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It has been just over a year now that my wife first learned I was having an affair. She was mad and said that since I went out on her she could go out on me, but that she wasn’t going out to some motel, but rather she would do it right here in our home. Well nothing happened for about 3 weeks then I got a call at work and she said that she had lunch with the brother of one of her friends at work, and that he would be coming over about 7 that evening.


After dinner about 6:30 she said that she was going to freshen up and that when Tim got here I should let him in. Well about 5 min. after 7 the door bell rang and I opened it up and there was a tall black bald man in his 20’s.


I thought there was some mistake until he said that he was Tim. I let him in and went to get my wife, but before I could get to the door she came out. She was naked except for a pair of pajama bottoms and she put her arms around him and kissed him. He was admiring her tits and I could see that she really loved it.


He turned to me and asked if this is what I gave up to go out with another woman. I said that she was and then my wife said too bad that he doesn’t want me anymore. Tim said that he wanted her and she said well come on and he could have her. She started to the bedroom holding his hand but then he stopped and told me to come along.


I was just about in tears knowing my wife was going to fuck him. When we got into the bedroom he turned to my wife and told her he was going to get a little freaky, and she said be my guest. He then turned to me and told me to take off his pants. I didn’t know what to do and I turned and started out the door. He then grabbed me and told me that if I didn’t do what he said that he would beat the shit out of me and then he slapped my face.


I was a little scared so I said ok and started to bend over to remove his pants. He pushed me down to the floor and told me that I had to do it kneeling. I opened up his pants and pulled them down and there was the biggest cock I ever saw. I couldn’t stop staring. He then grabbed my hair and told me to suck and get him hard. I just held my mouth shut and shook my head.


He slapped me and told me that I was about 5 seconds of getting my white ass beat-up. I didn’t know what else to do so I just lifted his cock and started to suck him. He was limp and I had to use two hands to hold him. I was sucking him and he started to get hard and then there was a flash. I looked over and saw my wife was taking pictures. I started to stop but then I felt him getting hard and my little dick jumped up and got hard.


She took a bunch more pictures and then when he was real hard he pushed my head back and told me to get up. I did and saw my wife laying on the bed naked with legs spread. Tim then told me to guide his cock into my wife. Lori just laid there while I watched his cock disappear in her. He began to fuck her and she was moaning and then Tim told me to stand in the corner. I stood there listening to them fuck.


After he came I had to eat her creampie and then she laid there and laughed at me as I got my first spanking with Tim’s belt. I was then made to jack off in front of them and swallow my own cum. After that I was made to lay down in the closet and sleep there while they had sex all night.


This is just another day. When I come home from work usually around 5:45 or 6 I have to go into the cuckroom. This used to be the large guest room. It has a bathroom and is only slightly smaller than the master bedroom. I have to go in and completely strip and then go to the bathroom and there I have to take at least 2, (but most of the time I take 3 just because I love the feeling) enemas. These are just to clean me out and I have to hurry. I don’t take them deep because I can’t have any water inside me that might come out.  Then I come out and set the timer. It is an hour timer and I must do it each day. I then bend over the foot of the bed and wait. About half the time no one comes and when the timer goes off I go about my duties. I have to dress as a maid when I’m at home. Tim has his own house but stays at our house about half the time. On those days that Tim, my wife’s lover comes in he comes to me.


He always starts out by saying “What are you?”


And I reply, “I’m a cuck.”


Then he asks, “What am I?”


I then tell him, “You’re a real man and the fucker of my wife.”


As I’m bent over the bed I hear his belt as he whips it off and then he spanks me with usually 10 to 20 really hard strokes. After he is done he tells me to turn around and suck his cock. I do and it usually takes about 5 min to get him really hard. I just love it when Lori comes in with him and watches. Then when he is hard he tells me, “Spread them”.


I bend over the foot of the bed again, but this time I have to spread my ass cheeks. He lubes up his cock and then pushes it into me. Holding my cheeks apart I can’t keep myself off of the bed and my face gets pushed right down in the bed. Sometimes it hurts so bad that I can cry out and not be too loud. His cock is so big and when he is done he cums and then pisses in me. Sometimes he pulls out and makes me take his cum in my mouth. That is what I like best. After he is done he tells me what chores need to be done.




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