The Earnest Cuckold Story

I groaned in pain and she told me that since she wanted Ben to cum inside her pussy on this trip, that after she reached orgasm, I would be permitted to stick my little prick inside her and cum.

For the rest of week, I wore not Stacey's panties, but the ones she had bought for me some time ago. They fit properly and helped keep me hard, serving as a constant reminder of my cuckold position and of my wife's sexual desires now being satisfied by her lover's cock.



A sequel to the Black Cock Club – Cuckold Story

Story of a club where cuckold husbands and their Wives are having fun.

The feeling of your dick straining in vain to get fully hard in the face of such temptation is a weird feeling that takes a lot of getting used to, although it does keep you interested in your cuckold's duties as you can't become distracted by playing with yourself. So the three of us caged men stood back out of the way to let the action unfold.



Cuckold Story - Cuckold's Clinic

Extracts from the clinic journals of Dr Ward as submitted to the Cuckoldry Review. Dr Ward outlines a typical day at the clinic and the work she undertakes with her young assistant Cara.

Humiliation is vital in a cuckold’s training as it stops his pride building back to the point where he may become resistant.



Cuckold Story - Cuckolded by Big Vick

Story of a male with a little dick who ended as a cuckold slave for his bride to be and her new black lover.



So You Want To Be a Cuckold?

Story of Wife who turned the tables on husband and forced him into being a cuckold for life.



Cuckold story - Cuckold's Birthday Present in Progress

Another hot story from real cuckold life, this one from both perspectives. Locked in chastity belt, husband becomes wife's bitch.



Cuckold Story - How I Became a Cuckold

She explained the cocept of Goddess Female and male submission. She started making me "worship" her pussy orally every time she came over.


cuckold husband trailers  


Cuckold story - Non-Artificial Insemination

The only way to have a baby is to became a slut wife and a cuckold husband. Wife starts to work in a brothel.



Cuckold Story - Stuck

A young married couple has car trouble. A stranger will help them if she plays with his cock while husband watches.



Cuckold Story - My First Cuckold Memory

Wife’s night out ended in the bed of another man. Husband finds himself aroused by her story.



Cuckold Story - Kinky Cuckold

Cuckold story of kinky bi-sexual behavior.







Cuckold story - Cuckold For My Wife and Her Sister

This story is how I met my wife Susan and how Susan and her sister fucked me and abused me.



Cuckold Story - Cuckold's Letter

The following is a letter of reply to my friend who just wrote about his wife's first 'date'.



Cuckold Story - A Husband Owned by His Wife

She seemed to enjoy rubbing her messy pussy all over my face especially sticking my nose inside her. When she felt finished with me, she would roll off me and go to sleep. When I would wake up in the morning my face would be crusted in her lovers cum.



Cuckold story - Jackie Makes Two Cuckolds Submit

I think that what drives a man to desire to be cuckolded is intense desire for a woman, even to the point of needing to see her at the highest point of erotic pleasure.



Cuckold Story -  Cuckold Creampie Story

After he came I had to eat her creampie and then she laid there and laughed at me as I got my first spanking with Tim’s belt.


dominated cuckold wimp  


Cuckold Stories - Slut Wife Story

My wife is a slut wife and I made her that way.  She’s been ass fucked; cum in; had her pussy eaten by a few lesbians; sucked off various dudes; been whored out



Cuckold Stories - Submissive Husband Story

How I became cuckold husband. One of long cuckold stories.

Take off the tongue stretcher only when eating and the plug only while using the bathroom. There are 2 keys to the chastity device; one will be with Sonia and the other with me.  



Cuckold Stories - Humiliated Husband Story

Cheating wife is waiting a baby....



Cuckold Stories - Sissy Cuckold Story

I really do so adore being a sissy!

I threw open the door and saw Liz lying on the edge of our bed, her legs thrown over Antwan’s shoulders. My partner was standing alongside the bed, lifting Liz’s ass off the bed, as he plunged the most enormous cock I’d ever seen in my life in and out of my wife’s gaping pink and swollen cunt.



Cuckold Stories

Small cock humiliation story.


cum licking cuckold


Cuckold Stories - Hot Wife Story

One of long cuckold stories about Hot Wife Julie.



Cuckold Stories - Submissive Story

Mistress Wife, cuckold and hand sex story.



Cuckold Story - Cuckold Husband and Bull Party

Then we each had to hold the bull’s cock and help guide it into our wives. In a row the women all sighed or gasped as the huge bull cocks slid into them. This was for real. I knew Babs was not on birth control, but I could not help but join in.



Cuckold Story - Loser Cuckold Wimp

Cuckold is dominated and inslaved by wife's lover.



Cuckold Story - Caribbean Nightmare

So you see you will not be getting the wedding night you have been longing for, in future any sexual relief you get will be courtesy of your right hand. You will have a regular opportunity of watching me getting it from Ben, and of course there will be plenty of sucking on smooth, cum-filled pussy for you.



Cuckold Story - Fuck Privileges

It was her discovery of sex newsgroups and web sites devoted to wife sluts and cuckolded husbands that really set her off.



Cuckold Story - Brenda

He is going to give her a black baby, so that everyone, your family, friends and neighbours will know that your wife has been taking black cock, and making a cuckold of you.






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