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Becoming a Sub Husband




I want to tell you the story of how I became a sub of my mom and wife. Before I begin let me give a small background on my family. It consisted of my mom, dad and myself. Mom was the bread earner of the family. Her name is Shikha and she is the vice president of a private company and earns a good salary apart from amenities like housing, car etc. We live in a large 3-bedroom apartment in one the posh areas of the city. To be short my Moms earning is more than enough for the three of us. Dad on the other hand used to live at home and take care of the household chores. When I was young it was weird for me to see dad stay at home and mom going off to work whereas with everyone else it was the opposite. In short my Mom was the dominant person in our family not just due to financial reasons but also physical. My dad and myself were quite short. Dad and myself stood at around 5” 3 and my mom is around 5”5. Moreover she had a habit of wearing high heels so when we were going out my mom towered above us by more than 3-4 inches. Mom took most of the decisions at our home and dad complied with each and every one of then. Mom would often threaten dad that he would be thrown out of the house if he interfered too much in her decisions. Whenever dad needed some money he would have to request it from mom. She would make sure it was for a valid reason before handing it over. I remember once that dad had forgotten to pay the electricity bill on time and there was a 50rs fine in the next bill. I remember dad was very scared when he told this to mom over the phone. He was scared the entire day and when mom came home she was really angry at him. She told him to come into the living room and gave him a good lecture about how he was wasting her hard earned money. After lecturing dad for 30 min she was still angry and when dad tried to say something in his defense mom slapped him hard in front of me. She then made him kneel in the balcony for 1 hour before he was allowed in the house again.


She was strict with me too. I was not supposed to keep any secrets from her ever. I was often punished if I did something wrong. Also in our household was our maid Namrata. Namrata used to call dad ‘babu’ and me ‘chota babu’. She used to help dad in the day to day work. Although she was the maid she would often order or scold dad about his work. There was a day when dad complained to mom about Namrata saying that she was scolding him too much. Mom just smiled and said that he was supposed to be following Namratas orders. After this dad never said a thing against her again. Mom had to travel a lot for her job. Whenever she went out of station she would keep Namrata in charge of the house. She would make dad do all the work from cleaning, sweeping, cooking, shopping etc. She took pride in ordering dad around during these times. Dad would not say anything to her but meekly do whatever he was ordered to do. Now coming to me and my life. I am beginning this story when I was around 15 years old. During that time I had started masturbating a lot and would often play with myself when I was alone.



Now there is something, which I did not tell you guys. I have a very small penis. It is around 2.5 inches long when hard. Although it is small I love to play with it a lot. I end up masturbating once or twice every day. One day in the evening I was quietly masturbating in my room when suddenly Namrata came from nowhere. I was scared out of my wits when I was caught. Namrata had a look of absolute evil in her eyes. She came near me and slapped me hard and said” do you know what you were just doing, your mother will punish you very badly when I tell her”. I was still recovering from the slap when she said,” even your father is not supposed to play with his lund”. I quietly told her that I was sorry and would not do it again. Namrata just laughed and said” you are just as dirty as your father; doing dirty things whenever there is no one to supervise him”. Then she pulled me up and said” remove your hands and let me see it”. I removed my hands after receiving another slap. Looking at my small lund she said “ chota babu your lund is even smaller than your fathers” and started laughing. It was really embarrassing to stand bottomless in front of Namrata with my dick stickling out. I began to cry slowly. During this time dad was cleaning the bathroom. On hearing the commotion he came into the room and stood there speechless. He was just wearing shorts and slippers on his legs. Namrata looked sternly at dad and told him,” Look at what your son was doing when no one was watching, you are all the same”. Dad looked at my shrunken dick, which was still leaking precum and looked apologetically towards Namrata. What Namrata did next was even more embarrassing for me. She told me to open all my clothes and go kneel in the balcony. I fell at her feet begging her not to do this, even my father was pleading with her. She didn’t budge and I slowly went outside in the balcony naked. I was covering my penis with my hand and Namrata didn’t like that. She tied my hands together behind me and made me face outside. Even though this was very very embarrassing I had a small erection. Everyone passing from under the balcony could easily see me completely nude. The small path under our balcony opened up to the servant’s quarters and soon almost all the servants of all other houses had seen me. After one hour Namrata gave me permission to come inside.


