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Cuckold Story:  Deceitful Wife






Kathy worked in the same office as I did. My name is Bill and I’m a systems analyst for HI-TECH COMPUTERS and Kathy’s job was; I'm not sure, flirting mostly. Her typing and filing were lousy but nobody seemed to mind because everyone in the office was trying to get a date with her including the boss. Kathy had long honey brown hair that came halfway down her back, a saucy smile and a cute wiggle when she walked.


She mostly ignored me but it seemed like every day she went to lunch with a different guy from the office. While the guys were falling all over each other to get a date with her, she could get away with anything. She could come in late or leave early and nobody said a word.


I thought she was the most beautiful girl I knew, but not being one of the jocks I lacked the courage to ask her out to lunch. Gradually she seemed to settle on Frank, one of my co-workers as her boyfriend. Of all the people in the office I disliked him the most. He was a braggart and a bad mannered lout. Several Monday mornings, Kathy was usually late Mondays; he would come in bragging about what a fantastic fuck Kathy was.


Then they had a fight; I didn’t know what it was about, but they were not speaking to each other. That Wednesday to my complete surprise and utter amazement she asked me to take her to lunch. With a pounding heart, I said yes I would love to. Over lunch she said, “I know you like me because I’ve seen the way your cow eyes look at me, and I’m tired of guys like Frank that only want to fuck me. I want to go with a guy that likes me for more than my pussy.”


I told her that I respected her as a person and that I thought friendship and compatibility were more important than sex.


“Good.” She said, “Pick me up at eight o’clock on Friday and we’ll go out.”


So we started dating and I soon fell in love with her. She was so sexy that I hoped for more than a brief goodnight kiss but that’s all I got. Things were going so well that after several months I asked her to marry me and was thrilled when she said yes. After accepting my proposal she said, “Let’s go back to my apartment and we’ll celebrate.” I thought I was finally going to get to make love to her. Back at her place she said, “I don’t want to have sex with you because that should be something for you to look forward to when we are married, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do some sexy stuff. I’m going to teach you how to suck me, and if you do a good job I’ll jerk you off.”


She stripped, laid back on the couch, spread her legs and pulled my head to her pussy telling me to suck her and use lots of tongue. Her pussy juices flooded my tongue twice so I knew I had pleased her. “That’s not too bad for a first attempt but I’m sure with more practice you’ll get better at it. OK, time for your reward. Take off your pants and shorts and come stand in front of me.”


I did as she asked and stood in front of her naked. “Oh, you have a really big one,” as she started jerking me off. Her hand felt so much better than my own that in less than a minute I was shooting my cum as she directed it to the floor. “Ooh, you shoot soo much, now be a good boy and clean up your mess from my carpet.”





Every Friday night, our date night, we would end up back at her place and I would suck her off. She got me to jerk myself instead of her doing it, by telling me it turned her on to watch me jerk myself off.


She was making all the wedding plans and she wanted Frank to be my best man. “But I thought you’re mad at him and I don’t like him either.”


“I was, but we made up and I’ve gone out with him a few times.” I thought he had a smirk on his face when he shook my hand telling me how lucky I was to be marrying a hot chick like Kathy. I always disliked him and I disliked him even more when I found out he had gone out with my fiancée.




We got married and had a two week honeymoon in Jamaica. I was soo looking forward to our 1st night together. I was a virgin and Kathy knew that. She used to tell me that good boys waited until they were married before they got to put it in.


That night we had a good dinner, champagne in our room and I sucked her just a little bit because I knew how horny it made her feel. I couldn’t wait any longer so I got on top and started pushing into her. Suddenly she shoved me off saying, “Get off me; you’re hurting me.”


“Why, what did I do wrong?”


“Your cock is too big for my pussy. You have a horse cock and I’m not letting a horse fuck me.”


“But what can I do to make it better?”


“You can suck me off.”


“But I want to make love to you.”


“Well there might be a way for you to do that. I think if I was loosened and lubricated by some other guy fucking me, I would be able to take your cock.”


“No, I won’t let you have sex with somebody else.”


“Then you’d better get used to jerking yourself off.”


