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Dr Ward’s Journals from the Cuckold’s Clinic


By Lucy and Tom.



Extracts from the clinic journals of Dr Ward as submitted to the Cuckoldry Review. Dr Ward outlines a typical day at the clinic and the work she undertakes with her young assistant Cara.




From time to time my establishment accepts a difficult client who takes longer to accept his role. Perhaps he is overly resistant, or has excessive pride. Some are sexist or racist and these can be very rewarding to train but it can take a lot of effort and plenty of sweat and tears on the part of trainer and cuckold alike before these positive results are achieved.


One such client was a 32-year-old man named Colin who is new to his situation and who is particularly resistant. His behaviour could border on the aggressive. His wife is 5 years older than him and after some early experiences with black lovers were followed by a decade of disappointing sex with white men, she has fully submersed herself in the interracial sex scene this year. She has even started to post videos of herself enjoying her lovers on the web. Colin, perhaps a little understandably has been slower to accept his new role.

wife with black lover movie  



I am going to describe a typical days work at the clinic, and it just so happens that Colin was our first client on this particular day. Cara, my attractive young redheaded assistant was often able to make the clients behave themselves with a form of flirting, which I tolerated as it made things easier. I am quite prepared to show my authority and even to discipline wayward clients if need be, but the quicker they are compliant the better. True to form, a few quiet words of reproach from Cara in a sexy whisper persuaded the reluctant Colin out of his clothes and into his clinic pyjamas. These consisted of the regulation t-shirt and some loose bottoms with an elastic waist that could be removed easily.


Due to his uncooperative behaviour Cara and I were proceeding slowly with Colin. We allowed him to keep his pyjama bottoms on during most of the session. We played some of his wife’s home movies of her interracial exploits, and asked him questions on his feelings and her performance. He complained, whinged and occasionally threatened, but when Cara cheekily yanked his bottoms down his little penis was hard. In fact, despite his protests Cara yanked them down four times in total. Each time he went bright red and pulled them up quickly, eventually keeping his hands on them. The first time Cara pulled them down he was watching his wife sitting on a large black cock while leaning forward to suck another.

white cuckold  


Both were more than twice the size of his white penis, which could be judged easily because he was erect. He was still erect the second time, while watching his wife take a huge length slowly in her ass. The third time, his wife was shown getting ready to go and meet a black lover. We found Colin had gone semi-soft at this point, but later in the session he was hard again as Cara yanked his pants down shortly after two black men had simultaneously showered her face, hair and neck in cum. There could be no doubt that he found the movies arousing, but his pride needed removing in order for him to be brought into the fold. He needed to stop fighting it and relax into his new role, where rewards and pleasure would replace anger and frustration.


I directed the client’s attention to a large life size chart of a naked couple, a white woman holding hands with a black man. I sensed that Colin’s attitude to interracial couples in general was unacceptably backward and attempted to point out to him the advantages of such a relationship, from the point of view of the couple but also a cuckold who would be fortunate to watch their lovemaking. I pointed out his obvious shortcomings, physically and in terms of performance in comparison to this man. I explained how much more Colin would enjoy a sexual relationship in which the stress of performance was delegated to someone better suited to it, and in which he was left to enjoy a loving, but submissive role without pressure.


Sadly Colin was stubbornly resistant to my sound good sense. Clearly he would not willingly masturbate, a usual sign of acceptance of a lesson, so in a mild fit of temper I reached into his pyjamas and smeared a cream onto his genitals that would produce painful burning effect. We gave him a cold cream that could soothe the effect and left him frantically rubbing it into his willy until he inevitably achieved orgasm a short time later.






In Contrast to Colin, John is an old hand and always remarkably well behaved and co-operative. In fact the only challenge posed by the 43 John, a cuckold of some fourteen years experience, is how to break down the inhibitions, spirit, dignity and pride of a man who appears to have little of any! That’s with the possible exception of pride, but even that was taken in his obedience to his wife.


However, we must never rest on our laurels. It is important to keep our training up to date and not to let clients become complacent.


I tend to delegate most of his sessions to Cara as I believe that it might add a little humiliation factor for John to be put through his paces by a younger woman. Humiliation is vital in a cuckold’s training as it stops his pride building back to the point where he may become resistant. Plus, they tend to enjoy it in my experience!


