Cuckold Husband and Bull Party




“So what do you think of my pvc mini-skirt?” Babs said as she rubbed her ass against my almost purple cock. I was tied up to the chair and could not do anything about it. As she pulled her tight round little but away from me I could see the long wet mark it had left on the back of skirt. “Oh you are so naughty! I’d give you the fuck of your life but you know who I am saving myself for? Right?” said Babs in her teasing tone.


“I know, for somebody, bigger, better and blacker.” I said trembling.


“Hmm! That’s right.” Said my horny ass petite wife, she was just over five feet, and though she was in her early forties, thanks to all the working out she did she had a body tighter than most women half her age. “You’ve been such a good little boy! Maybe I ought to show you these.” She said pulling out of her latex halter top her 38DD boobs, which on her small frame were like a pair of 42DDs, and were part of the reason she was in such good shape, so she could carry them, right over to her black lovers for whom she got them for.


“You like?” she said playing with her pierced nipples. On one breast she had tattooed the word “Black” in fake old English lettering and on the other “Slut.” She kept them covered in public, but sometimes at company functions she let just enough of them peek out in a low cut dress to make me worried.


“Now what are we going to do with you?” she said pumping my cock several more times, not enough for relief, but just enough to cause me agony. “What were we talking about. Oh yes! You filming me in my first porno flick. You’d like that wouldn’t you. Your poor little wife getting slammed by several black cocks at once. Maybe one of them will get me pregnant. You’d like that wouldn’t you?” She said cranking my cock a few more times. “I’d even let you appear in it as the loving cuckold.” She said. “Say yes and I will let you cum on my tits.” She said squeezing them. “Though I think you will cum in only a few strokes, but it will be worth it.” She pressed her boobs against my cock, I could feel her rock hard nipples against me.


My head, like hers, was shaved also, but it made me look wimpy. “My wife pressed her boobs against my cock and said, ‘Say yes!” I did and she grabbed my cock and jerked it off, she was right within a few strokes I shot a monster load all over her tits.


“I give that little cock of you’re an “A” for amount but a “D” for staying power, she said as she rubbed my spunk into her tits. Then she put them in my face and told me to clean them off….


“We are going to go to that new dance club and you are going to help me find four black guys to fuck the shit out of me. Babs said getting dressed in a tight little dress that barely covered her tits, it was so low cut you could see the top of her tattoos. She threw on her jacket and we left the house.


The line for the club was hideous to say the least; I was afraid we would not get in as the bouncer looked us over. Babs opened her jacket and said a few things to him that made him smile and shoot me a bemused look, and then we were past the ropes and into the club.


All the men eyed Babs, and who can blame here, little women big tits, a classic combination, add to it her bald head and you have something irresistibly exotic and erotic. I went to get us some drinks and by the time I got back she was already on the dance floor, shaking it up with some black guy while I was on the sidelines, as usual, watching. She danced another few dances with the same guy. At one point she went to another table with him. She pointed to me once and they both laughed, though due to the music I could not make out what they were saying, though I thought I saw her put her hand down on his crotch and give it a squeeze. He handed her a card and she gave him a kiss and got up.


After a few more dances she was ready to leave. In the car going back home she showed me the card. It had an address in the suburbs and the words “Bull Club.” on it. I asked her what did that mean. She told me it was a floating club, where white women got fucked by a group of black men while their husbands watched and serviced them.


I asked her what she meant by “serviced” She told me they assisted the wives and their lovers, and performed clean up duty. She also said she was going to the next meeting with me. My cock was stiff the whole ride home.


That weekend we drove out to the address, it was in a quiet little upscale neighborhood. We parked on the street and rang the doorbell. I was nervous, what if this was all a gag. A blond woman answered the door and smiled at Babs as she let up in. Inside there were several couples, all white, most of them looked like yuppies in their late twenties or mid-thirties. Drinks were passed around but oddly nobody talked about anything sexual. Then at nine on the dot the blond who saw us in asked all the men to go downstairs. Babs waved me goodbye as we followed her downstairs.


“Okay boys strip.” Said the blond hostess, who was clearly in charge of the party, I hesitated for a moment. The basement was large and there was a curtain that blocked half of the room. Another guy next to me, I won’t use his name, was nervous saying this was his first time doing something like this.


“Hmmm! What small cocks I can see why your wives are at this party, she sniffed. Well no matter, put these on now. She said throwing a bunch of red panties at us. Some of the more experienced guys put them on right away, while me and the other new guy hesitated.


“It’s put them on or get out.” The blonde said. “Very nice.” she said. We were left to sit there for a moment while we heard noises on the other side of the curtain; then it opened up. Revealed were the wives giggling and nodding. There were two huge couches and several oversized futons. On a table were condoms, lubricants, and towels.


“Now guys before the bulls come downstairs and show your wives the first good time they have had in years, you must get them ready. Don’t be shy. Each man went to his own wife and started to strip them. The wives made rude comments about the size of their husband’s cocks as they were undressed. The women all looked at Babs with her tattoos on her tits and pierced nipples which showed she was hardcore about her interracial loving.


The blond took out a small video camera and interviewed the guys about why they wanted their wives to be fucked by black studs; some said it was a thrill to watch, others said they wanted to see their wives satisfied, still others said they enjoyed the humiliation of it all, which was pretty much my answer.


One of the other women got a little shy about getting undressed, she said she was not sure if she could go through with it. But her husband talked her into staying.


