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Daddy's Girl








 Billie married not only the girl of his dreams, but also the dream girl of just about every guy in town. She was beautiful without being stuck-up, sexy without being a show off and a personality that would win her Miss Congeniality in any beauty contest. She had long blond hair, perky breasts and a cute ass. Billie was short with a slender build and shy. All the guys in school wanted to have sex with her and more than one girl would like to spend the night with her also.


So how come Billie got so lucky? He thought partly because he was laid back and easy going. Kathy was used to going out with the jocks that always tried to make out with her. They only had one thing in mind, sex. Billie wanted it too but Kathy could easily fend him off. Kathy’s mom had married again after her 1st husband died. Kathy had told Billie she wasn’t a virgin, but she wouldn’t have sex with him unless they were married. Why would she agree to marry him? One of the reasons was her new daddy, Frank, liked Billie and Kathy was a daddy’s girl. She went along with just about everything he wanted. Why Frank liked Billie he didn’t know, he was nothing like him. Frank was tall, heavy set, an ex college football player. Maybe that was why he didn’t trust football players around his new daughter; he knew from experience what they were like. Personality wise Billie was more like Kathy’s mom, Mary. She was quiet and soft spoken. It was clear Frank was the boss in the family.


Billie’s marriage proposal was on hold until Kathy checked with her daddy. Once he said OK, Kathy accepted. Both of them were just recently out of high school. Kathy was 18 and Billie was a year older. Jobs were hard to get in a small town so it was decided that Billie would go to work at Frank’s hardware store. It was agreed by all, Billie reluctantly, that they would live with Kathy’s parents until he earned enough money to rent their own place.


Almost immediately Billie knew that he had made a mistake. They didn’t have a separate apartment for them or even the basement fixed up. He just moved into Kathy’s bedroom with her. Other than that they ate meals with them, watched TV with them and spent most of their time with them. Never was the old saying, “I have not lost a daughter, I have gained a son,” more true; except, Frank treated Billie more like an employee than a son in law. His name was Bill but Frank and even Kathy called him Billie.


Frank embarrassed Billie at times. Each Friday night Frank gave him his pay for working in the hardware store. He also gave Kathy her allowance at the same time which was the same as his pay. She always hugged him, gave him a big kiss and cooed, “Thank you daddy.” That’s something else that bugged Billie. Kathy is 18 years old and she calls him Daddy. He’s not even her real dad. He asked her about that once and she said, “I know but he likes it when I call him that.”


Frank claimed that Kathy needed to go on to college and get her business degree if she was going to take over the hardware store some day. He told Billie that since he had to pay for all his wife’s college expenses, the least Billie could do was help Mary out around the house.


What really annoyed Billie was Frank would not let him drink any kind of alcohol. Billie enjoyed having the occasional beer but Frank said no employee of his is allowed to drink; it only causes mistakes and errors. At dinnertime while Kathy and her dad had wine, Mary, who doesn’t like wine and Billie drank water. It was almost as bad with smoking. Frank told Billie he couldn’t afford to smoke since he was supposed to be saving his money so that they could get their own place. It somehow didn’t apply to Kathy as she and her daddy often smoke after dinner while sipping a brandy. Mary is allergic to smoke but she and Billie were the ones who clean the ashtrays. Billie has seen Frank blow smoke in Mary’s face just to watch her cough.


Frank treated Mary more like a servant than a wife. Once she burned his favorite meal and he was mad. “What you need is to be spanked on your bare ass in front of Kathy and the boy to make you more careful in the future.” Then he enjoyed listening to her plead not to be spanked in front of the children.


Billie asked Kathy how she could allow her mother to be treated that way and all she would say was her mother was used to being told what to do.


His job was the pits. He got all the worst things to do, sweeping the floor, stocking shelves and putting the display merchandise outside in the morning and bringing it inside at night. That meant he had to arrive a half hour before the store opened and stay another half hour after the store closed.


Billie’s sex life was no better. Frank wanted to make sure Billie didn’t get Kathy pregnant, so he got some special condoms. Billie didn’t know where he found them, but they were made of a stiff rubberized material. He could put it on and get it into Kathy, but the thing was so loose on him that it stayed stationary in her, while he pushed in and out almost like jerking off. By fucking into that thing he could cum after a while but with very little satisfaction. It was no satisfaction for Kathy either. She got no stimulation because the condom would not move in her pussy. At best she got a little pressure as Billie thrust into that thing. After a while they just did away with the condoms and he would lick and suck her and she would jerk him off.