John took all in his stride, happy to accept all he was taught and subjected to. Despite being rather larger than most men in the genital department, he did not have a corresponding ego and was always compliant. After all, large for a white man he may be but his wife had still been sharing his bed with a much larger black man for the past six months, relegating him to the spare room. Today Cara had tied a length of string to John’s penis and attached a large black dildo to the other end, letting it hang so that he was supporting it. She had him parading up and down so that he could feel how much heavier a black cock was than his own. He was also made to do squats and star jumps until it became too sore. We are not sadists here, so Cara removed the dildo and instead inserted it into his anus. He was directed to sit down and made to fuck the dildo, Cara keeping it steady at the base with her fingertips. John was allowed to masturbate on condition that he did so whilst loudly repeating the phrase “big black cock in my little white ass” until orgasm.


As always, his performance was flawless. His orgasm arrived predictably quickly and I didn’t have to check him once for mumbling or repeating the phrase to quietly. All cuckolds should be like John, but I’m glad that all my clients are not. It would take away the thrill of breaking a man’s spirit.





Our final clients of the day come as a pair. Timothy and Mike were brothers in law. They were newly married to a pair of young cuckoldresses, but had gone into their relationships prepared for it. Timothy was 21 and had discovered interracial and cuckolding pornography on the Internet. He had replied to an advert from a woman looking for suitable cuckold husbands for her twin daughters. Mike was only 19 and like his new wife of the same age had grown up with a cuckold like John for his father. His parents knew his wife’s parents and theirs was virtually an arranged marriage.


It was unusual for my clients to visit in pairs, but the boys’ situation was unusual. The wives were twins and often partied together. I felt that since they were so young to be married it was important that they received appropriate guidance and counselling. I undertook to supervise their training personally.


The young men sat at their desks drawing the best picture they could of the largest penis they had ever seen. Introducing an element of competition between them always concentrated their minds. Mike was the more gifted artist although that was hardly the point of the exercise. Timothy claimed victory on the grounds that his wife had been with a bigger man, a colossal 13 incher compared to Mike’s record 12 inches.

“But my wife took that in her ass!” complained Mike, “you know Sophie can’t ass fuck properly. She’s only taken 9 inches there according to my wife”

“Sophie has had more black cock in all her holes than your wife”, Timothy muttered, “and anyway we’re talking to the balls not just half way”


As they argued they sat naked from the waist down, with a pink clinic t-shirt to protect them from the chill. The shirts were given out a size too small and cropped to the belly button area to make absolutely certain there was no chance of them covering their little penises. Private parts must be on display at all times in the clinic so that a clients mental reaction to a lesson can be easily gauged by a quick visual check of his physical one. I played the boys a film of some interracial penetration shots to help them in their debate, which had now turned to technique. The film demonstrated a variety of fucking styles, not all “balls deep”, although full penetration should always be attempted even with the biggest cocks in my view.

cuckold movies  


It is also my view that a bull should be a fully heterosexual man. No black stud wants sexual contact with a cuckold – he’d prefer the cuckold’s wife. Likewise, while cuckolds may or may not enjoy the humiliation of “sissification”, they should also be heterosexual. They should see the black man fuck their wife and wish they were him, not the wife! They are there to serve her not to compete with her. Nevertheless, it may be noted by the reader that my training methods involve many homoerotic practises. The study of the black male anatomy humiliates the cuckold as well as fascinates him, and humiliation is a useful tool. It’s important to push the right buttons for each client and that is often something that makes them feel uncomfortable.


With two clients together this element is inevitably increased at times. I must admit that I enjoy seeing fit young men naked and masturbating at my command, small penises or not. As a result I have introduced many schoolboy’s games into their training – milk races, furthest ejaculation contests, who can go from soft to fully hard the quickest are all little challenges made all the more fun by the natural competitiveness of the pair.


Of course, the material used to help them in their contests must always be of an interracial nature. A DVD of their wives choking on a thick, black cock or turning it white with their gushing pussies will always produce a quick time in a milk race. On the other hand, making them beat off to a photo of a naked black man takes longer. That’s how it should be – they are not gay - but as they struggle to achieve orgasm in order to end their ordeal, the humiliation will suddenly overwhelm them and cause their little pee-pees’ to spurt.






This was a typical day’s work at the clinic. However, I thought you might also like to read about the lengths we eventually had to go to in order to break Colin’s spirit. His wife Shirley had started to accompany him on his visits to ensure his good behaviour. I admit this stung my professional pride a little and so I arranged a lesson for Colin that would ensure his future obedience.


Despite his characteristic grumbling and protestations at having to wear his pink clinic t-shirt and matching pink knee length socks, he allowed his wife to undress him and prepare his outfit, showing a latent submissive side. Normally his outfit would not offer any protection of his modesty but to aid tonight’s exercise a pair of matching pink panties was provided.


