I am writing this missive at the directive of my wife and master. She wants me to share with the world how I lost my fuck privileges to her new black lovers. You see, she has a theory that if I don't fuck for an extended period of time my teenie wiener (3 1/2 inches long and maybe 3/4 inch in diameter when fully erect, less than an inch when flaccid) and marble sized balls will be forced to grow.


I really have no one to blame for my predicament but myself. You see, for too long I refused to see that I was utterly incapable of satisfying any woman, particularly one as beautiful as my wife. Janet can, and now does, have her choice of men. She is 5' 3" tall with long blond hair, 120 lbs. and 36" firm tits. Probably her greatest asset is her tight, round 23 year-old ass. No man can resist turning to look at her when she wears her tight shorts or her skimpy bikini's.


Ever since puberty I've known that I was less than well endowed. In fact in high school I was saddled with the nickname Teenie Weiner after my first experience in the shower room following gym class. For some reason however, I took a perverse pleasure in my notoriety. The other guys in the shower, especially the huge dicked black studs, would stand next to me comparing organs. Whenever humiliated I always seemed to sprout my little woodie. Even the girls seemed to enjoy teasing me. Often, both in and out of school, I would be asked by a cute chick to show why they called me Teenie Wiener. I would pull out my tiny pecker and stroke myself with my index finger and thumb until fully hard. Several times I even spurted out my few droplets of cum. Needless to say I usually got the giggles and humiliation I seemed to crave.


College was much the same.


After high school and college I moved to a different state obtaining a well paid position with an engineering company. It was several years later, while a twenty-five year old virgin that I met my wife, then the 18 years old virgin sister of a coworker. We immediately hit it off and started dating. Still being embarrassed about my less than impressive equipment I never pressed her for sex. After dating for a little over a year we were married. I think she married me mainly because I could provide her a comfortable living without her having to work.


Our honeymoon night was both of our first experiences with sex. Needless to say it was nothing to write home about. After some brief, awkward foreplay I entered her hot pussy and came almost immediately. Try as I might I was unable to become erect again and we went to sleep.


That was typical of our sex life over the next couple of years. Awkward foreplay, two minutes of fucking, and Janet masturbating herself to an occasional orgasm.


As Janet reached the age of 21 her needs seemed to be growing. She had joined a health club and occasionally went out to clubs with some of her friends. Conversations about sex were not infrequent and she began relating some of these conversations to me. Her friend Cindy was being fucked frequently by an assortment of well-hung studs. Christine's husband reportedly had a cock nearly nine inches long and a good two inches thick. I could sense that Janet was becoming quite aware of my inadequacies and longed for a good fucking. After much soul searching I realized that if I didn't let her satisfy her needs outside our marriage it would be only a short time before she became so dissatisfied that she left me.


It was her discovery of sex newsgroups and web sites devoted to wife sluts and cuckolded husbands that really set her off. She would occasionally have me check out some of the large cocks in pictures on the net with her. We would read stories of cheating wives. She seemed to especially enjoy stories of wives and their lovers dominating inadequate husbands.


Reaching over and caressing my teenie wiener she would ask me if the stories turned me on. My quick ejaculations in my shorts served as evidence. I would then get no my knees and lick her pussy to several orgasms as she continued to read and fantasize.


Within a couple of years of our marriage I was thoroughly whipped. At home Janet was unquestionably the boss. I didn't really mind. Somehow Janet found out about my old high school nickname and took to calling me her little teenie wiener also. Rarely did I actually get to fuck her. Our sex life evolved into a routine of me cumming in my shorts about once a week as Janet and I surfed the net. I was then required to suck and lick her pussy for hours.


Our relationship progressed to the next level of my subservience one Friday when I got home from work. Janet had received a mail order package and she had me open it. Inside was a thick rubber strap-on cock. It was at least eight inches long and black as night. She told me that after dinner we were going to take turns fucking each other with it. I was initially somewhat confused. How was she going to fuck me? She must have mispoken.


After I finished the dinner dishes Janet told me to go up to our bedroom, get naked, and strap on my new cock. As always I did as ordered. Several minutes later she entered just as I was securing the last of the straps between my thighs. Remarking that I looked much better now she quickly disrobed, revealing her tanned, hard body. She told me to lay on the bed and then she squatted on my face so I could lick her pussy to several quick orgasms. After cumming several times she got on her hands and knees next to me and told me to fuck her good.


I fucked her with my rubber cock for nearly an hour. She came again and again as for the first time her pussy was stretched out. She writhed in pleasure as she screamed out with each orgasm. Exhausted I finally had to stop.


I was then told to remove the cock and get down on my hands and knees. As I removed the straps I tried to protest what I knew was coming next, but to no avail. I knew that to disobey would be to lose my beautiful trophy wife, and Janet kept reminding me that she could have any man she chose, while with my teenie wiener my choices would be much more limited.


I got on my elbows and knees while Janet strapped on the big, black pecker. She teased me about how much better hung she was then me, thoroughly humiliating me, as she secured the straps. Then soaking her fingers in her sopping pussy for lubrication she began finger fucking my virgin ass. First one finger in and out, then another. With each additional finger inserted I experienced pain and discomfort, quickly followed by an entirely different sensation. As Janet rapidly fucked my ass with her fingers I began to enjoy the feeling. Softly I moaned.


