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I’m a systems analyst for HI TECH COMPUTERS. A gorgeous girl named Kathy works in the same office. She has silky blond hair and deep green eyes. She wears very short skirts and those short tight sweaters that show off her bare midriff. She is a junior programmer, not a very good one, but what she lacks in knowledge she more than makes up for in looks. The boss has threatened to fire her several times because she makes so many mistakes. I think the only reason he hasn’t is that she flirts with him. She is very outgoing and everyone in the office likes her.


I’m almost the opposite. I do my job very well but I’m rather shy, especially when it comes to girls. I’m the only guy in the office that hasn’t tried to date her. I like her a lot but I have never said anything more than good morning.


One morning Mr. Adams came storming out of his office up to Kathy’s desk. “This is the 3rd time you have submitted this simple program and it still doesn’t work. I’ve had it with you; either you fix this up and give it to me first thing in the morning or you are fired.”


The whole office was quiet as he went back to his office and slammed the door. A few minutes later Kathy got up and went into his office closing the door behind her.


“I bet she is going to give him a blowjob,” Tim said.


“It’s time she got fired. I don’t think she has done anything right since she got here. I don’t know why Mr. Adams even hired her,” John replied.


“You know how sexy she is, I bet he didn’t even read her resume,” Alex volunteered


“I’ll bet she didn’t even have a resume,” Tim laughed.


A few minutes later she came out of his office. You could tell by the look on her face that she was not happy. Shortly before lunch, she came over to my desk. “How about taking me to lunch?”


I was thrilled, excited and nervous all at the same time. “Sure,” I stammered out, “Where would you like to go?”


“Go to the Loft. I’ll meet you there. I don’t want anyone from the office to know we’re having lunch. If you leave now you should be able to get a window seat and I’ll join you in about 15 minutes.”


I thought, life doesn’t get much better than this, me Bill Baxter, having lunch with Kathy. The window seats at the Loft are booths. When Kathy arrived she sat close beside me. I could feel her leg pressed against mine.


“You heard what Brian; I mean Mr. Adams said this morning. He is going to fire me. Do you want me to lose my job?”


“No, I like you a lot, I mean working with you.” I could see a slight smile on her face.


“I know you could fix up that program easy. How about coming to my place after work? It would be sort of like a date. You could redo my program and I’ll order a pizza and we’ll have a couple drinks.”


“I would like that. What time do you want me to arrive?”


“You can drive me. Leave the office promptly at 5 pm and wait for me in your car.”


She had brought her laptop from work. In her apartment she made herself a rum and coke saying she would make me one after I fixed her program. I was excited just being in her apartment with her. “There is a TV program coming on that I always watch. I’ll watch it in my bedroom so it won’t disturb you, while you fix up my work. When my program is over I’ll come out and order pizza.”


I could still hear the TV but her program was so simple it didn’t bother me. Looking at her coding I could see it was so bad it’s no wonder Mr. Adams wanted to fire her. I repaired her program and made a couple small changes that would make it more effective than requested.


After her TV show she came out and was very pleased to know that her program was fixed. She ordered the pizza and made two more drinks. I didn’t drink much but I enjoyed that drink just knowing I was alone with Kathy in her apartment. She sat down opposite me and she stuck her bare foot in my crotch. I got a hard on instantly and I know I blushed.


“Does that feel good Billie?”


“Yes, Kathy.”


“Just then the pizza man rang the doorbell. “Get that will you sweetie, I’m a little short of cash right now.”


Over pizza she pumped me for information, especially about my sex life, and while I tried to hide it she found out I was a virgin. “Oh Billie, that is so sweet. I don’t think I have ever met a virgin boy over the age of twelve.” Once she found out how close I lived she said why don’t you pick me up every morning and drive me home at night.


When she gave her program to Mr. Adams in the morning he was ecstatic. “I knew you could do it if you put your mind to it instead of flirting all the time. All you needed was someone to push you a little. Now I want you to fix up the Omega program. I want that fixed by sometime tomorrow.”


Kathy with a confident grin said, “OK boss, you will have it tomorrow morning.”


