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Sissy, Forced Feminization movies

sissy movies, forced feminization sissy movie

Tara Lynne Foxx always wanted to find a rectally terminal rich man so she could inherit all his money and have a maid of her very own. Tara thought she found such a man in Winslow C. Bannister III who gave her a pretty good spiel about having advanced ass cancer. But this turned out to be merely a ruse to solicit sympathy and a spate of blowjobs which Tara gave willingly under the impression that sooner rather than later she'd be a beneficiary of the vast Bannister estate. Little did she know. After months of unconditional cocksucking, Tara asked Winslow what gives, that, if anything, he appeared to be healthier than ever and recipient of an advancing waist line. When Winslow laughingly clued her in, Tara was tempted to shear his cock off with a garden implement but thought better of it. "Why not have my cake and eat it too?" she thought as she spiked Winslow's drink one evening with a Mickey. As he woke, Winslow noticed something strange about himself in the mirror. While he didn't look exactly pretty it was just enough to attract ex convicts. And when Tara demanded the foie gras Winslow somehow sprang to attention though rather gingerly because his rectum still ached like cancer after that strap on session.





Punished by Mommy - sissy movies

Kelly Leigh's a down-to-earth family values type of gal. But, at the same time, Kelly has this psychotic nesting instinct that extends to suckling grown men and hiding their baby rattles. This is her thing and who can explain it. Piss Kelly off, and her good-natured disposition flips like a switch. One minute you're in her lap listening to lullabies and bedtime stories about the time her Uncle Ted took her for walks by the train tracks. Next minute you're on the receiving end of a torpedo in your mouth and up your ass. Such is the way with porn chicks. You never know if you're doing or saying the right thing or the wrong thing. Gilbert, who's occupied Kelly's lap on more than one occasion, may have overstepped his bounds with a provocative toe dance that seemed at odds with his masculinity. But you never know.





Sissy Cheerleader - Forced Feminization movie trailer

sissy movie, sissy cheerleader movie trailer

Being something of a bohemian, Nicole Ray enjoys hanging out with thespians, art world bon vivants and cross dressers who adopt the cheerleader lifestyle. Nicole has often said she'd marry a man who could accommodate all three of those requirements on her fantasy wish list. But who was she kidding? Such a man was hard to find. Then Nicole met an actor who had won critical reviews by playing the patient in the off Broadway musical, Gonorrhea. That, plus the fact that he reminded her of a husky Mexican girl named Shirley who used to be on Nicole's high school varsity pom-pom squad got her thinking. Two out of three ain't bad, she thought. So, nervously, Nicole proposed, but the man of her dreams babbled something about their need to share a yoga mat together before he'd consider. She took that as a no and fucked him very hard until his anus rattled like a slum housing radiator. Nicole felt she had to make a point.





Humiliated, Tormented Sissy Baby movie trailer

humiliated sissy movie, sissy baby movie trailer

We'd be content just to stroke our fingers along the arches of Jordan Kingsley's remarkable feet. And that alone would be enough to suck a miasma of man-snot out of us. But some guys want a whole lot more. Demanding, high-maintenance men, Jordan has realized, are pansies at heart with a gross need to be humiliated, tormented and exploited. Accomplish this, and they will flop like baby birds helpless in oil. A handy baby bonnet, bib and bottle are also keen props to have around, too, Jordan also found out. Rattles are optional. With the proper accoutrements in tow, the first time Jordan reversed sexual roles on a guy, his ass emitted a burp of rectal pleasure. Jordan smiled the smile of a mom knowing that her infant had been properly tended to.





Dominant Wife and Worshiping Sissy movie

dominant wife sissy, worshiping sissy movie

The lovely and alluring Kirra Lynne appreciates men who appreciate her big ass. Or, put it this way, if her ass were a house of worship, Kirra's is the St. Peter's Basilica of asses. And being the attention whore that she is, Kirra demands that men pay a similar unconditional devotion to her stout flanks. That is if they are to be graced by the presence of her nakedness and that which is to follow. Like the goddess Ishtar, Kirra's ass grants many favors but fickle followers to the cult are punished cruelly. Such was the case of a man named Burt who admitted that given the choice of Kirra's butt and gripping the swollen ankles of an 80 year-old woman, his would be a hard one. Taking that in all manners of speaking, Kirra's eyes rained thunder and the tortures of the damned began. At least Burt's own ass is now free of sin, although his provocative nude dances to the Girl from Ipanema are a bit disturbing.






