My name is Tony James. I am 35, the only son of Edgar James, the multi-millionaire owner of a string of large department stores situated in all the major cities in the country. Up until a few months ago, I had the world at my feet. I worked for my dad's company, although worked is probably too strong a term. Knowing I would eventually inherit the family millions, I would bully others into doing my work, while I worked my way through all the young, beautiful women who worked at our Head office.


I had never had any intention of settling down, not when I could have my pick of the women courtesy of the power of my father's money. It all changed when Lisa arrived to work in the Administration department, having transferred from one of our stores up north. Just 22, with long dark hair framing her face, she looked like a younger version of Sigourney Weaver. She was quite short, about 5'4", but with a figure that men drooled over. Pert breasts, just the size I like, and sexy, beautifully shaped legs which were enhanced by the short skirts she liked to wear.


I was smitten with Lisa immediately, and set out to seduce her. I soon found though, that she was totally unimpressed by who I was or the family money. I also found that, because I had never had to try too hard before, my attempts to be smooth and seductive were somewhat pathetic. I would often sidle up to her, and make some suggestion or other, and she would put me down in a haughty and sneering manner in front of other employees. What I found strange was, that this seemed to turn me on. Being treated like dirt by this strong woman awoke a submissive side in me I had never experienced before, and only made me more determined to have her for myself.


After a couple of months of persistently trying, she finally agreed on a date with me. It went fairly well, and she began to be warmer and friendlier towards me. Gradually we built up to a full-blown relationship, although it was very much on her terms. Lisa was obviously used to having her own way, and because I was obsessed with her I went along with whatever she wanted. She controlled everything, where we went, when and where we had sex, and how often. Believe me, it was not nearly often enough for me. I soon decided that I had to marry her, to make sure I could have her when I wanted, and because I knew I could not bear to be without her.


Luckily, she agreed eventually to my proposal, and I remember we had a very boozy evening together to celebrate. I remember as I got more and more drunk, she began to ask me more and more personal questions in order to get to know more about me. My answer to her question about my favourite sexual fantasy was later to come back and haunt me. I drunkenly told her that the thought of her spending the night with a well endowed man, and then coming back to me and making me clean the cum out of her pussy really drove me wild. At the time she just smiled, and moved on to something else.


We decided we would get married in the Caribbean, just the two of us, as neither of us wanted a lavish affair. Lisa picked up some brochures, and pointed out a resort catering for people who liked to wander about completely naked in the sun.


"I have always wanted to get an all over tan," she told me enthusiastically.


Though I was not so keen on the idea, I agreed, because as I said, what Lisa wants, Lisa gets. I made all the arrangements; we would stay for two weeks, getting married at the end of the first week. I must admit, as the time to go approached, I was getting pretty excited about the whole thing.


We arrived at the Island resort quite late on the Friday evening, and went to bed almost immediately, being tired from the long flight. We got up bright and early next morning, with the bright sunlight flooding our room. Lisa was keen to get out by the pool as soon as possible, I think she wanted to give everyone the benefit of her gorgeous naked body. I told her that I was not comfortable about that myself, and would wear my shorts.


"Probably just as well," she observed. "Your dick is a bit tiny, isn't it darling? I wouldn't want you getting an inferiority complex!" She had never made such a comment before, and I found it a little hurtful.


We found a spot by the pool, and Lisa stretched out on a sun lounger. Her naked body looked absolutely fabulous, and I noticed quite a few men taking a second look as they passed by. This gave me an uncomfortable feeling of jealousy, particularly as Lisa smiled at quite a few of them. After we had sat for a while soaking up the hot sun, Lisa told me to go get her a drink.


When I returned, Lisa was staring intently at a well-built young black guy, also naked, who was chatting with a friend at the other side of the pool. I looked over, and was immediately drawn to what was hanging between his legs. Although limp, his cock hung down quite a way, and looked very thick. I had never seen anything that size before.


