Cuckolding Ricki

by Marys_ricki



Mary's HotTub Party & Cuckolding ricki


Mary had not been back to Oregon for over 8 months and was anxious to spend some time with her best girlfriend Jill and her significant other Roger. Mary was sure that Roger had a crush on her and was anxious to take things a little farther if Jill approved and Mary made the opportunity occur.


Mary had been training her submissive hubby (ricki), and was looking forward to showing his talents and training off to her special friends Jill and Roger. She had been conditioning him to accept the fact that she was going to cuckold him this next summer and knew that Jill and Roger were just the ones to share in his cuckolding!


Last summer Mary had shared the hot tub one evening with Jill and Roger and made ricki go to bed early. She had told Jill and Roger that he really didn't want to join them when in reality she had ordered him to the bedroom. She had wanted to spend some time alone with Jill and Roger and judge if they both were comfortable in the hot tub with her. She also wanted to impress on ricki that if she wanted she could be with Jill and Roger naked and he had to accept it, so the next time he would be more submissive and anxious join in by being allowed to serve them. Mary had enjoyed the little evening and knew Roger was taken with her large breasts, as Jill was rather small. Mary had noticed that Roger kept glancing several times at her breasts as they sat in the hot tub. Jill had bragged on several occasions to Mary that Roger was Very Well Endowed, and was an Excellent Cocks-Man! Mary had decided after getting some partial glimpses of Roger's cock, while in the hot tub, that he would be the perfect one to cuckold her little ricki with.


Mary had called Jill before going back to Oregon and invited Jill and Roger over for the first weekend they were back home to have a light dinner, some wine and enjoy the hot tub. She told Jill that since she was her very very special friend she wanted to share something personal. She shared that Richard just wasn't able to satisfy her sexual needs any more, that his cock was just to small and he couldn't keep it up long enough, and she was looking for some additional fulfillment and excitement.


Mary then explained to Jill that she would have Richard (ricki) serve them when they came over for hot tubing, as he was now a kept man, what with Mary's inheritance She controlled the income and Richard (ricki) would do what ever she demanded. She confided in Jill that she had been training ricki for quite sometime and would like to demonstrate to her his total submissiveness and obedience to whatever Mary wished.


Just as Mary hoped Jill was very receptive, and said she had always known Mary was dominate and controlled Richard. Jill said she and Roger would be delighted to come over and see how well Mary had been able to train "ricki". Jill was very interested and then Mary suggested that perhaps Jill and Roger might be interested in a little experiment that she wanted to try. Mary reminded Jill that she had bragged on Roger's skill and size of his cock. Jill laughed and said she hadn't exaggerated, that his Cock was Huge and he knew how to really use it. Then she surprised Mary and said that she and Roger had discussed Mary on several occasions over the summer and that She and Roger had agreed that if Mary was open to the idea that both Jill and Roger would like Roger to show her what a "real man" could do to satisfy her. MARY couldn't have been happier.


She then shared her idea of having Roger and Jill assist in using ricki as their submissive as well as Mary's, and helping her with cuckolding ricki when they came over for the hot tub evening. Jill gladly accepted and said she and Roger would be delighted and would be looking forward to assisting in cuckolding ricki. Jill said Roger had always admired Mary and did indeed have a crush on her, and that cuckolding ricki and making him watch while Roger fucked Mary would be just the thing to get the summer started in a good direction.


Mary called Jill the first thing when she got in the Oregon house on Tuesday and confirmed with her that they were home and that Jill and Roger were invited over that Friday.


Friday afternoon Mary had ricki clean the hot tub and chill several bottles of wine and one of champagne. She prepared a special light dinner, salad and soup. Jill and Roger were scheduled to arrive about 7:30pm. At 7:00pm Mary had ricki put on his maids outfit that she had laid out. It consisted of black thong panties, very short maid skirt and frontless top, apron, gloves, and frilly collar, as well as heels. Of course Mary always made ricki wear his plastic cock cage so he couldn't masturbate and it made him aware he was Mary's sissy slut. She felt that having him dressed when they arrived would set the tone for the evening and insure them that ricki was indeed their submissive as well as hers for the night. It would humiliate him right off and make sure he knew his place for the night. Mary had ricki get the snacks laid out and open a bottle of red wine so it could breath.


