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A Sequel To The Black Cock Club

by Lucy and Tom






Lucy and I had been invited to an anniversary party by some friends of ours. As with most things in our lives, this was no ordinary party, but a special night at the black cock club. It was pretty exciting to park up and ascend the steps into the large old house that was now the clubs home. As always, the first thing we did was get changed, Lucy emerging from the ladies changing rooms into the ornate reception area dressed in lingerie, although she had a dressing gown to keep warm as it was February. I didn't have that luxury and appeared in a new club-issue tight fitting t-shirt with the club logo. I was naked from the waist down as all cuckolds have to be, and the cold air wasn't helping me look any less pathetic. But by now I was used to it.


After a few visits you realize that nobody bats an eyelid. You may get the odd teasing comment, but let's be honest I'm an experienced cuckold and enjoy the attention. At first I felt intimidated by the black gentlemen of the club, not one of which is under six foot or sporting anything other than a 10 inch cock minimum as per club rules. After a while though, you realize that they accept your role at the club as soon as you do, and it is common to see the cuckolds and bulls walking the corridors or in the canteen discussing football or music as much as sex. We are all just normal folks!


As we went to sign in I noticed another couple at the desk and quickly realized they had to be new. The woman was talking to the naked receptionist, a redhead with fantastic tits if you will forgive the crude expression! Although the no clothes rule for the women was relaxed in winter (the heating at the old house wasn't great and people had to work up a sweat in the playrooms!) she was, as ever, signing people in and out in her birthday suit. The female guest was a petite lady with long dark hair, who hadn't thought to bring a dressing gown and my glances at her cute behind were spotted by Lucy resulting in a playful slap to my own. She talked slightly quickly and excitedly suggesting a few nerves, but it was her cuckold that gave the game away that these were first timers. He fidgeted impatiently dressed in the same t-shirt as me, his hands crossed in front of his privates. Lucy later introduced herself to the woman, who explained that they were not yet members but had paid for a one-off party to celebrate her 31st Birthday. I exchanged awkward pleasantries with the guy, who naturally enough seemed to want to get on with it and out of the public areas, so listened to Lucy giving his pretty wife Jacqui a few tips. Jacqui was into black men and had been with them before, but this was to be her first group experience, and Mark was to be cuckolded for the first time. What a way to start! Who needs baby steps? Eventually the receptionist signed us in and came round to escort Jacqui and Mark upstairs, slapping Mark's hand away from covering his penis, which was showing signs of embarrassing him further through the start of an unwanted erection.


Lucy and I were old hands and showed ourselves into the club, heading to the lounge bar to relax and meet a few friends before our date at the anniversary party. It was Jenny and Tony's anniversary and they had invited us and one other couple for a bit of a bash at the club. The other couple, Christie and Scott were already in the bar, and after a bit of chat Scott and I got bored and left the women to gossip about whether or not a big pair of black balls slapping against the clit as a bull fucked their asses could be enough to make them cum. We went for a wonder. Actually we knew exactly where we were going, and the girls probably guessed too, but we attempted to retain some dignity by talking about Scott's new car until we got around the corner. We then headed straight for the Cuckold's video lounge. Here cuckold's could watch their wives in action if they weren't wanted in the room live, but you could also tune into any of the other room's cameras. As a 100% straight man, it took many visits before you even started to get used to being in the company of other mostly naked men with erections, but once you did, this room was dynamite.


We scanned some of the rooms looking for action. We found a Japanese woman on her back enjoying a long slow fuck in the missionary position. The angle of the camera, the position they were in, and the bulls extraordinary staying power didn't make for the most exciting voyeurism for guys that were spoilt for choice, so we flipped around a few rooms before I spotted Jacqui and Mark again in their rented suite. Scott went to flip straight away as there wasn't any action to speak of, but I stopped him and told him these were newbies and it might be fun to watch. Jacqui was on the large bed sitting up and brushing her hair away from face as a black bull slipped down her panties to reveal a sexy shaved pussy. She was still talking nervously, but seemed to relax quickly as he started to lick her pussy. Mark was sitting watching in the corner. He had a hard-on but seemed nervous and agitated. The bull, who I'd actually never seen before was a handsome, tall and lithe looking black man with a shaved head. He still wore underwear but nothing else, and his head was now between Jacqui's legs. Even at this point you do not feel past the point of no return, and the excitement and anticipation for the lady and her bull reach boiling point, while a different kind of excitement, an anxious, nervous one builds up in the cuckold. All his instincts tell him to intervene before it's too late, which is why it is so important for trust and love to be the strongest factors in a cuckold relationship. I knew from experience that Jacqui would need to be firm but reassuring and above all loving, which fortunately she was.


When the bull decided to take things up a gear, he stood up and Jacqui moved in to pull off his underwear, unleashing a monster of an erection. A shiny, dark chocolate rod that looked well over the minimum ten inches. Jacqui's eyes almost popped out, and so did Mark's for that matter. I know bulls like to stretch out this moment of anticipation, but I felt for poor Mark as their bull slightly over milked it, wondering around sticking a cd on, adjusting the lights, sharing a joke, all the time with that huge black erection jutting straight out, barely moving at all. Jacqui's eyes followed him, clearly admiring his body from all angles, but I knew Mark would be calling up all his self-discipline to sit quietly and resist the natural urge to stop what was happening.


