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When I was 15 I had a girlfriend that was 14. She was a blonde cutie and we quickly got into learning about sex with each other. We started out with the usual making out then petting and eventually started f**king.


Well just when I thought all was well I caught her in her bedroom f**king one of the school jocks. I usually came over after school when her folks were still at work. This particular day she had stayed home supposedly sick so I decided to cut cla*s and go over about an hour earlier than usual. The back door was always open so I just went in as usuall.


This time though I heard the sound of moaning coming from her closed room. Since I was still an overall innocent kid,it never occurred to me what it was. I openned her door and there she was on her back, legs wrapped around one of the black football players. He was pumping her for all it was worthe and now that I had the door open I could see why she was moaning so continuosly and loudly.


I knew the guy. He was 16 and was 1 grade above me. What I couldn't believe was the size of his cock as it pumped in and out. It was a 10" monster and she was taking it balls deep without a problem. It seemed like I stood there for an eternity but it was really only a few seconds. Without missing a beat he looked over at me and just grined and said sorry buddy but she is too fine a piece of white a*s to pa*s up. Then he says have a seat I'll be done right after I unload in her again.


She looks over and says that she's really sorry but it's too good to stop now. "Hang on and let him finish coming in me and we can talk about his" she says. I am in disbelief. I don't know whether to stay, leave, rip the guy off her or what!


So I stand there a couple of more minutes and this guy suddenly picks up his pace and starts shooting a hugh load that went on forever it seemed. She also began screaming and cumming in a wild frenzy.


At this point I'm in a daze. I'm thinking is this really happenning? He gets up and faces me and now I can see the biggest, fattest most impressive cock I have ever seen. I couldn't stop looking at it. My girlfriend looks at me and smiling says, "well at least you can see why I had to let James f**k me".


I looked up at her and at him. He puts on his clothes quickly then he leans downtowards herand they exchange a deep toungue kiss. He starts to walk out past me and just says "don't worry man, she really loves you. She told me so continuosly as I started to slide my dick into her." He snickered and left.


She gets up and comes towards me and all I could notice as I looked down at her pussy was at all the ma*sive amount of cum that was running down her legs past her knees and to the floor. I mentioned that I couldn't believe how much he came in that one moment. She says "don't be silly James has been here since this morning after my folks left for work. He came in me at least 10 time today".


"And your a bad boy. You cut cla*s didn't you. See what happens. YOu came over early and got a surpise you weren't expecting".


She grabs my hand and goes back to her bed. She tells me to come on and f**k her. She is still my girlfriend, she says. "I love you so come f**k me like usual." Still dazed I do as she says. To my surpise and hers my 4 incher is rock hard and dripping precum. I mount her but this time I slide in and realize thatmy little cock is swimming in her now hugh pussy and in a sea of warm ooze.


I try to pump away but I cant get any friction going. She just lays there then looks at me and says, "Sorry sweetie but I can't even tell if you are in me. All of a sudden her words still ringing in my ears, I cum like I have never cum.


After we clean up and the dust settles, she explains to me what happened. It seems that James had seen us f**king in one late afternoon while in a remote area of a very wooded park we had in our neighborhood near the school. He hid nearby and saw her riding me and could see her magnificent body and pussy as it slid on my dick. He told her he saw how small my dick was and told her she deserved to be f**ked right.


She said she didn't understand what he meant. At that point she only known my dick and a*sumed it was typical. He told her he didn't know about typical, but that it was tiny compared to his and that only a really big dick could satisfy a woman. She thought he was just being a typical jock hitting on her and was about to walk away when he suddenly took her hand and placed it on his crotch.


She says she could feel a large bulge and she was suddenly unable to help herself. She started to feel for its complete length and realized whatever it was in there was pretty big. He offered to show it to her and she said ok. They went to the park I mentioned and in the same remote area he pulle dout his ma*sive black cock. She said she was mezmorized. She couldn't believe that he was telling the truth. That day they didn't f**k but she did give him a blowjob and swallowed his load to boot. After that is when she told him she would stay home from school sick and that he should do the same and come over after 9AM once her folks were gone.


She went on to say that she was sorry but that this was what it was and that pandora's box was now openned and she was not going to lie to me and say she would stop. She had planned for James to be gone before I showed up but I came over early so that couldn't be undone. She once again professed that our relationship was special and true but that sex was separate issue. That although I was good at licking her to many orgasms, f**king was now useless. My little dick would never be able to fulfill her again.


She said she wanted us to stay together but that I had to let her f**k well endowed boys from now on. Only that way could she remain my girlfriend. At that point she smiled at me wickedly and said, "Oh and don't think I didn't notice you were rock hard and came buckets a few minutes ago. You like watching f**k James didn't you." I said no don't be silly. She reached down and rubbed my little dick and gave me a pa*sionate deep kiss. My little pecker was rock hard in a second and her kiss made me melt. She started whispering in my ear as to how James f**ked her all day. How his cock stretched her pussy and hit places I had never reached and never would. She said she tried to have him pull out the first time he was going to cum, as she always made me do, but couldn't bare to have his cock come out of her so instead she wrapped her legs tightly around him and took his load deep inside her. Then she said, " And 9 more loads followed". Well I exploded in yet another hugh orgasm.


See she said, you do like the idea of me f**king other boys with dicks much, much bigger than yours. She was still rubbing my little dick and all I could do was moan a YES!


Well needless to say, many other sessions with James followed as well as many others for the next 2 years. Some I watched while in the same room, some I had to watch from her closet if she thought the guy wouldn't be up for someone watching. For the ones that didn't mind, the session always started the same.


I was introduced as her boyfriend. When the guy was like, WTF? she would say wait a minute and motion me to show my tine cock. "See, that is why you are here so come on and f**k me right". The guys usually just smiled and went to work.

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