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This happened some years ago. Back in an age of sexual experimentation and little concern about the diseases that we worry about today.


My wife and I were young college students at a University in the South East. We had been married about a year so we still had the youthful enthusiasm of newlyweds. We had little money and we spent our free time exploring the national forests around the college. There were a labyrinth of sink holes and spring fed streams crisscrossing the miles of woods and swamps.


We had been driving around the countryside one weekend and wound up way out in the middle of nowhere. The heat was extreme as we followed a creek along an old logging road hoping to come across a swimming hole. My old car had no air conditioning and we were dressed in our least restrictive clothes.


On me this meant an old tee shirt, a swim suit and a pair of boat shoes. On my wife, Georgia, this consisted of a bikini under a pair of cut off shorts and sandals. She was about 22 at the time with blue eyes and firm breasts that filled up the cups of the bikini top very nicely. Her body was taught from her workouts on the swim team. She curved in all the right places and her tight ass always turned heads.


Anyway, we messed around that weekend and ended up stuck out on this old dirt road. After two hours in the boiling heat trying to get the car out I sat down in the shade with Georgia. “I think we are going to have to walk out and get some help” I said. “The car is in deep and we’ll need a tow. ”


She leaned her head against my shoulder. “Damn” she said “It’s too hot to walk out. ”


“This stream seems to follow along the road” I said “when it gets too hot we can just jump in. ”


“Ok” She said standing up. She looked down the long hot ruts of sand as she pulled her blonde hair up into a pony tail. “We’d better get going if unless we want to spend the night out here. ”


We hiked back along the road with the hot sun blazing down on us. The humidity was about 120% so the sweat poured over us like hot molasses. In addition the white sand in the road was hot so our feet were practically on fire. The thick tropical brush prevented us from walking off the road so we stumbled from tree to tree trying keep our feet from blistering.


It had been at least an hour when we came around a bend and noticed a logging truck stopped in the road ahead. “A transport!” I said mimicking C3PO from Star Wars “we’re saved!”


“Thank god” Georgia said as we slowly covered the distance to the truck “I just can’t go any further in this heat. ”


Once we arrived, however, we discovered that the cab was empty. Georgia sat on the step of the truck and wiped the sweat off her face. Then we heard a splash through the thick brush. Stepping around the truck we found a narrow path in the brush. Stepping through it we found ourselves in a clearing at the edge of a spring. A shape glided under the surface and I saw that it was a man swimming purposefully through the water.


He rose at the white sand shallow and stood up waist high. He was tall and black skinned with a shaved head. I couldn’t tell how old but I guessed late thirties. The water ran off him as he opened his eyes and saw us there. He glared at us without saying a word and seemed annoyed that we had intruded on his swim.


He walked up out of the spring until he stood right in front of us and we could see him more clearly. His body was ripped; I don't think there was an ounce of fat on him anywhere. His stomach was a washboard, his arms and legs thick and muscular. His nakedness was quite a shock. I had not noticed the pile of clothes stacked on the old stump when we had arrived. His cock was huge and hung down nearly to his knee.


I turned to look at Georgia. She had a dumbfounded look on her face, staring open-mouthed as he grabbed a towel from a branch and began to dry off. She abruptly turned towards me, embarrassed that I caught her looking.


He made no effort to cover himself as he rubbed the towel against his head. He looked me in the eye as he dried his body.


“Can I help you?” he said in a voice that was deep and southern.


“Um” I stuttered trying to look him in the eye. Trying not to be intimidated by the size of his muscles or that of his giant cock. “Yes. Sorry to bother you, but our car is stuck in the sand a few miles up. I wonder if you could help us out?”


“Help you out how?” he responded.


“Well a ride to a phone would be very helpful” I said.


“Ain’t no phones around for miles” he replied. “I got work to do. I can’t just run off to the Swifty Mart whenever I want. What’s in it for me?”


