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Descent Into Despair






Howard was driving toward Deadman’s Curve going 70 miles per hour; a speed that he knew would send him crashing over the guardrail. How did his nice orderly life turn into this? His name is Howard Bellows, although people called him Howie and he was 42 years old. He worked hard from the day he graduated as a pharmacist. For several years he was employed by the largest drug store in town, saved his money and opened his own drug store. He worked 6 or 7 days a week while he built his business. Now he has a beautiful home and enjoyed a good income, so he decided now was the time to start and enjoy life. He never married as he was always too busy to have any kind of social life. He had no friends, only business associates.


The first thing he wanted to get rid of was cooking and cleaning so he advertised for a live-in housekeeper who would also do cooking. His old office, which had a separate entrance, could easily be redone as maid quarters. It did not have a shower or tub, but it had a good toilet and sink with hot and cold water. He ran the ad for 3 days and had only one applicant. She was black, not that he was prejudice, but she did not fit the mental image he had of a kindly older women who would look after the house like it was her own. Her name was Bella, in her mid thirty’s, a big boned heavy set women. She also had an 18 year old daughter. Howie did not like the idea of another person in his house, especially a teenager, but Bella insisted she was a good girl and a great help for her. He was somewhat reluctant, but since he had no other applicants he gave her the job.


From the day they moved in, Sandra, her daughter, would go out of her way to tease him. He had to admit she was a sexy young girl. Once he asked her why she wore such short skirts to school. She said because it makes the boys hot. “Do I make you hot Mr. Bellows?” she said with a grin.


She would never do anything when her mother was around; Sandra would wait until her mother was busy somewhere else and then the teasing would start. She would often stick her finger in her mouth and suck it or rub herself between her legs, all the time staring at him.


Once when he was watching TV and her mother was preparing dinner, she came into the room with a banana. Sitting on a chair close to Howie, between him and the TV, and slouching down so he could glimpse her panties under her short skirt, she started kissing it while staring at him. Next she took the banana and rubbed it over her breasts. The teasing little witch was not wearing a bra under her sweater because he could see her nipples stiffen. Looking him in the eyes, she spread her legs and slowly pushed the banana in and out of her panty covered pussy. “Would you like to be this banana Mr. Bellows?”


Around her mother she acted more like a twelve year old. She would talk about school or some boy teasing her and pulling her hair. She wore her hair in pigtails and would often giggle when talking to her “mommy.” Often when her mother would go to the kitchen for something, she would pull up her skirt and spread her legs wide to give him a good look at her panties. Her skirt was always down by the time her mother returned. One time when her mother left for a few moments, she stood up, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to one side showing her pussy. She was standing not more than 5 ft. away making sure Howie got a good look.


She still played with a doll she called Mr. Bluejeans because it was a male farmer doll wearing overalls. Often after dinner Sandra and Howie would watch TV while her mother cleaned up the kitchen. When she was sure her mother could not hear she would start her teasing. Holding the doll to her breasts she would say in her little girl voice, “Be a good sucky baby and suck mommy’s titty.” Then she would spread her legs and use the dolls head to masturbate herself with. “Mr. Bluejeans you are too small to satisfy mommy. Are you bigger Mr. Bellows?”


One day over dinner Bella asked Howie if it would be OK if Sandra watched TV with him in the evening. She said she liked to relax after a days work, maybe read a little before going to bed early. Sandra liked to watch TV although the blaring TV disturbed her and prevented her from sleeping. TV was Sandra’s main form of entertainment because she did not go out with boys the way other girls her age did. She would be grateful if he let Sandra watch TV with him. Bella said she would watch whatever he wanted to watch and if she gave him any trouble he was to send her to her room. He was not keen on the idea but her mother painted this picture of innocence and virtue that he began to think maybe he was judging Sandra too harshly. In the end he agreed.  “Thank you Mr. Bellows,” Sandra said as she came over and kissed him on the cheek.


Since they had no tub or shower, every night Sandra had been going to the main bathroom upstairs, having her bath or shower and returned to the maid quarters. Starting that night she would have her bath and come down to watch TV wearing her short bathrobe. Sometimes it was half open as she made sure Howie could see that she was nude under her robe. She would find all kinds of ways to flash her pussy or show her small breasts to him, all the while with a teasing smile. She did not sit on the sofa where he expected, but on his lap. He should have told her to get off him the first time she did it but since he didn’t, this became the norm. She often wiggled around on his lap and he knew she could feel his hard-on even though he was fully clothed.