When the doorbell rang at 7:30 Mary told ricki to go to the kitchen and wait to be called. MARY answered the door and gave Jill a big hug and kiss on the lips, and then turned to Roger and did the same. She told them to come in she was so glad to see them after being gone so long. She had them sit down in the living room and then called to ricki that he could bring in the wine and snacks for everyone.


Ricki entered carrying a tray with the glasses on it all dressed in his outfit.


Jill said. "My my, and who is this Mary? I didn't know you had a new maid."


Mary laughed and said. "Oh Jill you're so funny. This is Richard, he is now my new sissy...."ricki". He will be serving us this evening, making sure we have just what we want, and attending to our every demand. I have had to turn Richard into my submissive because he just can't satisfy me any more."


"ricki, turn around, lift your skirt and show Jill and Roger your tattoo."


Ricki turned around and lifted his skirt and showed them his tattoo that had a Female Supremacy Symbol and said Mary's "ricki" underneath it.


Jill laughed and sipped her wine. "My my, he makes a perfect sissy Mary."


Roger raised his glass and proposed a toast. "Here's to a great summer for Jill and Me with Mary and her sub ricki. It should be a summer to remember."


Roger inched over to Mary and reached out and ran his hand over her breast, causing her nipples to turn hard and show through her flimsy blouse.


"I can't wait until later and I get to sample little ricki's wife." Roger laughed and pinched her hard nipple. "Bet you'll love seeing a real man satisfy your wife, Uh ricki?"


"Well answer Roger ricki!" Mary barked. And Jill laughed as she watched ricki turn red. "Oh look his little tiny cock is trying to get hard in his cage, to bad he can't get a real hard-on." Jill said as she pulled his panties down and looked at his cock in it's plastic cage.


"Yes Sir, that will be a pleasure Sir. Mary deserves a real man sized cock." Ricki stammered and looked down at the ground.


"Go make sure dinner is ready ricki and then come back and sit on the floor while Jill, Roger and I catch up on the last few months. You can freshen up our drinks before you sit down. Oh yes, bring down the strap-on dildo, leather paddle, leash and your nipple clamps, I want to put on the nipple clamps after dinner to make sure you behave when Roger gets around to pleasuring me with his cock." She snickered and winked at Roger and Jill.


Ricki clip clopped out of the room in his heels and checked the dinner etc. He got his nipple clamps, leash and strap-on and returned to the room and delivered them to Mary.


After a little bit they retired to the dinner room and ricki served their dinner. They laughed and had a good time, mostly ignoring ricki but occasionally Jill or Mary would slap him on his bottom and comment on what a good job he was doing. They had enjoyed several bottles of wine during dinner.


After dinner Mary had ricki stand before them at the table and she told him that tonight he was going to be cuckolded by her with Roger. To make sure he behaved she would put his nipple clamps on, and tie his hands behind his back, and that Jill would be in charge of his leash attached to his nipple clamps. She snapped each clamp on his hard nipples, tied his hands tightly behind his back, and handed the leash to Jill.


"Go ahead and see how you can control him Jill." Mary said.


Jill tugged on the leash as she got up from the table and walked to the front room, ricki was forced to follow her as she lead him around the table. Then Jill commanded.


"Down ricki", and she jerked the leash down toward the floor. Ricki fell to his knees and Jill patted his head. "Good boy ricki". She laughed. She pulled him up and then led him around the table a few times making him stop and pose for Mary and Roger.


"I think this will do the trick if he tries to get out of hand."


Jill suggested that ricki should get undressed for the rest of the evening and serve them naked. Mary agreed, and they had ricki remove all his maid clothes, leaving him with only his cock cage on, his ruffled collar and his high heels.


"Oh my." Jill said. "You have him shaved so nicely, I just love it, he looks so sissy like with all his hair shaved off his chest and his cock and balls. Isn't he just the sweetest little sub you have every seen Roger?"


"Well he sure isn't very studdly all shaved but he does make a cute sissy boy." Roger joked.


Jill led ricki into the living room, and left him standing in the middle of the room as they all sat down.