Later Kathy came over to me. “I am going out to lunch with Alex today but after work you can drive me home and fix up that program, right?”


I felt like she was taking advantage of me a little, but her work was not complex and I loved being with her so I said yes. This one took a little longer and Kathy took a bath while I fixed her program. She came out wearing just her bathrobe.


“Would you like to kiss me Billie?’


“Yes, I would like that very much.”


She sat down putting her foot in my lap. “Then start with my feet and work your way up”. After a couple minutes she spread her robe and pointed to her pussy. “No licking, just kissing.” It was similar with her breasts, “No sucking just kisses.” A little later she said now kiss me. I went to kiss her when she held my head and thrust her tongue deep into my mouth. Chills ran up and down my spine. “Now go home Billie, I have to get ready for a date.”


For the next several days she had no programming to do, just some routine office duties so she ignored me. I asked her out to lunch but she said no, she was having lunch with Tim that day and John the next. She still expected me to pick her up in the morning and take her home at night but she didn’t invite me in. It was like I had become her chauffeur. I was actually glad when I heard Mr. Adams give her a new programming job to do. She had one week to get it done.


That afternoon she was over at my desk. “How about taking me to dinner and then we will go back to my place and you can do some programming for me and then we can have a little fun?”


This was going to be 2 nights work even for me. After dinner Kathy took her bath while I worked and she came out wearing just her bathrobe again. She got me all nervous and excited by sticking her foot in my crotch again and wiggling her toes. “Does that feel good Billie?”


“Yes Kathy.”


“Imagine how much better it would feel if I used my hand. Has anyone ever jerked you off before?”




“Well, do a good job on my program and maybe I’ll do that for you. Right now I want you to be a good boy and come suck my nipples,” she said lying back on the sofa and exposing her beautiful breasts to me. “Suck me like a baby trying to get my milk. When I say now, bite me very gently with your teeth and pull on the nipple a little.” I tried my best to please her, listening carefully to her instructions.


“Sweetie, that was so good; you are a natural sucker. You’ve got me soo hot. I was going to wait until we knew each other better before I let you suck my pussy but I’m feeling so horny that I’m going to make an exception. Kneel down between my legs and I’ll teach you how to pleasure me. Start at the bottom of my pussy and lick slowly to the top. Try and lick my asshole if you can reach it. Good, now feel that little bud, that’s my clit. Suck it gently and swirl your tongue all around it. Keep doing it until I give you the command “again”, and then start all over again licking me.”


 I guess she kept me at it for close to an hour. I think she came 3 times because each time she would pull me by my hair and jerk my head against her pussy while I tongued her.


The next day she wanted me back to finish the job. Mr. Adams had given her a week but she wanted to impress him by having it done in 3 days. That evening as I carried her laptop into her apartment she suddenly said, “Billie I just remembered I have a date tonight, so we will skip dinner and you can go right to work while I get ready to go out.”


“Why don’t we do it tomorrow then, when we can both be together?”


“No Billie, I want it done tonight. Now go get started while I take a shower.”


A while later she came out wearing a tight sexy dress “Don’t look so sad Billie just because I’m going out with another guy. Now be a good boy and come kiss me on the cheek so you don’t mess my makeup, and then you had better get back to work. Don’t bother to wait for me, so when you finish your work go home.”


That night I decided to ask her to marry me. When I told her she said I had to propose properly so next Friday after work I could come in with her and she would show me how to propose to her.


That Friday as I drove her home, I was quite excited because it sure sounded like she was going to accept my proposal. When we got in she took off her panties and sprawled on her lounge chair sipping the rum and coke I had prepared for her.


“OK Billie, take off all your clothes and kneel down by my feet.” It was a little embarrassing to be naked by her feet while she was mostly dressed. “Now I want you to look up at me and ask me to marry you.” I did that and proposed to her.

 under her feet


She giggled saying, “I haven’t decided yet, you have to convince me.”


“Kathy I love you. I would be the happiest man in the world if you became my wife.”


“Beg me some more.”


“I’ll do everything I can to make you happy. Please say yes.”