The blond told us to finger our wives and get them ready for the bulls. Babs was as wet as could be. Then there was some sounds coming from upstairs and the bulls came down, none of them was under six feet or two hundred pounds, they came down naked with their huge cocks bouncing as they walked down the stairs. All of them looked like they lived in the gym.


“Oh yeah! This is the sort of party I like.” Said one of the guys pushing the shy girl’s husband to the side. He picked her up and kissed her deeply as he squeezed her ass. Another women got onto her knees and started to suck one of the bulls cocks right away. She teased him by squeezing her fat tits, making milk come out of them.


Two of the bulls came over to Babs, “Oh man! You are really into it aren’t you?” they said looking at her bald head and her tattoos, soon she was down on her knees her tiny mouth trying to take both their cocks in at once. The husbands moved to sides as the bulls took over the show.


Soon the allegedly shy woman now, to her husband’s disbelief, had a huge black cock inside of her as she bounced up and down on it while screaming things even I hesitate to repeat. Babs was taken over to one of the futons and sat on one guy’s cock as she sucked off the other one. Soon the room filled with a funk from all the pussies that were getting pounded.


The bulls could not get enough of Babs, her huge tits, or her bald head. Many of the studs went over to her to rub their cocks on top of her smooth scalp head. So much so that one of the other women announced she wanted them to shave her head also. Her husband started to protest but was told to shut up or leave. The blonde hostess of the party was taken aback by the request but then went to help out sending her own husband to get the supplies, in this house the supplies kept to shave a pussy could be used to shave a head. Under Babs’ guidance the bulls started to cut the woman’s hair with the scissors. A whole new form of obedience and humiliation for her and her husband developed as she submitted to the head shaving, her pussy, like all the other women’s was already bald . Shortly after the electric clippers were used, shaving cream and a razor finished the job. The woman was now totally bald. A chain reaction happed. Another woman wanted it done, then the shy woman, and finally the blond hostess herself stripped. More scissors were found and blonde hair joined red hair, joined brunette on the floor. When it was all over all the women were bald like Babs.


The bulls were more turned on than ever, rubbing their cocks along the women’s newly bald heads, all the ladies, including the hostess joined in sucking off the bulls’ cocks with wild abandonment. Their newly shaved bald heads bobbing up and down. The men ejaculated onto the women’s shiny scalps, rubbing their seed in with their cock heads as the assembled wives milked every last drop out with their hands. Then there was more fucking the newly bald wives did their best to milk every last drop out of every man present.


All the men at this point, at least for fucking were wearing rubbers, for a reason that I would find out about later.


The hostess came around asking the guys how they liked watching their wives getting violated by all these black studs as she videotaped their responses. Occasionally should would stop to squeeze one of the husbands panty covered dicks, and then point out why the wife had made the smart move and went black.


After a while the women all lined up, including the hostess, laying across the couch with their asses in the air. What was going to happen next even I could not anticipate. The hostess gave the camcorder to her husband. “As you know this is more than a black bull party, but this is also a breeding party, so if any of you girls don’t want to take a chance in being impregnated at this point now is the time to get up and go upstairs.


One woman, almost lost her nerve and got up to leave but was persuaded to stay by her husband. She muttered she did not want to take the chances but along with the other women got ready for what would happen next. The women closed up the ranks. “Now husbands it is time to earn your keep come here.” We were each instructed to stand besides the stud that was going to fuck our wives and remove the rubbers they were wearing. “Now put it on.” We all were stunned, some of the wives giggled. “Come on put them on.” Some of us tried, but on most of us the rubbers fell off, having been stretched out by the bull’s obviously bigger equipment.


Then we each had to hold the bull’s cock and help guide it into our wives. In a row the women all sighed or gasped as the huge bull cocks slid into them. This was for real. I knew Babs was not on birth control, but I could not help but join in. The husbands were then told to watch from the side as our wives were pounded all in a row, the bulls sometimes switched women during this insemination session. The husband’s watched their now bald wives, their faces contorted from the pleasure brought to them by the big bull cocks pounding them.


When the bulls came they pulled out and the husbands watched as the spunk and cunt juice ran out of their wives dilated pussies. But the ordeal was not over yet. The wives got up, and after kissing their black lovers, held their cocks forward and the husbands were called over. “Come now don’t be shy.” The hostess said as she filmed. The husbands were made to get on their knees and suck clean the cocks that had just fucked their wives. The hostess filmed each act of degradation giving the husband’s and their own real name, this was done for insurance in case anyone wanted to sue, insurance being another name for black mail.


To add to the humiliation the wives lined up again, but this time the husbands could fuck them while the black studs watched, the twist was the husbands would fuck a wife other than their own. By the luck of the draw I got the shy girl, who was now anything but.


I held out as long as I could, fucking her slowly but by the end I could not hold it and came.


Soon the party broke up and Babs and I were walking towards our car. I told her how hot she looked that night. She told me she has the card of the woman in charge of the party and we could download the video from her website later. I asked Babs if she thought she could be pregnant, she said she did not know, then she deliberately kept the truth that she was not for three months, to keep me in suspense, she wasn’t but some of the other women at the party including the hostess was.


Now Barbara wants to either get gang banged by a group of convicts in a work gang or go to Africa and get fucked in the motherland by a native tribe as she offers her pussy for peace. And you know what, she will probably wind up doing both.



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