pizza parlor while she fucked him. She made love to him with her body. She moved forward and backward, and I watched her pussy lips stretch to 'kiss' the head of his cock with each stroke. When they were finally done, Ben got up to shower and Stacey ordered me onto the bed, and told me to fuck her. Our 'Cuckold Husband' agreement stipulated that I was not permitted to fuck her nor even beg to, so I did so with pleasure and anticipation as I went inside her; my dream fantasy of a fresh cream pie fuck. I could barely feel her around me, and she could not feel me inside her at all. With a look of surprise and amusement she asked, "Are you all the way in me?" When I gasped that I was, she giggled and asked me, "Have you ever satisfied anyone with that little prick of yours, certainly it was never me." I came instantly, with my cum mixing with her lover's and I begged her to allow me to lick her pussy clean again.


She quickly pushed me over, face-up on the bed and straddled my face with her legs. "Yes, you have my permission, get that pitiful cum of yours out of Ben's pussy, and drink every drop of his remaining cum while you're there." As her pussy lips opened to my frantic tongue, I could see and then taste the large amount of cum slowly dripping out of her pussy.



I had to stop several times to gulp down his cum, now mixed with mine. She laughed cruelly each time she heard me gulp down a mouthful of cum and told me that this was the last time she would every give me the honor of putting that thing of mine inside her. After I finished swallowing the last of the cum from her pussy, I thanked her for the privilege of being able to serve her and her lover. She looked at me briefly and said, "You're learning well, my cuckold slut. I think licking another man's cum from your wife's pussy suits you very well." I hesitantly asked her about letting Ben cum inside her without any protection, not wanting to break the spell, but concerned about the potential for pregnancy. She laughed and coolly told me, "Why do you think I let you cum inside me? – remember, you'll never know if it yours or his." I returned to my chair, completely content with Stacey's cuckolding lesson and fell into my own thoughts about what I was allowed to witness that day between my wife and her lover.


I loved the look on her face as Ben touched her and pleased her. She looked so turned on as she felt him touch her intimate places. She looked so excited as he got her ready for sex. I loved how she straddled him, and reached down to guide his huge cock into her eager and oh so wet pussy. Her pussy was literally gaping open. I have seen her many times when we were about to have sex, and I have never seen anything like that; from my vantage point at the foot of the bed, I could see all the way up inside her. Her body was hungry to have him inside her. Bodies don't lie; she wanted him.


I loved how his rock hard cock slid into her so easily, with no artificial lubrication needed. I never thought she could take a cock that large. Watching from between her legs, I saw how Ben deftly stretched her open to accept his manhood, with each stroke pushing his cock deeper and faster. Every few strokes, the head of his cock would emerge, and as she moved her body back down on him, I watched as her lips open wider to fit his 'crown,' and then as she describe it, with such a wicked smile, it 'popped' back into her pussy, her lips protectively enveloping around his shaft. I saw the pop! And yes, I loved seeing something that made her feel so good; that only he could do for her. I loved watching him lose control of himself to her sex. Not only did her body stroke his cock to orgasm, but with each deep stroke and each groan, I was tortured with pleasure by the thought that I'm not big enough to feel what he was feeling inside her. Watching the two of them share a pleasure that I cannot know, and that she cannot know with me, was fabulous.


I truly loved watching him cum deep inside her. There is no moment of feeling cuckolded so strong as when your wife's lover cums in her pussy. I watched her turn him on as she willingly offered him the ultimate pleasure of her body and pleaded with him to ejaculate into her. As I sat there masturbating, with my cock ridiculed by his size, he completed the sexual act with her. I watched his body spasm and he filled her with his semen; what greater cuckolding could there be, than to watch another man inseminate your wife? He did that, and for the rest of the day and the following day, I was aroused by the knowledge that his semen was inside her. I loved watching Ben make her cum, the looks of absolute pleasure, absolute joy, and absolute amazement on her face, as she kept herself at such a level of excitement for so long. Watching her face as he slid his cock all the way into her and used it to pleasure her, was breathtaking. And watching her orgasm in his arms. I watched in awe as she cast off all appearances, all pretenses, and came before his eyes and with his cock.


Oh yes, he made her toes curl, and afterward, they cuddled. They were both so at ease with each other, with each other's bodies; I watched in awe as another man fondled her, with her complete acquiescence, and how she touched him with no anxiety at all. She gently stroked his body, and he caressed her nipples, her shoulders, her pussy, everywhere. They did that for nearly an hour until I was sent out to get pizza. When I was delayed, I kept wondering what the two of them were doing; I felt so aroused, running errands as my wife lay in bed with her lover. When I returned to them fucking and she told me that she had made him cum again with her hand, I was angry; I felt cheated out of watching. Then I realized that this, too, was part of being her cuckold; it didn't matter what I wanted, because she did what she wanted. I understood that she had made him cum because she wanted to, not because of me.


