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I am a submissive male that loves my wife very much. I was put on this earth to serve her. She is very kinky and likes to try all kinds of sexual fantasies on me. Her new thing now is to make me take Viagra so she can see how many different ways she can milk the cum out of my balls.


So if you don't like Kinky Bi-sexual behavior it's time to quit reading this story. If you like nasty sex and want to sit back and cum all over yourself then read on. Part of my punishment is to write a story about what she did to her boyfriend, my best friend and me this weekend.


She has been experimenting on me using a milking machine on my cock for a long time. She loves to hook my cock up and watch how big it gets as the machine slides down the clear plastic tube all the way to the base of my balls.


When she senses I am about to cum, she will turn the machine off, then she will slide the tube off and squeeze my balls real hard. Believe me you won't cum. Then she will hike her leg up and sit down on my swollen cock. My cock is always 3 inches longer when she first removes the sucking machine.


When my cock starts to return to its original size she always slips it out and hooks me back up to the milking machine. She will do this until I make her cum. That could be anywhere between four and nine times. It depends on how long my cock stays EXTRA long.


Her boyfriend and my best friend have cocks that are a lot bigger than mine and over the years they have stretched her cunt out so much that my little cock, without some help, can't satisfy her. See, my wife needs more than one man to service her needs. And most of the time I enjoy the things she makes me do.


I get to do things other men would love to do. My favorite thing is to get under my wife while she is on her knees in the doggie position getting fucked by whoever. I love to suck on her pussy as she is getting fucked hard and deep. I love sucking on her lover's balls as they bounce up and down on her pretty ass.


A lot of times she will hand me a jar of lube and when she wants her lover to cum, I will insert a finger in their ass and massage their prostate till they explode in her. If it is a stranger that she has brought home we use a condom. She will save the condom until they are gone home, then she will make me lie down on my back and pour the cum into my hungry mouth.


If the guy she is fucking is her boyfriend or my best friend Dave they will cum in her gaping hole and I get to suck the cum and pussy juice out of her. I like it when Dave fucks her because he likes to be fist-fucked while he is enjoying my wife.


Over the years Dave's asshole has grown to except my hand all the way up to my wrist. And when I pull it out of his ass he shoots a massive amount of cum. Which in turn I get the enjoyment of sucking all that tasteful sperm from her, well-fucked pussy or ass.


Well, back to the story. Last Friday my wife wanted all three of us to service her at the same time. This is always a clue that I am going to be a fuck boy for my wife. When we all get together, I'm the one that has to do all the nasty perverted things, Dave and her boyfriend Rob won't do.


Like eating their cum out of her ass and pussy. Sucking and licking cum off their cocks. Inserting their hard cocks into her willing holes. Having to masturbate while they fuck my ass with their cocks or anything else from a small dildo to a massive 12-inch strap-on cock.


And then, when I cum, she makes me capture it in my hand. Then she has Rob pull his pants down and I must massage his cock with my cum covered hand. When Rob's cock gets hard I must start sucking it, licking my cum off of his cock. When I am done cleaning Rob's cock my wife comes over and I insert Rob's cock in her pussy. It just never ends - the things she makes me do.


When everybody got to the house my wife handed each one of us a Viarga pill and watched as we swallowed it. She then had us strip down, as she sucked on our cocks one at a time.


In about thirty minutes the Viagra had really kicked in. It makes your cock as hard as it was when you were a teenager jacking off five times a day. She stopped sucking our cocks and led us down to the basement where she handcuffed all three of us to the wall. She then pulled out the milking machine and explained to us that she was going to milk our cocks all night.


She then told us that the object was for us to cum as many times as possible. She said the two cocks that cums the most will help her punish the one that cums the least. She hooked the machine up to Rob's cock first in about three minutes he was moaning and started cumming. You could see that he was climaxing hard by the way his cock was shooting long ropes of sperm into the clear tube.


She then emptied his cum into a small measuring cup and hooked the machine up to Dave's cock. In about four minutes his cock was jerking and shooting cum. She measured his cum in another small measuring cup. Then it was my turn, she hooked the machine up and before she turned it on she reached around and inserted anal beads up my ass.


They were eight of them, ¾ of an inch in diameter. I almost started cumming as she was inserting them one at a time into my anal cavity. She turned the machine on and started pulling the beads out of my ass and I started cumming in 30 seconds. She told me that she didn't want me to enjoy myself too much. She empted my cum into a third measuring cup.


I could see right away that I was losing the game. Because of the Viagra we had taken earlier our cocks stayed rock hard as she milked our cocks over and over. After I had cum for the fifth time my balls felt like they were going to explode but just a tiny drop of clear cum worked its way into the tube.


Rob and Dave's cocks were still producing cum. Since I couldn't cum any more my wife had me help her stroke Rob's cock. He came four more times and was the clear winner of this game. Dave came in second and I finished in the last place. I couldn't believe at how much cum my wife had milked out of our three cocks in a little over three hours.


My wife told me that Rob had cum twice as much as me, and the reason must be that his cock is twice as big as mine. She then called me over and sat me down in a chair. She took Rob's cum and started giving me a facial with it. She was rubbing it into my skin. It felt hot and sticky to start with then it got cool and she would blow on it as she massaged it into my face.


I could feel my skin tighten up and get real soft. Then I got to thinking about how perverted it was to have my wife smearing the cum of another man on my face, and me liking it! About that time she opened my mouth and poured the rest of it down my throat.


I had my eyes closed as I was enjoying the taste and when I opened them there was two cocks pointing right at my mouth. I reached up and started sucking them. All three of us had raging hard-ons from the Viagra.


After they fucked my mouth for twenty minutes, I felt my wife's hand pulling my head from between Dave's legs. She led me over to the sex swing were she laid back and handed me Dave's cum, she then instructed me to pour his cum into her pussy and massage it in.


I had it all over her pussy and was working it into her ass, when she told me to stick my face in it and she would give me another facial. I dove right in sucking and licking on her large cunt lips. Her clit was sticking up like a small cock and I was sucking on it good and hard.


About that time she called Dave over and handed him my cum that was in the container. She told him to massage the little bit of cum I had spent into my asshole. Then she wanted him to fuck me. As his cock started to penetrate my ass I pushed back and took his whole cock all the way up to his balls.


I can't believe I'm sucking another man's cum out of my wife as I am being fucked by a cock that is using my cum for lube. It turned me on so much that I started humping Dave's cock as hard as I could. Not only was Dave fucking me, I was fucking his cock for all I was worth.


My wife could tell I was enjoying myself so she had another orgasm which washed the rest of the cum out of her deep love hole. Which I greedily licked up and swallowed.


About that time I could fell Dave's cock swelling up and he exploded a large load of jism deep into my rectum. When he removed his cock, cum was running down my thighs. As I got up and was walking to the bathroom my ass was making farting sounds and I could feel cum leaking out every step I made, from all the air he had pumped up in me.


As I was taking a shower I could hear Rob and Dave fucking the hell out of my wife. When I entered the bedroom they had her wedged in between them fucking both holes at the same time. She had me come over and stick my Viagra hard cock in her mouth.


We fucked her for hours and hours. We would all cum but nothing would come out. My ass and cock was so sore the next morning I couldn't touch ether one for 3 days. My wife said that she enjoyed our cocks so much that she was going to make us take Viagra all the time. That's fine with me!

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