"Will you take a look at that," gasped Lisa. He is hung like a donkey! What woman would not like a piece of that!" I felt very uncomfortable at her speaking in this way, particularly after her rather cruel comment about my cock a little earlier. Her next comment made me feel even worse.


"You remember your fantasy about me being fucked by a big man and forcing you to clean me afterwards? I think we just might make that come true during this holiday!"


"No Lisa," I protested. "I didn't mean I really wanted..."


"Get me another drink," she snapped, cutting me off.


When I got back this time, Lisa was with the black man, and they were chatting and laughing. She stayed with him for a good half-hour, and I was not at all happy to see her stroking his huge biceps and broad chest as he devoured her naked body with his eyes. Eventually she returned to me with a huge grin on her face.


"His name is Ben," she informed me. "And he is absolutely gorgeous. I am delighted to say he wants to fuck me, and he is going to pick me up in the bar at 10 tonight."


"You can't be serious," I protested. "You are my Fianc‚e, we are getting married on Friday!"


"Oh stop whining," she said. "I'm just helping you live out your fantasy. Besides, what's one night, when we will have our whole lives together? Look on it as a last fling."


"I can't say I am happy about it," I told her, feeling miserable.


"No, but I will be," she smiled. "That cock looks even more impressive close up. I can't wait to see it hard and erect!"


We were sitting in the bar, when Ben came over promptly at ten. Lisa got up as he approached, put her arms around him and gave him a long, open-mouthed kiss.


"Are you ready?" asked Ben. Ignoring me completely.


"Are you kidding?" she replied. "I have been soaking wet all day thinking about tonight. Let's get back to your place, so I can feel that cock in my mouth!"


As I watched her walk away hand in hand with her large, soon to be new lover, I realised that I did not want the fantasy to come true, the idea of my Lisa with another man made me feel sick. I went back to our apartment, and spent a largely sleepless night imagining Lisa in Ben's huge arms, knowing that I could not hope to compete with him in the cock department. Finally, I got to sleep, and the next thing I remember is being woken up by Lisa, who was happily singing to herself.


"Come on," she said cheerfully. "Down on your knees, time to complete your fantasy."


"No," I replied grumpily. I don't enjoy that fantasy anymore, I won't do it." She leaned over me, and spoke menacingly.


"If you want to see anything of me at all during this holiday, I suggest you get down and clean me up now!" "He shouted.


Reluctantly, I dropped to my knees in front of her, and she lifted her short dress, revealing that she had left off her panties. Her pussy looked really puffy, as though it had recently seen a lot of robust action. I could see drops of white at the entrance, and her pussy hair was matted. Tentatively, I leaned forward and began to lick her.


"Suck all of Ben's lovely cum out of me," she ordered. "He went to a lot of trouble putting four loads into me last night, and another just ten minutes ago. God, Tony he fucked me rigid I have never had such fabulous sex in all my life. Compared to him, cum sucking is all you are fit for. Oh by the way, Ben wants me to stay with him every night for the rest of the holiday, I think he likes the fact that I will do absolutely anything for him in bed!"


"No, please!" I exclaimed. You are my girl, when am I going to get to have sex with you?"


"Not until we get home," Lisa replied firmly. "I am not the sort of girl who can sleep with two men at the same time, and given the choice I would rather be fucked by Ben any time."


I was in shock, trying to make sense of it all. I again reminded Lisa of the fact that we were supposed to be getting married on Friday, and asked how she could sleep with someone else after she became my wife. She responded saying that I would have to accept being a cuckold for the first week of our marriage, and that considering we would be together for 40 or 50 years, one week wasn't too much to put up with.


"That is assuming you still want to get married," she said.


"Of course I do," I assured her.


"Then you must accept my terms," she insisted. "Oh and I shall want my pussy sucked clean every morning, like today. It's the only way you can make sure I come back to you every day. Now, I need to catch up on my sleep so get dressed and sit by the pool, I want to be left in peace."