There were some subtle changes going on that Billie didn’t like. Kathy seemed to be loosing her modesty. She would take a shower and then come downstairs to watch TV wearing just her bathrobe. When she sat beside her daddy if the robe opened some she would leave it open letting her daddy get a good look. She would buy something new and then model it for her daddy. He would insist on checking out the material and then run his hands all over her including her breasts and her ass. Kathy would say, “Stop that,” but she wouldn’t move away, just stand there and let him feel her.


Once when she was modeling a sexy new dress for him he said, “That is so hot. If I were 20 years younger I would fuck you right here on the floor.” Billie was shocked and Mary looked embarrassed but Kathy just giggled and said,” Now behave yourself daddy.”


Kathy had signed up for some summer courses at college. If she had early morning classes she would often stay overnight on campus so Billie was seeing less and less of her.


Frank treated Billie badly but he treated his wife worse. Once he stood up quickly just as Mary was serving him a drink and she spilt it on him. She quickly went to get a towel to dry him off and said she was sorry. “You stupid cow, I should spank your bare ass.”


“You could spank my bare ass daddy,” Kathy whispered with a smile.


“If I had you bare on my lap I would give you something but it wouldn’t be a spanking.”


“What would you give me?” Kathy asked with a teasing voice.


“Eight inches.”


“Eight inches of what daddy?”


“Put your hand down here and you can feel what it is.” Now he had a smirk on his face.


“You are a naughty man daddy.” When Billie told Kathy he thought that was inappropriate behavior she replied,” I just like teasing my new daddy.”


Billie wanted to make love to his wife and do it in a normal way but she said she didn’t want to have children until she graduated and got settled in the hardware store. “Besides I like being sucked off and you should be happy with my hand jobs, something I wouldn’t do for you before we were married. I have been with other guys before marring you and let me tell you, you are much better with your tongue than you are with your cock.”


The bond between Kathy and her dad seemed to grow while theirs slipped. At dinner Kathy would tell her daddy about things that happened at college, not Billie. She never asked him about his work at the store. He got used to Kathy teasing her dad, doing things like sitting on his lap and kissing him.


She had started teasing Billie in a different way. She paraded around the house half undressed or in her sleepwear but slapped his hand away when he tried to caress her. It embarrassed Billie when she called him a horny toad in front of her daddy. At night she liked to hug and kiss Billie and rub her sexy body against him giving him an aching hard-on but she wouldn’t let him put it in. “Now Billie, you know what I want in my pussy and it’s not your cock.


Frank continued to humiliate his wife. “If you looked more like your daughter I might fuck you more often.. Why don’t you dress more like her? I can’t even get a hard on looking at you.” Mary in tears ran out of the room.


Kathy said, “You shouldn’t be so hard on mom,” but Billie could tell she liked what he said.







One day she told Billie one of the college guys had asked her to go to the Halloween dance. She wanted his permission to go with him since it was for college students only. Billie said no. “Kathy, you are my wife and if you want to go to a dance I’ll take you to one.”


Then Frank spoke up. “If you want to go to a dance with that guy you go right ahead. You work hard at school so you need to relax and enjoy yourself once in a while.”


“Thank you daddy, and don’t worry Billie, I’ll tell him I’m married so he won’t be expecting to fuck me after the dance.” Billie was shocked at her language but both Kathy and her daddy had smirks on their faces. That night in their room Billie was very angry with Kathy. “How could you say you are going to that dance when I said no, and you shouldn’t say those kinds of words?”


“Billie, why are you so uptight? It’s just a dance and he’s a nice guy. We have several classes together and I like him and daddy said it was OK. If you don’t agree then perhaps you should discuss it with him.”


The following week Billie asked her about the dance. “I had fun, Rod is a good dancer and we had a good time. A little bit later she said, “Billie would you get my cigarettes out of my purse and light one for me while I read my mail?


Billie pulled out her package of cigarettes and at the same time a box off condoms fell on the floor. “What’s this?” he asked showing her the condoms.


Kathy looked a little embarrassed but she recovered quickly. “That was supposed to be a surprise for you. I know you don’t like my daddy’s condoms so I bought these for you. Now we have to be careful and not do it very often because if daddy found out he would be very mad. I was going to wait until tonight but since you found them, it’s time for your reward. Put one on and come fuck my hot juicy pussy.”


Billie eagerly put on one noticing one condom was missing. Making love to her was wonderful. She could somehow squeeze Billie’s cock each time he pulled back, and while he tried to hold off to make it last, he couldn’t and came in her in less than 2 minutes. “Did you like that Billie? Do you feel better now?”


