I had known Jenny ever since we were both four years old. We both came from wealthy families who were very close, and I watched her grow up into a beautiful young woman. She has short, brown hair, brown eyes, a little turned-up nose and full lips. Her figure is slender, but with very full breasts, a great ass and long legs. I had always been besotted with her, and was delighted when she agreed to marry me when we were both 23.


Our respective parents were so keen to see the marriage work that they set up trusts for our inheritances in such a way that if either us divorced the other we would lose all our money to the other. This suited me because I was sure we would be together for life.


We had a great wedding and settled down to married life. However, it was only about three months in that I felt there was something not quite right. After the honeymoon Jenny did not seem too keen to have sex very often. I know I am not well endowed, but thought as we loved each other so much it would not matter.


It was a little after that time that my world started to fall apart. Jenny came home from her work one Friday evening looking very serious. She told me to sit down as she had something to say, and I started to worry.


"My Boss at work has been fucking me for the last month," she announced, and my blood ran cold.


"What?" I said incredulously,not quite taking it in. "But why?".


"Well, apart from the fact that he is a gorgeous muscular black man, his dominant nature just excited me, and he has a massive cock. To be honest, Michael, he is everything you are not. The first time he laid me over his desk and fucked me hard, I could not believe the feeling he was giving me, it was the best thing I had ever experienced."


"Do you intend to continue letting him fuck you?" I asked, knowing what her answer would be.


"Definitely," she confirmed. "I am not giving up that big black cock now, your tiny dick is useless. In fact, my boss is coming over tonight to tell you how it is going to be in future. Make sure you are respectful to him. Call him sir."


"You expect me to call this bastard who is fucking my wife ?sir'?" I protested.


"If you know what is good for you, wimp!" she replied cruelly.


When her boss arrived, who she told me was 38 and called Ben, Jenny told me to go and let him in. I opened the door to be confronted by this mountain of a man, who pushed past me, and went into our lounge. When I got in, the two of them were engaged in a long, passionate kiss.


"So, you are the pathetic wimp who needs me to fuck your wife. Is that right?", he added with a lot of menace.


"Yes Sir," I replied meekly, proving just what a wimp I am while Jenny giggled at my subservience. "Well, pour the drinks, sissy, while we get comfortable," he ordered. "Then I will tell you the way it is."


When I brought the drinks back, he was sitting on the sofa with Jenny on his lap. They were continuing their kissing and cuddling. Ben broke off to take a swig before turning to me.


"Kneel down in front of us, wimp," he told me. I obeyed immediately as Jenny laughed again.


"Now you already know I am fucking your wife," he continued. "Well, I intend to continue fucking her exclusively. That means you don't get any more pussy from your wife because you are a tiny dicked loser. Do you understand?"


"But she is my wife!", I protested.


"Do you understand?", he said again with more menace.


"Yes, sir," I answered humbly.


"Good," he laughed. "Because you are a useless piece of shit. What are you?"


"A useless piece of shit, sir," I agreed, and this time Jenny laughed long and loud.


After drinks Ben said we were going upstairs, as he wanted to fuck my wife in our bed in front of me. We went straight up to the bedroom, where the two of them stripped off and told me to do the same. Ben laughed at my little cock before sitting on the bed with Jenny kneeling between his legs.


I had to stand and watch my beloved wife sucking greedily on the huge dick which stretched her lips. She had never done this for me, and I felt even more jealous. When he was hard he laid her on the bed and began licking her pussy, making her groan with pleasure. When she was ready he positioned himself between her legs.


"OK, wimp," he laughed. "Now you can watch your wife being well fucked, knowing you will never get to do it again yourself!"


"That's right Ben," Jenny agreed. "I promise I will never let his useless dick near me again. Fuck me, baby, show the wimp how it is done properly!"


Ben shoved his dick right up her, making her cry out with pleasure like I never could. As Ben began to fuck her, she made me look into her eyes, as she grinned at me with contempt.


"He likes you fucking me, Ben," she said at one point. "His little dick is hard!" They both laughed at me.


Soon though, I was ignored by my wife, as Ben began to take her to the heights of passion I had not believed her capable of. She sobbed and groaned loudly, as he took her to a fantastic orgasm. When he finally came deep inside her, his groans of pleasure were drowned out by her cry of ecstasy. They then lay kissing and caressing for a few minutes.


"See that white stuff seeping out of your wife's cunt?", Ben said when Jenny lay on her back. "Well it is the cuckold wimp's job to clean it up every time. So get your sissy face in there and lap it all up."


"Yes, come on, wimp," said Jenny contemptuously, as I got between her smooth thighs. "Get all of Ben's lovely cum out of me, this is the nearest you will get to sex from now on!"


When I was done, Ben pulled me by the hair on to my knees, and forced his cock into my mouth so I could get all of my wife's juices off.


"Get my lover's dick spotlessly clean, cocksucker", sneered Jenny, as I sucked the first of what would turn out to be many cocks.


Ben had to leave soon after, but not before spelling out my fate.


"You will be seeing an awful lot of me now," he informed me. Jenny won't be your wife, but your Mistress, and I will be your Master. I know about your financial arrangements, that you can't leave without losing all your money. So you will have to do whatever we tell you, no matter how unpleasant it is for you."


"Welcome to your new celibate life, cuckold," Jenny laughed. Now I have lost all respect for you, cocksucker, we are going to have a lot of fun with you!"


Jenny kissed Ben goodnight, leaving me to ponder my fate.

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