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Cuckold Story:  Bad Bad Wife






Billie was soo in love with Kathy. He had dated a couple girls before but nothing like Kathy, she was gorgeous. She had that long flowing blond hair, parted near the centre that all the movie stars seemed to have. She had mischievous eyes, pouty lips and a saucy smile. She was sex in a compact package and probably the wet dream of every guy she had ever gone out with and she had just agreed to go out with him, Billie Baxter, computer manager, (some would say computer nerd) for HI-Tech Computers.


Kathy worked for a computer supply company as a saleswoman. She would drop by HI-Tech computers once a month to see Billie and take the order for their monthly requirements and to offer new product and updates to existing products, so they kind of knew each other on a business basis.


On one of her visits, after taking the order for the month, she mentioned that she was disappointed that she was going to miss tonight’s basketball game because her girlfriend who had the tickets was sick. Billie said he would be happy to take her if she would go with him. Now he was not usually that forward about asking a girl for a date because he had been turned down so many times before and he didn’t even like basketball, but he was delighted when she said yes.


That was the start and they dated on a regular basis. She was sexy and she knew it and she liked teasing him and getting him all excited and blushing, but when he tried to do anything more than kiss she would say, “No, no you naughty boy.” She did let him kiss her and he loved the way she would press her body against him and give him French kisses. Still, she would get him so aroused and then send him home where he would jerk off thinking about her.


He was so happy when he was with her because he did not need to worry about keeping the conversation going or what to do on a date or even what to wear because she took care of all of that. Finally he got up the courage to ask her to marry him and that made it the happiest day of his life when she said yes.


There was a condition though. Apparently she had been engaged once before and 2 days before they were to get married, she caught him screwing one of her girlfriends. It turned out he had been fucking her all through their engagement and he intended to continue fucking her even after he was married to Kathy. She was devastated by that and it shook her confidence in men. She said she would accept his proposal but he had to agree to wear a male chastity device and give her the key because she did not want a repeat of what happened last time. “You may have heard stories about cock cages, some with spikes in them and too small to allow the male to get an erection. A male chastity devise or MCD is nothing like that. It’s a good size, comfortable, and it allows the male to get a normal erection. The only thing it does not allow is for the male to fuck anyone or to jerk off.”


“But our wedding won’t happen for 4 months yet.”


“Is that too long for you to stay chaste for me? The chastity belt makes sure you don’t cheat on me and jerking yourself off is a form of cheating. I want you to receive your sexual satisfaction from me, not somebody or something else. But don’t worry; I have a plan that will give us both satisfaction until we are married. Have you ever sucked a girl before?”


“No,” he said blushing.


“I didn’t think so. I’ll teach you how to eat me for my satisfaction and I’ll jerk you off. After you have satisfied me with your tongue, I’ll take off your cock cage and jerk you off before putting it back on. Now that’s not so bad is it?”


“I guess not, but what I don’t see is…”


“Billie, don’t whine; I don’t like it so stop doing it. We will have a little engagement party at my place. We’ll have a few drinks to celebrate our upcoming marriage. You will take your engagement ring and put it on my finger and then I’ll put my MCD on your cock.”


He didn’t like the whole idea but she seemed so paranoid about it, he went along with it. The following week his pussy sucking training began. He was to start at her feet and kiss and lick his way up to her pussy. Once he reached it he was to kiss it and give her tongue thrusts. He thought he was doing a good job but not according to Kathy. “Billie you have to get a rhythm going when you tongue fuck me. Count to yourself and go one, two, three, four, five, and six, then take a break and kiss my pussy three times, then repeat your tongue fuck and try and get it in deeper. I know you’re inexperienced at doing this but if you expect me to jerk you off, you have to do a better job.”

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Every week he tried his best to satisfy her but it was never enough. “Billie your tongue pushes are not fast enough or deep enough and your sucking leaves a lot to be desired. I know you’re trying so I’m going to take off your MCD and allow you to jerk yourself off. When you get better at satisfying me, I’ll jerk you off.” So the four months to their wedding went by with his performance never being good enough for her to jerk him off; he always had to do it himself while she watched.


They had a good wedding, although it was mostly her friends, then they were off to a two week honeymoon in Jamaica. He was so excited because he was finally going to make love to his sexy wife. They had a romantic dinner at the resort they were staying at and then returned to their room where a bottle of champagne was waiting for them. She did a sexy striptease for him, and then went into the adjoining bedroom to get his key while he stripped down to his MCD.

pic property of  Divine Bitches



She came out with a distressed look on her face. “Billie I’m so sorry but I must have left the key to your MCD at home. There was just so much going on that I forgot to bring it.”


Billie answered, “How could you do this to me. You know how much I was looking forward to this.”


“And I was looking forward to having sex with you as well. I just forgot about it with all the excitement.”


“So what am I supposed to do for the next two weeks?”


“Don’t be so melodramatic, you waited four months before we got married, I’m sure you can wait another two weeks. Beside, you may still be able to get off if I hold your MCD and you hump my hand, and you can lick me and get me off with your tongue; I know you like doing that.”