I went out, bought a newspaper and sat by the pool feeling wretched. How had I allowed myself to get in this position? Lisa knew how desperate I was to keep her, and was using that to walk all over me. My misery was further compounded when Ben walked past me as I was reading. He flashed me a smug "I am fucking your woman" smile at me, and chuckled as he went by.


It was two or three hours later before Lisa emerged naked from the apartment and plonked herself down on the sunbed next to me. I looked at her lying there, and wanted to fuck her so badly, but knew she had made her mind up to deny me until we got home.


That evening went much the same as the previous one. Ben came over at 10, only this time instead of going to his place; the two of them stood at the bar. They were laughing and kissing openly, and the black man was groping her young body. I could not stop myself from looking at them, and occasionally Lisa would look over at me, smile, and rub her hand up and down the front of Ben's trousers. She was taunting me, and flaunting her infidelity in front of me and everybody else in the bar. I could not help notice several people looking at me, and then whispering to each other and laughing. Finally I could take no more, and made my way off to bed. I could hear Lisa and Ben laughing at me as I left the bar.


Next morning, when Lisa lifted her dress for the ritual cum sucking, I noticed her pussy was totally bare.


"You have shaved your pussy," I exclaimed.


"Yes," she replied. "Ben wanted me to do it, and as he is the one giving me all the pleasure he gets what he wants."


It felt strange licking her bald pussy, as I had always preferred it with pubic hair. Obviously I no longer had any choice in the matter. When I had finished, Lisa announced that she wanted a shower and asked me to wash her back.


I did this for her, and then she turned round and told me to soap her breasts and pussy. I was naked like her, and she watched amused as my little cock began to get stiff. She was teasing me unmercifully and enjoying every moment. She made me dry her with the towel, and when I had done she took my cock in her hand, making it twitch violently.


"My, you really do need to come don't you?" she laughed.


"Yes I do," I replied expectantly.


"Well you had better go to the bathroom and pull yourself off, while you picture Ben's huge black dick stretching my pussy as he fucks me until I beg for mercy!" she told me cruelly, and went back to bed laughing loudly.


We were making final preparations for the wedding, and I again asked Lisa if she was really going to sleep with Ben on our wedding night. She confirmed that she was, saying there was no possibility of me having her whilst we were on the Island. For some reason that I still cannot rationalise, I found myself asking if I could at least be there and watch.


"What?" Lisa screamed. "Tony I knew you were a pathetic no dick wimp, but a pervert as well? You actually want to stand there and watch while another man fucks your wife on your wedding night?" I hung my head, my face bright red.


"Alright," she went on. "I will ask Ben if he will allow it, but I warn you it will be humiliating for you I will see to that!"


The wedding day arrived. The ceremony was set for seven in the evening, when it was a bit cooler. Saying it was bad luck for me to see her before the wedding, Lisa had stayed with Ben since the previous evening. She arrived with him just before seven.


Lisa stood next to me in the little open building that resembled a bandstand. She looked fabulous in a very short, low cut white dress.


"This is funny," she laughed. "I am standing here about to marry you with another man's cum running down my leg!"


The minister arrived, and we were ready to go. Several of the guests from our hotel had gathered to watch the ceremony, and most of them knew very well about Lisa's activities with Ben, as they had not been at all discreet. Lisa then made sure that everyone knew the situation.


"Hey Ben," she called. "As you are taking care of the wedding night duties you should be standing next to me too!" Ben grinned and came to join her, as everyone watching laughed. When the service was over, and I was told I could kiss the bride I turned to my new wife. She turned and allowed me just to kiss her on the cheek, then turned to Ben and kissed him passionately to cheers from the assembled guests. We all returned to the bar for the reception. Speeches were dispensed with, and we just cut the cake before the dancing began. Lisa had a great time dancing with everyone but me, saving most of the dances for the man who would consummate the marriage on my behalf. At about ten, Lisa came over to me.


"Are you coming then?" she asked


"Yes," I replied meekly.


"Right, well you had better do exactly as you are told," she warned. "Or I will see that Ben beats the shit out of you!"