Now that the cooler weather had arrived, Kathy got a blanket to put over her and her daddy while they sat beside each other on the sofa watching TV while Billie sat on the sofa chair. While Billie watched TV he could hear whispers and Kathy’s giggles. One night as the 11 o’clock news ended Billie said, “Let’s go to bed Kathy. I have to go to work early tomorrow.”


“You go ahead. There is a movie coming on that daddy and I want to watch.”


Mary asked, “Do you want me to stay up and watch with you Frank?”


“No, it’s not your kind of movie. It’s a porno, so go to bed.”


Billie was so upset thinking about his wife and her daddy watching a sex movie together, he couldn’t sleep. About 2 hours later Kathy came bouncing in. “Oh that was a sexy movie. I am soo horny.” She striped off her wrinkled skirt and flopped down on the bed spreading her legs wide. “Come and suck me Billie. I want to feel your tongue deep in my pussy.” As he licked and sucked her he thought she must be horny because she came quickly while she pulled his hair and jammed his nose into her pussy. “That was wonderful Billie, you are so good at that; now turn out the light so I can get some sleep.”


“What about me, how about doing something for me?”


“Billie, I’m sleepy. If you are that horny, go jerk yourself off.”








Christmas was near and Kathy was home for the holidays. Billie expected to spend more time with her now because during the year she would often stay overnight at the college. He wanted to buy her a nice Christmas present so he asked her what she wanted. “It’s OK Billie; daddy is going to buy me a new car so it’s also like a present for you, as you get my old car so you don’t have to take the bus to work.


“Oh, I forgot to tell you, Rod, the guy I went to the dance with, is coming to spend Christmas with us. I asked daddy if it was OK and he said yes.”


“Why would he want to come here?”


“His home is Seattle and he doesn’t have the time or the money to go that far. I have gone out with him a few times so he knows me better than anyone else.”


“Gone out with him! A few times! Why didn’t you tell me?”


“Because I knew you would act exactly this way. You would accuse me of fucking him or something like that. I told you he knows I’m married. We’re just good friends. You can be so unreasonable at times.”


When Rod arrived, Billie was in the kitchen helping Mary prepare dinner. Kathy introduced him to Frank but didn’t bother bringing him into the kitchen to introduce Billie.


Rod had brought Kathy a Christmas present. They had their gift giving in the morning and it was only Frank that gave gifts. He gave his wife an apron; Kathy got her new car, and Billie got a baseball style cap that had printed on the front HAWKINS HARDWARE. This was the same cap Billie had seen Frank give free to some of his customers.


After dinner Kathy opened Rod’s present; it was silky baby doll pajamas.  “Thank you Rod” and she leaned over and gave him a kiss.


“Why don’t you model it for us?” Frank said.


Kathy blushed, “It’s too sexy to model in front of Rod and everyone; I’ll model it later.”


“Nonsense, we all want to see you in it including Billie. You want to see her in it also, don’t you Mary?”


“Yes dear.”


“Now go upstairs and put it on for us.”


“OK daddy” and she headed up stairs. Later she came down stairs swaying her hips and trying to act sexy.  Her nipples showed faintly and you could see the shadow of her pussy through the pajamas. Billie didn’t like to see her dad and Rod leering at his wife.


They settled down on the couch with Kathy between them. “Should I get the blanket daddy?”


“Good idea, no point in getting your hubby all excited.”


They sat on the sofa drinking and laughing while Mary was busy in the kitchen and Billie felt like a house boy bringing them snacks and rum punch. Once he heard Kathy say, “Will you guys stop that.”


Billie stayed up until midnight but he had to work in the morning. “I am going to bed, are you coming Kathy?”


“I’ll be up later; you go ahead.”


Billie was too depressed to go to sleep. He could hear the TV and occasionally Kathy’s laugh or giggles. About an hour later the TV was turned off and shortly after that he could hear Frank come upstairs and go to bed. It must have been close to an hour later before Kathy came up. She didn’t turn on the light and she was trying to be quiet as she took off her baby doll pajamas and put on her nightie. She climbed into bed trying not to wake him. Billie startled her when he spoke, “What have you been doing? Your dad came to bed an hour ago.”


“Billie I thought you would be asleep.”


“I know you did. That’s why you were trying to sneak into bed, so answer my question.”


“I had to help Rod get ready for bed. I had to open up the sofa bed in the den, find sheets, a blanket and a pillow and make his bed.


“That doesn’t take an hour; what else did you do?”


