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“Hey Piggy!!!” I heard my wife’s lover call from the living room as I scrubbed the kitchen floor on all fours (part of my weekly Sunday duties). I stood up, ran over quickly, and assumed the position on my knees in front of him as he watched TV. “Y..Yes Sir,” I meekly replied lowering my head. “Why don’t you get you fat ass in the kitchen and fix me a sandwich, boy?” “Yes Sir,” I said standing up quickly tip toeing to the kitchen. As my bare feet padded the moist kitchen tile I turned around. “What kind of sandwich would you like sir?” I asked nervously. “Turkey!!!” he barked annoyed. “Yes Sir” I said. I remembered just as I opened the fridge that I had made a big mistake.


Two nights before I had completely forgotten that I had a little midnight snack and finished the rest of his turkey meat without permission. I planed on replacing it the next day when I went to the store but I forgot to put it on my grocery list. We had no turkey.


My eyes began to well up as I slowly returned to the living room and returned to the kneeling position. I waited for my master to see me first, the last thing I wanted to do was interrupt the football game he was watching. I was so out of touch with sports I didn’t even recognize what teams were playing.


“What?!?” he asked. I wanted to curl up and die. “Sir I..I..I..” “I..I..I..” he mocked. “Spit it out Porky!!!” “I don’t think we have any more turkey, sir.” I quietly said. He ignored me to watch the game for a moment. I stayed there kneeling in front of him. “I thought you went to the store yesterday, wimp?” he said. “I..I did but I forgot that we needed it.” He scoffed at me. “You forgot that we needed my favorite lunch meat?” I stayed there silent afraid to answer. “That’s pretty stupid of you don’t you think?” he said belittling me. I again continued to kneel before him silent. “I ASKED YOU A QUESTION, BOY!!!” “Y..Yes Sir,” I sat up strait and attentive, “It was very very s..stupid of me to forget sir, I’m s..sorry sir, it won't happen again sir.” I stuttered. “And I thought an elephant never forgets.” he laughed loudly at his own joke about my weight. (I’m not really that fat but I guess compared to his lean figure I’m a “piggy”) I smiled with very fake amusement at his comment. “Well don’t worry, sweetheart, Daddy will help you remember next time.” he said. “Go fetch me a pen, Dumbo!!!” “Yes Sir!!!.” I said.


I stood up so fast that I fell down again and was in such a hurry to get a pen I just stayed on the ground and crawled to the kitchen counter to get one. I returned just in time to see him casually picking up a pen from the table right next to him. He looked at me and smiled smugly, “Never mind,” he said taking the cap off the pen. I lowered my head in humiliation. He put his hand under my chin and made me look into his eyes. He then began to write on my forehead. I closed my eyes as I began to cry. The cool ink on my skin was like fire. “There you go sweetie, that’ll help you remember.” “Yes sir, thank you sir.” I replied in pure ignorance of what he wrote on my face.


“Well since there is no turkey I guess I’ll have the left-overs Donnie brought home for you last night.” he decided. “Yes sir,” I said. Then stood up to return to the kitchen, still oblivious to what was on my forehead.


I really did not want him to eat my left-over pasta. Number one, it was my favorite meal (Lasagna) and number two, it was off of my wife Donnie’s plate which meant that she had eaten from it. I can’t explain It. It’s just something very intimate that most married couples take for granted, sharing food. It also meant that she was thinking of me when she brought it home. It was special to me and it was like James was taking a gift right out of my hands. Although it’s not as if he hadn’t done it before.


As the timer from the microwave beeped and I took his reheated Lasagna out to transfer to a nice place (his highness must eat from a plate never Styrofoam) when he called me, “Hey loser.” “Yes sir,” I replied. “I remember having like half a package of turkey left over a couple of days ago.” My heart sank. No. I was caught. “Um…” I said dumbly. “Donnie hates turkey so I know it wasn’t her.” I hate that he knew more about my wife than me, I thought she liked turkey.


“Come here!!!” he said. “Y..Yes Sir,” I said as I gathered his plate and eating utensils. I placed them on the table in front of him and knelt before him. He bent down real close to me. I felt like a scolded 2 year old. “I’m gonna ask you one time, boy. Did you eat my turkey?” I gulped and lowered my head. “Yes sir,” I said wincing preparing to be slapped upside the head. Nothing happened. I looked up at him as he stood up. I stayed there kneeling before him. Sweat began exiting every pore of my body. I was so scared.


He towered over me. I’m a pretty tall guy at six foot one but to his six foot four I feel like a shrimp. Being on my knees before him didn’t help me much either. He looked like some kind of superhero standing in front of me. His muscular chest clearly visible as he had no shirt on. His dark sun tanned skin blemish free. The top of my head was parallel to his denim covered waist. His long legs like slender tree trunks and his black leather boots (freshly polished by me the night before) on his feet adding another half an inch to his stature.