Eventually as much as Jacqui could manage of the bull's cock began to disappear into her willing mouth. She played with his cock and balls, squeezing it, running her fingers over it, licking the head, and again going for the deep suck.

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Mark was on his feet walking about, a sign the nerves were still there, but his average white dick was hard and that was a good sign. This couple was in for a memorable experience and the sooner you started to enjoy it the better. In the end they got into it faster than I expected. Jacqui spread her legs for her bull and pulled him in with her feet as he split and stretched her little shaved pussy. They fucked to orgasm and cum was left running out of her cunt. To my surprise Mark was called over for clean-up duties, eagerly licking clean Jacqui's used and cum filled pussy while she stroked his head and whispered to him.

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By the time he looked up and wiped his chin he would have noticed the other three members of the stretching kru at arrived. All muscular, naked young black men that were there on business. I guessed that things were about to get messy.


********************************************************************** ************************************




I’d popped back to check with Lucy when things were kicking off but since I had some time to spare I returned to watch more of Jacqui’s gangbang. I came into to the viewing room to find things had already progressed rapidly. Jacqui was on top of one of the men and was riding his thick cock while taking another in her mouth. At one point it popped out and Mark stepped up and guided it back in. The action continued until both men came, one in deep inside her, the other missing her mouth and accidentally showering her face and hair. She rolled back over onto her back and Mark guided the next bull into her after fluffing his cock into maximum hardness. How could this couple go from shy introverts to this in the space of an hour? I guess that’s a lady’s lust for black cock for you.


The scene played out for another hour. Four guys with amazing powers of recovery meant Jacqui was a cum covered mess, the stuff being transferred from one part of her body to another as she was manhandled into each position. Mark had his work cut out each time he attempted to lick the excess from her used cunt. By the time they got to stretching her ass out, pounding her on all fours while Mark licked her out from underneath, I realized I was late.



Jenny's party was already started when Scott and I got there. The girls were on their knees tasting the three black dicks as the men moved around sampling each waiting tongue. Poor Tony was already locked in his chastity device and we knew that arriving late would not get us out of wearing ours. They would be locked on as soon as the girls were ready to fuck, to the approval of the bulls. Although the black men at the club were always respectful (as was everyone else) they could get a bit rowdy at orgies and gangbangs as they egged each other on, and the cuckold's will sometimes take a few lighthearted comments. You had to take them on the chin, just as Jenny had taken the first load of the day mostly on her chin, the cum overflowing out of her cock-stuffed mouth. At least, I can only say that if she did manage to swallow any, it must have been a colossal ejaculation.


Christie was the first to call over her husband to fit him into his cage, with a "come to mommy". I laughed at this, but caught Lucy's disapproving look, and volunteered to go over and be locked up.

"You know I love you very much", she explained, "but I hope you will be quiet and well behaved. We won't be needing your little willy tonight and the men would rather not have to look at it so let's lock him in his little house".


The feeling of your dick straining in vain to get fully hard in the face of such temptation is a weird feeling that takes a lot of getting used to, although it does keep you interested in your cuckold's duties as you can't become distracted by playing with yourself. So the three of us caged men stood back out of the way to let the action unfold.

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There was a certain visual poetry to seeing six people have sex almost in formation. The girls were side by side, on top one minute, underneath the next, getting slammed in the ass the one after that. It was fun to watch, although one thing that wasn’t synchronized was the orgasms. Everyone seemed to cum at different times tonight, but with all six hitting the jackpot at least twice and with no inhibition it got quite noisy.


Unlike Mark we stayed out of the way mainly, although Lucy did call me over to towel her down. Her comment that I shouldn’t be rude and just do her, ended with me having to towel down one of the black guys. I didn’t touch his cock directly but I could feel it through the towel and blushed straight away. Other cuckolds were used to sexual contact with bulls but this isn’t something I had experienced.


After more sweat, cum and blushes, the party started to wind down, a lot of satisfied grins on the participants. Scott and I were to have to wait patiently to relieve our aching balls later, but as it was his anniversary too Tony got a special treat. Released from his device, he was not only allowed to cum, but Jenny did it for him by hand. She did use some black cum, collected on a dish, for lubrication and the slurping sound of her hand rubbing the cum up and down his erection while everyone stood around and watched was pretty funny. Even so, he got to cum. Lucky him.



We all got showered and headed out into the corridor shivering, the cuckolds in our t-shirts and the girls in their underwear. It was a long humiliating walk through the polished corridors to the changing room with my chastity device clinking about and we passed a few other couples. When we finally got there, Lucy got dressed but told me that since I had not yet come I had to stay in the t-shirt only until we got home. I would be allowed to cum after dinner. Fortunately it was dark, and due to the cold I was allowed to put my overcoat and shoes on. The ride home was charges with anticipation as my dick strained in its cage at the prospect of release, every bump sending a pulse through me. Who said the wives get all the fun?






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