I was taken aback by how exciting it was to sit at the foot of the bed while she was in the bathroom. There I was, sitting in my chair at the foot of the bed, while Ben lay naked. He ignored me, as if this was perfectly normal; we were each were we belonged. His cock was soft, but it was lying there in front of me; he made no attempt to cover himself, and I felt he was enjoying my position for what he had done with my wife. I couldn't help staring; even soft, he's so much larger than I am, and the head of his cock, that head which she spoke about in such dreamy terms, was staring back at me. He was soft because my wife had jerked him off and fucked him while I went to get pizza. I tried not to show it, but I was excited beyond words by that experience.


The last time she made love to Ben that day was something I will never forget. She did it all, right in front of my face; she pleasured him and he pleasured her, and the result was complete satisfaction for me, her cuckold husband. After I recovered from the discovery about her making Ben cum while I was out, she asked if I had any requests. I stammered out, "Yes, would she order me to suck Ben's cock while they kissed." She looked briefly at Ben and giggled saying, "I think we can arrange that, hey, kinky minds think alike." She promptly ordered me onto the bed to suck his now hardening cock. They fell into a very sensuous kiss. As they did, I started sucking his huge dick, amazed by how easily she could deep-throat him. Between pauses of her passionate kisses with Ben, she gave me cock-sucking instructions, knowing what pleased him best, and told me how much she enjoyed watching me fuck his cock with my mouth. She told me that if I did a good job on his cock she would later that week, fuck my ass with a horse-sized dildo that she had purchased weeks before for just that purpose. She told me, "You need to know what it feels like to be filled-up with cock. You need to feel what I feel when Ben is fucking HIS pussy with that magnificent cock you have in your mouth. But don't make him cum, that's what my pussy and mouth is for." After about ten minutes of sucking his meat and honestly trying, but failing to take his entire cock down my throat, Ben indicated to Stacey that he was ready again and she pulled my mouth off his cock, told me to resume my 'chair' position and got on top of him again.




She used her hand to guide his cock inside her, and he groaned with such total pleasure, that it twisted my stomach. With her permission, I sat on the floor next to the bed, where I could watch her face as he fucked her. She used her whole body to pleasure him; she put her breasts in his face, and slid them along his chest; she raised her hips up until he was almost completely out of her pussy, and then she dropped onto him as hard and as deep as she could. Each time, he groaned and gasped in pleasure, and I shook with humiliation and excitement. She was totally focused on exciting him; the way she moved her body, the way she twisted her hips to move him inside her dripping wet pussy; it was awesome. At one point, she slid her body down tightly onto his; he groaned, and he said, "Oh, you really do like it deep, don't you?" As she ground her hips onto him, she gasped out a response, "He... never... touches... me... there." As I sat on the floor, next to the bed, the most awesome part was knowing that it was true. I looked down at my cock, as hard and as big as it ever gets, and knew that I could not ever do what Ben was doing, and she was at that moment floating in another dimension. She laid her head down on his chest, his cock deep inside her, and she looked at me on the floor and she gently, seductively, wickedly said, "First floor, second floor, third floor, penthouse." I knew what was happening as she said that; she was doing the 'Kegel Exercises' which she learned to tighten her pussy muscles. With each 'floor', she was tightening her muscles and squeezing him inside her. When the 'elevator' reached the penthouse the second time, he groaned out loud and shook with pleasure and she, with her head resting gently on his chest, smiled at me and said, "My pussy now belongs to him to do with as he pleases, whenever he wants it. I will do anything he may ask of me." That moment was the most awesome, breathtaking, humiliating moment of my life, as she allowed me to see the pleasure she took in pleasing her lover.


I could tell he was close to orgasm, when suddenly he pulled out of her and he flipped her on her back. I don't think I'll ever get used to the sight of her spreading her legs so wantonly, reaching her hand down to guide his cock into her. Now there was nothing gentle, nothing subtle as he continued to fuck her; he pushed inside her and fucked her hard. I never knew she liked it so hard; I'm not sure she knew it until he showed her how it felt. I wished I could be like that, but watching him take her, I knew I would never be able to match his technique, his stamina, or his size. Watching him push into her, seeing his cock glisten with her wetness as he pulled out on each stroke and listening to the obscene noises of delight and passion she was making - it makes me hard every time I think of it.