He looked down at me, grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to the front door. I crawled as quickly behind him as I could, his big hand twisting my hair. He stood me up and opened the door. He then pulled out five dollars from his wallet. I glanced down at his wallet noticing that he had several pictures of my wife and him together. I on the other hand didn‘t even have a wallet let alone a mini photo album at my disposal of my beautiful wife. In the picture I saw of my wife it looked like she was sunbathing by a pool or at the beach wearing a pink and white bikini.(That was the most skin I had seen on my wife in months).


“Open.” He ordered. I opened my mouth not one second before he shoved a dirty wad of ones in my mouth. “You will march to the store and you will get some turkey meat!” He literally kicked my butt out of the door. I fell on the front porch and began to stand up. I reached to take the bills out of my mouth when the door opened. “Don’t take those out” he said and slammed the door behind him.


Tears welled up as I began the 2 mile walk to the store. Needless to say my four inch erection from seeing my wife’s picture had completely deflated back to its two inch nub.


As I began my walk to the store I realized that I still had no shoes on. I only had one pair of shoes and they were dirty old black flip-flops that were to small for me because they once belonged to my wife. I had to wear the same clothes everyday that were not exactly flattering. A plain white undershirt that was permanently dirty, stained and to small for me, and a pair of tight black sweat pants with elastic around the ankle. I wore these clothes every day and washed them once a week.


I think Master James wanted me to look especially unattractive so he made me wear those loser clothes around my wife to eliminate any competition. Not that I could compete with him.


So there I was walking two miles in 94 degree weather in sweats. With no shoes. Not only would the hot summer pavement burn my feet but I would probably be refused service. I began to worry but kept walking. The bitter tasting money causing my mouth to dry up and the hot sun caused me to sweat profusely.


About two blocks from home I saw a black BMW driving towards me. I kept walking hoping it wasn’t who I thought it was. As it got closer sure enough it was them. My wife Donnie in the passenger seat of her best friend Katie’s car. The car slowed down and pulled up next to me. They were back from their weekly Sunday afternoon shopping trip. The car stopped and the window rolled down. Both women were smiling. I was standing face to face with Katie‘s beautiful pouty lips but it was Donnie‘s beautiful face that really caught my attention.


At twenty-six, Donnie was two years younger than me. Nine years of marriage and I still got butterflies around her.


She had shoulder length blonde hair that she took such good care of (Not for me obviously). Her olive green eyes made my knees wobble, her soft white porcelain skin made my heart hurt, but it was her smile that really attracted me to her. She looked like an angel when she smiled. It almost brought tears to my eyes because she was usually smiling at my humiliation or smiling at Master James. I loved her so much and she no longer belonged to me. I hadn‘t touched her in weeks, I hadn‘t kissed her in months, and I hadn‘t had sex with her in years. She belonged to James.


“Hey Loser, running away?” Katie asked. My hypnotic trance was broken by Katie’s ridicule. Katie was so mean she was like a female James. She was strikingly beautiful none the less. She had short jet black hair, dark brown eyes, skin a little darker that Donnie’s but lighter than Master James'.


They both giggled in the car. “No he wouldn’t run from free room and board.” my wife said. Katie looked at my forehead. “I see James gave you a new nick name.” she laughed. I then looked in her side mirror at what he wrote…TURKEY. I gazed hypnotically at myself until Katie pushed my head away. “Don’t crack my mirror, Turkey.” she said.


“I don’t get it, why did he name you “turkey“, piggy?” Donnie asked. Turkey, piggy, did they even know my real name? I tried to answer but it came out muffled. “What are you eating now, pig.” Katie said annoyed. I opened my mouth to reveal five soggy dollar bills. “EWWWWWWWWW,” they both whined making disgusted faces. “What happened?” Donnie asked. My answer again came out muffled. The women looked at each other curiously. “Take the bills out,” Donnie said. Donnie is the only one who can overrule Master James commands and vice versa.


After removing the bills from my now dry mouth, I explained to her what happened and why I have the word, “TURKEY,” on my head. There was a long awkward pause and then both women erupted in laughter. “Well you better hurry, James and I have a dinner date at seven you only have two hours or you‘re locked out.“ Donnie warned. She looked at Katie, “Well we should head home I wanna show James the new outfit I got for tonight.” Katie looked at me, “You should see her new dress. It would make Madonna blush.” Donnie smiled and blushed at her comment. “We’d give you a ride but, no one cares about you.” Katie teased. “Katie!” Donnie fake scolded her slapping her arm. Katie started her car when Donnie said, “Hey wimp, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is?” Katie erupted in laughter. I put the money back in my mouth as they drove away.


Suddenly they drove back to where I was. Katie opened the window. “Hey piggy, throw this away for us will ya?” she said throwing two McDonalds bags and cups at me, both women laughing. They then sped off.


Covered in salad dressing and diet coke splattered from the garbage, I picked it up and kept walking. How did this happen? How did I become this thing? How did I lose everything?



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