“We talked for a little bit.”


“Did you kiss him?”


“Oh now I get it; you think I’m making out with him while you wait for me upstairs. Go look in my purse, I think I have one condom left. Put it on and you can fuck me. That ought to make you feel better.”


Billie was too excited to wonder about what happened to the rest of the condoms. Kathy took off her nightie and watched Billie with an amused look on her face as he rushed to take off his pajamas, stumbling once in his haste. “Would you like to do it doggy style?  I’ll bet you have never done it that way. My ex boyfriend just loved fucking me that way.” She got up on her knees with her head on the pillow and with her face turned toward Billie, said with a smirk on her face, “Now make sure you put it in the right place.”


Billie was so turned on he plunged in deep with one thrust. Somehow she was able to make her pussy pulse on his cock; her hot tight pussy would squeeze and release him almost like she was milking him. Her soft wet pussy was bringing Billie close to cuming and he had barely started. Afraid he was going to cum too soon he started fucking her quickly. He wanted to fuck his wife, not just cum in her pussy, but the sensation was too much for Billie and he shot his load in her pussy in about a minute. He pulled out sexually relieved but just wishing he could have made it last longer because it felt soo good.


Kathy rolled over on her back. “Now come and kiss Miss Pussy and tell her how much you enjoyed that.” Talk to her Billie; tell her how much you love her. Give her lots of kisses and if you ask her nice she might let you do it again sometime.”







The long winter was ending and Kathy would be home for March break. Billie was soo looking forward to 2 whole weeks with his beautiful wife. Then his dream crumpled because one evening, Frank said he was taking Kathy to Cancun Mexico to reward her for her good marks in college. He was also going to take Rod to reward him for redoing the books at the hardware store, setting up a new accounting system and auditing his books for free. Rod’s major was accounting.


“Thank you daddy,” Kathy said as she gave him a hug and a kiss.


Billie asked, “Can I go?”


“No, I need you helping out at the store and besides you haven’t worked long enough to earn 2 weeks vacation.”


The rest of the evening was spent with Kathy and her daddy on the sofa looking at brochures Frank had on Cancun. Every time he would point out something interesting, Kathy would kiss him.


“Are you taking your wife?” Billie asked.


“No, she has too many chores around the house to do. This will give her a chance to caught up.”


Billie was angry because they both ignored him. Frank was showing Kathy a picture of a nude beach. “Maybe I’ll take you there.”


“Daddy, you are so bad.”


Billie had to speak up. “I don’t like the idea of Rod going. You know he has a crush on my wife.”


“Don’t worry Billie; their room has two double beds so you have nothing to worry about.”


“Kathy can we talk about this?”


“Oh Billie, just go to bed. You are such a complainer. You go to bed now and I’ll be up after I see everything daddy has to show me. You don’t see my mother carrying on the way you are, do you?”


Seething with jealously and anger Billie went upstairs to wait for Kathy. He had to make her see this was not right. Later she came in singing, “Mexico here I come. Now what did you want to talk about? Make it fast because I’m tired.”


“OK, OK, you can go to Mexico but you have to have your own room. I know Rod has the hots for you, and if both of you are in the same room, sooner or later he is going to try and have sex with you.”


“Talk to daddy about it then. Tell him you’re worried your wife is going to get fucked.”


Billie didn’t want to but he had to do something so he brought it up the following night at the dinner table. Frank laughed out load and Kathy had a silly grin on her face.


“So you’re worried Rod is going to be fucking your wife. I’m not worried, are you worried Mary?’


“No dear.”


“There you go. If her mother isn’t worried about her getting fucked there is no reason for you to be. Kathy if he tries to stick his cock in you after you remind him you are married, you come and sleep in my bed.”


“OK daddy, I’ll do that.”


“So the problem is solved Billie. Now you should be able to show a little more enthusiasm for your wife’s holiday.”


The 2 weeks went by slowly. It felt more like 2 months and Billie missed her soo much. She sometimes teased and embarrassed him and sometimes she made him jealous but he does love her so much.


Finally they are home and Kathy came in and gave Billie a brief kiss. “Billie, I have some bad news for you. I am going to divorce you and marry Rod. We have lived together for two weeks like husband and wife and I like him way better than you. Daddy will take care of everything because he likes Rod much better than you also.


“He says you can keep your job and even stay in my old room because Rod and I are taking an apartment in town. He did say that now you’re not my husband, you will have to pay room and board.


“I know you may be disappointed but this is what daddy wants and as you know, I am a DADDY’S GIRL.”






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