And then Ben came in her again. Less than a foot away from my face, he spurted his hot seed into her. Grunting and groaning like an animal in heat, totally uninterested in my presence; he found his release in her. I watched his body spasm over and over again, still thrusting as his cum squirted past the thickness of his manhood and dribbled from her folds. She held him tightly against her with her arms, her legs and, I knew, with her pussy. He was completely drained. When she caught her breath, Ben slowly pulled out his cock and she saw the cum dripping from Ben's still erect cock then she turned to me and said, "I'm glad you enjoyed that. But you didn't enjoy it as much as I did."




On our way home, Stacey told me that she loves me very much, and is very glad she is married to me. She also said that this had been the best sex she ever had. I looked at her, and asked if she really meant that. Hugging my arm she said, "Yes, I really mean that. I love you dearly but you have never, ever made me feel like that, and I can't wait for the next time. I never thought that I could do this and enjoy it so much. Ben and I love to have you service us and fulfill your duties as a cuckold husband." I thanked her for what she did by making possible my presence on one of her dates. I told her that my deepest fantasies had been fulfilled, and if she ever wanted to stop, it was fine with me. She asked if I wanted to stop; I said 'no,' but I was comfortable with whatever she chose to do. She complimented me on how well I sucked Ben's cock and related how she thought that Ben would have never permitted another man to give him head. "Ben doesn't have a gay bone in his body, he probably allowed you the privilege just to please me," she said as we drove home. "You did very well my cuckold and I think you should be rewarded. Until further notice, you may jerk-off that pathetic little prick of yours and deposit your semen into an 8-ounce container. Once it is filled, you will stop masturbating and inform me that you have completed your task. On our next date with Ben, we will go to a movie and find a discrete place to sit. I will sit between you and Ben and while I slowly stroke his beautiful cock, you will sip your cum until every drop has passed down your throat".


I was instantly rock hard at the scene my wife had just proposed. She noticed my excitement and told me that if I could not control myself, that punishment for me was just as easy for her as a reward, and that in the future I must now asked her permission to have an erection. "If I catch you with an unauthorized hard-on – if you can call it that – I'll have you down on your knees at the gay movie arcade sucking every cock available down to their balls, and have them cover your face with their hot, sticky cum". I remembered, now with sexual excitement, what she had done to me years ago and I almost came right then – it was the closest to a non-touching orgasm I've ever felt. The next day she sent an email to Ben. She asked him to check his calendar for tomorrow, to see if they could meet again - this time without Mr. Cuckold – "he has duties at home to perform before he can be rewarded again."







The Earnest Cuckold – Chapter II





Stacey saw her lover the next night, as they had planned. While her lover was devoted to his work and from Stacey's observations was a bit of a workaholic, he always found time to see her when she needed his cock or when he wanted to fuck her. I was not allowed to be present during their date together; I had domestic duties to perform that included preparation of Stacey's lingerie and sex toys for future dates. Stacey called me during her date at about 9 pm for two reasons; first, she wanted to let me know that she would not be home that night, both she and her lover decided to take the following day off from the office so they could enjoy a morning and afternoon of fucking. Secondly, and most satisfying to me, she wanted me to listen to their sexual acts as I was permitted to stroke my now growing penis.


I immediately reached for my lube and listened quietly as she laid down the phone, next to her on his bed. While the sounds were muted, I could hear clearly, as she cooed her pleasure and spoke as though I wasn't 'there'. I listened intently as my penis quivered in my hand and my mind exploded with the pictures I envisioned taking place in their bedroom. "Darling, your cock is so beautiful, I love sucking your head, licking your shaft, drawing your balls into my mouth and tasting the sweet nectar of your cum as it slowly oozes at my urging, from your cock to my tongue.", she said deliberately between the sounds of her slurping on his cock. I recalled how large her lover's cock is, and knew that within a few minutes, Stacey would be guiding his entire length and width into her wanton and wet pussy. Even if I could match her lover's size, Stacey had repeatedly and firmly told me, "You will never be equal to him when it comes to pleasing me sexually – your prick is only good for producing the semen that I want you to drink for me when I wish to punish you, and only by your hand will you ever be permitted to orgasm. Your mouth and tongue will continue to serve me only to clean up the cum that he leaves in HIS pussy."


As these words swam in my mind and brought me closer to orgasm, Stacey started to plead with her lover to fuck her hard. "Please darling, <slurp> I need your huge cock inside me. My pussy is soooo wet, I need to feel your cum warming and filling my pussy <slurp>." As he mounted my wife and started to thrust his manhood as deep as it would go, the sounds of Stacey's pleasure came over the phone loud and clear. "Oh my God! Oh yes…yes…yes…please fuck me… I need all your cock." Though I could not see what was happening, the unmistakable sound of her lover plunging his entire 9" cock into my wife's once tight pussy, preceded her immediate and very vocal orgasm that shook her for several minutes and caused me to cum convulsively as she ended her orgasm with a final gasp and then her laugh, indicating great satisfaction. Her lover continued to fuck her deep and fast, and she wanted his cum to fill her womb as close as possible to her own climax. He took almost fifty minutes of pounding her pussy until he finally released his seed into her waiting warmth.