 “You beg so nicely. Now I want you to suck my pussy and after I get off on your face, ask me again.”


I had gone too far to back out now. She had a great orgasm but she hurt my ears yanking my head to her pussy. “Please Kathy; I want you to be my wife.”


“Yes Billie, I’ll marry you. You’re a great cunt sucker and with a little more training I know I’ll enjoy many more orgasms from your tongue. Now Billie, I want you to save your virginity for me. I want your wedding night fuck to be your first. Until then I expect you to suck me off and you can relieve your sexual frustration by jerking off or if I’m in the mood, I’ll do it for you. Now I have to get ready for a date. You run along home now and I’ll see you Monday morning.”


Now that we were engaged I had a date with her every Saturday night. While what we did varied, sometimes a movie, or her favorite, going to a basketball game, they all ended up the same way. I would take her home, make her a rum and coke and suck her off while she lounged on her chair sipping her drink and watching TV. I was hoping that if I got her excited enough she might change her mind and she would let me have intercourse with her. She shot that idea down quickly. “I think it would be soo cool to marry a virgin. I could train you just the way I want. Just because I fucked my last 3 boyfriends dosn’t mean I’ll do it with you.”


So our sex life during our engagement consisted of me sucking her to orgasm and then jerking myself off. She seemed to forget about her promise to jerk me off sometimes. Nothing much changed at work either. I still did her difficult work at night although she said when we got married she was going to quit her job and be a stay at home wife. I was quite happy with that because the guys at work were always hitting on her and she still went out to lunch with them. We decided that once we were married we would both move out of our old apartments into a bigger better one and in a couple years buy our own house.




The wedding was on my birthday, October 15th followed by a two week honeymoon in Barbados. I had no one to invite to our wedding except the people from work, however I was surprised by how many friends Kathy had. She even invited 2 of her ex-boyfriends, Frank and Dave. I thought that was kind of tacky but I didn’t want to say anything that would spoil her big day. It was the same with the large pink carnation she had me wear on my white tuxedo. She said this would show everyone that I was a virgin and she was very proud of that.


Our wedding night was spent at an airport hotel but since she said she was too tired for sex, I was very much looking forward to our first night in Barbados when I would finally get to make love to my new wife. On our 1st night together, I don’t know if it was from her teasing or because I was so excited, but I barely got my penis in before I ejaculated. I could see she was annoyed so I tried to make it up to her by giving her the best pussy sucking I could. By the time she came twice I had a hard on again, so I wanted to try and make love to her again, but she wouldn’t let me.


The second day we lounged on the beach in the morning, did some sightseeing, and went around the stores while she did her shopping. That evening, back in our hotel room, all she wore were silk panties. She would dance around the room teasing me by rubbing her bum against me.  “I know you were a virgin so I’ll have to teach you how to fuck.”


In the bedroom Kathy had me take off all my clothes except my underwear and then she slowly stripped, standing close so I could get a good look. Then she put on a silky pajama top and got in bed with me. She kissed me all over my face and neck while slowly stroking my underwear covered penis.


“Now I want you to suck my tits,” she said moving up so her breasts covered my face and she worked her knee between my legs massaging my aching penis. Rolling over on her back she said, “Get your underwear off and you can fuck me but you have to do it just the way I tell you.”


I anxiously got on top of her and tried to get my penis in her pussy and kiss her at the same time. “Slow down Billie, not so fast; gently now push just the tip of your cock in me and make it twitch against my clit” A few moments later, “push in slowly now as far as you can, then make it twitch some more.”


I was happy to get my penis in her, but going so slowly and having to twitch was not giving me much enjoyment. “OK Billie, now pull out slowly until just the head of your cock is in me, then push it back in deep but do it slowly.” It felt good to be in her hot wet pussy but going so slow wasn’t much stimulation for me. Kathy liked it though because every time I was in her as far as I could go and twitched my penis she would say, “That’s good Billie, do that some more.” As long as I followed her instructions she would say, “That’s a good boy,” but if I tried to speed up just a little to increase my enjoyment, she would say, “Quit that Billie, you are going too fast.”


