cuckolded husband


Cuckolded by Big Vick


by Cucky




I met Jenn about three months ago in a bar called "The Darkroom". Right from the start I was smitten with her. Her beautiful brown hair, shapely figure and her confident, aggressive personality had combined to make me develop an obsession for her. She in turn seemed to like my non-threatening approach and enjoy the attentions of a unassuming white male. We began spending more and more time together at the Darkroom and started to date regularly. I knew she was too good for me but I couldn't help feeling that maybe this time fate was on my side.


Within two months I was head over heels in love with this beauty and she knew it. I've always been insecure about my lovemaking talents (especially the size of my four inch dick), so I shyed away from any real sexual contact for the first two months and instead focused on our intellectual compatibility. We really had a good time together sharing movies and books and were getting along fabulously. I found myself getting hard just by being in her presence and was beginning to lose the fear that I wouldn't be able to satisfy a real women of her class. I decided to take the plunge and give in to her invitation to stay the night after a heavy petting session on the couch.


She lay in her bed in a black lace teddy and watched me as I stipped off my clothes, when I dropped my underwear she slowly started to giggle and then broke into a hearty laugh. My face blushed with embarassment and I looked at her with a sorrowful questioning look in my eyes. Jenn immediately consoled me and apologized for laughing, it was just that she didn't think they came so small as she gave me a reassuring hug. We did not make love that night, but she did let me have a taste of her beautiful pussy. I spent more than an hour with my head buried between her legs, grateful to be able to give her pleasure with my tongue and happy that the focus was not on my little dick anymore.


She coached me on eating pussy and near her third orgasm she said "now you're getting it littledick". I had been named.


Around this time a man started coming to the bar by the name of Vic. This guy was one of the biggest black men I had ever seen and he just exuded power. It was not uncommon for a big black man to frequent a bar like this as it seems most of the crowd was black guys and white women along with a few nerdy type white guys. Vic would just stand at the bar and survey the room with his chest expanded and arms crossed. He seemed to be carrying a basketball in his crotch and more than once I caught Jenn staring at it unashamedly. I too would sometimes find my eyes lingering on his crotch for more than just a casual glance.


One night I was there alone and standing up at the bar beside Big Vic when we struck up a conversation. He asked me about Jenn, the girl I was always with, and I began telling him how much I had fallen for her. I told him I was thinking of asking her to marry me and was just now in the process of trying to scrounge up enough money for the engagement ring. Vic, who seemed like a really nice guy inspite of his intimidating appearance, offered to help me.


There was an important basketball game the next night between the Bulls and Pacers and I had already told him that I was sure that the Bulls would win. Vic offered to pay me $1000 if the bulls won, I said "you're on", then remembered I didn't have any money right now to pay if by some miracle they lost. He said "look little guy, if you win you can buy Jenn that ring your saving for and if you lose......well how bout you tell Jenn to come and be my date for a night?". I couldn't resist this chance to snag an easy grand so we shook on it.


That night when I saw Jenn I told her about the easy money I would be coming into and I hinted that it might be for an engagement ring. Jenns eyes lit up and she broke into a smile. I mentioned that if by some miracle the Bulls lost , would she object to spending some time with Big Vic. I thought she would get mad , but she just stared at the floor for awhile and then lifted her head and said " Anything you say sweetie as long as I get my ring" , and hugged me. The next day as Jenn and I prepared to go to the bar and watch the game with my new friend , she seemed to be in very high spirits. She put on her black lycra miniskirt and a pair of her highest heels. Her hair was teased up and her makeup was almost overdone but extremely sexy. She was the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen her.


She must be expecting a proposal from me I thought. The three of us sat together in a back booth watching the game. After the first half the Bulls were up by 20 points and I was feeling very smug. Jenn and Vic kept staring at each other but I didn't let that bother me as I was so far ahead in the bet that I wasn't gonna let their obvious flirting effect my good fortune. I could tell that Vic was getting a little pissed off at my gloating , and after him and Jenn had been whispering he said "hey littledick, want to raise the stakes"? How did he know Jenns pet name for me. Must have just been a coincidence. " How bout I pay you $1500 if you win, and if I win you play slave boy for me and Jenn tonite. I knew he was just trying to make me look bad in front of Jenn so I wasn't about to back down. "you're on " I replied. The last 3 minutes of the game were some of the toughest moments of my life.