“We don’t have much money” I replied “we’re in school and…”


“Oh,” he interrupted “college kids. Well, fuck you. I spent three years in Viet-Nam while you college types skipped and didn’t do dick! I got my ass shot at while you guys sat around smoking pot and chasing pussy. No fucking way I’m doing you any favors. ”



“Please Mister” Georgia suddenly begged from behind me “I’m sorry you had to go to Viet-Nam but we really need help. I can’t walk any further in this heat. ”


“Tell you what” the big man said “you give up a little ass and I might think about helping you out. ”


“Hey!” I said “there’s no reason to talk like that. ”


“That’s my offer” he said drying his arms. “take it or hit the road!”


“C’mon honey” I said as I turned to leave. “Lets get out of here. ”


“Wait” She said as I bumped into her unmoving body. “I’ll do it. I told you I can’t go any further in this heat. ”


“What?!” I exclaimed.


“I’m doing this for us Richard” She scowled “Otherwise we’ll probably never get out of this swamp alive. ” Georgia and I argued back and forth in whispers but finally I could tell I had lost. She was going to do it. I felt angry and defeated and betrayed but I just stood there as she stepped towards him.


“Now that’s more like it” the black man said and gave his huge cock a few strokes.


“What do you want me to do?” she said.


"Get on your knees and get ready to feel what a real cock is like" he answered.


My wife slowly knelt before him. Her knees sank into the sand as she came face to face with his monstrous tool. She just looked at it for a few moments.


“Go ahead and touch it” he ordered.


Looking back at me apologetically she reached up with her hand and wrapped her soft white fingers around his pulsing member.


“Don’t look at him” he said “look at me. What’s your name anyway?”


“Georgia” she answered still holding his cock.


“Pleased to meet you Georgie” he said “I’m Melvin and this is the biggest dick you’ll ever get your white hands on. Do you believe me?”


“Yes” she nodded staring at it.


"You wanna suck my long black cock, don't you, Georgie? Wanna get a taste of some sweet black meat, huh bitch?" he crudely asked. "Tell me what you want to do, Georgie Girl!


“I” she said slowly “I want to…”


“You want to what?”


“I want to suck your cock…”


“Then why don’t you get to it” he said “I aint got all day. ”


I watched in shock and surprise as my wife leaned forward to rub her lips onto the wet cock head, glossing them with a thick film of slimy liquid pre cum, rubbing her dainty nose into the slimy muck. Then her tongue slowly began to taste his dark snake running up its length and licking up the drooling venom from its tip.


“How does it taste?” He said smiling down at her.


“Mmm?” she said looking up at him. Not sure what to say. “Its cool from the spring. Feels nice on my tongue. ”


“C’mon then” he commanded “get to sucking”


Melvin groaned loudly as Georgia’s mouth opened wide and enveloped his large cock head. She then started moving it in and out of her mouth. She pumped its shaft with her hand as she stroked it through her lips. I watched her pump her head up and down the long black cock as if she was trying to devour it all. There were no hands on her head to force her to do this degrading suck-off, it had only been a gruff verbal order and she had obeyed, doing all the work to please this black stranger.


I was flabbergasted at what I was witnessing. My wife was giving this black man the blowjob of a lifetime. Despite my anger I was developing a hard on that was pressing painfully against my confining shorts.


As my wife stroked his cock, Melvin reached back and untied her bikini strap. At first she tried to hold the cups in place but soon gave up and let the covering fall. Her exposed breasts swayed with her rocking motion. I could tell she was excited because her nipples were hard and pink.


I would never have believed that my petite wife could swallow the monster-sized cock but it was slowly passed through her lips, she finally had to let go of the shaft so she could press her face to the very root, so it could slide all the way down her throat. Then she reached around and held onto to the his black hips and fucked her lovely face back and forth onto the rigid pole. Her quickened pace had an immediate effect on Melvin.