Before long Janet had four fingers going inside me, stretching my sphincter muscle. She pulled out and I felt the tip of the rubber cock at the entrance of my sensitized ass. Holding my hips she shoved the cock in me. I screamed out in pain as about five inches of thick rubber slid up my poop chute. She told me to shut the hell up as she held the cock still so I could adjust. I grabbed a mouthful of blanket and bit down so I wouldn't scream out.


Slowly she withdrew the cock and began fucking me in earnest. With each stroke she penetrated deeper, until the entire length was sliding in and out. She began verbally, as well as physically assaulting me. "Cum you little dicked faggot!" she instructed as I moaned. Within about five minutes I could take no more. My teenie wiener shot its load. She continued fucking me for several minutes until she exploded in orgasm. We both lay on the bed, somewhat spent.


Over the next several months Janet's dominance over and her humiliation of me grew. Rarely did I get to place my teenie wiener into her pussy. When I did it was merely foreplay to really fucking her with my rubber cock. I was forbidden to cum in her, lest she get pregnant, thus passing on my defective genes. She progressed to humiliating me in front of family and friends. One sunny Saturday afternoon her two sisters and mother, all beautiful women in their own right, stopped by for sun and fun beside our pool. My job was to serve them drinks and otherwise wait on them. After several rounds of drinks I heard Janet and her sisters giggling as they looked over at me. When I approached the group I heard Janet telling her sisters and mom about my teenie wiener. They all laughed as Janet told me to go ahead and remove my clothes.


Just like back in high school I undressed and bared my erect teenie weenie. I stood there and listened as Janet's sisters expressed their sorrow for Janet. That's when she told them about my rubber cock, and how I loved to be fucked. Janet ordered me to go get the strap- on. These four beautiful women took turns fucking me in my ass as and telling me how worthless I was as I bent over the picnic table. Finally, with my mother-in-law pounding into me, I shot my cum onto our patio. I then sucked each of them to orgasm.


On our fourth wedding anniversary we went out to a large club in the neighboring town that Janet had been to several times with some of her friends. Janet was dressed to kill in a white, loose-fitting dress. The dress was solid in front and at her ass, but was made of a very loose mesh on the sides and most of her back. Her well-tanned skin made the dress look fantastic. The dress revealed lots of cleavage and thigh, ending maybe 2 inches below her pussy. Because of the openness of the dress she wore no bra or panties.


The club, as I found out upon our arrival, was actually a male strip joint. We arrived at about 9:00, just in time for the first show. As the performers stripped Janet explained that during the early shows the dancers simply performed a striptease. Between performances the dancers would mingle with the audience, usually finding volunteers to participate in their later performances. I was admonished not to interfere with her fun.


Janet studied the performers, pointing out to me how well hung they all seemed to be. One dancer in particular seemed to transfix her. He was a tall, muscular, black man named Rodney. When he finally removed his jockstrap he revealed the biggest cock I'd ever seen, much bigger even then my rubber cock. His cock was a majestic tool, a full twelve inches long and as thick as a beer can. The head was bigger than my fist. It slowly bounced around as he gyrated to the music.


Shortly after his performance he reentered the room wearing a leather vest, leather pouch encasing his huge tool, and a pair of sandals. Janet immediately got up and approached him, introducing herself and gushing about how great his performance was. Janet brought him over to our table and introduced me as Teenie Wiener, bringing a smile to Rodney's face. They talked amongst themselves for a while, ignoring me. When Rodney as Janet to dance she eagerly accepted, following him to the small dance floor.


The sight of Janet's small body next to Rodney's big, black body was quite erotic. As they reached the dance floor a soft, romantic song played for the dancer performing. Rodney pulled Janet to him. From my seat I could see Janet's hands on Rodney's bare ass cheeks as they ground into each other.


As the night progressed they spent more time together. Finally, as Rodney was preparing for his last performance he asked if Janet would like to participate. She eagerly accepted.


As the light came on Janet and Rodney, now more fully clothed, were both on stage. Soft music played as they hugged and kissed. Slowly Janet began removing articles of Rodney's clothing. When he was down to only the pouch Janet dropped to her knees, reached up to his hips untying the leather straps, and slowly exposed his huge organ. Gripping it with both hands she stroked the length. If there hadn't been rules forbidding any penetration I'm sure she would had wrapped her lips around it.


Rodney pulled Janet upright, again pulling her body into his. As they kissed he slowly pulled her dress up, exposing her bare ass cheeks. Placing both hands on her ass cheeks he easily lifted her up above his cock. He then lowered her so that she was resting on his thick shaft, her legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Her body squirmed as she kissed him and held on around his neck. Juices were dripping out of her pussy. As the cock head protruded out beyond her ass.


They continued the performance, with Janet now turning around so that Rodney was behind her. As Rodney uncovered and mauled her titties Janet reached between her legs pulling the huge shaft through. Using both hands she held the huge cock head as she slid her pussy back and forth. Just as she screamed out in orgasm I shot my load in my pants. The lights on stage dimmed and Janet disappeared back stage with Rodney.


The club had closed and I was waiting in the car when a disheveled Janet came out nearly two hours later. On the way home Janet told me about how Rodney had fucked her backstage to at least a dozen orgasms. He came in her unprotected belly three times and she swallowed another load. From now on we were going to have some new rules:


a. No longer was she interested in my teenie wiener;


b. She would come and go and fuck whomever she pleased, making up for the lost time she endured with me.


c. I was welcome to stay if I properly fulfilled my new role as slave.



"Yes Mistress," was my humble response.


"Good, when we get home I want you to suck my pussy clean."



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