This was not pleasure for me; it was more tease and torment. I wanted a normal fucking rhythm so I started moving faster and I could feel my cum building. She slapped my face saying, “Pull out now.”


“Please Kathy, just a little bit longer.”


“I said now. I told you if you don’t obey me, you can’t fuck me. Get off me and lie on your back.” She got on top of me and sat on my face. “Now instead of talking, put your mouth to better use and suck me.”




“You will have to learn how to control yourself. You must build up your resistance to cuming so that I can get some satisfaction also. For the next 3 days you are to have no sex, other than sucking me, so that you can build your control. That means no jerking off, not even touching yourself.” I couldn’t see how not having any sex helped my control, but I knew if I questioned her it just made her mad. “If that doesn’t work you will have to wait longer before you can fuck me.”


The honeymoon was over and we were going home. I was glad it was over. It seemed to me that Kathy had a much better honeymoon than I.


The first thing we did when we got home was move our stuff from our old apartments to the bigger new one Kathy had found. As we were moving in this guy came up to Kathy and said, “I thought you were moving in next week.”


“I told you it was this week. Frank I want you to meet my new husband Billie. Billie I want you to meet an ex boyfriend of mine Frank.”


 Frank shook my hand squeezing it and with a smile said, “Nice to meet you, I’m sure we will all become good friends.”


After he left I said to Kathy in an angry voice, “How could you select an apartment building where one of your ex boyfriends live?”


“How do you think I knew about this place? When I was going out with Frank I stayed overnight a few times. Just wait until you see the view from our balcony.”




Two days later Kathy invited Frank and his sister Ann to dinner. They shared an apartment on the 8th floor while Kathy and I had one on the 2nd. Frank was an artist. He didn’t sell much so he supplemented his income by teaching art classes. Ann worked in an office and I expect it was her paycheck that paid most of the bills.


Kathy cooked the dinner and the roast was overdone and the potatoes were not cooked enough. Frank commented, “Cooking never was what you did best. Should I tell Billie what you are good at?”


“Shut up,” Kathy said with a giggle.




We settled into a quiet married life. Kathy had quit her job when we got married. I only got to make love to her once every 2 weeks. She said fucking was only a small part of a good marriage. However she still expected me to suck her to orgasm frequently.


Kathy soon got bored. She said she wanted to join Frank’s afternoon art class and learn how to paint. I didn’t like the idea that Frank was teaching her, but I agreed she needed something to do during the day.


When I got home after her 1st art class I asked her how it went. “It’s a lot of fun and Frank told me my art lessons would be free if I agreed to be his model for a new night class he is starting.”


“What kind of modeling does he want you to do?”


“Nude modeling of course; I lay on a carpet and his class paints pictures of me.”


“I don’t like you posing nude in front of Frank.”


“Duuh, I was his girlfriend for over 6 months. He has seen me naked plenty of times.”


She spent a lot of time in Frank’s apartment. She was doing her art classes in the afternoon and going back in the evening to pose for his nude art class.


 There was a gallery in New York having a struggling artist exhibit. Artists could show their work and the best work of their students. Somehow Frank got invited.


Kathy was gushing. “Frank was lucky enough to be one of the artists invited. He has chosen me and Mr. and Mrs. Williamson to accompany him to New York. Each one of us can bring up to 3 paintings to sell. Who knows, if somebody likes my paintings I could make hundreds of dollars. This could be my big break.”


“I must tell you Kathy, I don’t like this whole painting thing. You spend more time with Frank than you do with me, and he probably gets more sex too.”


“You look so cute when your’e jealous. I just love it. Maybe Frank does get more sex from me than you.”


“What, what did you just say.” I said spluttering.


Kathy laughing said, “I just wanted to see if you were paying attention to me. It turns me on to see you all nervous and stuttering. Frank does think I’m talented and not in the way your dirty mind is thinking.”


I was really starting to get annoyed with her teasing.


The night before her trip she said, “Now I don’t want you to get upset but Mr. and Mrs. Williamson can’t make it so only Frank and I will be going to New York and sharing a room to save money.”