“Gonna cum soon, Georgie! Gonna shoot my cum in your sweet mouth! Wanna taste some sweet cum?" he taunted. She couldn’t answer and it seemed to be more for the purpose of humiliating me than to warn her. "If you wanna taste my cum bitch, rub my blacks balls... roll'em in your white hands!" he ordered. "Ohhhhhhh, Godddddd... yeahhhhh... oh, yeah, baby... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,... ahhhhhhhhhhh!"


Melvin groaned loudly as her hands immediately complied with his orders, causing such great pleasure that he immediately lost his load. He reached down and pressed her face tight against his crotch as he emptied himself into her. I could see her throat muscles flexing as she tried to swallow his load. His large black hands held onto her long honey colored hair to keep his knees from buckling under him.


She kept sucking like a baby to a teat. Moments later, I watched as the softening but still thick and long black cock was withdrawn from my wife's mouth. Finally the entire length emerged, a thick strand of cum still connecting the drooling cock head to her soft pink lips. It appeared that my beautiful wife was in a trance, her mouth partially open as she starred at the drooling black cock that she had so enthusiastically sucked off.


“That was sweet baby” he said panting “hey white boy go up into the cab of my truck and get that blanket that’s behind the seat. I’m gonna tear this little pussy up. ”


”Hey!” I said “you got what you wanted how about…”


“Shut up white boy!” he said “go get the damn blanket!”


Shaken by his threatening tone I moved quickly back to the truck, found the blanket and returned. He then had me lay it out on the soft grass near the waters edge. All the while my blonde wife licked and sucked at his huge black cock. I couldn’t believe it but by the time I had the blanket prepared he was fully hard again.


“Ok Georgie Girl” he said looking down at her “get up outta them shorts and lets see what else you got. ”


I watched my wife lay down on her back and unbutton her cut offs. She quickly pushed them down her legs followed by her bikini panties. She shyly revealed her bushy patch of soft blonde pubic hair. Her vaginal lips were red with excitement and she was leaking cum lube like a hydrant.


“Ok bitch” he said to her “open up and tell me what you want. ”


Georgia obeyed this large black man by drawing her knees up and spreading them wide in invitation. I couldn’t believe what she was doing as I watched Melvin move in between Georgia's muscular legs. She watched his long black cock, lower down to nuzzle into her little nesting mound. She gasped as he began rubbing the drooling cockhead up and down her moist slit.


She lifted her legs up into the air, forming a wide `V. ' She kept her knees raised as he rubbed his cock at the tip of her pussy. Slowly he slid it into her, inch after inch. He finally got it all the way in and she groaned loudly, saying that she'd never felt so full in her entire life.


I watched as he began slowly fucking my wife, sliding that large cock fully inside her on every thrust. Every time he hit bottom, Georgia would moan. She was wriggling in pleasure as she took on his big fat cock. Then he began to move faster, fucking my wife with long hard strokes. Georgia arched her body, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he began pounding into her. Thrust after thrust of that large cock into her tiny pussy. She had no problem taking him; every inch of his cock was devoured by her hungry pussy.


"Ohhhhhhhhhh... Goddddddddddd... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... it's... soooooooo biggggggggggg!" Georgia screamed, gasping for air as the thick black prong pounded into her tight little slit. "Oh, yes, yesssssssssss... do me... do me... oh,yessssss... yesssssss! Oh, Goddddd... I'm cumingggggg... yessssssssssss!" she screamed, clasping him tightly with her trim white arms and legs. I watched as my faithful wife immediately began hunching back at her pumping black suitor, trying to achieve another orgasm.


Watching his black cock slap in and out of my wife it suddenly dawned on me that she had always made me wear a rubber. We wanted to hold off on children until after graduation and Georgia was allergic to the pill. I had endured the use of the damned condoms and realized that she hadn’t even hesitated. My mind raced back to watching her take it into her without any protection. I remember the look of sheer ecstasy as she took his giant member.


“Oh baby! I’m about to fill you up again!” Melvin announced huskily “This time I’m gonna give you something you can use. You want me to fill you up?!”


“Oh yea baby fill me up!”


“You want my cum up in you?!”


"Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh, let me have your cum” I heard her plead “cum... cum in me... shoot your cum in me!”


“You want me to shoot my baby juice up in your womb?!” he said breathlessly “you want my baby!”


“Ohhhhhhhh, knock me up... yessss... knock me up with your black baby!"


I had given in to my own desires and as I watched I was masturbating myself to the tempo of their wild fucking. I could tell that he was close to coming, and when he grunted and pushed himself all the way into my wife, shooting his load, I came all over my hand.


The two of them lay there together for a while catching their breath. I thought maybe it was over but Melvin had other plans. I had never seen anyone so resilient. He started slowly stroking his cock in and out of her juicy love hole. His cum squeezed out around him as he began again.


Pretty soon he was stroking in a slow but steady tempo. He seemed to be teasing her this time. He would speed up and take her toward orgasm and then stop or slow down to frustrate her. Soon he had her begging again.


“Oh! stop teasing me” She groaned “fuck me! I can’t stand it! fuck my pussy hard!” He leaned in to her ear and asked "are you sure you wouldn't prefer to have my cock up your ass?"


"Up my ass?"


"Yes! Up your ass! Now beg me. Beg me! Beg me to fuck your ass!"


Georgia hesitated for a moment but decided to go along. "Please Mister. " She quivered, "Please. Please fuck my ass. Please?"


She knew it was coming and there was nothing she could do. She turned over and placed her forehead on the blanket. Melvin pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing her brown tight hole. The cum and sweat glistened as he placed the head of his huge cock against her hole. She tightened up, cringing and thankfully he started in slowly. Her hole was slick with sweat and cum and he had no difficulty in pushing his huge member up inside. "Owwwwww! Don't, that hurts! Owwwwwww! Don't. " He held her with part of his cock head up her ass. She was trying to move away but his firm grip denied it. He slowly but forcefully pushed his cock into her; she let out a loud scream. She struggled to get away but his strength held. He began to thrust his cock into her, she continued to cry in pain. Melvin watched his cock pull out to where the head was just about visible then he would push back into her. Not as hard as he was with her pussy, but it was enough to make her cry out.


"Now beg me like you mean it!"


"Oh Please! Please fuck my ass! Please! Please fuck my ass! Please! Please fuck my ass! Please! fuck it! fuck it hard!"


Obeying her coerced but impassioned requests, he began to pound away at her sweet ass. The tightness of her asshole pressed in on his cock. Her hands clinched the blanket. I could see her asshole pull out when he pulled his cock out of her, then cave in when he pressed forward. The stimulus was beginning to overwhelm him, as his orgasm began to churn in his balls. He began to press faster into her and she was rocked forward with him and his rhythm.


"Yes. Yes. Yes!" She began to enjoy it. Each time his hips met her ass, she voiced her pleasure.


Harder. Deeper. Faster. With each stroke, he picked up the pace. "Yessss!" she hissed.


He continued to stroke her asshole with his cock. "Tell me, bitch. Where do you want me to cum?"


"In my ass. Please, Mister, cum in my ass. Please! Please cum in my ass! Please fill my ass with your cum!"


Harder. Faster. Deeper. "Where do you want me to cum?"


"In my assssss!" Seeking her own release, Georgia began grinding her ass against his cock, taking in as much as she could. She howled in pleasure as he forcefully drove his full length deep into her ass and kept pumping.


Harder. Deeper. Faster.


They were both soaked with sweat as his cock began to erupt, filling her gorgeous ass with cum. Again they collapsed together while I sat watching.


After about ten minutes he stood and drew her up with him. Then he pulled her into the spring and they swam together naked in the fresh clear water. When they emerged I handed them their clothes. Georgia wouldn’t look me in the eye as she dressed. Pressing her breasts back into the confines of their cups. Slipping her bikini bottoms back up her legs to cover her stretched pussy lips. Then covering further with the cut offs.


We silently filed back to the truck. We squeezed into the cab, Melvin cranked up the big rig and headed toward the Swifty Mart.




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