“I don’t. I only did that because you wanted me too. I think you left the key behind on purpose so that I would continue to lick and suck you.”


“Don’t make me mad or it will be a lot more than 2 weeks before you have sex with me. We can still have lots of fun. I like your tongue fucks so stop being so selfish and think about me for a change.”


“But it hurts when I kiss and suck you and I get no relief, I get blue balls.”


“So what are you saying that a little bit of pain is too much to give your wife some sexual satisfaction?”


“What I’m saying is if I can’t have any sex, I’m not licking you either.”


“Now don’t be stupid and annoy me. All this talk has me feeling horny, so get down on your knees and do what you do best, give me a nice tongue fuck. Show me that I didn’t waste my time training you.”


“No, I won’t”


“OK Billie but you’re going to be sorry.”


The next day she wanted to go swimming and try out her new bikini. “I can’t go swimming my cock cage would show.”


“It’s not a cock cage and it will look like you’re really hung, a real stud.”


“But I probably shouldn’t get it wet.”


“It’s made of plastic, you idiot, now stop stalling or I’m going by myself.”


She was already annoyed with him so there was no point in making her mad so he went to the pool with her. They swam for about 20 minutes, then they came out and Kathy wanted to get a suntan. “Massage this oil on my back, my ass and my legs so I don’t get sunburn.”


“I don’t want to do that. Massaging you like that just gets me sexually excited and then it hurts.”


A guy must have overheard because he said, “I would love to massage suntan lotion into your beautiful body,” taking the bottle from Billie.


“Why thank you kind sir,” she said with a grin. “Since my husband doesn’t want to do his duty I would be glad to let you do me.” Billie watched with increasing annoyance as this guy massaged his wife concentrating on her ass. He got jealous when Kathy spread her legs a little to allow him to massage her upper thighs.


Later he said, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”


“That’s a tempting but no thank you; we will be leaving shortly to get ready for dinner.”


After he left, Billie said, “You let that guy feel you up.”


“You have something else to worry about. The MCD is plastic but the lock is metal. That salt water might corrode the lock and make it impossible to open.”


“I told you I didn’t want to go swimming, now look at what you did.”


“I’m kidding; you’re so much fun to tease. I just wanted you to think about something else.”


They went to dinner and then to the bar lounge. Billie didn’t dance but he liked listening to the music. They were on their 3rd or 4th drink when the guy from the beach walked up, “Would it be OK if I danced with your beautiful wife? I noticed you are not dancing with her.”


Billie didn’t like the guy from the first time he saw him on the beach but he knew Kathy liked to dance and she would probably be mad at him again if he said no, so he nodded his head. They must have danced 3 or 4 dances before they returned to the table. It was easy to see that Kathy was enjoying herself.


“This is Frank. He asked if he could join us and I said yes provided he bought all our drinks.” When they sat down for a rest they talked mainly to each other and when they were dancing, Billie had nothing to do but drink. Toward the end of the evening he realized he had drank too much because he was slurring his words when he said it was time for them to go back to their hotel room. When he stood up he staggered a little and almost fell.


“Frank would you help me get him back to our room?”


“Sure, no problem.” Going up the elevator Frank had to help Billie stand up. They got him up to the room and into the bedroom. “I don’t feel so well, I feel kind of sick.” Billie mumbled.


“We have to get him undressed but lay him down on the floor; I don’t want him getting sick in the bed.” Kathy said. It took both of them to get him undressed and Frank saw his cock cage. “What is this?” he said with a grin. “It’s a MCD and I forgot to bring the key.”


“You are a bad, bad wife,” he said laughing.


“I am not, I just forgot.”


“And before you forget again what kind of payment are you going to give me for bringing your husband home?”


“What do you want?”


“I want your hot sexy body next to mine all night long.”


“Now who’s the bad bad person? You had better come up with something else.”


“How about, a nice long open mouth kiss with lots of tongue action.”


“OK my gallant knight; I’ll give you a sexy kiss for bringing my husband home.” He reached for her, grabbing her ass and pulled her tight against him. He rubbed himself against her while he kissed her, then moved both hands up her back and digging in his nails he scratched her down her back ending at her ass. That sent tingles straight to her pussy and she relaxed allowing him to push her down on the bed. He continued kissing her and now massaging one of her breasts.


“Haven’t you received enough payment yet?” she asked. Now he had his hand under her dress and ran his hand up her leg to first lightly caress her pussy and then to massage it. When he felt her moisture he used two fingers to rapidly finger fuck her.


She felt incredibly horny. It was probably a combination of not being fucked in a while, the erotic thrill of a strange man feeling her up on her honeymoon bed while her husband slept on the floor, and the desire to let this guy seduce her. She spread her legs just a little to give him easier access to her pussy. Just then she heard her husband say in a drunken slurred voice, “What are you doing? Are you OK?” He was sitting on the floor with his head barely above the mattress close to her foot.


She used her foot to push him away from the bed, “You lie back down and have a nice sleep sweetie.”


