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My Personal Cuckold Experience




It's all been pretty much shared or said but here goes my personal experience...mostly true.


When younger I had a prudish first wife. She was vanilla and I was kinkier than I knew at the time.

For the record: I had never even heard the word "cuckold."


Sexually our marriage was fine the first few years, plenty of lingerie and passion. After a few years she was like: "just lay-me-down, fantasize what you want, let me know when you are done..." She was unable to tell me what she needed and I was too young and inexperienced to know what else to do but "suffer through."


Of course this lead to her having an affair that I only discovered because a friend informed me...I was crushed! How could she!? What was wrong with me? The guilt I placed on myself was immense. And yet, something deep down stirred. Strangely, when I thought about her being that hot, sexy wife again giving herself to a strange man, the humiliation of it would cause me to have the hardest erections I'd ever had. Guilt, humiliation and my willingness to be dominated by her slutty behavior drove me to my knees crying, but, also masturbating with intense orgasm's. Talk about being confused! All this was again followed by heavy guilt and the humiliation of knowing my wife was finding gratification in the arms of another man! Yet the erections that could/would result from it were rock solid and the orgasms exquisite.


We worked through the problems, but in hind sight never really addressed the sexual issues to prevent the inevitable...another affair on her part. This time I only discovered it because I stumbled upon a very sexy thong (something she stopped wearing for me long ago) in the dirty laundry. Again I was deeply hurt and all those feelings of inadequacy, guilt and humiliation came flooding back...along with the strange sexual stimulation.


 She did not know I was aware of her infidelity so she did nothing to conceal her activities. This gave me the upper hand to really see what was going on. I started going through her laundry, and, there were  numerous thongs and sexy panties I'd never even knew she had! Most were stained with a white, dried fluid I just knew had to be from her lovers semen. I tapped the phone and would listen over and over to their hot, steamy sexual escapades. She would often complain about how weak and boring I was, especially in bed. She'd coo to him about how much more of a better man and lover he was. She was always bossy and sexually strict with me, but on these tapes she was some guys total cock-stroked bitch! It hurt listening but I could not seem to stop myself from listening over and over. The more hurt I got the hornier I felt! I was at a loss to explain it.


I even hired a private investigator to follow her and video the outcome. After one week I was presented with a video that the P.I. explained showed proof of her infidelity. I went home and had the house to myself. I placed the video in the dvd player and held by breathe. Their she was. Meeting a co-worker of her for a quick tryst in an across town cheap motel. He was a black guy, average height and weight. She was all over him. Kissing in the parking lot as they made their way up to a second floor motel room. They remained in their for approximately two hours. They came out, still groping each other. They separated and drove off. My P.I. followed her driving our car all the way back to our house.


I starred blankly at the screen a this all unfolded. I thought how much of a loser I must of been to have this happen twice with the same woman. The images in my mind of them having wild sex behind that motel door hurt so bad and humiliated me. Yet, I walked to her laundry and got a pair of her semen soiled panties. I walked back to the tv and hit replay. I masturbated and had one of the most intense orgasms of my whole life. All the while thinking "what the hell is wrong with me...?"


About two months later, after countless late night disappearances by her, I confronted her. "How could you" I demanded! "After all we have been through!", etc., etc. She just looked at me and said she had been unhappy for years. She even blamed me! She said it was all my fault for not listening to her complaints for years. I sat there in a daze. She said she still cared for me but viewed me more as a boyfriend, not a real husband any more. She wanted us to continue to appear as the happily married to our neighbors and family but if I wanted to stay in a relationship I'd have to accept my new role.


A few days passed while I tried to sort out my emotions on the matter. After I decided I must not be man enough to solely satisfy her and that I cared enough about her to not want to lose her I approached her. I told her I thought it all over and wanted to remain with her so I agreed. She said she was pleased but told me to sit down. In a bossier than usual voice she stated I really better understand my new role as a "cuckold husband." Cuckold husband I thought? What the hell is that? She proceeded to give me a list of new behaviors that resulted in me waiting on her hand and foot. Most house choirs (including her soiled laundry) and bills were my responsibility. She had to have my cell phone number (I was informed to be available 24/7) but when I asked for hers she stated I did not need it. When I hinted at our sex life she gave me a very stern look and said: "you know I have a lover. He's black and will not be second to anyone.. He told me that if I want to let you have sex with me it'll only be after he has had me. No exceptions." She asked me if I clearly understood that. Filled with shame, guilt and humiliation I said I did.


Three days later, on a rainy Saturday night, she got all dressed-up and went running-out. I assumed to party and meet him. It hurt watching her all dressed-up and happy to be rushing to another man.. I could not sleep and waited to hear her finally come home.


I watched her as she made her way up to our house. She was unsteady on her high heels and had obviously been drinking. She still looked great. Pretty dress and those killer legs that always lead up to her shapely ass. The hurt and humiliation I felt and the hours of forced knowledge about her infidelity had me so bloody horny! When she stumbled down the hall I gently called out to her from my now, separate room. She stopped and looked in at me. Almost mockingly she asked me if I'd been up the whole time she was gone. I said yes and she said that was so sweet of me. She said something about how good I'd been that week and asked me if I liked how she looked. I said yes and she said "so did he." She giggled that drunk giggle and I saw a mean look flash across her eyes.. She asked me If I wanted to see her new panties. I mumbled yes. She struggled with her dresses zipper, finally pulled it down and revealed beneath it a black lacy bra and a pair of sheer black panties. She told me she wasn't going to fuck me but I could start to masturbate if I wanted. I did and embarrassed started to. While looking at her I missed her being my wife only, I made the mistake of asking why she was doing what she was with him and she got mad. Real mad. In an angry, vengeful voice she said she was going to teach me a lesson since I obviously forgot my role as her cuckold husband. She said she'd just have to "prove to me" that "I was her cuckold bitch." She walked over to me, put her pussy inches away from my face and ordered me to tell her what the crotch area of her panties looked like! I starred and muttered black and sheer. She said "what else!?" I knew what she meant. I quietly said "moist with glops of cum." She moved her pussy up to my nose and said "and what does it smell like?" I said in a low voice "sex." "Now" she said, "what does it feel like like" as she straddled my face with her cum filled panties! After she slowly grind-ed her wet and sticky panties onto my whole face I whimpered "warm and wet." She then ordered me to put my tongue on it. I wanted to protest but dared not! ....I did it. "That's right" she said. "Now, start licking me clean! And to constantly remind you of your proper role, whenever I come home from a date with my real man you will do the same and lick me clean!" "You are my cuckold bitch. Say it!" And I did.


And now after a few years and many other lovers...I still am.   



by M S





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