During that time, I could hear him grunting and the slurping noises of his non-stop fucking of my beautiful wife and Stacey's now muffled pleas for his cock and his legendary quantity of cum. She came two more times during his 'rape' of her pussy and I knew that only someone else could make her cum repeatedly and wantonly, her orgasm limit with me in our eight years together, was one. Abruptly, the phone went to a dial tone and I understood that my participation phase was over. I cleaned up my mess and started to prepare Stacey's outfit and accessories for our date that weekend with her lover at the movies.


The next afternoon, Stacey called me from her cell phone and told me to prepare my ass for a 'pounding' as soon as she arrived. She was on her way home after enjoying the day with her lover and wanted to make good on her promise from the previous weekend. While I remembered vividly, her promise to fuck me, I had dismissed it as being just a tease on her part, to torment me, while I sucked her lover's cock for her amusement. Stacey seemed to enjoy fucking my ass with dildos and on occasion with her fist and forearm, almost as much as I loved her fucking my ass. Somewhere in my mind, I associated the act as the ultimate form of intimacy and trust between us. She had over the years reduced the frequency of this act with me, but never the intensity. When she fucked me, I knew it for days afterwards and sometimes was so 'stretched' from the experience, that I could not walk without fear of 'having an accident' and losing control of my sphincter. Tonight she was going to show me, as I've never known before, what it feels like to be fucked by a huge cock. I prepared my ass in the usual manner by administering to myself a high-colonic enema. This preparation not only served to 'clean me out', but it expanded and accustomed my colon so it could eagerly accept the enormously sized objects Stacey insisted I needed to be a proper cuckold husband.


Stacey arrived and found me face-up on the bed with several towels underneath me to absorb the large amounts of lube needed to achieve penetration of my ass with large objects. The latex gloves that Stacey needed to wear during this process were neatly set atop the corner of the bed and the lube container was resting nearby, recently warmed by a minute in the microwave. The chair that she sat in during this act was positioned correctly at the side of the bed allowing her easy access to my ass and providing her with a comfortable position to rape my ass for as long as it would take to make me cum. Stacey undressed down to her panties and opened the bottom-left drawer of her dresser. She slowly pulled out from underneath her lingerie the biggest dildo I've ever seen. It was a black, rubber-silicone replica of a horse cock. I later measured it at being 13" of insert-able length, with a wide base for a handle and 9" inches around at its widest part, the head; that's almost 3" thick. Unfortunately, its large size prevented its use as a strap-on; it would not fit any harness available. She sat in her chair and had me assume my 'gynecological exam' position that placed me on my back, legs spread wide, my knees bent, my feet placed on the arms of the chair and my ass at the edge of the bed, waiting to be raped.


She slowly and lovingly stroked the dildo and teased me by placing it next to my fully-erect dick, commenting on how pathetic my cock was in comparison and that if I were hung only half as much as this horse cock, I might have gotten laid more often during the course of our marriage. She then moved the horse cock dildo between my legs and positioned it to obscure my cock and balls and then she started to pour large amounts of lube into my eager ass, thrusting at first a few fingers into me and then her entire hand into my ass, testing my 'openness' and making me ready for what was about to happen.


When after about ten minutes of fisting me, she decided I was ready for 'Mr. Ed' and told me to take slow, deep breaths while she guided this horse cock into my waiting ass. Initially, I had difficulty accepting the 3" thick bulbous head into my ass. Stacey is an expert in the art of fucking my ass and took a few minutes trying different angles to get the head past my sphincter. When I told her that I couldn't take it, she hissed, "You cock-suck'n cuckold slut, your gonna take every inch and beg me to fuck you hard. Now breathe deeply and slowly exhale on my command." As Stacey told me to slowly release my breath she pushed the head of the horse dildo forcibly into my ass and didn't stop until eight inches of that monster cock was buried in me. I gasped and shuddered from the sudden pain and pleasure she gave me.