One evening she came into the den where they watched TV and said, “One of the boys spanked me after school because I would not do something he wanted. If I have a bruise on my bottom my mother will kill me. Have a look Mr. Bellows and tell me.” She turned in front of him, pulled up her robe and said, “Feel my bottom all over Mr. Bellows and I’ll tell you when you get to the part that hurts.”


Howie should have known better but she was too tempting not to touch. After a couple minutes she said,” I guess it doesn’t hurt anymore. Do you want to spank me too Mr. Bellows and make me do what that boy wanted?”


“And what was that?”


“He wanted me to suck his cock. He said he would give me five dollars. Would you give me five dollars to get what he wanted Mr. Bellows?”


That was typical of her teasing. Once on her way to the bathroom she said she sprained her ankle and would he rub it for her. She flopped down in his chair forcing him to sit on the floor to massage her ankle. “That feels soo good Mr. Bellows. Do you see anything else you would like to massage?” She was not wearing anything under her robe. “Maybe I should give you a massage. My boyfriend says my massages are great, especially when I massage his cock. Would you like a massage Mr. Bellows?”


Once he had to use the bathroom while she was in the tub. He asked her to hurry up and finish her bath. She said she would close the curtain so he could go in privacy. He was desperate so he did. He had barely started pissing when Sandra giggling said, “Oh Mr. Bellows, you have a nice one. Your cock looks so much bigger and better than my boyfriend’s.”


Bella treated her like a little girl. She obviously didn’t know Sandra had a boyfriend, gave him massages and who knows what else. It’s always the mother that’s the last to know.


The pattern had become set. Every night after her bath Sandra would come down stairs in her bathrobe and sit on his lap to watch TV. She was nude under her robe and made sure he knew it by often letting it open. Watching TV she would squirm on his lap making sure he got a hard on.


One time she wanted to watch a teen movie. When he reluctantly agreed she hugged him pressing her small breasts against his chest and stuck her wet tongue in his ear. She would often tell him stories about what she did with her boyfriend. She probably made up most of it just to turn him on.


For example one night she said, “My boyfriend is always trying to get me to suck him off. He said he wanted to feel my lips tight around his cock. Last weekend he offered me ten dollars if I sucked his cock and let him shoot his cum in my mouth, so I let him do it. Was I a bad girl to let him do that Mr. Bellows?”


Another time she said, “What I like best is when my boyfriend sucks my titties. It makes me tingle all over so I could not say no when he wanted to fuck me. Anyone that sucks my titties gets me so hot they can fuck me. Do you want to suck Mr. Bellows?”


The lounge where we watched TV was dark. Sandra wanted it that way in case her mother ever came to the door because she often sat on his lap with her robe open. Sometimes she would grab his hand and rub it over her body.


In hindsight it’s easy to say all he had to do was send her to her room and tell her mother there would be no more TV watching, but at the time he thought it was harmless teenage flirting and that he could keep it under control. It was only a matter of time before something went wrong. One night she said, “Mr. Bellows, you make me feel so good that I want to make you feel good too. Tomorrow after school I’m going to give you what I give my boyfriend all the time. I want you to be wearing your pajamas when I arrive. You are going to have the best time of your whole life.”


The following afternoon she came in wearing her sexy school dress. “This is going to be a dream come true for you Mr. Bellows, fucking a schoolgirl and making her do nasty things like suck your cock.” Howie was wearing his pajamas and his cock was sticking out even before she flashed her bare pussy and straddled him. She lowered herself slowly on his cock; he felt soo good. She squeezed him with her pussy and he shot his cum into her. Then she called out in a loud voice, “Mr. Bellows you should not be forcing me to do this. You are taking advantage of me.” She had no sooner said that when her mother rushed in.


“Mommy, mommy, Mr. Bellows is raping me. I tried to make him stop but he is too strong for me. He made me sit on his lap and he stuck his thing in me and it hurt.”


