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cuckold husband, cheating wife and bull

Cuckold and Swinger Stories by Lynn GKS





How I Became A Cuckold  - parts 1 and 2 - swingers cuckold story

Husband is fascinated by the image of his friend sleeping with his wife and on the way to become cuckold. He discovers that he likes to watch his wife having sex.

Later wife finds a bull and husband learns a new kind of cuckoldry. He finds the joy of creampie eating.


"Well, of course he called you a cuck," Carol said, laughing. "What do you expect? You jacked off watching him fuck your wife and then you ate his cum out of my pussy. That's what cucks do, for God's sake. I love you. I love you a lot, but face it honey, you're a cuck!" Then she started to laugh that sweet musical laugh that had driven me crazy when I heard it coming from the bedroom.



How I Became A Cuckold, parts 3-4

Husband is not only cuckolded but he has to prepare the bull for his wife. Later the bull's wife gets seduced.


When his dick was sloppy wet he pulled out of my mouth, pushing me to the side on the floor, and moved toward Carol who was laying on her back on the rug. Then I got that familiar feeling of helpless humiliation as I watched the woman I loved eagerly spread her legs for another man. He started fucking her furiously and she urged him on.



How I Became A Cuckold, parts 5-6

Bull finds out that he became a cuckold. Cuckold relationships turn to group sex.


I felt a sick jealousy as I watched him and thought about Carol taking it up the ass. He'd fucked my wife in the ass with that monster cock and she had loved it. When I heard her laugh on the other side of that locked bedroom door this is what he was doing to her. Oh my God I was jealous. And Carol had told me how much she needed it.



How I Became Cuckold, part 7

Maybe it was the grass – maybe it was the booze – maybe it was the special chemistry of the three of us – but we just seemed to float in a timeless, weightless, sea of silence, free of the usual groaning and grunting and panting of sexual debauchery. We went on and on in a never-ending, silent, triple passion.



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Peeping Cuckold Story

Cuckold is watching his wife having affair with a guy next door. He is standing on a bench in the attic with binoculars in one hand and his pecker in the other jacking off.

Finally Charlie grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into bed. She kicked her shoes off, lay on her back, and spread her legs wide. Charlie got between her legs and she reached down, grabbed his cock, and guided it into her pussy, with her left hand -- just like when I fucked her. Then she moved her hand down under her thigh and started to play with his balls as he fucked her....




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