With about 8" now placed into me, Stacey stopped and placed a small towel at the base of dildo to hold it in place. She told me to lie quietly, to squeeze and release my rectal muscles around the horse cock for a few minutes, telling me, "This is what I do with my dildo to prepare myself for my lover's cock and it will allow you to take every fucking inch of that huge horse cock." As I lay quietly, anticipating what it was going to feel like with every inch of that thing inside me, Stacey went to grab her digital camera, saying, "I want some pictures of you taking this horse cock into your ass – I'll keep them private, but every once in a while I'm going to place one on the refrigerator door for a day, to serve as a reminder to you, my cuckold husband, that I possess your deepest, innermost fantasies, your cock, balls, mouth and ass, to do with as I please." She took a set of photos that showed the dildo completely out of me and then she pushed it back in, one inch at a time, with several pictures at each depth of insertion until she had reached the original depth she had before of about eight inches. She carefully reviewed the set of pictures she had just taken, setting down the camera, greatly satisfied with her photographic ability. She told me now to breathe slowly and deeply again, while she guided the remaining 5" into my well-lubed ass. I think both of us were surprised and delighted on how well I took the entire length and width of that horse cock. With the horse dildo completely into my ass, she retrieved the camera for the 'fully inserted' pictures that she wanted to take and instructed me to start masturbating.


Once I was fully erect, she started to slowly fuck my ass, pulling out about eight or nine inches and then plunging its full length back into me. She wickedly said, "I think I'll try to arrange for a real horse to fuck your slut ass. Yes, you can take a real horse cock in your ass while my lover fucks HIS pussy. Maybe my lover will cum inside me at the same time that horse cums and spurts its pint of semen deep into your ass." After maybe two dozen strokes or so, I started to shudder into the longest, most intense orgasm I've ever had. Stacey tried to prevent my premature explosion by pulling the dildo quickly out of my ass, but I'm sure this only made me cum harder. After what seemed like an hour, but was actually only a few minutes of an explosive orgasm, Stacey firmly told me how pleased she was with my ability to take such a huge cock, but that she wasn't finished with my ass. Thankfully, she placed the horse dildo next to me on the bed and proceeded to fist my gaping ass with her fist, slowly at first, building the pace until I got hard again, and then for the next 20 minutes she went deep into me, half way to her elbow, and once more, I was rocked by the overwhelming intensity of a second orgasm. I slept for the rest of the night and well into the morning, amazed by the fact that the next day I was not nearly as sore as I expected. God, she was good.




That Saturday afternoon, I prepared Stacey for our date with her lover at the movies. Stacey knew of the opportunity for privacy at the theatre we were going to and accurately predicted the small number of patrons for the matinee showing of a film that had really bad reviews. Her lover met us at the front of the theatre and I dutifully passed her into his arms. They both kissed and discretely fondled each other while I stood in line for tickets. I walked behind them as Stacey made our way through the lobby and into one of the dark cinema-plexes showing our film. I followed the two of them up the stairs to an area with only four seats, set in the upper corner, and was sure that this arrangement would indeed provide a very private location for what they had in mind. Until the house lights dimmed, Stacey and her lover sat together kissing and fondling. I sat next to Stacey, with one seat between us.


During this time, only one couple had entered the theatre and fortunately sat near the front, well out of site and earshot of our location. When the movie started, Stacey promptly reached down for her purse and removed the 8-ounce vial of my cum that I had spent all week filling. She shook it gently and popped off the lid, handing me the container and whispered to me to start sipping it when she began to stroke her lover's cock. Although Stacey had no need for the use of lube for intercourse, she used it on me when she fucked my ass, and at her lover's request, when she gave him a hand-job. Stacey took the small vial of lube from her lover's hand and placed a small amount on her palm, and as he removed his rapidly hardening member from his trousers, she placed a bit more on the head of his cock. She then very, very slowly started stroking his slick cock, increasing the pace and then stopping, and then slowly stroking its full length, then faster, just on the head and then stopping briefly, repeating the same pattern.


I sat mesmerized, sipping my own cum and could clearly see his huge cock sliding between her clenched hand, but I could not hear what she was whispering in his ear as his excitement steadily increased, his legs and hips starting to move in unison with her strokes. After perhaps 10, maybe 15 minutes, I had finished sipping my cum and was completely focused on Stacey and her lover. He was close to climaxing, his moans becoming louder and more frequent when he signaled to Stacey he was about to cum. She produced from her other hand a condom that was already unrolled and quickly placed the condom opening over the head of his cock, just as he started to spurt his huge load. His load went on for two minutes, with each convulsion spraying an equal amount of his semen into the condom Stacey was trying to keep in place.


As he finally finished his spasms, Stacey held the cum-filled condom up in the light to get a better view and I could see that he had filled close to half of its capacity with his juice. Stacey summoned me to sit next to her and motioned me to lie sideways, placing my head on her lap, turned face-up. This time without whispering she said, "This is the cum that I love so very much, but this time I'm going to share it with you, my cuckold slut." With that, she pulled on my hair, forcing my mouth to open wide and with both hands, positioned the cum-filled condom over my mouth, and slowly poured enough to fill my mouth. As she filled my mouth, she ordered me to swallow her lover's salty, hot, creamy semen. After three fillings of my mouth, the condom was finally emptied and my mouth, throat and belly was now coated with his ejaculate.