Lisa and Ben announced they were leaving, and I followed a few steps behind.


"Are you going to watch, to see how it's done?" laughed a young black girl as we left, causing hilarity amongst the crowd.


Once in Ben's bedroom, Lisa ordered me to strip, keep my mouth shut, and my hands away from my cock. Then she and Ben slowly undressed each other, passionately French kissing the whole time. Then Ben sat on a chair, with my new bride kneeling before him. I was told to kneel right next to Lisa as she took hold of his cock and stroked it to erection. I was amazed at the size it grew to, it must have been at least 11", and nearly as thick as a beer can.


"Isn't it magnificent?" cooed Lisa. "If any woman tells you that size doesn't matter, they are lying. This horse cock has done things to me that you could never dream of."


My wife then began to plant kisses on the sensitive thick bulbous head of Ben's cock, telling him all the time how much she loved it and how it felt when plugged into her cunt up to the balls. She then spent a long time lovingly sucking as much of his cock as she could into her mouth, as well as licking all the way up and down the long shaft and taking his balls into her mouth.


When she had finished, she stood up and straddled Ben's legs facing me. She told me to kneel in front, so that my face was inches away from the erect cock. She took hold of it, and lowered herself slowly on to it until she was completely impaled.


"Oh Tony, you have no idea how good that feels deep inside me," she told me, raising herself almost off him. "Look at my juices coating his cock, it will be a while before you get this treatment. You are going to have to sort out that hard on yourself when you get back to the apartment."


Lisa kept up the taunting as she bounced up and down faster and faster on her lover's cock. She became more vocal as her orgasm approached, finally crying out at just the time Ben emptied his balls into her womb. She sat for a while regaining her composure, then lay on the bed spreading her legs.


"Clean up time cuckold," she announced.


Embarrassed with having Ben watch me sucking his cum out of my wife, I leant forward to complete the now familiar task. When I had done, Lisa got up and to my surprise pulled me by the hair until I was once again kneeling before Ben. He stood up, and Lisa told me to suck him clean too.


"No please," I begged. "You can't ask me to do that!"


"I am not asking," she declared menacingly. "Now get your mouth round Ben's cock and suck him until I tell you to stop!"









I got the cock in my mouth feeling disgusted, and Lisa told me to put my hands behind my back, as it made me look more submissive. I felt foolish, humiliated and degraded with my head bobbing backwards and forwards on a big black cock, with my wife watching and taunting me. After a time, Lisa held the back of my head, and encouraged Ben to fuck my face hard until he filled my mouth with cum. This he eventually did after about half an hour. I was then sent away so that they could carry on their wedding night fucking in private.


After this humiliating evening, the following days followed a similar pattern. Lisa would spend the days with me, flaunting her naked body at me but not allowing me to kiss her, or touch her in any way other than sucking her slime filled cunt. She would also taunt me endlessly about the prowess of her black lover, and how happy and satisfied he made her. At night we would sit in the bar until Ben picked her up. I noticed that they began to stay longer and longer, kissing and groping each other right in front of me. They would then leave hand in hand, with Lisa wishing me a satisfying jerk off. I could not believe I had allowed myself to get into this situation.


One evening after they had left, I saw a young woman enter the bar alone. She was about 21, the same height as Lisa with long jet-black hair. I noticed she looked faintly oriental, perhaps Japanese. I walked over to the bar where she had sat down and introduced myself. She seemed very friendly, and told me her name was Anna. Apparently she had an English father and Japanese mother, which accounted for her stunning oriental looks. She told me she was on holiday with a girlfriend, who had decided to go to bed early.


Things were going really well, I bought her several drinks and the conversation was flowing nicely. During our chat, she constantly crossed her legs, showing me plenty of thigh, and leaned forward regularly to give me a good view of her ample cleavage. I had the feeling that I would definitely be able to get her back to my apartment and get rid of some of my frustration. I was just about to suggest that we adjourn to my place when she got up to go. I touched her arm to try and stop her.