“But you’re my wife. You’re supposed to be faithful to me.”


“And I will be as long as you satisfy me with your tongue.”


“I want to make love to you the way any normal husband does, with my penis.”


“Like I said, there is a way to do that. I like the way Frank fucks me so I’ll let you fuck me after Frank has shot his load in me.”


“Nooo, there has to be some other way.”


“Yes, you can continue to suck my pussy to get me off, but if you ever want to fuck me it will be after I’ve been fucked by Frank or somebody else.”


For the rest of our honeymoon I tried everything I could think of to try and change her mind.. Every morning I gave her a full body massage and sucked her pussy. Every night I would kiss and lick her pussy then suck her off. During the day she would tease me by looking at a guy and saying, “I’d like to fuck him; I bet he doesn’t have a horse cock like you.” During the afternoon in our hotel room she would have me strip naked, stand in front of her and jerk myself off. Kathy said, “If only you would let me fuck someone else first, you could be fucking me right now instead of jerking yourself off like a pathetic looser.”


During the second week her teasing got worse. She told me that she was on her honeymoon and she wanted to get fucked and since I couldn’t do it she needed to find someone that could. She said she was going down to the bar to pick up a stud and not to expect her back before morning. Then she would enjoy my begging and pleading not to do that. She made me paint her fingernails and toenails like I was her maid and trim her pussy hair just to torment me.


I asked her to please let me try again. I said I would lubricate myself well and be gentle if she would just let me try. I was so horny from watching her walk around the hotel room half naked, and it was so frustrating to lie beside her naked body at night and not be allowed to do anything but kiss her. She drove me mad with desire by pushing her pussy against me and whispering in my ear that I could be fucking her right now if I allowed her to go out and fuck somebody else first.


She started flirting with the hotel security guard. She said he had a nice cock that would stretch her real good for me. She wanted me to tell him he could fuck my wife and then get lost for a couple hours so that they could have some privacy. Her teasing and denial was driving me crazy and one night while she was slowly jerking my cock and telling me how good it would feel if I got my cock in her hot wet pussy, I finally agreed to let her go out with her security guard.


She said it turned black guys on if they thought their cocks were bigger than the husbands so I was to reluctantly admit that to him. She said I would be the beneficiary because the security guard would shoot so much cum in her she would be well lubricated when it was my turn. I expected her to do it and then come right back to me so that I could do it too but she said they needed some alone time together so I was to go back to our hotel to wait for her while she went to his place.


I had agreed to this but after leaving them to return to the hotel room I was feeling very depressed. I waited for her until ten pm and still she had not returned. I spotted the magnum of champagne I had ordered which we had barely touched. I started drinking and I must have passed out because I woke up in the morning with Kathy sound asleep beside me in bed.


I woke her up to find out what happened. “Oh honey it was great. He fucked me so good and when I got back my pussy was full of his cum and all stretched out ready for your cock but you were asleep. We still have one more night before we return home so do you want me to make another date with him tonight so that you actually get to fuck me on your honeymoon?” Totally depressed I said no.







After two weeks of sexual frustration for me, we returned home. The honeymoon was over but the teasing was not. She would rub my cock through my pants until I was close to cuming and then quit. In bed I could feel her wet pussy against my leg and she would whisper, “I want to get fucked soo bad, don’t you want to fuck me?” Just to torment me a little more she bought a fake plastic cock and made me watch while she brought herself off. “Pour baby, you could be fucking me instead of this dildo; all you have to do is let Frank fuck me first.”


Eventually I had to give into her. She made me invite Frank to dinner with us in an expensive restaurant. She had a big smile on her face as I stuttered and stammered asking Frank to fuck my wife so that I could get my turn when they were through.


Kathy was amused when Frank said he would agree but I could only fuck her if I wore a condom. “Frank, you are soo bad,” Kathy giggled. Later she told me that Frank did have a point though because a well lubricated condom would make it easier for me to fuck her when her pussy was full of Frank’s cum.


So it was agreed that Kathy and Frank would start dating every Friday night while I waited at home for my wife. After her 1st date she came home all smiles. “I had a real good time tonight and now it’s your turn,” she said pulling a condom out of her purse.