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Stacey had me lick the condom clean and then told me to go to the lobby and get her and her lover refreshments and to return promptly. While I stood in a short line for sodas, I had a feeling of great arousal, the humiliation of being forced to drink his cum after drinking my own and watching my wife expertly stroke his cock gave me a hard-on and sent my mind fluttering. When I realized that my hard-on was apparent to anyone within fifty feet of where I was standing, I redirected my thoughts and quickly started to deflate. As I returned and approached Stacey and her lover they were interlocked in a passionate embrace, french kissing and to my disbelief, her lover's hand was buried in her sopping-wet pussy. He was slowly fisting my wife's pussy. Aided by both her own wetness and some of the lube she had used on his cock, his entire hand was gliding in and out of her slurping pussy. She didn't even notice my return and was sitting with her hips at the edge of the chair, her dress pulled up to her waist, her panties on the floor, gasping for air, her eyes wide open and a look of complete shock at she tried to maintain a firm passionate kiss to his mouth.


I gently sat next to her, also in shock from the unbelievable scene of total animal lust that was being displayed for me, and anyone else, to witness. As her lover increased the tempo and depth of his forceful, unrelenting thrusts of his entire fist into her pussy, I became concerned that someone was going to discover us. Stacey's wanton, lustful, guttural sounds of ecstasy were quickly reaching a fevered pitch that I was sure could now be heard by anyone within shouting distance.


Just as my fears started to overcome my tremendous, thunderous arousal, Stacey exploded into the most awesome display of uncontrolled, spasmodic orgasm I've ever seen. She shook violently on his deeply inserted fist for five solid minutes, her eyes rolled back, no longer able to hold their kiss. She breathed deeply for a few minutes after her lover withdrew his fist, unable to move or to speak and motioned me to help her stand as she finally uttered words that sounded like another language, but told me intuitively that she wanted to leave the theatre. Both her lover and I helped her get out of the theatre and back into the car. I drove her home saying nothing, she seemed to be in a daze, like a drunken stupor, unable to respond to or initiate speech. My mind was replaying that scene of her being fisted over and over when Stacey finally came out of her coma-like state and turned to me saying, "Wow…the last thing I remember was starting to cum…and then…I don't know…it was like an out-of-body experience. I need to do that again…but not too soon…my pussy is going be out of commission for a few days."


Ironic, I thought that while Ben had a large cock, his hands were rather small and while I have a small penis, my hands are huge, much too large to be able to pleasure my wife with a fisting. I tried once, when she was really horny one night, several weeks after our theatre date. Ben was out of town on a business trip and she needed it bad, she was frustrated, lying in bed, unable to cum from using her dildo and fingers. She called me into the bedroom and said, "Since your little prick is of no use to me, I want you to fist me, like Ben did that night." She was very wet and I tried to get my hand inside her, but no angle would allow insertion. My clenched hand is about the size of a jumbo grapefruit. She detested the use of lube in her pussy and without a large quantity on my hand and inside her pussy, I told her that full penetration wasn't possible. Really frustrated now, she had me try the horse dildo to get her off. Within a few minutes, the large head and eight more inches of that thing was being pumped into her, her cries of passion begging me to fuck her harder, faster. She came in less than three minutes and her whole body twisted and jerked into a short, but very intense orgasm. Surprising to me, she never again asked me to use the horse dildo to fuck her. Her only remark, after she recovered from her orgasm and I slowly pulled the dildo out from her still sensitive pussy, was to tell me, "FUCK, if only that thing was real and attached to you, I'd probably never want to fuck other men."


As we pulled into the driveway that night, returning from the movies, Stacey admitted to me that the fisting scene with Ben at the theatre was planned and choreographed for me, but not her orgasmic reaction. She had never been fisted before in her life, and was overwhelmed by the intensity and duration of her orgasm. I looked at her beautiful face, washed pale by the almost unbearable pleasure and intensity from her first fisting orgasm, and thought to myself how lucky I was to be with her – she knew how to enjoy life, and again was struck by the irony, that only now had our marriage started to become the vision of my dreams. I've never been closer to her emotionally, more wanting of her companionship, more enraptured by her beauty, and more excited by her mere presence, than during our entire marriage. I don't care about the 'how' and 'why', only that finally, after a lifetime of loneliness and often a desperate sense of isolation; that now I've found and will forever be blessed, by a feeling that transcends love and has no words to describe.







 The Earnest Cuckold – Chapter III




Stacey allowed me to jerk-off that night when we returned home and told me that she would be seeing less of her current lover, Ben. She had found someone else on , a new lover who was even more endowed, younger, and more accessible than her current lover. He lived only a few miles away from us, and though he was married, with two kids, he and his wife had an arrangement to see other people as sexual partners.


