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My First Cuckold Memory




The first time Michele cucked me, it was also the moment we developed an unspoken signal that it was ok that she get sexed. The signal was for me to say just as she was walking out the door “Have fun.” So subtle that I could still feel the anxiety that she was cheating even though I had essentially given her my blessing. That first time I said “Have fun,” I truly did desire for her to have sex, but I had in no way openly encouraged her to do so. It had been discussed as fantasy from time to time, though she had never said it would be anything but fantasy and I was happy that that was the case.


Michele had made plans to go out with a friend to a popular bar downtown while I sat our two children. She was dressed to kill as she always was when going out, but this was the first time she was going to a club without me along so when I said, “Have fun,” it was partly to alleviate any guilt she had as a wife and mother to not worry about it and let her hair down. Still as innocent of a statement as it was I felt there was an underlying connotation to the statement that she was free of all marital restraints and responsibilities for the night, I think mostly because the girlfriend she was going out with was known to have developed affairs from some of her nights out from her husband.


A few hours had passed and I’d had our girls asleep in bed when I developed such overwhelming suspicions about the possibilities that I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to find out if she had gone where she had said she was going and what she was doing. So I took the phone of the hook so no calls might wake the children, and even though I was extremely apprehensive about leaving them in bed home alone I reasoned that I should be able to get away with an hour away without trouble and left for the club. I didn’t really have any plan, as I drove there I just wanted to see if her car was in the parking lot. The place was in the corner of a large complex though and it turned out that even though I drove around for half an hour without seeing her car, there was no way to determine if she was really there or not. I couldn’t go in to check as it was a private club and I had no membership.


I had actually considered that if I did find her car I was going to hide in the back of it and see what she was up to. It was crazy because I had no reason to think anything unusual would happen other than some strange intuition. But I never did find her car and I was scared about the kids at home so I soon gave up and left, arriving home an hour and fifteen minutes after I’d left. The kids were still asleep and I went to bed and waited. It was about ten thirty.


I lay awake feeling apprehensive for hours. I still had no reason to believe anything out of the ordinary was happening, but I couldn’t sleep. Michele finally slunk into the bedroom trying to be quiet leaving the lights off at about three thirty.


I could see her beginning to undress and I said, “Did you have fun?” She seemed a bit startled for a moment and then she answered, “Yes it was fun, we danced and drank and had a great time.” She was silent after that while she finished to her bra and panties and just stood there standing near the bottom of the bed for a couple of minutes before she spoke again, shocking me by her next statement. “Chris,..I…uh… I’ve been a naughty girl tonight.” I was guessing that she must be admitting something to me because she knew there was no other way to explain the late hour she’d arrived, and she knew that I knew the club closed at one.


I had a pit in my stomach, I somehow knew but didn’t want to admit to myself it was possible she had cheated, I thought she would admit to doing some flirting maybe even kissing and I was not about to stop whatever confession was forthcoming so I responded, “Trust me Michele, I’m just glad you had fun.”


“I did, but more than you think, I met this guy who asked me to dance and we really got along. He was a really good dancer and we spent most of the time at the club together, in fact I was sitting on his lap half the time we were at the table.” I relived my entire night of anxiety as well as picturing her entire night in my mind in just a few seconds while pondering how to respond. I was aghast and excited at the same time, but I was not about to admit my feelings to her till I was sure I had heard the entire truth. “So you had a LOT of fun then?” I stated rhetorically, “But why so late, I thought the club closed hours ago?”


Michele seemed to need to speak more before approaching me, as she just stayed near the foot of the bed, standing there looking at me. “Well I really like him and he said he had too much to drink to drive home and he asked me if I would give him a ride, He could find someone to give him a ride back to get his car in the morning.”


“Well he must live a long way away then?” I answered knowing that it still should not have taken that long to give him a ride. “No, but we got on so well that when we got to his house and he invited me in for a cup of coffee I didn’t want to be rude, and I was also having so much fun I really didn’t want the night to end yet. He really was fun to be with.”


She remained standing, motionless as if waiting for me to respond but I was spellbound and tongue tied. So she began to speak again, ”So we went in and sat together on his couch having another drink, I know I’d had enough to drink already but I felt like talking to him for a while and figured one drink wouldn’t hurt. We were talking quite intimately and I felt really good, so when he leaned over and kissed me…well…I just…kissed him back I guess. I couldn’t help myself it just felt so right so good, I knew I shouldn’t and I was just about to excuse myself to leave but… then he…he ..well, he had his arm around my shoulder and his hand started to rub my breast. Oh god Chris I know I should have stopped right then but when his hand touched my boob I couldn’t stop. It made me so horny I knew I would have sex with him at that moment. The second he rubbed my nipple I gave in to my desires and decided right then to let him make love to me…Oh god I was so hot….hotter than I have ever been… I’m sorry Chris but I fucked him!” Michele exclaimed, and began to babble on about different aspects of the event, trying to justify her actions and calm my reaction which up to now had been silence.


