cuckold husband and wife





A Husband Owned by His Wife

by Bakeboss©



After my love found she could even cuckold me out in the open and not only would I not leave her I was even aroused by it she knew I was hers to use as she wished. She used to 'go out with the girls' on Friday nights. She often came home looking used but we never talked about it. Then one Friday she came home so drunk she didn't care if I found out. In fact, she lay on our bed and directed me to clean her up. She held my face in her pussy until we both came me spurting in our bed.


Everything changed after that night. Now she would come after work and have me help her to get 'pretty for her man'. I would paint her toes, help prepare her bath, shave all her needed places and anything else she wanted. Sometimes if she felt like it, she would allow me to lick her to orgasm.


When she came home, sometimes not until the next day, she would always show me her messy panties as she took them off. She would say something like "She how naughty I've been." She would rotate them around until she found the wet spot and then rub my nose in them. She always thought this funny. Then of course, my next chore was clean up duty. She seemed to enjoy rubbing her messy pussy all over my face especially sticking my nose inside her. When she felt finished with me, she would roll off me and go to sleep. When I would wake up in the morning my face would be crusted in her lovers cum.


She decided I should wear her dirty panties from the day before. I would wear them all day (even the ones that were full of her lovers cum). At the end of the day, I would hand wash 'our' panties, after drying I would fold, and then put them in her dresser. She started calling me her 'panty boy' and asked me once if the people at work didn't notice I smelled like a used cunt.


All of this humiliation only made me more excited. Of course, she noticed this and kept extending the boundaries trying to see if I would ever 'man up'. Just how could I be a man if my little dick kept getting hard every time she would humiliate me? Once in front of her sister she made me come into the bathroom to help her pee. They had just had their nails done and she did not want to smear them. After I took down her pants and panties, she sat down then spread her legs.


She said,


"Do you want to watch?"


I was so excited I couldn't speak so I just nodded my head as I knelt before her to watch her golden nectar splash into the bowl. When she finished she had me wipe to her instructions, then told me to taste her to see if I did a good job. All this time the bathroom door was open and if her sister didn't watch, I know she could hear.


She started to make me wear a tampon when she had to wear one. I would change both of us at the same time. She even made me kiss her tampon before I flushed it. Another time she was with a man who insisted on using a condom. When done she took it off him and tied it in a knot. She brought it home, put in my mouth, and told me to bite down hard. After I drank all the cum out she pulled it out of my mouth and rubbed it on my nose. After spending a whole weekend with this same man, she brought home a plastic bag of used condoms full of jism and all knotted. She put these in our freezer, and now just loves to empty one on top of whatever I may be eating when the mood strikes her.


No matter how she humiliated me, I loved it until one day she went too far. She said,


"Since we are not using your balls anymore except when you jack off I am going to have them cut off. I think you would look cute with just your little dick hanging down with no sack to lie on."


I could not take that one humiliation. I packed my things and left her. The only thing I have left is my memories and the pair of dirty panties I was wearing when I left. God do I miss her.





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