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“Go sit in your chair, and be quick about it!” I tried not to hesitate because it was the only way that my wife/mistress allowed me to beat my meat. But you see, the chair was not your ordinary seating device, her lover Ted had devised this for me when he decided to humiliate me, and also when they both decided that I deserved a reward.


Let me explain. Do you remember those hard wood chairs that we had in High School? Well Ted certainly did, and he always remembered how uncomfortable they were for extended periods of time. My wife and Ted added a new wrinkle to this by gluing a large anal dildoe. To make matters worse it heated up and vibrated. I don’t know where they got the thing, but it makes regular trips up my ass, usually while Ted and Mistress are fucking in our marital bed.


“Turn around and look at me while you sit, and don’t take your eyes from mine.” Ted and Mistress were now reclining on the bed, already naked, and her stroking Ted’s thick 8 inch cock in her left hand. My ass was already lubed, so I slowing sank down and impaled myself. I tried to ignore the pain as the largest part of the plug slipped past my sphincter. Ted and Mistress were chuckling and saying things like, “Sissy loves his hand sex chair” and “don’t you dare take your eyes away from us”. It’s incredibly humiliating to sit on a large dildoe, in front of your wife and her lover knowing that this is how you are going to witness her making love with another man. I guess this makes me the ultimate cuckold. Except that my ordeal was just beginning. I’ll explain later.


Mistress got up and walked the few feet to my chair. “Are you comfy dear?


“Yes mistress” I replied


“Well we will have to do something about that.” She then reached down and turned on the vibrator and the heat. I immediately began to get extremely excited and uncomfortable at the same time. My cock was its full 6 inches and leaking precum over the head. Mistress leaned over and gave me a kiss and fondled my exposed balls. I was grateful for the kiss. I wasn’t grateful for the Ben-Gay she rubbed on my scrotum. I was instantly in agony. Ted told her to gag me, as my groans were a distraction. Mistress gagged me while trying to comfort me. “I’m sorry Honey, but Ted needs to concentrate if he is going to fuck me properly, you understand. Now don’t worry when we are between fucks, you will still get your portion of the Cuckold Diet, Oh and of course you’re daily Hand Sex Reward.”


I pleaded with my eyes for mercy, but she just walked back to her lover. I was in real agony, but watching her suck Ted’s cock like a bitch in heat was even worse. The highlight was her laying on the bed with her head over the edge. He stood over her mouth facing me, and she licked and sucked his ass and balls. This was his third nut, and she worked extra hard to have it be his best. I had already been in the chair over an hour, and my whole crotch was on fire in several ways. You can’t do anything but think about your ass, balls, and hard as steel cock, with no relief in sight.


Well he was jerking off while my wife worshipped his nuts. I could remember for a few minutes his nuts literally disappeared. She had stuffed them into her mouth and throat, all the while she moaned like it was the most delicious thing she had every eaten. It was finally too much for a stud like Ted and he shot what looked pretty impressive amount into a small Dixie cup. I counted 6 strong spurts before my wife/mistress squeezed and milked out the dregs of his orgasm from his large swollen cock.


Mistress rose from her knees on the bed and carried my still warm dinner over to where I was uncomfortably seated. “Well slave are you ready for this delicious dinner” “Yes mistress, I am very hungry for my master’s cum”


She then held the cup to my lips and tipped the hot semen into my open mouth.


“Now I want you to hold this in your mouth for a few minutes until I tell you to swallow. I want you to savor the cum, fresh from my lover’s balls. Enjoy the taste, and cucky, be sure to thank him for his wonderful load” mistress replied.


They both laughed as I held the salty fluid on my tongue for several minutes. It was so humiliating, and at the same time I was also eager to swallow the load, as I was truly hungry.


“Go ahead and swallow now, and maybe later you can suck the cum directly from the source” Mistress and her lover were watching me with an amused look on their faces.


I swallowed the load quickly, hoping this would satisfy mistresses for the evening. I was beginning to like the taste of cum, and knew that ingesting it was now a daily part of my new life as a cuckold. It was just like all the stories I had read on the internet. I was now living the life of a submissive, cum-loving, cuckold husband.


Mistress spoke, “Very good! I think you deserve your reward. Now tell us why you deserve your daily Hand Sex”.


With a practices cadence I replied”It is not up to me Mistress. Hand Sex is something that is bestowed upon me for being a good cuckold to you and your lovers. I know that I will never feel the inside of your beautiful pussy or mouth, and that Masturbation, or Hand Sex is to be my only sexual release”.


“Well, go ahead then, but I want you to cum into this shot glass for consumption. Aren’t you glad to be in your chair?”


I groaned as the anal plug vibrated, reminding me of my lowly status. I grabbed hold of my cock and began to beat my meat. It didn’t take me long to squirt several large shots of milky white cum into the glass. I pulled my cock several times until every drop was into the glass. I began to move the glass to my lips when mistress stopped me and said, “Give me the glass, I want you to lick this from here” She then proceeded to slowly poor my hot cum onto Ted’s balls. It started to slide form his balls to around his ass. “Get to work before it stains the sheets”


I slowly raised myself from the dildo buried deep in my ass and pounced between her lover’s legs. I raised his left testicle into my mouth and sucked off the cum. I then dipped my head between his legs. I lifted his left leg and licked the cum that was now on his anus and between their and his balls. When I was satisfied that all the cum was gone. I gave his cockhead a suckle and said,”Thank you for the honor of licking my cum from your crotch. I will always savor eating your cum. Thank you both for letting me shoot my load.


They both laughed, and then began to kiss. “Get on the floor cuck and watch how a real man can fuck a woman more than once a night” said my Mistress.


I knew this was my place, on the floor before them; and of course, in my chair with my only sexual release and partner, Hand Sex.

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