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While I love reading the posts on this site, I rarely make comments myself. But I thought the readers here would enjoy the very true details of what happened to me recently. It took quite a while to first explain my desires to my wife Danielle (Danni) and then to have them come to fruition about 6 years ago, but my wife of twenty years and I now have what we call a one-way open relationship. Basically, she gets to do what ever she wants and I don’t. So I guess that means I’m a cuckold.


Danni is a petite Italian in her early forties, 5’ 1” tall, 100 lbs., and without exaggerating, has the body of a 25 year old. She has had a few boyfriends or lovers, whatever you want to call them over the years. The current one is about ten years younger than her and she claims to have the best sex she has ever had in her life with him. Well, I have been asking for years to no avail for her to let me watch or to, at least, see a video tape of her getting laid. I recently asked again but she claims that while her boyfriend knows that I know of their relationship, he would never go for it. Danni said however, that she was mulling over an idea that she thought I might enjoy.


My wife, who does not work, and her boyfriend, who has his own business, usually have their “play dates,” as she likes to call them, on weekdays while I’m at work. On a recent Tuesday I got up as usual to get ready to go to work and Danni suggested that I might want to call in sick today. I asked why, but all she would say was that I really should call in and that it she thought it would be well worth it for me. My mind was spinning a bit, but I did follow her advice and called in sick.


A while later, my wife started to get playful and led me into a spare bedroom we have on the second floor adjacent to our master bedroom. Unusual, I thought, but I went along as horny as I was. We wound up on the bed with her on top, as she often is, just in our underwear. Danni had me aroused, holding my arms above my head and kissing my neck. I was oblivious to the two pair of handcuffs secured to the wooden bedposts that she had apparently put there earlier. We had “played” before with handcuffs, so I didn’t resist when I finally realized that I was being restrained. What I didn’t expect was what was to come next.


Danni stood up, with my cock still bulging through my underwear and explained to me that her boyfriend would be coming over in a little while and that although I would still not get to live out my fantasy of watching her get fucked, I was about to get an earful. She said her boyfriend know nothing of her plan and that although she trusted that I would remain quite so as to not ruin a good thing for me or her, she did not trust that I would not try to some how sneak a peak and maybe get caught; thus, the handcuffs.


So there I lay in nothing more than a t-shirt and underpants…waiting. Sure enough, the door bell rang about a short while later and I heard the idol chatter at the front door and then nothing for a few minutes. As I learned later, they were at that point kissing and feeling each other before I heard them make there way up stairs from the foyer. It was about this time when I was really starting to anticipate what was about to happen that I realized what Danni later said was an unintended consequence of the handcuffs; I could not obviously touch my cock even though I may have had the biggest hard on of my life.


After a few minutes, I could hear some muffled words before the moaning and “oohs” and “aahs” started. That went on for a while until I could hear that the sound of her moaning had changed to “umms” and I knew that meant she probably had his cock in her mouth. That went on for what quite a while until I was sure from the sound of her moans that she no longer was sucking his cock. I knew, of course, what was next but the anticipation was killing me. And then it happened; the loud, sensual groan that told me that my wife had just been entered. I could now hear the bed begin to creak as they apparently got into a rhythm and Danni began to repeat, “oh my God, oh my God!” I had no idea what position they were in but imagined it was probably the missionary position or some variation of it. This went on for what seemed like about ten minutes when they stopped and I could clearly hear him say, “I want to fuck you from behind.” A few seconds later the moaning resumed and the unmistakable slapping sound of him ramming his cock into my wife doggy style began. After several more minutes he must have whispered to her that he was going to cum because all I could hear her say was, “Yeah Baby, cum, I want you to cum good.” Not ten seconds later I could hear his very, very loud groans as I knew he was unloading into her.


It got very quite then and I could hear them talking although at such a low volume I could not make out what they were saying. I could hear at one point that they got up and went downstairs. A short while later they were back and I heard nothing but chit chat for close to an hour. Then it got quite…the kissing had begun again, then the moaning, etc. It was basically a repeat of the scene from just a while earlier. The big difference was that they must have fucked for at least a half an hour straight, non-stop. My wife was literally screaming at one point. I remember thinking it’s a good thing we don’t have any close neighbors! My wife later told me that that was their “usual routine” and that because he had already cum once, his stamina was greatly improved for “round two.”


After he had left, Danni came into the guest bedroom and sat down beside me. She asked me if I had enjoyed listening. I told her it was one of the most intense sexual experiences I’ve ever had. She looked at my hard on and coyly asked if I needed help. With that, she pulled down my underwear to my knees and started slowly stroking my cock as she told me in detail how she gets butterflies in her stomach “like its the first time” whenever he comes over and how “fucking incredible it feels when he is on top of me and I can finally feel his cock filling me up.” Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to lose it before she finally took the cuffs off. It was incredible, just incredible! I haven’t been lucky enough for a repeat yet, but I’m sure hoping!




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