We both got naked and she put on a sexy short nightie that barely covered her pussy. “Come here Billie and I’ll put the condom on for you.” It felt wonderful when she was putting it on me and slowly stroking my cock.. “Does that feel good Billie? Do you want to fuck my juicy pussy now?” The feel of her soft hand on my cock and her sexy words was to much for me and I shot my load into the condom. “Billie, what are you doing? I thought you wanted to fuck me. My pussy is all hot expecting a big cock. If you can’t fuck me you will have to use your tongue to get me off.” I spent most of the next half hour sucking her off. It was disgusting for me because I knew she had been with Frank.




Since she dated Frank only once a week, I often had to use my tongue and lips to give her sexual satisfaction during the week.


The following Friday after being out with Frank she again came home in a good mood, opened her purse and pulled out another condom. This time she lay naked on the bed with a sexy smile on her face. “Come here and I’ll put it on you.”


“No, I’ll put it on myself. I don’t want you to make me cum again before I even get it in.”


“Actually I feel a little tired right now so how about waiting until next week?”


“No I waited all week for this and I let Frank fuck you just so I could get my turn.”


“I’m just teasing you. Really you have no sense of humor at all. Come and fuck me and find out why Frank has such a good time with me.”


I carefully got on top of her and slowly eased my cock into her. That was an incredible sensation. Her pussy felt wonderful. I got all the way into her and her pussy seemed to squeeze and massage my penis. I tried to make it last longer but the feeling was too intense and I shot my load into the condom almost immediately.


Kathy had a slight smirk on her face as she asked, “Did you like that Billie. Did you enjoy your first fuck?


“That was totally awesome. I never felt anything so good. I just wish I could have made it last a little longer.”


“Now I want you to give me a massage and concentrate on my ass. A few kisses on it would be a good way to show your appreciation.”


I massaged her and I could feel myself getting stiff again. I started to rub my cock against her sexy ass. “No you don’t; your cock is way to big for my asshole but your tongue is just right, so get busy.”




For the next 3 weeks it was wonderful; I got to fuck her every Friday night even though her teasing always made me cum sooner than I wanted. I still had to suck her and tongue her ass whenever she wanted though.


One night she came home all smiles saying Frank was taking a week’s holiday in Jamaica and he wanted her to go with him. “Are you crazy; do you think I would even consider letting you go on a holiday with an ex boyfriend? What’s the matter, is fucking my wife once a week not enough for him?”


“As usual, you’re twisting everything out of shape. He doesn’t want to go to Jamaica on his own and you can’t fuck me anyway if he’s not here so what’s your problem?”


“Remember, that’s where we spent our honeymoon.”


“Is that what this is all about? You don’t want me fucking Frank because I wouldn’t let you fuck me on our honeymoon?”


“That’s exactly right.”


“OK, I’ll tell Frank when we go out this Friday but I know he will be pissed.”


I was waiting to make love to my wife when she came in Friday night. She had told me before not to jerk myself off because it was disrespectful to her but I did it last night hoping I could last longer this way and get to enjoy my wife more. As usual she teased me, stripping off her clothes and fingering her pussy right in front of me. “I’m so horny Billie. Do you want to stuff me full with your great big cock and shoot your cum deep inside me?”


I was so turned on that I was worried I might again cum too soon. She looked so sexy lying nude on our bed with her legs spread. I needed to do it fast before I lost my load, but she stopped me just before I could put it in.


“I can’t let you do it hon. Frank was so annoyed you wouldn’t let me go with him he didn’t fuck me; I had to suck him off instead. You know the rules; unless Frank fucks me first you don’t get any.”


“That’s blackmail; tell him no and you can find someone else to fuck.”


“What do you think, I’m a slut? Do you think I’m a whore that would fuck just anyone? I like Frank and I like fucking him way better than you so if you ever expect to get my pussy again, you had better hope Frank keeps screwing me. If you’re going to be this stubborn maybe I should just fuck Frank, because I like his nice cock better than your horse cock.”


“OK, you win, I give up. You can go with Frank.”