“You pervert, raping my innocent daughter. I’ll see that you go to jail for the rest of your life. She is just a schoolgirl and you betrayed her trust by forcing your disgusting lust on her. I am calling the cops right now.”


“Wait, don’t call the police. Let me explain.” Howie tried to tell her how Sandra seduced him and made him loose his self control.


Gradually Bella calmed down. “There is only one way to keep your skinny ass out of jail and that is to marry me. As your wife I can’t testify against you. I always wanted to marry a rich man and live a life of leisure.”


“There is no way I am going to marry you. You are as black as the ace of spades. What would people think? Besides you’re ugly.”


“This is going to be the worst day of your life. Do you know what they do to rapists in prison? You won’t last a year. I’m calling the cops.”


This had to be a setup planned by Bella and her daughter. That was the first time he was in pajamas waiting for Sandra to come home from school. There was not a jury in the country that would not convict him. So, much as he hated to do it, he agreed to marry Bella. He thought marriage would put an end to it. He was so wrong.


Bella took over completely. She told him she could still testify any time she wanted, and unless he wanted to spend the next 20 years in jail he had better do things her way. She decided he would be the maid and moved him to the maid’s quarters. She gave away all his clothes and purchased a few ill fitting used clothes for him. She became the lady of the house, took over the master bedroom, and moved her boyfriend Sam in with her. Sandra took the second bedroom and moved her boyfriend Jake in with her. Howard became the houseboy who did all the cooking, washing and cleaning. He also supplied all the money.


That became his new life. After working all day he would come home, ask Bella what they wanted for dinner and then cook it for them. When they were finished he would eat from the leftovers. Next he would do housecleaning or other assigned duties while they watched TV. He did not even have the status of a maid; he had become a slave.


 Bella had given him to Sandra as her maid to reward her for seducing him. Sandra fucked her boyfriend a lot but she liked to have Howie suck her pussy. Whenever she needed to pee, she would pee into a big glass jar. Later Howie had to drink it in front of Sandra and Jake and tell them how much he liked it. She said she was a princess and that was what slaves did for their princess.


When she fucked Jake she usually wanted Howie there. Sometimes it was to suck her until she was horny, and then she would push him away and pull Jake on top of her; other times he had to let Jake put his cock in his mouth and get it all wet with saliva before Jake  would pull out and push it into her pussy. Watching them fuck would give him a hard on. Sandra kept a ruler handy and she would whack his penis hard if she saw him get stiff. She told him that he was there to serve, not to get enjoyment. He had to stand close and watch them so it was difficult not to get hard, then she would hit him and the pain would make it go soft for a while. He experienced so much pain from her ruler that eventually he could watch them and stay soft, which is what she wanted.


He was starting to think jail was better than this. Bella insisted he call her madam and if he forgot or failed one of her housecleaning inspections, she would get Sam to beat him. Bella was a big muscular woman herself, but she would get immense enjoyment watching her boyfriend hit him. She would make him beg her for forgiveness on his knees and if he did not sound sincere she would make Sam kick him. She also liked to kick him in the nuts, sometimes for no reason at all just so she could enjoy watching him writhe in agony on the floor.


Much as he hated Bella, he hated Sandra more. She would get a sexual rush watching Jake punch him in the face. His bloody nose, begging and crying only turned her on more. Often she would say to Jake, “Hit him some more,” while she masturbated watching.


The humiliation was just as bad. They decided his meals would be eating there leftovers from a dish on the floor. To entertain them they would make him strip naked, then throw darts at his feet to make him dance or paint circles on his ass and use him as a dart board. Kathy often used him as a footstool and she would butt out her cigarettes on his back or ass.



Bella had an evil plan. She had him take out a million dollar life insurance policy, double indemnity with her as the sole beneficiary. This meant that if he died due to accidental reasons, she would get two million.

So that it would not be too obvious, they were going to wait about a year before they arranged for him to have a fatal accident. To increase his mental anguish they told him about the plan and that he only had a year left to live. Sandra said she was going to shit in his coffin before he was buried so that he would have something to remember her by.


There was only one way to defeat them. If he committed suicide during the first year of the policy Bella would get nothing. So, here he was, driving toward Deadman’s Curve doing 70 miles an hour.






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