That was all the encouragement Frank needed to hear and he immediately pulled down her panties aided by Kathy lifting her hips. He pushed slowly into her as he heard her moan and then buck her hips up against him to get him in deeper. His thrusts became wilder and he fucked her faster. Billie in his drunken stupor heard her moan the same way as when she got off on his tongue. Struggling to a sitting position he mumbled, “What are you doing?”


“Billie, I’m busy; go back to sleep like I told you.” Soon Frank was in as deep as he could go and he twitched his cock exciting her and making her squirm against him. She rotated her hips and pushed up against him and that was too much stimulation and he came deep in her pussy.

After a couple minutes he pulled out and lay beside her letting his heartbeat return to normal. “Do you want me to go now?”


“No,” she said rolling over on her side and pulling his arm around her. His leg covered her ass and his hand held her breast. He felt like a warm blanket. To Kathy it didn’t feel sexy, it just felt good and she spent the night in his arms.


Kathy woke up in the morning to feel Frank trying to get his cock into her. “Quit it you horny toad. Billie could wake up at any moment. Get up, get dressed and I’ll make you a coffee.”


“I don’t want a coffee, I want you.”


“Is that all you think about, sex? Get out of my bed before my husband wakes up or I’m going to hit you.”


“I don’t know why you’re so mean to me but I’ll do it.”


Billie woke up while Frank was still getting dressed. Kathy motioned for him to get out of the bedroom and finish dressing in the living room. Billie still kind of groggy said,” I feel awful, and how come I’m on the floor?”


“You were too heavy for me to get you in bed.”


Just then Frank walked in fully dressed; “Who wants coffee? I made a full pot.”


“What’s he doing here?”


“He came by this morning to see how you’re doing. Wasn’t that nice of him, and he offered to make coffee for all of us”


“But how did he get in?”


“I got up and let him in, silly.”


“And all you’re wearing is that silky baby doll top. He can see everything.”


“Is it making your little pecker hard sweetie? Do you want me to take off my top and do a sexy dance for you?”


“Not while Frank is here, he’s seen too much already.”


“Oh sweetie, I think you’re jealous. I should give him a kiss for bringing you home last night?” Saying that she went over and gave him a long kiss while he hugged her.


“Quit doing that, I don’t like it.”


“You say that but your MCD is sticking out of your pajamas. Would you like me to do something more to excite you? Should I rub myself against him to see if I can get him as stiff as you are?”


“No way, you’re my wife.”


“But I have to give him some kind of reward; If it had not been for him, I would have to left you at the club. Is that what I should have done?”


“No of course not.”


“Then you tell me what I should do to please him?” With a grin she started swirling her tongue around her lips, then just to make sure he caught on she took a finger, put it in her mouth and sucked on it. It was so erotic that Billie’s cock got even stiffer in his MCD and became a little painful with the hard plastic so tight around his cock.”


“I just want Frank to go back to wherever he came from. It’s my honeymoon and I want to be alone with my new wife.”


“Now Billie, that’s just being rude. Thank Frank for bringing you home and making you a coffee or I’m going to be mad at you.”


“At least go and put on some clothes. He keeps leering at you.”


“He’s not seeing anything he hasn’t seen before, and it seems to me you’re the one doing all the leering trying to get a good look at my pussy.”


“What do you mean, seeing anything he hasn’t seen before?”


“It’s so much fun to tease you and get you all horny. I bet your little cock could cum in your MCD even with no one touching you. Look at Frank, he doesn’t have a hard on like you have; so who’s the pervert?” she said as she stroked the front of Franks pants making him stiff. “Well maybe he has a little one.


“All this talk is getting me soo horny and I want to get fucked. Since you can’t fuck me Billie, how about telling Frank he can do your duty for you?”


“No way, are you crazy?”


“But it’s my honeymoon, that’s what people do on their honeymoon, fuck.”


“Just stop teasing me; I don’t think it’s funny.”


Kathy spoke to Frank. “He can be so stubborn and thoughtless; all he thinks about is himself. What I can do though is invite you to our celebration dinner were having room service provide us. I’ll just ask them to change to a dinner for three and supply extra wine. So will you come?”


“I would be delighted. Thank you for inviting me.” After giving her a long passionate kiss he left.


Kathy could see Billie was getting ready to complain. “Don’t give me any lip. As it stands you don’t get any pussy for two weeks after we get home. If you make me even angrier, I’ll add on another month.” The threat must have worked because he never said anything about tonight’s dinner. He was trying his best to get back on her good side. That afternoon he offered to suck her off and she enjoyed it immensely knowing he actually didn’t like doing that. Just to keep him in his place she had him stay between her legs while she had her afternoon nap and made him do it again when she woke up.


That was the start of 2 weeks of hell for Billie. The 3 of them were together most of the time and she thought nothing of kissing Frank right in front of him. She would tease and torment him every night by kissing him and rubbing her nude body against him. She liked to play with his cock through the MCD, but all that did was give him an aching hard on with no way to relieve it.


Finally the honeymoon was over and Billie was happy to be back home and to have his wife far away from Frank. For Kathy it was different; she was going to miss Frank fucking her and she enjoyed Billie’s tongue fucks more knowing he was getting nothing but aching balls. However she didn’t have the heart to tell him she had lost the key to his MCD.











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