Once inside she once again warned me about the consequences of playing with my lund. I was completely drenched in sweat and tears and my penis had shrunk to 1 inch. Namrata then took me to the bathroom and made me stand under the cold shower for 10 minutes. She then told me to dry myself up and finally said” chota babu from now on you will help your father with the housework”. I simply looked down and nodded my head. Namrata then called dad and said” babu from now on your son will also help you with your work. You are always complaining about extra work so from now on you will be sharing all your work with him. Also if I see your son playing with his lund again then you will both be punished”. Namrata then gave me permission to wear clothes and gave us both some work to do. Later that day when we were going to sleep I asked dad “Why does Namrata scold us so much”. Dad looked at me for a while and then answered” beta she is only doing because your mother told her to supervise us”. I was surprised at his answer but kept quiet and finally went to sleep. Mom was going to return after 3 more days and I knew that Namrata would use her complete powers during those days. Anyway the day mom arrived I was really scared. I sensed that dad was scared too. Mom arrived early in the morning and called Namrata in the bedroom. They spoke for about half an hour and after that mom called dad and me in the living room. We both went there like two schoolboys and stood in front of her. Namrata was standing behind mom and giving us both ugly looks. Mom told me to wait for a while and told dad ”I can completely disappointed with you, your only job is to look after the house and you can’t even do that properly. Namrata informed me that you have been neglecting your work and disobeying her. I think I didn’t punish you enough last time when you forgot to pay the electric bill”. I knew that these were lies fed by Namrata but I kept quiet and so did dad. We knew better than to argue with mom. Mom then told dad to go and clean up her dirty clothes from her trip and warned him not to make any more blunders.


It was my turn next to be chastised. Mom looked at me for a while and then began “beta I don’t know where to begin with you. I thought you were better than your father but you turned out just as dirty like him. Namrata told me everything about what you do when you are alone. I should have been stricter with you. Anyway let me see what Namrata was talking about. Lower your pants and let me see your lund”. I was a little hesitant to do it but mom suddenly got up and gave me a hard slap”. I immediately lowered my pants and stood there. My little penis was completely flaccid and was hardly visible beyond my pubic hair. Mom looked at it and said “ Namrata was right, it is smaller than your fathers”. She then told me to pull my pants up which I did immediately and ran away much to the amusement of Namrata. After 15 minutes mom called me again. I stood in front of her and she told me “beta I have decided something for you, its better for you to get married. I can’t control two unruly boys in my house. I will start searching for someone who can control you and your dirty habits. Anyway its important for you to clean yourself up and be presentable”. Mom then called out to dad and gave him some instructions on how to prepare me for marriage. She told him “I am now giving you a big responsibility, you have to make your son ready for marriage. I want you to shave his entire body other than his head. Moreover you must teach him all everything about the day-to-day work of a househusband. I can’t send him away without him knowing anything”. Dad nodded his head and off we went. As dad was collecting all the shaving tools Namrata came in with more instructions. She looked sternly at both of us and said” Chota babu from now on you are to follow all the rules that your father follows. You are not supposed to wear any underwear, before going to the bathroom take permission and always remember to keep the door open behind you”.


Then we took all the shaving set to the living room and we spread a plastic sheet on the floor. I took off my t-short and dad started to clip off my hair. It was a strange feeling for me to stand there with my dad shaving away my body hair. I had a small erection all the time when dad was shaving me. When the top part was done dad quietly told me to open my shorts. I slowly opened it and put it aside, after that I lay on the plastic. All this time my small dick was standing up and it didn’t help when dad wad touching it while cutting the hair around it. I had a lot of hair down there and as dad was frequently touching it and moving it I was getting dangerously close to cumming. Namrata saw me in this excited state and started giggling and said “chota babu why are you getting so excited, do you like the feeling of another man touching you”. I didn’t reply but I saw that dads face was also red with embarrassment. On hearing this I couldn’t control myself any longer and I came on dads hands. I kept on spurting a few more times and when I stopped I saw that Namrata was laughing and when she stopped she told dad to clean it up. It was the worst thing that had ever happened but dad didn’t complain and cleaned it up. Soon he had finished shaving me and I went to take a bath. Namrata was watching me constantly and it was very strange for me to do everything in front of her. Anyway after I had finished taking a bath Namrata told me that mom would inspect me before going out. After some time mom came and inspected me. She was satisfied and told me to get dressed.