As are cuckold arrangement provided, Stacey could acquire and discard any lover at her sole whim, but she was required to inform me of her decision. While I played with my cock, she told me that he was very muscular, black, though very light skinned, and his cock, that she had seen in person, but not yet fucked, was beyond her wildest dreams. 'Greg' not only wanted my cuckold presence at our sessions, but he was bi-sexual, and loved to have his enormous cock sucked by guys, and really got-off fucking white cuckold's in the ass, while the wife gave directions. Damn! My thoughts immediately started conjuring all the sexual possibilities with such an arrangement.


I could not believe Stacey's description of his cock, she said it was not only thicker but more importantly to her, it was substantially longer than her current lover's. Within a week, Stacey told me that she had completed her 'lover viability assessment' of Greg. This process was designed to ensure the safety of both of us. It required that any lover that Stacey would see must be disease-free and in a stable relationship to avoid unwelcome complications of a romantic nature. While this eliminated a large number of potential lover's for my wife, it did provide both of us a sense of discretion and personal safety.


Beyond meeting these requirements, Stacey added that Greg had been 'fixed' and as an unintentional result of the vasectomy, was capable of producing a quantity of semen that was even greater than that of her former lover. This was great, because I had misgivings about her wanting Ben to cum inside her, though I doubted her explanation as to the reason for his abnormal semen production. When she first started allowing Ben to cum inside her, she assured me he was disease-free, but their fucking could result in her getting pregnant. Stacey didn't seemed too concerned over the pregnancy possibility and a times actually seemed sexually excited at the prospect of her being impregnated by another man, and would on occasion, and to my delight, verbally torture me with the thought.


Consistent with her commitment to our cuckold marriage, Stacey informed me the following week that she had scheduled her first date with Greg for the next evening, and that for the first date she thought it best not to have me present. She said, "I think it would make things a little difficult and I need to focus on him completely so I can understand what he likes sexually, so I can best serve his needs and encourage him to serve my needs. I know you're disappointed, but I'll make it up to you tonight and fuck your cuckold ass with that horse dildo you like." She further informed me that her relationship with Ben was regrettably, over. Stacey told him about her new lover and he became upset at the idea of not being able to fuck her at his whim and became jealous over Stacey's description of his physical attributes.


She had gone to his office that afternoon for 'lunch' as she had been doing almost every weekday. Sometimes he would have her undress and bend her over his desk while he whipped her ass with his belt – the entire time calling her his slut and telling her to beg for his cock, which she did gladly. When Stacey reached a fevered pitch of arousal, her pussy soaking wet with anticipation, Ben would mount her doggy style on the desk and fuck her like a jackhammer until he came inside her. They did this infrequently because it took a while for Ben to cum and would always make Stacey late upon her return to the office. She would place a tampon in her pussy to prevent Ben's semen from leaking out of her well fucked pussy, put her clothes back on and try to redo her makeup before returning to the office. She would giggle as she walked through her office complex with his cum sloshing inside her and if one of her busybody coworkers were to inquire about what she did for lunch, she would tell them, "Oh, I went out and had lunch with my lover." She loved saying that and would spend the next 30 minutes at her desk dreaming of his cock and their next encounter.


This day, Ben sat back in a chair in his private office eating his lunch. Stacey told me she then knelt in front of him, as she had done many times before, pulled down his trousers and shorts, and then began by licking and sucking his balls, eventually sucking his cock until he came in her mouth. This time, after swallowing his last spurt of semen, Stacey told him about her new lover, and this was when Ben lost his temper, and ended their relationship by giving her an ultimatum – she would suck only his cock or he would never fuck her again. He lost.


I know that Stacey loved being with Ben and not just for the sexual gratification that he gave her, a gratification that I was never able to give, though not due to a lack of desire to try. She enjoyed his courteous manner; it made her feel wanted and desired physically, and tickled the romantic nature in her soul. This romantic void in our marriage was an important aspect that I knew I could provide to her and had not given for many years. I think, in part, it may be my association of sex and romance as being almost synonymous, though they truly are not. While I may not be up to the task of giving my wife the raw sexual needs of her body and fantasies, I resolved myself to finding a way to satisfy her romantic nature and once again be the gentleman she fell in love with, so few years ago.


She was going to be with her new lover Greg tonight, and I was busy preparing her outfit, lingerie and sex toys for the occasion. I loved being able to assist my wife in getting ready for her dates. It made me feel close to her and enabled a sense of direct participation with her, and by so doing, granted me a vicarious means to be the man she was fucking and sucking, and anything else that entered her deliciously, kinky mind. She asked me to include in her overnight bag the digital camera and told me that while she wanted to be alone with Greg for their first sexual encounter, she also wanted me to 'see' what they were doing by way of some photos. Greg, as she explained to me, was very open-minded and was eager to participate in any activity she desired.