I watched as the Bulls squandered their lead. With 2 seconds on the clock I watched Reggie Miller sink a three pointer from way outside. Jenns face lit up as Vic pulled her close. I brought my hands to my forehead and almost started to cry. How could I have been so foolish. Now Jenn, the women I loved was in the arms of another man.20 " Hey littledick" Vic shouted, " Get me a beer" "Me too littledick" Jenn giggled. I left the table to get the drinks. It was bad enough that I had lost the bet but did they have to let the whole bar know my pet name. When I returned with the drinks I saw Jenn nestled in Vics huge arms looking up into his eyes. Vic arrogantly stared at me as I placed the drinks on the table.


I sat down and lit a smoke. Vic glared at me said "Did I say you could smoke wimp, If you want to smoke you should ask us properly" "Do you mind if I smoke " I asked timidly. "Aren't you forgetting something slaveboy" Vic replied "Do you mind if I smoke...............master?"


This sign of my surrender was greeted with hoots of laughter from Jenn and Vic but they did allow me to smoke. The rest of the time in the bar was some of the most humiliating moments in my life. They were all over each other and the other patrons who came to know Jenn and I as a couple were casting smirking "i knew it couldn't last" glances in my face".


At one point I couldn't resist peeking to see what had Jenn so fascinated as she stared into Vics lap. What I saw was the outline of the biggest cock I had ever seen. Jenn was running her thumb and index finger (about four inches apart) up the sides of his huge tool that was threatening to rip through his pants. "Look Dave, he's as thick as you are long" she said excitedly. "Hey faggot , go get us a room for the night. This lady's ready for some real dick, aren't you baby" " Oh yes I am Vic , it's been such long time since I've been fucked"she replied. " Like I told you Vic, fucking little dick here would be a complete waste of time so Davey only does lick jobs" she told him while looking at me tauntingly.


When we got to the room that I had paid for , the couple acted as if I wasn't there. They were glued to each other in a heavy kiss when Vic pulled away from Jenn. His huge hardon was straining to get out of his pants and Jenns lycra mini had krept up her ass exposing one of her cheeks. "Littledick, I want you to crawl over here on your knees" the master commanded.


I was so broken with humiliation by this time that I didn't hesitate to get down on my knees before them. Jenn looked down at me and said"You're not much of a man are you davey. Look at yourself. You look like a little faggot down there" she giggled. " Watch this baby, I'll show you what kind of man he is"Vic stated. "You see this button fly that you've been staring at for weeks boy. I want you to unbutton it with your mouth and fish my cock out".


Shaking with humiliation and in an almost trance like frame of mind I complied with his order as the smiling couple looked down at me. Now staring me in the eye (or was I staring it in the eye) was the big purple swelled head of my "new masters?" cock. "Now I want you tell Jenn what you want to do right now boy. C'mon don't be shy " he laughed. " Can I kiss it Sir" I mumbled. "LOUDER" "Can I please kiss it Sir" I spoke up, while Jenn shook her head in a look of disbelief. " OK , go ahead littledick , show this gorgeous woman what kind of cock kisser you are".


SMOOCH! right on the head as Jenn through her head back in laughter. I was just finishing my first kiss to his beautiful cock with my eyes closed when I was struck up the side of my head by the master. "Now go sit in the corner and leave us alone, bitch" he hollered at me as he scooped Jenn up and carried her to the bed. What followed was the most intense lovemaking session I had ever seen including porno movies. There were like two animals who couldn't get enough of each other. I watched dejectedly as Jenn straddled his big cock and rode him with foot long strokes. I couldn't believe he wasn't hurting her, but it was her who was pumping him. His cock looked even bigger when it got wet with her juices.


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After about three hours of constant fucking, with three orgasms for Vic and numerous for Jenn, they lay together sharing a smoke. Jenn looked at me with glazed eyes and said "I guess your debt is paid now littledick" she said with obvious disappointment. "Why don't you come here and give me one of those special lick jobs I trained you so well at. I know it's kind of messy but I think a cock kisser like you might like it" she teased.


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After thoroughly cleaning Jenns cunt she told me to look at my "masters" cock. I did. She said no take a close look at it. I moved so that I was just six inches away from the cock that had just fucked my sweetheart so well. "Now Davey, do you see what a real cock looks like. That's what I want .


"Not quite what your packing eh boy" she teased again. "I'm gonna want that cock all the time now , you know that don't you littledick. And I think Vic here is gonna let me have it again won't you Vic" "Sure Baby" Vic nodded.


"Now Davy , you were gonna ask me to marry you weren't you" "Yes Jenn" I sheepishly replied. With that Jenn took out an engagement ring and placed it on the head of Vic's cock. "Well baby , snake your tongue out and lift that ring off his cock and put it on my finger then" I lifted the cum covered ring off his cock , knelt before the two of them and asked for Jenns hand in marriage.







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