In the few days following this I learnt a lot of household stuff like cooking, cleaning, washing clothes etc. After every 2-3 days dad would shave my body and apply baby oil to keep my body soft. Anyway within 2 weeks mom announced that there was a girl who was coming to see me along with her mother. Mom gave me proper instructions on how to greet them and how to talk to them. Soon it was time for them to come and I was very nervous. I was wearing a pink t-shirt and pink shorts, a sign of being a virgin. When the door rang Namrata went and opened it. The girl standing in the door was absolutely gorgeous. Her name was Sonia and she looked just like a goddess. I guess she was around 5”9’ and with heels she simply towered over me. She was wearing a black sari with sleeveless blouse. Her mother was very stern looking and also quite tall and she seemed to know mom quite well. Mom introduced her and Sonia to dad who just mumbled something, Mom then sent him away to get refreshments. Soon she called me out to talk to them. I went to the living room and stood in the middle and greeted them. My possible future MIL spoke first and said “your mother told us a lot about you, she says that you will be a very good househusband for Sonia. She recently got a job as a business analyst and will be earning a 6-digit salary every month. I hope you will appreciate her position in society and take care of all her needs. You must understand that when you are married she will be the one in charge of the household”. I said, “ It will be an honor to be married to someone like Sonia. I will make sure that she is always happy”. My answer seemed to please them as both Sonia and her mom was smiling. Then my future MIL told me “I am pleased with what I have seen and heard so far but I need to see more, I want to make sure that you will be perfect for Sonia. I want you to take off your clothes and stand here in front of me”. I slowly did as I was told and I saw that Sonia was sporting a very big grin. My dick had shrunken completely and was barely coming out of my body. My MIL came near me and started examining me. After a while she said” Wow, I have never seen such a small dick before. I am sure that you are a virgin but I am surprised that your mother has not fitted you with a chastity device like your father. I hate little boys who play with themselves. I suddenly blurted out that I don’t masturbate when my MIL cut me off and said, “ you should never talk unless spoken to, we know what’s best for you”. Sonia then called me near her and told me to kneel in front of her. I did so and she began to caress my face. Looking at Sonia from so close and her caressing me gave me an immediate erection. Everyone saw it and started laughing. Soon my MIL said out “ I think they will be perfect for each other, what do you saw Sonia”. Sonia smiled and said “He is the cutest thing I have ever seen, I am ready to take him as my husband, I will call him Minny from now on”. Hearing this, my heart leapt with joy and I instinctively kissed her feet repeatedly. My MIL was very happy and she welcomed me to her family. I put my clothes back on and stood there. Soon I was serving wine to everyone and Sonia would often wink at me. This was the happiest day of my life; I was going to get married to an absolute stunning woman.


The few days after this my MIL called up my mom and said that we should visit them. Mom told me to wear the same dress again and off we went to my future house. It was a big house in the suburbs and it took us a few hours to get there. Today Sonia was dressed in a black top and black skirt and she looked gorgeous as ever. I took off my shoes before entering the house and Sonia greeted us. Sonia then took me by the hand and began to give me the tour of the house. First she took me to her bedroom and showed me around. She showed me her clothes and make up room. She also showed me a big trunk and told me that I will discover its contents only after our marriage. Soon we went downstairs where my mom and MIL was talking. My MIL spoke first “Minny will make a fine addition to our family but before we do that I want to make sure he is ready for Sonia. Since we still have a month till the wedding I want Minny to wear a few things as a sign of love and devotion to Sonia”. She then began putting a few things on the table. First thing was a small chastity device, second thing was a tongue stretcher and the third thing was a butt-plug. She then told me to open my clothes. I quietly did so and she first fitted the chastity device on my penis. She smiled and said,” this will make sure you are pure the last month till the wedding. I don’t want my future son-in-law to be a dirty little masturbator”. Then she fitted the tongue stretcher and said” I guess you can understand what its for”. I nodded and got ready for the butt plug. My MIL inserted it slowly inside me. It hurt at first but it soon slipped inside. Then my MIL announced” I am sure Minny will be happy with these gifts. Minny please make sure that you wear these three things all the time. Take off the tongue stretcher only when eating and the plug only while using the bathroom. There are 2 keys to the chastity device; one will be with Sonia and the other with me. I don’t think you need to take it off at all till the marriage. Moreover your mother and us have drafted a small pre-nuptial agreement that I want you to sign next week”. I nodded in agreement as mom got up to go. I put my clothes back on and went back home. The cock cage and buttplug was clearly identifiable from outside my tight shorts.


Submissive Cuckold Husband PART 2

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