Greg called right on time, just as the clock rang 7 pm. We had finished a very light dinner at 6 o'clock and spent the time before Greg was scheduled to call, being intimate. This involved me going down on her while she fantasized and spoke of what she had planned to do with her new lover. She came on my tongue and lips within 15 minutes and I was allowed to continue to masturbate until I was almost ready to cum, when she abruptly ordered me to stop and save it for later tonight. I was almost of a mind not to stop. When I reach that point of impending orgasm, it is almost impossible for me to not cum and leaves me with a feeling of frustration, making me even more horny, unable to deflate my rock-hard prick. I knelt patiently between her wide-open legs, her glistening wet pussy close to my face, the sweet, musky aroma of her juices sending me further into a state of gripping, unfulfilled lust.


Just as she started to drift into her own thoughts, the clock started to strike the hour of 7 o'clock and before it finished, the phone rang. Stacey pulled her leg up and over my head and with her foot, pushed me out of the way, as she scrambled for the phone. It was Greg calling to let her know that he had secured a room at the local motel and was breathlessly waiting for her arrival. She frantically reached for a pen and wrote down the room number on her inner-left wrist. Her voice, as she spoke briefly to her new lover, was sensuous, melodic and seductive. She told him she would be there in 10 minutes and that her pussy was wet and ready for his cock. She hung up the phone, grabbed her overnight bag and with a brief kiss and a goodbye, raced out the door and to the motel.


She had told me earlier that evening not to wait up for her, she expected their lovemaking to go well into the night, and that she would wake me when she returned home. Well, I did end up falling asleep in bed, shortly after the 10 o'clock news ended. I was awakened just after midnight when she arrived. She was exhausted, totally spent and she quickly undressed and hastily put on her pajamas for bed. She looked at me as she moaned her fatigue, getting under the covers and told me that I needed to wait until tomorrow night for a detailed description of her night with Greg. While frustrated at the thought of waiting another day, I knew she was completely spent and she needed to get some rest for work the next day.


It took a lot of coaxing to get Stacey out of bed the next morning. She was still exhausted from last night's encounter and with my help getting her office clothes ready, she was able to get out the door on time and to the office. She said nothing during the time she was getting ready for work about last night and I was not going to pressure her to reveal any details until she was ready. She called me from her car on her cell phone during her lunch hour and apologized for not being able to provide me with the details of her date, but she was worn-out and really needed her sleep. It told I understood and asked her if there was anything, in addition to my normal duties, that I could help her with at home.


She giggled and said, "Well, yes my small prick cuckold, there is…last night Greg and I made a latex mold of his monstrous cock. When I was dating Ben, he suggested that I buy one of those 'Make your own dildo' kits that you can get on the internet. I had it delivered several weeks ago; you remember that package you signed for?" Yes, I recalled without comment; she told me that it was her Avon order and not to open it. She continued, "Well, Ben thought it would be a good idea to have his cock, even a rubber facsimile, available to me whenever I needed it. I never got around to using the kit, probably too busy sucking and fucking the real thing. Anyway, I took a mold last night of Greg's cock and left the result in my overnight bag. I want you to finish the process." I listened to Stacey's instructions, writing them down to make sure I understood my duty. She went on saying, "The instructions are in the box along with the rubber mix needed to complete the job. A special latex negative image of his cock is in the box and all you need to do is take the negative and place it into a container of cool water, with the open end secured to the sides of the container. Then mix and pour the liquid rubber into the mold. Once it cures, in about 4 hours, peel off the outer latex mold and viola, you have an exact rubber replica of Greg's gorgeous cock. And believe me, it is huge, it even makes Ben's cock feel small, and yours, practically nonexistent. I'll need to keep doing my pussy exercises if I'm ever going to fuck Ben again, and I might if I get real horny during my lunch hour. – Are you still there?" I listened, fully aroused, thinking about her having two lovers at the same time.


I started to repeat her instructions when she interrupted me and said, "Just follow the instructions and don't screw this up, my little cuckold. If there's enough mold material left over, I want you to make a replica of your little prick for my amusement. It shouldn't take much mold material to accomplish that little task, right?" ' Y..e..s', was all I could manage to choke out when she added, "Maybe I'll use your prick to assist me in training you how to suck cock. I'll shove it down your throat while I fuck your ass with that horse cock, would you like that?" My cock was now throbbing and I dutifully asked my wife's permission to jerk-off my pathetic little cock and taste my own cum. She gave her consent, but only after I had finished my regular chores and after I had completed my new assignment. When she hung up, I desperately jerked-off, cuming very quickly and tasted my salty semen, as I had promised.


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