"I thought we might go back to my place and have some fun," I suggested.


"Do you seriously think," she laughed. "That I would sleep with an inadequate man with a dick so tiny that he has to get a real man to fuck his wife on his wedding night?" She obviously knew all about my situation.


Her cruel taunt, combined with my frustration made me angry, and I stood up to block her path.


"Listen you fucking little prick teaser," I snarled. "I don't have to take that from you!"


Then everything went black for a second, as Anna brought her knee up viciously between my legs causing incredible pain in my balls, which seemed to travel right up my stomach. I dropped to my knees, involuntarily crying out in agony. Anna walked away without a word, leaving me feeling sick and the few people left in the bar sniggering.


Next morning, I heard Lisa coming in and got to my knees ready for her. As she came towards me, I noticed she had a face like thunder. Instead of lifting her dress, she lapped me savagely across the face, backward and forward at least four times.


"I have been talking to Anna," she snarled. "You tried to fuck her last night."


"But Lisa," I pleaded. "You won't let me..."


"Now listen," she interrupted. "I am the only one of us who is getting any sex on this holiday, I will not have you cheating on me!"


"I'm sorry," I whimpered.


"Not as sorry as you are going to be," she assured me. "Now get your face in my cunt and clean me. This is the nearest thing to sex you are going to get."


That evening in the bar, Lisa left me sitting at the table when Ben arrived. Instead of leaving, they went to the bar and began chatting to a couple of black guys and two of the local black girls. About ten minutes later, I saw Anna arrive with another young black guy and they joined the company. It was getting late by now, and the other guests had left. The bar doors were locked, and Lisa came over to me.


"We are having a little private party," she told me. "Come and join us." I walked over with Lisa to the others at the bar.


"You know Anna of course," Lisa said. "You tried to get in her panties last night."


"Yes," Anna continued. "I feel bad about abusing your poor balls, so I am going to let you have a look at my pussy."


She lifted up her short dress to reveal her pussy fringed with jet-black hair. It was obvious she had been fucked very recently.


"It's full of cum I'm afraid," Anna announced somewhat superfluously. "Perhaps you would like to get down and clean it for me."


I hesitated, and felt strong male hands pushing me to my knees. Anna grabbed the back of my head, pulled me to her pussy and ordered me to suck.


"Oh look," she said, as I lapped away at her. "See how greedily he eats that cum. I think he must have been born for this."


"With his tiny dick, he certainly wasn't born to fuck," Lisa observed, and all those gathered round laughed at me.


When I had cleaned Anna up, she turned to Lisa and asked if she really made me suck cock. Lisa confirmed that she had.


"I would love to watch that," Anna said enthusiastically. "Ben could you stick your cock into the pansy's mouth and make him suck you off?"


Ben stepped forward, unzipped his fly and released his cock. Grabbing me by the hair, he forced it into my mouth and made me suck.


"Come on," chided Lisa. "You know the position, hands behind your back!"


As I knelt in that submissive position, my head bobbing backwards and forwards, the women began to taunt me, Anna in particular.


"Look at the little faggot," she sneered. "How could you marry a wimp like that Lisa?"


"I have my reasons," Lisa replied enigmatically.


Once again, Ben lasted a long time and when he eventually shot his load into my unwilling mouth the others gave a spontaneous round of applause. I was then thrown out of the bar as the others partied way into the night.


On the day before we were to go home, I had arranged a coach trip for Lisa and I to have a look around the island. It was a very early start, so Lisa told me to pick her up at Ben's place. When I arrived, Ben told me to take a seat. As I sat down, I could hear from another room the sound of bedsprings taking a real hammering. This was accompanied by a loud female voice. The sounds were a mixture off gasps, sobs and a sort of unintelligible pleading. It was unmistakably Lisa's voice. After a time, the sound changed to rapid panting followed by a loud scream, signifying that orgasm had been reached. It went very quiet then, and nothing happened for about ten minutes.