"You know what we forgot, ricki hasn't had anything to eat. I think we should get him some leftover scraps so he isn't hungry." Jill got up and retrieved a plate with some bread scraps. She put it on the floor in the middle of the living room. "You know I think ricki should pretend he's a dog and eat his leftovers like a dog would." Jill laughed


She jerked his leash and ordered him to get on his hands and knees. She stood by his side and kept hold of his nipple leash.


"Does he know how to bark for his dinner Mary?" Jill asked.


"I am sure he can." Mary replied. Then she commanded ricki. "Wiggle you little butt and bark like a dog ricki and you can have some scraps."


Ricki looked up, Jill gave his leash a jerk, and then he barked. "Woof...Woof...Woof. Woof." As he wiggled his ass back and forth.


"Good boy ricki! You make a wonderful little pet dog." Jill said and patted him on his head. "You may eat your scraps like a good dog." Ricki put his face in the plate and gobbled up the scraps of bread. "Woof...Woof." He barked when he had finished them all. Jill and Mary were laughing so hard they started to cry.


"That really funny, he makes a great puppy dog." Roger laughed. "Next time we come over instead of being our French Maid, we'll have ricki be our pet dog for he whole evening, we can get some long ears for him and maybe a butt-plug tail, then we can teach him tricks and punish him if he doesn't obey."


"UMarym..I love that idea too, but........" sighed Mary, "I think I am getting pretty horny, how about it Roger, you ready to give this lady a ride?"


"I am always ready honey." Roger smiled and walked over to Mary and opened her blouse, exposing her naked breasts and leaned down and kissed one of her hard nipples.


"To bad little ricki will just have to watch tonight, your wife sure has a fine set of tits ricki. Guess you don't get to touch them anymore now you'll be a cuckold." Roger laughed. "I think I'll fuck her doggie style the first time tonight, then you can clean us up before I take on Jill."


"Roger's good for 4 or 5 times a night Mary, so get ready for a real fun filled night." Jill laughed as she pulled ricki over to a chair. "Why don't you just mount her right here in the living room on the floor Roger, that way ricki will get a real good view?" Jill snickered.


MARY knelt on the floor and Roger stepped out of his pants and Mary pulled down his underwear. There was gasp from Mary as she saw how huge Roger's cock was.


"My Gawd!!" Mary exclaimed. " That is the biggest cock I have ever seen, it must be 2 or 3 times as large as little ricki's. I can't believe it I am really going to enjoy this."


Mary grabbed Roger's cock and began to stroke it as it swelled and grew hard.


"Geeeeze Jill, it is has hard as a steel rod." Mary giggled. "Look ricki this is what a real cock looks like." And Mary waved it back and forth, then quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes. Jill did likewise and held ricki so he could have a good view of Roger and Mary. Jill paraded in front of ricki so he could get a good view of her, her nice small firm tits jutted upward, and her pussy was shaved smooth.


She laughed and taunted ricki. "To bad you don't get to sample any of this." She said as she ran her hand over her pussy and up to her tits, playing with her nipples and pulling on them. "But I am afraid I only let big cocks like Roger has pleasure me."


Jill laughed and asked. "Have you taught your sissy slut to suck cock yet Mary?"


"Well I've had him sucking my strap-on and he seems to do a pretty good job, but he's never had a Real Cock." Mary answered.


Jill jerked on ricki's leash and dragged him over to Roger. "We'll just see how well you've trained him then. Give Roger's huge cock a nice kiss ricki and tell Roger what you want him to do with it." She pulled on ricki's nipples and forced his head down so he could kiss the head of Roger's gigantic cock.


She and Mary laughed. As ricki hesitantly leaned forward and carefully kissed the head of Roger's massive cock.


"Go ahead ricki, show us how you can suck cock for us."


ricki could barely get the head of Roger's huge cock in his mouth, then he began to slurp and sucked on it.


"How's he doing Roger?" Jill asked after a few moments.


Roger took a deep breath and replied. "Not bad, not bad at all for a fist time cock sucking slut. By the end of the summer we'll have him addicted to it, he won't be happy unless he has a cock in his pretty little mouth. Since he won't be allowed to cum all summer, he'll be begging to suck my cock every time he sees me."