“I never felt like that before I couldn’t help myself.” Suddenly though Michele seemed to gain confidence from my silence. She knew that at some level I had become excited for her. “Do you still love me Chris? that I have been naughty…I’m still so horny Chris…even if you are mad, would you still love me…would you make love to me now?”


Michele slunk towards me, draping herself over me. She kissed me, I did not move, I just lay there disturbed but excited trying to understand why I was so aroused when I should be angry. She smelled like the bar, smoke and alcohol, she stood back up removing  bra and panties now, then she leaned over and kissed me again.


This time I could not resist her, I kissed her back hard, suddenly I was hard as a rock and I wanted her more than ever before. I reached for her breasts and fondled them. I went into auto mode, taking whatever she would give. Knowing she had just stated she had felt something with another man that she had never felt with me. I had never seen her this satisfied, this turned on, god it made me hot. I felt like I was orgasming and we were still just petting and kissing each other. Her hand went to my dick, she felt its hardness, she new with no uncertainty that I was harder than I have ever been, longer than I have ever been. Feeling the rock hardness she said, “Oh, you do still love me," she was beginning to just tease me now.


She knew she was in total control of the situation. “I love you…it makes me feel so good knowing that you love me this much Chris. I have fucked another man and you are hornier for me than you have ever been before.”


Michele stopped talking briefly and just stroked me for a moment while she contemplated. She was reading me like a book, she knew she had me right where she wanted me. “You want me now?” I could only reply with incoherent mumbles as she stroked my engorged penis. “You need to get off thinking about me and my lover don’t you?”...My silence saying YES, YES,YES.


“Well Chris, my pussy has been well fucked, but he never ate me Chris…you need me and I need my pussy sucked….” Michele adjusted her body and lifted her leg over me till she was stradeling my face. She kept a grip on my dick while she went on, “Yes do it Chris, lick me, I know I’m a naughty wife but lick me….show me you love me and lick my well fucked pussy.”


I lifted my head as far as I could, straining to drive my tongue up her wet twat. “You’re the best at this, no one eats pussy like you!” She squealed, “I love you Chris, Oh god you making me feel so good.”


She kept milking me with her hand, reaching behind her, jacking me off. I was drenched with her fluids, (and possibly his, I never was sure if she’d used a condom. I knew she wouldn’t have had any because I’d had a vasectomy years before so she certainly wasn’t used to having to concern herself with pregnancy and I wasn’t about to stop and ask now.)


She continued, ”Yes, dam he was big, yes, soothe my sore pussy with your tongue, I’ve never had a cock so thick before,” and as she felt me boner expanding to new heights She continued, ”Are you gonna cum with me baby, are you gonna cum while I cum in your mouth?” I responded by moaning loudly into her muff. I had little experience tasting cum, but I was so aroused for some reason by the thought that what I was tasting might be Jim’s sperm (I learned later his name was Jim) that I screamed into her cunt and came harder than ever before.


The vibrations of my yelling in her puss was just what Michele needed as well and she climaxed at the same time. She came too, simultaneously drenching my face and throat, virtually pissing liquids into my mouth while we both came for longer than I remember ever before. She was dragging her hairy cunt back and forth so hard across my lips I remember thinking I might pass out from lack of air, and I was happy at the thought. The last thing I remember that night was swallowing over and over, feeling very full but unable to stop sucking ferociously at her leaking quim.


Unfortunately I had to leave for work the next morning very early and could not speak with her about last nights events before leaving, but as I was about to leave I looked at her laying asleep and could not help one last kiss, so I lifted the blanket up carefully trying not to wake her and kissed her still open pussy lips softly, but I had to taste more and I stuck my tongue out to delve deep between them for one last delicious taste when she awoke from slumber, “Mmm, thanks hon, I’ll be thinking of you…”, she said dreamily. Then sat up with a start, “Chris, I have to call Jim today and answer his question whether I will see him again, I could just forget it but I think I owe it to him to tell him yes or no, so I guess I just wanted to make sure your ok with me talking to him again even if it is just to say no.”


Being in a hurry I didn’t have much time to think about it (even though I did quickly wonder why she OWED it to a one night stand), “Sure hon, whatever need to do I’m ok with it, love you.”


And I walked out the door, thinking (did I just say “whatever you need to do, did I just give her permission to do whatever?) I was kicking myself for those words, as well as the fact I was hard as a rock again.




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