The couple came through from the dressing area and the sight of Nigel, a muscular black man who was an old friend and lover of mine, surprised Colin. Nigel was in his forties but in much better shape than Colin. Of course, he had only agreed to come along and co-operate with my plan on the promise of a special night’s “entertainment”. I had plenty planned for him as well as my client.


Cara explained to Colin that we would be having a bit of fun – a few games and challenges. Of course he complained about Nigel’s presence and I ignored an earful of abuse, knowing that my plan would soon take effect. I directed Cara to continue;

“First of all we will have a contest to see who has the largest penis. Nigel, you go first.”


Nigel undressed completely as we had planned. Colin’s protestations that this was unnecessary for the contest were ignored. His eyes bulged as Nigel slid down his underwear to reveal a large, deep black penis that I was very familiar with.

“Your turn, Colin” said Cara.

The cuckold just swore at us and made to leave, but at this point the normally quiet Shirley stepped in.

“I don’t think so, Colin. Be a good boy and show us your willy”.

More protests followed before Shirley lost patience and leaned over to Yank Colin’s panties down herself. He jumped and almost fell over as his panties caught around his ankles and his small willy was revealed. Cara giggled.

 cuckold's cock

“I think it’s clear who has the largest penis, Colin”, I said, “but in order to get the official result we need to measure you. So I need you hard. Shirley, if you please…”

With my direction, Colin’s wife began to strip off. Nigel’s cock, always hard, now began to stand proud. Colin was blushing furiously but his excuse for a penis still resembled a deflated balloon.

“What a nice state of affairs!” I chided. “You can’t even get hard for your own wife. Shirley, it seems your husband need further encouragement”.

At this point Colin was still verbally abusive despite his humiliation.


Shirley approached Nigel and began to touch, caress, then kiss his cock. There was no need to take things further at this stage. Colin was furious, threatening to sue, but his little pee pee was hard. We managed to restrain him long enough to measure him at four and a half inches. Nigel proudly showed us twelve. I had hoped things would conclude here, with Colin cured of his obstinacy, but although he was nearly crying with humiliation he was still proud and, now even threatening to become violent.


So my final challenge was issued. Shirley must really love her husband in order to persevere through these difficult times in order to ensure the long-term happiness of her cuckold. For a cuckold he was, like it or not. Isn’t it better to like it? Cara challenged Colin to wrestle Nigel, with the winner getting to fuck Shirley. That might sound an unfair deal - Shirley was Colin’s wife after all. But she hadn’t let Colin have any sexual privileges for over three months and of course he also had to win if he wanted to stop Nigel having his way with her. He was clearly unsure of himself now that his bluff had been called but we appealed to his macho sensibilities, which were still strong. He couldn’t back down at this point.


Cara and I put down mats and the two naked men wrestled. Nigel dominated from the start, man-handling Colin easily. He was almost gentle, which added to Colin’s humiliation. Nigel pinned his opponent quicker than I would have liked, as he didn’t particularly enjoy contact with Colin’s naked body. Even so, the point had been made. Colin had been over-powered and beaten by a black man who would now take his wife. Colin was quiet and still hard. What lengths we had had to go to!


At last Nigel got his fuck. Shirley and Cara catered to his every need. I elected not to join in with the younger women and felt a bit jealous, but there would be other times. Instead I made sure I gave Colin a running commentary as Nigel explored his wife’s body and his sexy dark cock explored her mouth, pussy and ass.


I gave Colin permission to masturbate and after an hour of watching the proceedings, he finally began to touch himself. Ten minutes later, Nigel was hammering Shirley’s cunt as she lay on her back, his hands on her breasts or around her throat. He injected jet after jet of hot black cum into her unprotected body as Colin feebly began to spurt onto the floor. I noticed Shirley lean over to Colin.

“Good boy, good boy!” she whispered, but was on the verge of another orgasm of her own and could not devote any more energy to her cuckold until later.


Colin has since returned to the clinic as a regular client. He still has a lot to learn, but at least he is now receptive and I love a clean slate! Shirley has given me lots of positive feedback and is very grateful for the progress we made with Colin and the service we provide. The even more rewarding thing is that Colin himself is equally grateful. He will make an excellent cuckold in the not too distant future!


I hope you have enjoyed my latest insights into the workings of the cuckold clinic. If you would like to visit or book your cuckold on to a course of sessions, please feel free to get in touch.




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