"See I always knew you would make a good cock sucker ricki...I just knew it from when we first met." Mary chuckled.


Jill laughed out loud.


" Now ricki, beg Roger to do what he came over to do....what you know you want him to do!"


"Please Sir, Please, Fuck my wife, She deserves a Huge Cock like yours, a Real Man Sized Cock. Your cock is so much bigger than mine. Please Fuck her for me."


Mary turned around and knelt up and Roger stood behind her and slowly began to push his huge cock in her tight pussy.


"Ohhhhhhh, My is so huge." Mary moaned. "Give it to me Roger...all of it." She pleaded...."Yesssssss! Yessssss! I didn't realize what I was missing all this time with ricki's little tiny cock. This is all I want from now on, a Man Size Cock. Yessssss!"


"Look at that ricki see that huge cock disappear in your wife's hot pussy." Jill laughed. "That's what your wife needed all along, listen to her ricki, she loves it." Jill jerked on the leash attached to the nipple clamps and forced ricki's face so it was only a floor so from Mary's pussy. " You like seeing and hearing Roger's huge cock slide in and out of your wife's pussy. Don't you ricki? Listen to that sound, it's Mary's pussy sucking on that cock."


Ricki could only stare and nod as Roger's glistening gigantic cock disappeared again and again in Mary's pussy.


Roger was smiling as he buried his cock in Mary and then paused and looked over at ricki. "UMarym your wife sure has a tight pussy, it feels so good squeezing my cock, to bad you're never going to get to have that feeling again ricki."


"Oh Gawd ricki....he's so much bigger than's fantastic. I'll never be satisfied with your little cock ricki. Guess your fucking days are over." Mary gasp as Roger began thrusting his cock in and out again.


The Roger kept up a steady rhythm for what seemed like forever. ricki couldn't imagine Roger hadn't cum yet. Mary kept begging for more, and then would moan and gasp as Roger kept up the steady rhythm as his Massive Cock would disappear in her hot pussy. Then Roger began to really pump his cock in and out faster and faster, driving it all the way to the base...over and over it disappeared in and out, in and out then Mary began to gasp and moan, then she let out a piercing yell....


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....Yesssssssssssssssssssss. Fuck me Roger! Fuck me! .....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"


Faster, Faster.......Oh Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


I am cuMarying..Roger don't stop. Faster.. Faster...Yesssssssssss."


Mary pitched forward her mouth open gasping for air.


Roger collapsed onto her back......and sighed.


Then Roger looked over at ricki as Jill pulled hard on his nipples so he was closer as Roger lay on top of Mary's back......Roger and Jill laughed together.


After several minutes Roger slowly rose, his huge cock still hard and swollen, he walked over to where Jill had ricki. Jill pulled ricki so he was bent over and Roger waved his cock in ricki's face.


Roger said. "Here, ricki, lick me clean now that you're an experienced cock sucker, and show Mary you'll do anything for us." Then he pushed his cock in ricki's mouth and made ricki suck it clean. Jill swung the leather paddle a couple times hitting ricki's tattoo to make sure he was doing a good job. Mary still breathing hard sat glassy eyed staring as ricki licked and sucked on Roger's cock.


"That was fantastic Roger!" Mary managed to pant. "You sure were right Jill he sure knows how to use that Magnificent Cock of his, and he Lasts Forever."


Roger smiled and looked down at ricki sucking on his now semi-hard cock and said.


"You've been officially cuckolded ricki, now you belong to Mary, Jill and I. Now you get to show how good you are at being a pussy cleaner. I want Mary's pussy to be squeaky clean next time I fuck her, so get busy cleaning her out, and don't miss any."


"I think Jill would like to use you as her little fuck slut while you clean up Mary. I'll catch my breath before I do Jill, then I think I'll screw Mary few more times tonight, just so you know who's the real man here."


Jill lead ricki to Mary and pulled his head down to her hot pussy then she reached for the strap-on dildo and cinched it on, the long 8" rubber cock jutting out obscenely. She untied ricki's hands and ordered ricki to stop cleaning Mary and lick the dildo. Then she told him to start licking Mary again. She stepped behind him winked at Roger.