“Thank you sweetie, now I’m going to suck your cock for you. See, if you’re good to me, I can be good to you. Frank just loves it when I suck his cock so I’m sure you will too even though you have to wear a condom.”


She grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth. I thought that felt really good. I wouldn’t say she sucked me because she only had the tip in her mouth and she jerked me off with her hand.




I had to pay for the trip and drive them to the airport. Kathy told me she would call every day.


They left Wednesday morning and the following night she called. “The hotel you picked for us is great; the honeymoon suite you had to pay extra for is worth every penny. We get champagne and chocolates sent to our room every day. Frank is pretending to be here with his new bride and I have to go along with it. I have to hug and kiss him in public and tell him I love him. Other guests ask us how long we’ve been married and a couple guys have told Frank how lucky he is to have a sexy wife like me. I gotta go now; Frank is demanding his conjugal rights and as a good wife I have to do what he wants. I’ll call you tomorrow.”


Friday night’s call. “We spent most of the day at the resort beach. It’s an “au natural” beach. Frank wore trunks but he made me go nude. When we sat at the bar he would make me flirt with the guys and he would get a kick out of watching them get a hard on.


“After dinner he taught me how to deep throat him and he just loves it. He starts by holding my head tight against him and he fucks my mouth. When he gets close to cuming he shoves his cock down my throat. I start to gag but my gag reflex squeezes his cock and gives him extra thrills and he shoots his cum right into my stomach. He says it feels wonderful as my throat massages his cock. I told him that if he liked it so much you would probably enjoy it also but he said that had to be something only he and I would do.”


Saturday she was mad at him because he traded her for the hotel clerk’s sexy young girlfriend. He said he always wanted to try black pussy.


Sunday she told me, “Frank spent some of the money you gave us for a massage from the hotel masseuse. She said she would show me how to please my husband. She had me massage his back, legs and feet. I had to finish up by massaging his ass and kissing it. Then she had him turn over and she rubbed hot oil on his chest, stomach, and cock and then she sucked him off. She told me the hot oil made his cock taste good and stimulates him. Frank told me to watch closely so that I could learn how to do it. Now is that any way to treat your wife?”


Monday she said, “Frank wanted to buy a thick gold chain for his neck but I didn’t have enough money left so he let the jewelry guy have me for an hour to make up the difference.


Tuesday was their last night in Jamaica. “Frank is a really bad boy. Do you know what he had me doing? Our taxi driver took us to a club he said the tourists didn’t know about. He said it was really hot and we would have a good time. One half of the club had a stage where the girls stripped naked while doing a sexy dance. They also did private couch dances for customers in a VIP room. The other half of the club had tables and chairs set up for the guys to play poker. Frank wanted to play poker so I was standing behind him watching him play when the club manager came over and asked me if I would like to be one of his strippers. He said it would be a lot more fun than watching a boring card game and I could make some good money stage dancing and a lot more if I entertained in the VIP room. Frank said go ahead and I admit, I was getting bored.


“It was kind of fun. I would strip down to my panties and then dance around the edge of the stage and let the guys touch me and they would throw dollar bills on the stage for me. If a guy threw a 5 dollar bill you would sit on his lap and let him play a little bit”


“What do you mean, play?”


“You know, feel you up a little bit. Often the guy would pay you another 5 or 10 dollars to keep you on his lap a little longer; then you would return to the stage and dance some more. When it was break time I got a rum and coke at the bar, drinks are free for the dancers and I went to see how Frank was doing. He was down over three hundred dollars, and he wanted to know how much I had. I had almost two hundred dollars which I gave him and he said thanks but if I worked the VIP room I could probably make a lot more. I could see he was feeling low so I said I would.”


“What’s a VIP room?”


“Well, there is a lounge and a bar and a guy pays you to go into a little room with him. The only furniture is a little sofa but you can turn on music and entertain him.”


“What do you mean entertain? Do you fuck him?”


“Are you calling me a whore?”


“No Kathy, I’m sorry, it’s just that I miss you soo much.”


“Anyway when the evening was over Frank was amazed at how much money I had. He said he knew a club in our home town I could work in. He said if you agreed, he would split the profits with you.”


“No way, tell him he’s a degenerate.”





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