Dominant Lesbians and Submissive Sissy movie

sissy movies, dominant lesbians movie

Nikki Rhodes has a galaxy of stars tattooed on her left hip, while Angel Daisy sports one on her left wrist. But together these ladies are a planetarium of lubricious fun whenever they get together. Put a guy in their gun sights, especially one who's pissed them off, though, and the mood quickly changes. You can make all the jokes you want about shooting for the moon and astronuts. But the fact remains clear. The next rocket to go off will be in your ass if the ladies take the remarks in the wrong way. One such guy found that out the hard way. He made remarks. He paid the price. His butt's scheduled to re-enter the earth's orbit in two years.





Femdom Foot - Sissy Slave movie clips

femdom feet movie clips, sissy slave movie clips

My, my, my, Delilah. Why, why, why, Delilah. So before you come to break down my door. Forgive me Delilah I just couldn't take any more. Rodrigo sang this mournful ditty as he saw the light on the night that he passed by Delilah's window. He saw the flickering shadows of love on her blind. She was his woman. But as she deceived him, he watched and went out of his mind. At the break of day when that man drove away, Rodrigo asked Delilah who the guy was. Delilah told him none of his fucking business and stuck a strap-on up his ass. That pretty much ended the line of questioning.





Strap-on sissy, husband humiliation, forced feminization movie clips

forced sissy movie, sissification movies

Veronika Raquel was dating this man. By no means a handsome man, his name was Rubber Eyes Dooley, and despite being blessed with a heavy five o'clock shadow and extremely thick toenails, Rubber Eyes often wished he had been born a woman with more delicate features and a sense of style. He would complain, whine and complain some more about his short deal in the sexual poker game of life, finally taxing Veronika's patience to the utmost limits. She went so far as to slap a blonde wig on him and fuck him in the ass. This sedated Rubber Eyes for awhile and he eventually began asking Veronika for trade secrets to Goulash and pressed her for intimate details about East Indian spices and rubber-handled kitchen implements. They're now living together happily as wife and wife.





Sissy and Public Humiliation video trailer

sissy video, public humiliation videos

Most men would do anything to be in the proximity of that ass. Knowing a good thing, Marlena knows what to do with it and so has her way with most gents. Being something of a sadist, Marlena enjoys when guys act stupid around her because she knows what's coming next. They're thinking what they're thinking. But she's thinking something else entirely. And that something else entirely equates to humiliation and debasement. In her first things first agenda, Marlena requires her men to put on a fashion show which means she's stretched out a few bra and panty sets along the way. But no matter. Next comes the makeup and a few other ridiculous glamour accoutrements to complete the picture. And guys will go along with this. They'll shove their balls and what-nots between their legs and pretend to be ladies. Though what comes next is hardly lady-like. And men with a cock in their ass are so predictable.





White Slave, Black Domme video

white sissy video, black domme video

Amile Waters is a woman who believes in showing off her body in conspicuous and ingenious ways to gain attention. But sometimes prancing around semi-naked in a pet shop or a tow yard just ain't enough. So Amile figured this one time to add hair rollers to the mix and let the dice fall where they may. But, with that philosophy, the dice sometime land in the wrong crap pit. As Amile discovered recently when she brought home this grifter walking the Hollywood beat. And that's when a ball gag comes in quite handy. Because it's good for stifling the murmurs of dessicated animals and the midnight howls of corrupt clowns. And then when it goes deep in the ass, the shadows of night descend quietly on the dark and lonesome bed.





Forced Fem Strap-On Training - Sissy videos

forced fem video, sissy training videos

In French, Jordan Kingsley is the La Belle Dame Sans Merci- the beautiful woman without mercy bent on revenge. And so the question begs- would you rather have an ugly woman with mercy fuck you without a strap-on, or someone of Jordan's caliber packing a lethal sexual utility belt? It's not an easy question to answer as Fernando in the picture soon found out. That look on his face is one of abject terror. Cripes out loud, you'd think he was fucking Boris Karloff with Godzilla waiting in the wings. This is a beautiful woman, albeit a vengeful one.





Forced Sissy, Public Humiliation movies

sissy movie, strapon sissy movies, sissy training movie clips

Samantha Sin can be such a bitch, she ought to have the name "Mr." in front of her name. She's blonde, pretty, has lovely legs and an ass worth dying for. Except you pretty much have to get booked on a one-way ticket to the graveyard to get any parts of it. Another aspect of the deal, if you want to share quality time with Samantha, is the fact that you adopt goofy faces and a certain mewling, feminine servility in her presence. Then and only then will she acknowledge your existence. Serving her a piping hot cup of coffee like a $4.00 an hour barristo might help, but we wouldn't bet on it. Our advice is that you simply wash your ass thoroughly and Samantha will think of the rest.











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