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 Strapped Down And Full Milking

This virile young stud has been selected to serve as a “sex slave” at one of my ladies only parties but before the arrangements can be made he has to be tested..












This was the very first ever shoot for this lucky member and Danica REALLY gives him the time of his life.. 












Masturbation Therapy

The nurse is here and she is ready to see to your needs! I know what it takes to make your orgasm VERY intense… 












Toyboy Calls While My Husband Is Out

If a good looking young nineteen year old guy calls around to the house to see my husband Charles when he is out what do you think that I should do.. 











Hotwife Seductress 2

My husband Charles has just left for Manchester and I am all alone in the house when the delicious young nineteen year old guy is due to arrive here.. 











His Employers Wife At The Stables

Having already blackmailed and photographed my husband’s manager and bookkeeper to ensure that I have him just where I want him I arrange to meet him at the stables.. 

cheating wife


Karlie has had an accident in her husband’s company car and needs to get it fixed before he gets back from his business trip in France… Her friend Pippa knows a discreet young man who can fix the car before her husband gets back but that’s when the young housewife’s problems REALLY begin… The “discreet” young man has his own agenda and when he tells Karlie that she will have to do something for him in order to secure his help she finds that she really has no choice at all… And then to make matters worse the rather devious young man wants to take the young housewife up to her bedroom and enjoy her on her husband’s bed… The problem is that she really has no choice at all if she is to get his car fixed before he gets back… 





married with cuckold husband

I am absolutely DESPERATE to cum and my husband Charles is just going out to a meeting at the office… The young builder that works for my husband is calling around to finish off some work in the paddock but I have a FAR more pressing need for his fabulously hard body and absolutely HUGE cock right here in the house… Charles has already heard me masturbating in the bedroom as he was getting ready to leave for his meeting… And then when he came into the bathroom to say goodbye I could see his eyes all over my naked body… He was a little reluctant to leave as I think he could see what I had in mind… But shouldn’t a husband trust his wife when he is away at the office and his insatiable wife is left at home with a young man with a MASSIVE cock and a HUGE sexual appetite for older ladies?  





married and cheating

As soon as I answered my phone I knew it was that perverted little creep who does business with my husband. He had managed to get some photos of me with a young guy in the back of a car and now the sleazy little creep was going to blackmail me with the threat of showing the photos to both my husband and a group of his business associates… So I had no choice? Despite my anger I was expected to do exactly what this filthy little pervert wanted! And what would he want the trophy wife of the man he hated so much to do for him? What exactly did he have in mind for me?? I really had no choice at all but to “perform” for him and then just when I thought it was all over it just got even worse… 





unfaithful wife

I LOVE to show off my figure and I LOVE to be photographed so as my husband Charles had just left on a business trip and a young guy asks me if he can photograph me I of course jump at the chance for a little extra fun. This rather delicious young man seemed to be very interested in my full breasts, long legs and shaved pussy and he was VERY keen to have some REAL fun with a married lady… Undressing in front of the camera makes me VERY wet and so after I had shown myself off for his camera I was DESPERATE to be this young mans plaything so that he could enjoy me in ANY way that he wanted… 





cuckold husband watches

My husband Charles has been pestering and begging to be allowed to watch me with another guy ever since he flew back from his last business trip abroad so while he was out playing golf yesterday with his boring old business colleagues I invited one of my very special young stud friends around so that I could make this video especially for my husband. Ok Charles, sit down comfortably and watch this video as I made it especially for you. You are going to LOVE how much I enjoyed this young guys HUGE cock and just watch how hard he makes me cum! 





cuckold tease and denial

After having such a FABULOUS time with the young stud in the video that I made for my husband a couple of weeks ago I just couldn’t resist inviting him back to make another video. If you are watching Charles, sorry but this one is just for me as I was just DESPERATE for sex after the busy week at the stables here and I really LOVE the way that this young guys HUGE cock really stretches me! It amuses me to keep my husband Charles teased and denied but like all ladies I need to cum hard and loud VERY often! 





cuckoldrix cock tease

It was my husband Charles birthday last week and when I asked him what he would like as a present he asked me to make this video especially for him and as his present also meant that I could have some fun as well I agreed straight away… So Charles, here is your present and just to make sure that everyone here at knows what you will be doing as you watch the video I have added a few rather amusing little observations just for you as I have my fun with this absolutely delicious young mans HUGE cock! 





teasing a cuckold husband

My husband Charles must be wondering where I am… I met this rather delicious young guy down in the hotel bar and Charles is waiting for me upstairs in our room… I am sure that he must be wondering where I am but a lady just has to have her fun? Anyway, I will let him see this video so that he can watch me having my fun so at least he can wank his amusing little cock as he sees why I was late and perhaps I will sit here and watch him as I remind him why a lady needs a VERY fit young man with a real cock to satisfy her properly… 





slave husband

Having bumped into my husband Charles at home in the afternoon last Thursday I break the news to him that I have been asked out for a drink that evening and tell him not to expect me home until Friday morning at the very earliest… The problem is that I had already promised Charles that I would undress for him so that he could masturbate later that evening but now as I was going out he would have to get that over and done with quickly now before I go to get ready to go out… I do agree to undress for Charles from time to time and he knows that he has to take every opportunity that I give him no matter where or when and then after he is finished I have a ride on my very special Sybian so that YOU can watch every second of my VERY intense orgasm in the most amazing close-up detail! 





hotwife movie

My husband Charles has just left for Manchester and I am all alone in the house when the delicious young nineteen year old guy is due to arrive here… I am determined to get him upstairs into the bedroom for some decadent fun… I put on a pair of fully fashioned seamed stockings and a VERY low cut thin top together with my spike heeled black leather boots and to ensure that I have his FULL attention I put on a VERY short skirt without any panties and then sit opposite him so that he can see EVERYTHING that he wants to see… He told me earlier that he has never been with a married lady before and I am determined to be his first… The thought of seducing this young man was making me VERY VERY wet! 





cuckoldrix movie

With my husband Charles out at the office it was the perfect opportunity for me to use all of my “Masturbatrix” expertise on this young guys throbbing hard cock and give him one of the very best orgasms that he has ever experienced in his life! After stripping off to put on my nurse uniform I paint his HUGE young cock with warm oil and then go to work on it with my skilful hands, my jutting 34 “F” cup breasts and my HUGE fully erect nipples as I get him ready to shoot VERY hard while the camera watches EVERYTHING! 















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