Jill barked at ricki. "Get that ass up in the air ricki so I have a good angle" Jill drew her hand back and let ricki have a couple good hard slaps on his tattooed ass...."That's it wiggle that cute little sissy ass for us ricki. Now reach around and spread those cheeks so I can see where I am putting this monster cock." Jill laughed as a humiliated ricki did exactly as he was told. "Spread those cheeks a little wider so everyone can get a good look ricki, that's it hold it right there. And now while you're holding your cheeks apart wide tell everyone how much you want me to fuck you ricki."


"Please Mistress Jill...Please, fuck me. As a Supreme Female you have the right to fuck me whenever you want...Please fuck me."


"Oh that was great ricki, and so true. Keep those cheeks spread wide for me." Jill laughed.


Then she started slowly sliding the 8" cock into ricki. ricki moaned and gasp...Jill tugged hard on his leash and nipples then giggled as she drove the cock into ricki while pulling him back into her with his leash attached to his nipples.


"Gawd...I've always wanted to fuck his tight little ass, I love it. Since you can't fuck any more ricki, you can at least get fucked like a sissy should." Jill exclaimed as she set up a rhythm and drove the huge cock in and out, in and out, making full even strokes.


"Oh Jill, Roger, I just know we are going to have a wonderful summer."


Mary laughed as she slid out from under ricki as he finished up cleaning her hot pussy, Mary stood up in front of ricki so he could watch as she let Roger massage her tits while she watched Jill burying the strap-on in ricki.


"ricki will be our little cuckold for the whole summer."


Ricki lowered his head to the floor and was moaning as Jill drove the huge rubber cock in and out of him repeatedly with an ever increasing tempo.


"Ohhhhhhh.... Yes Mistress...Yes.....!" ricki was panting.


After several minutes Jill began to perspire, she gave one final thrust, causing ricki to pitch forward as he collapsed on the floor. Jill was satisfied ricki had been fucked good enough she undid the strap-on and dropped it on the floor next to ricki's head, addressing ricki as she shook her head.


"That's all the pleasure you'll be getting from now on so you'd better get used to it little ricki. I plan on making you my little fuck slut every chance I get."


Jill then suggested they all retire to the hot tub and have ricki serve them the champagne. Mary, Roger and Jill all chatted about what had just transpired, and they all agreed and said that Jill had put on quite the show by mounting ricki like the sissy he was. Mary and Roger had both watched intently as they had sipped their glasses of wine.


ricki went out to the hot tub and lit the candles and removed the top and then went back in to tell them the tub was ready.


Roger was busy screwing Jill, while Mary sat recovering from Roger's huge cock and was sipping wine and watching.


"Guess you will have one more hot pussy to clean before we retire to the hot tub ricki." Mary chuckled. "That Roger is one big stud, he didn't take but 10 minutes and he was ready to drill Jill."


Jill was moaning and gasping as Roger pounded in and out of her....then she came with a cry. Jill rolled over on her back and curled her finger at ricki motioning him to come over and clean her up. Mary and Roger watched and gave instructions as ricki crawled between Jill's legs and began the task of cleaning up all Roger's cum. Mary took her leather strap and landed several good hard swats on ricki's ass to encourage him as he licked and sucked on Jill's smoothly shaved pussy, causing her to cum two more times. After ricki was finished and Roger approved of his work they all casually got up and told ricki to bring the champagne out as they needed to relax in the tub.


They made ricki kneel by the tub as they chatted and talked for the next hour, discussing all the good times they would have now that they had cuckolded ricki. Roger sat between the two women and would stroke their breasts and lick them every once in a while, and talked how he was going to fuck each of them one more time before the night was over. They would laugh at ricki in his cock cage, as they commanded ricki to fill their champagne glasses.


"To bad little ricki only gets to watch from now on, but that's what being a cuckold is all about." Roger laughed.


Mary and Jill wrapped in each others arms agreed then smiled and laughed at ricki as he knelt naked, except for his nipple clamps, ruffled collar and high heels by the hot tub. His eyes cast downward and his little cock locked in his cock cage.



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