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My wife is a slut wife and I made her that way.  Sort of.  She was like most women these days, pretty promiscuous when I met her.  At that time I was married, and when she found out I was, she still didn’t stop seeing me. 




The two of us are like moths to a flame.  In the beginning, it’s tough to say who cheated first.  After all I was cheating by being with her.  But I think she drew first blood.  Which I returned by fucking her, sneaking out the back door afterwards and fucking my next door neighbor then the next day fucking my soon to be x wife.  It was a confusing mess of who is cheating on who. 




I began to change, instead of all of the up and down roller coaster turmoil life I was having, the craziness of it all.  I began to cope in strange ways.  Is codependent still a viable term?  Her sluttiness became a turn on over the years; something that I yearned for.  Eventually setting up meetings with other swing couples just to see her get fucked.  Each time left me wanting to see a little more depravity. 




She’s been ass fucked; cum in; had her pussy eaten by a few lesbians; sucked off various dudes; been whored out to an old rich dude; spent the night at a guys house; etc.  Most recently she fucked two guys while I was away, for some reason thinks that I don’t know.  I have no proof, I just know.10 years with someone- I mean seeing them in every possible situation – you just kind of know when they aren’t telling the whole story.




So where does this leave me?  With one really kinky but as yet unfulfilled fantasy.




There are elements that are disjointed, that I struggle to put together.  The end result goes something like this. 




It begins as a typical “adventure” weekend, we pack a few things and make arrangements to spend the weekend in typical northern California weekend getaway town.  Only this time I have found the perfect group of men and women to fulfill kinky fantasies.  My darling doesn’t like knowing all of the arrangements that go into setting up a swinger get together.  She says it takes the excitement out of it, knowing it has all been set up. 




But I have managed to find a guy, he’s in a band and lives out in the country.  I am not sure what he does for money, but he seems to be making ends meet.  His live in girlfriend is something else.  A little on the tall side, slenderish, a typical California beach/rocker chick.  A fiend for pussy and all night orgies;  she has quite a selection of toys: dildos, bondage stuff, slut wear, etc.  As I said, my new friend is in a band I think, at anyrate  he tells me many of his friends routinely fuck his girlfriend.  They are into gangbangs, nudity, and multiple orgasms.




I spelled out for him how “shy” my slut wife can be with strangers, and how she typically warms right up with a couple of drinks, some compliments, a little flirting and some dancing.  We arrange to meet up at a bar where his band is playing.  My darling knows nothing of the set up, we dance to a few songs, eventually the beach girl is dancing with my equally good looking slut wife.  The two blonds make quite pair on the dance floor.  Off the floor, my darling introduces me to her new found friend, and is excited to tell me that her friend is with the band!  The hours while away.  At closing time my darling is helping her new friend, beach girl pack up a few things.  My darling finds her way back to me to tell me, we are invited to their after hours party.  Twenty minutes later we are following an older corvette through the hill country on a two lane road.  Just as my darling is about to pass out we arrive at a sprawled out ranch style house surrounded with a covered porch.




Beach girl comes over and almost yanks my darling out of the car, like two giggling best friends they go jogging into the house whispering in each others ear, arm in arm.  My new found buddy and I go into the house and he mixes up a couple of drinks.  I ask him where the others are, he lets me know they’ll be along in a bit.  We talk about how well this is going.  How hot my wife is and how he cant wait to fuck her.  She’s a great fuck,”  I say.




Not having seen or heard the girls in a few, we both notice the quiet, he smiles and says he knows exactly where they are.  We walk out the back and onto the porch, a little ways out on the patio is a hot tub, where two naked women are wrapped up in each others arms, hot and wet in more ways than one.




He notices their clothes on the patio and hands me darlings, telling me she wont need these for the next couple of days.  I follow his look up the drive and see a couple of cars coming down.  We walk out front to meet them, while darling and beach girl continue oblivious to what is going on.




From the van spills his bandmates and another guy I don’t recognize, out of the tahoe comes an attractive yet butch looking lesbo and a black guy.  My friend describes the scene at the hot tub to the group, and we all head for the show.   We interrupt them, darling takes a glance to where her clothes should be and realizes it’d probably be worse to get out of the hot tub and walk over to get them, they aren’t there anyway.  




A couple of the guys lift her out of the tub, hands are all over her body, pinching her nipples and rubbing her pussy.  She tries to pull away but resistance fades,  she is pinned to the side of the hot tub, beach girl still in the water pulls darlings hair back and leans into her neck, sucking hard on it.




Soon her pussy betrays her; its soaking wet.  Someone is filming this off to the side.  The guy on bass, tells her what a cock tease she is shaking her ass in front of him like that, he drops trou, lifts her hips and starts fucking her, she puts up a bit of resistance so insignificant it’s comical, and then starts bucking her hips wildly to meet each thrust.  No one is holding her back now, they are all calling out encouragement and approval of a slut at the top of her game.  The fucking reaches a fever pitch pace, and Mr. Bass comes hard, he’s hardly done when he is quickly brushed aside and Mr. Drummer takes up his pace.  He’s spanking her ass, alternately pulling her hair and grabbing her hips into him.  He’s much more rough than Mr. Bass, and darling is eating it up, finally she cries out “Fuck me… Hard… Harder…. Deep… Right there”  Her hamstrings quiver as he keeps on thrusting, she flushes red and holds her breath, silently taking it, she came hard.  




“Do you like being our fuck toy?”  He asks.  Silence.  He slaps her ass hard, and asks again, this time telling her she better answer.  “Yes!” darling cries out.  “Good, cause we’ve got your ass all weekend, do you want that?”  “Just fuck me.”  “Not good enough!” He smacks her ass again, it’s flush with color.  Her mascara is running.  “Yes!”




My new friend pulls me aside and asks me to come inside with him and beach girl and leave his friends and darling to get acquainted.  Beach girl has got a firm handful of my cock and wicked little smile on her face.  We go inside.  The three of us are soon very much in action on some 70’s throw back water bed.  He’s giving her a good solid doggie style fucking and I am getting an excellent blow job, occasionally I can hear everyone still going at it with darling outside.   It’s making me extremely horny, beach girl is moaning with my cock in her mouth, gently caressing my nuts at the same time doing her best suck-o-matic impression on my dick.  I inhale deeply and breath through the outstanding nut I bust in her mouth, excellent.  As I relax my new friend is still fucking beach girl like there is no tomorrow and outside, I can hear her moaning.




When I wake up, beach girl is passed out next to me and my new friend on the other side of her.  I amble out into the great room, there spread out and tied down is darling, the cute butch looking lesbian is toying with her.   Darling is blindfolded and gagged. 




As promised I grab my things and go, remembering to pick up darlings stuff on the way out.   I know she can hear me start the car and I wonder what she is thinking.  How is she going to look with a hickey on her neck at her conservative office job?  If they ever saw the tape of her in action she could never show her face at work again.    I wonder if she knows the band knows that too.  I wonder if she knows she is a permanent groupie any weekend the band wants her now. 




Late Sunday evening a car pulls up at our house, Darling steps out wearing a skirt several sizes too small and tiny white wife beater shirt that barley holds her tits at all, doesn’t matter as you can plainly see every outline of every feature on them tities.  A neighbor drives by his eyes fixed on Darling as she walks to the door with beach girl.   Inside beach girl lays a big wet kiss on Darling pulling her head back as she does.  Beach girl lifts Darlings skirt to show me her new jewelry.  Apparently they pierced her clit hood for her, a little charm hangs there now, the bands logo. 

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