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Cuckold and Slut Wife Stories by Omega




The Nerd  - chapters 1,2,3

Female domination, tease and denial, cum control, cuckolding, male humiliation story.

A young man is in love with beautiful girl and doing everything she wants. As a reward, she humiliates him. She decides to marry him and starts to train him how to please her. He is kept sexually frustrated while she is cuckolding him.

“ I am not going to fuck you because I want you to lose your virginity on your wedding night, besides nice boys should wait until they are married before they get to put it in; but that doesn’t mean we can’t have sex. I am going to teach you how I like my pussy sucked.”

“Blue balls,” she said, “is good for you. A little bit of pain helps you learn your lessons.”

“I want to marry a virgin so that I can train him how to make love to me. I want him to learn that my pleasure comes first and that his does not mean very much. A good husband needs to know that if he does not fully satisfy his wife, then the only sex he is going to get is with his hand.”


The Nerd - chapter 4

More humiliation and frustration for submissive husband. His sister moves in and soon is inslaved by Kathy, the wife.





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Bad Bad Wife

The 3 of them were together most of the time and she thought nothing of kissing Frank right in front of him. She would tease and torment him every night by kissing him and rubbing her nude body against him. She liked to play with his cock through the MCD, but all that did was give him an aching hard on with no way to relieve it.




Deceitful Wife

Humiliation, cuckolding and sex denial on a honeymoon.

For the rest of our honeymoon I tried everything I could think of to try and change her mind.. Every morning I gave her a full body massage and sucked her pussy. Every night I would kiss and lick her pussy then suck her off. During the day she would tease me by looking at a guy and saying, “I’d like to fuck him; I bet he doesn’t have a horse cock like you.” During the afternoon in our hotel room she would have me strip naked, stand in front of her and jerk myself off. Kathy said, “If only you would let me fuck someone else first, you could be fucking me right now instead of jerking yourself off like a pathetic looser.”




Sugar & Spice, Not So Nice

Saturday’s call was on time. “You are the most wonderful person in the whole world Kathy for giving me this vacation of a lifetime. Now that she obeys me I like listening to her call me darling and how she wishes I was her husband, and I like being pampered. I make her get naked and give me nude massages. First I lie on my stomach while she rubs warm oil on me. She starts at my neck and works her way all the way down to my feet where she massages my toes, and then it’s back to my ass where she kisses it and tells me she loves me. What I like best is when I make her kiss my asshole, that really makes me horny. Then I turn over and she sucks me off. Her deep throat blow jobs are great.”




Why Me?

Wife likes the idea of two husbands, one to fuck her and one to suck her.




Marriage Made in Hell

“Yes Billie, I’ll marry you. You’re a great cunt sucker and with a little more training I know I’ll enjoy many more orgasms from your tongue. Now Billie, I want you to save your virginity for me. I want your wedding night fuck to be your first."




The Perfect Assistant

A good wife turned into a slut by her boss.




The Army Wife

The army wife is blackmailed, humiliated and forced to cheat on her husband.

“It means if a male or female officer feels you up a bit while you take their order, finish taking the order and then gently push their hand away. If they pull you on their lap and give you a kiss, kiss them back before getting off their lap. When they try to feel your tits or pussy, reluctantly push their hand away saying you have other tables to serve. The secret to being a good waitress is being a good actress. Make every officer feel he or she is your favorite. Make them think everything they do turns you on and you will get along just fine.”




My Humiliating Marriage

Story of cock teasing, orgasm control and cuckolding.

He said beg me to fuck your cunt and tell me how much better I am than your wimpy husband and I’ll leave your ass alone. So I did; I told him I loved his big cock and I only wanted to fuck him, not you. I said I wanted to feel his hot cum deep inside me...




Whose Wife Is She?

Billie is teased and humilated by his brother's ex girlfriend.

“Billie sucking me off is having sex. Frank fucks me and I like it but what we have is something special; something only a husband and wife can share. I like having you suck my pussy after I have been with someone and I know you love sucking my pussy too, so why should we deny ourselves a pleasure that we both enjoy? Now I want to feel your tongue in my pussy working hard to get me off.”




Descent Into Despair

Howie needed a live-in housekeeper and Bella walked into his life with her young cock teasing daughter. He gets blackmailed and turned into a servant house boy.

She would never do anything when her mother was around; Sandra would wait until her mother was busy somewhere else and then the teasing would start. She would often stick her finger in her mouth and suck it or rub herself between her legs, all the time staring at him.




I Did It Her Way

Billie wants to team up with a beautiful girl for school project. He gets lessons in humiliation. She is teaching him how to please her while she is having sex with other boys and, in the end, she ruins his life.





Evil Twins

Billie is dating one sister but is dominated by the other. He is allowed to have sex with his tongue only. After the wedding he is turned into cuckold husband.

“Kathy said now that Frank and Ed have had sex with me, you can too but only with your tongue,” Amanda said with a shy smile on her face.

During their informal engagement that was what they did for sex. It still bothered Billie that during that time Kathy sometimes made Amanda go on dates with Frank that always ended with him fucking her.



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Say It Isn't So

A natural born Cuckoldress Wife wants her husband to find a lover for her. Femdom, cuckolding, tease denial, cuckold humiliation.

So it started, every Friday night he would drive her to that dance bar, and about 3 times a month he would come home alone. She wanted to share her experiences with him but he did not want to hear them. It only made him mad and jealous. This annoyed her because she wanted to have him listen while she told him about getting fucked and make him jerk off.




Her Best Friend His Worst Enemy

His wife is cuckolding him with a help of her friend.

Amanda asked me to call you because right now she is busy sucking off Frank and she knows you are expecting a phone call at four. She asked me to talk to you until Frank cums in her mouth and then she will talk to you. So, how’re you doing? 




Daddy's Girl

Story of a young wife, her step daddy and a husband who feels like a houseboy.

Billie was too excited to wonder about what happened to the rest of the condoms. Kathy took off her nightie and watched Billie with an amused look on her face as he rushed to take off his pajamas, stumbling once in his haste.



Teasing Wife

Frank stuck his aching hard on into her wet pussy in just one thrust. He started to maul her breasts thinking it would hurt but all it seamed to do was turn her on more. He kissed her sticking his tongue in her mouth as deep as he could and he felt her respond with her own tongue. He was rubbing his hairy chest across her tits and he could hear her moan a little as she rubbed her nipples against him to increase her stimulation.



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Bitch Sister In-Law

Kathy, Billie’s wife’s sister was coming to visit them for 2 weeks. She had recently been divorced and wanted to get away from cold New York and come see them in sunny southern California. The 3 of them had grown up together, had gone to school together and when Billie started dating it was Kathy he asked out. It was only after she turned him down that he met her sister Amanda. Amanda is now his wife.




Ex Boyfriends Are Trouble 

“You had better start, because if I tell Billie about what we did on your wedding day, there goes your marriage before it even gets started. How do you think he would feel if he knew that when the minister said you may kiss the bride, that you kissed him with my cum in your mouth?”





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