“I’ll pay for your room. I don’t want you sharing a room with Frank.”


“But that is all we will be doing, sharing a room and besides you have already spent a lot of money on me, buying my airline ticket and paying for my new wardrobe so thank you honey. The room has two double beds so you have nothing to worry about. You can get upset over the tiniest little things sometimes.”


I knew this was another argument I wouldn’t win. “OK but I want you to call me every night at nine. You can tell me all about your day and I’ll know at least once a day you are thinking about me.”


The following morning they left for New York and that night as promised Kathy called me at nine. She was all excited. She had her 3 paintings on display and a lot of people had been in the studio looking at all the paintings.  Maybe this wasn’t so bad after all; she really seemed excited and couldn’t wait to tell me all about it.


All that changed the second day. She did not call until about 11:30 and I could tell she had been drinking. Frank had sold a painting and they had gone out celebrating. “I’m lying on Frank’s bed in order to reach the phone and he is giving me a massage to relax me. He is rubbing my back and my legs and it feels soo good. He is wondering if I can massage him to make him feel good too. Can I honey?”


“No you can’t and get off his bed.”


“Honey that is not very fair; I need to do something to relax him so he can get some sleep. We have a big day tomorrow.”


“No, hang up the phone, get back in your own bed and don’t let him touch you,” I said as I slammed down the phone. The nerve of that guy trying to seduce my wife while she talked to me on the phone; I was mad at both of them.


The next night nine o’clock came and went and no phone call. Ten and eleven came and went and still no phone call. Had I been too hard on her? Finally at five after twelve she called. I was so relieved.


 “After the way you treated me last night I almost didn’t call you at all.”


“I’m so sorry Kathy. It’s just the thought of Frank touching you that got me all upset.”


“If you are really sorry then beg me to forgive you.”


“Please forgive me Kathy. I get jealous knowing you and Frank are sleeping in the same room. I will do my best to control my emotions.”


“Beg some more.”


“Kathy you mean the whole world to me. I want to be with you always.”


“That’s better. Now I want you to apologize to Frank for the way you acted. Here he is.”


“I’m sorry Frank. I guess I was a little over the top last night.”


“A little, you disrespect me and your wife with your wild accusations. I’m an artist teaching your wife how to paint and it’s time you started showing me some respect.”


“Yes sir.”


We are going to a party tomorrow night and we will be very late getting back so your wife will not be calling you tomorrow. Do you have a problem with that?”


“No sir.”


Then Kathy was back on the phone. “Now be a good boy and I‘ll call you in a couple days.” As I hung up the phone I thought I could hear Frank laughing in the background. My plan was now clear. I was going to get my wife away from Frank before he corrupted her. The moment they got back we were moving.


Much to my delight Kathy called me 2 days later at 9 o’clock. Hi honey, I’m having a great time in New York and Frank is feeling better too, now that you allow me to suck him off.”


“What, what are you talking about?”


“Frank said when you talked to him you said it was Ok for me to suck him off but no fucking.”


“I never said any such thing.”


“Frank, you bad boy, Billie never said I could suck you off and I let you face fuck me thinking my husband had given his permission.”


 “Kathy, when are you coming home? I have some great news for you. Remember that house we looked at, the one with the upper balcony you liked so much? Well I spoke to the bank yesterday and I bought the house today. We can move in as soon as you get back.”


“That’s wonderful honey, I’ll be home soon.”


I was feeling good. Things were finally starting to go my way. I wouldn’t have felt that way if I had known what was going on in New York at that very moment.


Kathy was slowly stroking Frank’s cock. “Come and fuck me, big boy, I am feeling so horny thinking about Billie jerking himself off while his wife fucks you. I may cut his fucking back to once a month, because a desperate horny husband is easier to control. I’ll get him to rent you the master bedroom, the one with the balcony. It’s perfect for your painting in the natural sunlight so you can turn the bedroom into your studio. Billie and I will sleep in the guest bedroom. Actually it will be mainly Billie’s bedroom because I’ll be sleeping with you. I want to get him all excited by teasing him and then leave him frustrated.”






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