Eventually, Lisa emerged in a sort pink robe, which showed almost all of her gorgeous legs. I felt my cock twitch as she sauntered towards me.


"Ah you are here," she said. "I expect you heard all the noises Dave here dragged out of me with his magnificent cock. He is not quite as good as Ben, but then nobody I have ever met is. Now, are you ready to get down and clean me?"


"Can't we go back to the apartment?" I asked, not wanting the two men watch me.


"No," Lisa replied emphatically. "Dave is very keen to watch you suck his cum out of me."


Resignedly, I knelt down and sucked yet another man's cum out of my wife. When I had finished I made to rise.


"No," Lisa stopped me. "Now clean Dave, and suck another load out of him."


After I had completed my distasteful duties to the satisfaction of my wife and her two lovers, she announced that she wanted to spend the rest of the day with them, and I should go on the trip on my own.


Finally, the holiday was over, and we were on the plane home. Once we were airborne, I ordered champagne for Lisa and myself. Clinking glasses with her I said:


"To be honest, this holiday has been a nightmare for me but now I am happy that were are going home to start a normal married life, and I can at last have my wedding night."


"It depends what you call normal," Lisa remarked. "You see when we get back to the big new house your daddy bought us, Ben will also move into it, and into my bed. So you see you will not be getting the wedding night you have been longing for, in future any sexual relief you get will be courtesy of your right hand. You will have a regular opportunity of watching me getting it from Ben, and of course there will be plenty of sucking on smooth, cum-filled pussy for you. I also intend to make you an expert cocksucker. It will be your party piece for Ben and I, and all our friends."


"I don't understand any of this," I exclaimed. "What the hell is going on?"


"Let me explain it to you slowly," Lisa said quietly. "I have worked for your dad for 5 years, and he knows me very well. Ben did not work for the resort; he also has worked for your dad for the past 10 years, and has been my boyfriend for two.


"Your dad approached me to say that he thought I would be the ideal wife for you, someone who would not take any nonsense and would be able to keep you in line. He was pretty sure that you would fall for me, and he was right. He also asked me to check out whether you were a fit person to hand the company over to you when he retires. After watching you for the first couple of months, I reported back to your dad. I told him that I was prepared to marry you, purely as a business arrangement, and I told him that I would show him clear proof of what a weak-willed, gullible waste of space you are." She pulled out an envelope and handed it to me.


Inside were a series of pictures, obviously stills from a video. There were shots of me on my knees sucking cum out of Lisa and Anna's pussy and sucking Ben's cock. The final one showed me watching passively as my new bride was being fucked by Ben.


"Although you never saw them," Lisa advised me. "Your Mom and Dad have been on the island the whole time, and they have both seen these pictures. When your Mom saw them, she made me promise that I would never allow you sex with me again, as you don't deserve it."


"So what happens now?" I asked, totally bewildered.


"You will continue to work for the company," she told me. "But you will work properly. In keeping with your talents, you will act as errand boy and general dogsbody for the 30 girls in the typing pool. I believe quite a few of them have been fucked and then dumped by you, so I am sure they will work you pretty hard. Your generous monthly allowance will now be paid directly to me, along with my salary. You will be comfortable, and you will eat and dress well, but you will not have control of any money. While at home, you will serve Ben and I in any way we require."


"And if I refuse?" I asked defiantly.


"Then we will have your cock locked up, and you will be denied any relief until you comply. That again was your Mom's idea. I am sure the girls you abused would be delighted to cocktease you unmercifully, and I would certainly enjoy doing it when you get home. You can of course leave, but you will go without a penny, and with your lack of any sort of talent or ability, I am sure you will starve in a month."


"No," I said, after thinking it over for a while. I don't believe any of this, my Mom and Dad would never treat me that way."


"Take a look, two rows back," Lisa replied.


I stood up, and looked back down the plane. There sitting together, were Mom, Dad and Ben drinking champagne. As they saw me, the three of them raised their glasses and smiled.




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