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Cuckold's Letter

by dickE



The following is a letter of reply to my friend who just wrote about his wife's first 'date'.


Fellow cuckold,


I enjoyed your tale. I know that it was true because I could have written it exactly as you did.


Like you, at around 40 my petite wife of 23 years who'd had 6 kids and was into her 'sexual peak years' also took on lovers at my request and encouragement and would also return after her 'dates' and share her adventures verbally as well as her liquidy 'evidence' with me. At the height of her period of extramarital activities, she had 3 lovers that she rotated with sometimes seeing two or three a week and always went bareback with two of them who were married and trusted but used condoms with the third who was single, half her age, pretty wild and often came three times before loosing his erection. Since her tubes were tied, STDs were all we really worried about. She much preferred having nothing at all between her and a lover but skin and often got off when she was being filled with hard spurts of cum.


Though she often would be gone for several hours or perhaps most of the day sometimes, I personally enjoyed the quickies the most. That was when she'd either just pop out with a date and quickly return with still moist thighs or she'd entertain here at home where I usually just joined her as she still lay in the wet spot they'd just made. You see, during the time she was active, we built a new home and intentionally made the master bedroom/master bath w/ Jacuzzi not only the largest room in the home, but also with its own outside entrance from the patio/deck. This allowed her to receive guests and entertain them without disturbing the rest of the house. We even insulated the interior walls for sound reduction.


She never wore panties on a date, ever. And usually wore a dress so that her 'evidence' was easy for me to receive when she returned home--often right at the back door. I'd usually meet her at the door and go down on her right there to taste the hot blended offering before we went to bed for what was always THE hottest, THE wettest sex imaginable. I swear her internal temp was 10 degrees higher after she'd been fucked by one of her lovers.


As she'd stand usually leaning back against the door with one foot on a lower kitchen drawer that I pulled out for her, my head buried under her dress and my open mouth firmly attached to her open, draining cunt, my cheeks wedged between her slick, wet thighs, she'd pull my head to her forcefully with both hands and very, very vigorously hump my face with all her strength in an effort to get off and her vigorous motions coupled with orgasm would literally pump her entire amount of captured 'evidence' of sexual activities out into my waiting mouth. It gets no better than that, Friend. Right? Cum delivered hot and nearly as fresh as possible without sucking the actual cocks yourself?


I don't know about you, but I always felt rather proud of her as I would make it a point to always visit with her and kiss and caress her as she showered, dressed and prepared to leave on a date. I'd thrill at how wet she already was and how her breasts were always slightly swollen and tender to the touch, she was so hot--often her left nipple would be dripping, even--as she was obviously preparing mentally to have sex with her lover. I got a feeling not unlike perhaps that of a boxing trainer as he prepares his fighter to go out and display those skills that that trainer had worked to refine and sharpen, you know? Like she was my creation meant to fuck and please a man and receive his cum as often as possible....the better she was, the more pride I felt...and when she came back to me unmistakably overflowingly full of cum and told me how he'd cum twice or even three times with her, I felt like a coach who's charge had just won the match. Do you feel that way about your wife?


We ALWAYS spent time together before she left for a date telling each other that we loved each other and did the same when she you two do that also? We found it very important. As we'd hug and caress, she would always casually manage to check me to see if I was hard. She'd say that when the day came that I wasn't hard, she'd quit fucking around. We had to both enjoy it and thrill from it. She had to know that my juices were boiling as I waited for her and as I sat home and imagined her getting undressed/being undressed, frolicking and playing naked, being kissed and fondled and eventually being mounted and entered by a strange cock. This is all because, even as far back as her very first impromptu coupling with a mutual friend of ours, with my permission, she's always referred to her outside activities as "foreplay"--OUR the real sex WE have afterward.


I found that, even though she was the one giving away sex to others, it was me that was richly rewarded. I can't explain to you how my hard-ons were harder and throbbed more often, my cum was more plentiful and more frequent and I once again got random throbbing hard-ons in the normal course of the day, for no apparent reason, much as I did as a teen...except, at 40+, I didn't feel embarrassed and try to hide them...not at all, in fact....I just casually rearranged them for comfort and proudly enjoyed them. My pre-cum output also increased several times over. I would literally drip and sometimes drool continuously and could use it to slid right into her effortlessly when she was dry like right after she'd had a hot shower. Even more amazing was that at about 45, I occasionally got the teenage boy's curse, "blue-balls", once in a while if I didn't either beat off or have sex with her...or quite often I got them as I waited for her to come back home from a date. After nearly 30 years of not having a case of 'blue balls', my first time was a painful shock and I think much, much more painful than when I was 16.


Needless to say, my fellow cuckold, I recommend the practice of encouraging a wife's screwing around. It's good for a couple. It's good for the sole. Your wife's image of herself will greatly improve, also, as she again becomes aware, brazenly so even, that not only do other men desire sex with her, they perform like exuberant teenagers showing off for her once again, stretch marks and all. In fact, she'll get renewed bravery about approaching a man just knowing she's desired and free by agreement to go ahead and play in the open. She'll take great pride in telling you she was hit upon and how she handled it. She'll also thrill to having, perhaps for the first time in her life, a person to tell every innermost intimate detail of her lovemaking adventure to....even stuff girlfriends don't dare reveal to each other.


As far as watching her, I've never really dwelled on needing to see her engaged in sex, but I have caught her twice by accident engaged in sex. Once because she left a sticky note stuck to the back door saying that she "had company" but it fell off and I came in to find her on the couch still naked toweling cum off herself while her friend was in the bathroom. I ducked out before he saw me but I saw him return and rejoin and reenter my wife. She, however, saw me and grinned real big as she put her arms around him and slowly drew her legs up around her lover's waist. She winked and mouthed "see you in a few minutes".


Another time we were visiting a guy on his boat who we thought (or hoped) would join us in our fun. As we sat at the dining table, which was glass-top, drinking hi-balls, I watched her through the table top as she gave our friend a masterful hand job to completion and obviously enjoyed being finger fucked by him under her skirt as she stared deeply into my eyes. I later left the boat and they went for a day cruise.


How 'bout you? Had your second adventure yet?




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