My wife Stephanie and her boss Franks affair was now out in the open. Frank is a doctor and my wife runs the office for him. I work for her father in his janitorial service. As I wrote in a previous story, I was out of town while Frank and Stephanie made their affair known to me. They let me know I was to be their cuckold upon returning. I was heartbroken but agreed. Here is how things have progressed.


I came back to town to find all my belongings in the spare bedroom and Frank's moved into what used to be known as 'our' bedroom. The night I returned I found a note tacked to the back door. "Cucky, we've gone to dinner and dancing. There is a load of laundry that needs to be done by the time we get home, also the house is a bit messy. Please clean it and make sure it's spotless by the time we get home. Frank brought you a present, it's on your bed. Make sure you're wearing it when we get home. Steph."


Making my way into the house, I discovered it was a mess! It would take me hours to clean it and I was exhausted. I put the laundry in and started cleaning. I almost forgot about the 'present' Steph mentioned in her note. I made my way to 'my room' and there on the bed was a tiny bag. I peeked inside and there were two items, a t-shirt that came to just below my balls and said, "CUCKOLD - PROPERTY OF FRANK & STEPHANIE" and a metal chastity device with instructions. I sighed and put both of them on, the chastity device fitting snugly even on my small penis. I then continued my cleaning routine. When I reached the bedroom, I was astonished at what I saw. It looked like there had a been an orgy in there. There were underwear and sexy lingerie scattered about the room, along with used condoms, tubes of KY-Jelly, and sex toys of every shape and size.


On the mirror, written in lipstick were the words, "clean up good cucky!" I cleaned until almost after midnight. The laundry was all done, folded and put away, the house was spotless and finally sat and turned the television on. There on the screen playing from an endless loop videotape was a five minute tape of a man and woman fucking. It didn't show their faces, but it was obvious to me it was Frank and Stephanie. I was amazed at the size of his cock, it was huge! I watched him pummel in and out of Stephanie and my cock grew instantly hard. I sat there mesmerized by the tape watching it play over and over. My cock strained for release against the chastity belt and I know in my mind I had an orgasm. I drifted off to sleep watching the tape.


"Well the little wimp seems to be adjusting nicely!" Frank's voice brought me back to reality. He and Steph stood looking down at me. I hadn't seen Step in a couple weeks and was amazed at how she had changed! Her hair was frosted blonde and all poofed out, she wore heavy makeup and a tight very low cut dress, high heels with a gold and diamond ankle bracelet and black stockings. In all our years of marriage she never got this decked out for me. I stared at her for a good minute. "What's the matter cucky never seen how a woman will dress for a real man?" She said, hugging Frank. "y-y-y-you look great Steph." Was all I could manage to say.


They both laughed. "Well look is all you're going to do. Now get your fat ass off the couch so we can sit down and get us a couple of drinks." Frank said, immediately taking charge. I bolted off the couch and made my way toward the kitchen and fixed them drinks. When I returned Frank and Stepanie were snuggled up on the couch, her shoes off and her feet on the coffee table. "You like the present Frank bought me with the overtime money you made while you were out of town?" She said, lifting her leg and showing me the ankle bracelet. "B-b-but I don't understand." She cut me off abruptly.


"Oh I called Daddy and told him he could have his bookeeper send me all your paychecks from now on. So Frank thought since you were away it would be fitting for you to get me a present so he picked out this nice ankle bracelet. He also got the T-shirt and the chastity belt with your money, so you see you've cuckolded yourself!" They both laughed. A small key dangled from the ankle bracelet. "You see this key cucky? Well it unlocks your 'little device' I say 'little', because we bought the smallest one they had and it still looks big! Anyway this key unlocks the device and the device needs to be unlocked for you to cum. And for you to cum you have to be extra special nice.


I was so hot at this point, I was dying to cum and would've walked across hot coals. "Steph, I'm so horny right now I would love to cum." I said pleading. "Well cucky, here's the way it's going to work. Since you're Frank's cuckold, he gets to decide when and how you cum. So you see, you have to make him happy and convince him you should be allowed to cum." They hugged and I hung my head. "F-f-f-f-frank, may I please cum?" I said, sheepishly. "Well cucky you haven't actually done anything to deserve cumming." Frank said firmly.


"I cleaned and did laundry." I said eagerly. They both chuckled. "Well it's going to take more than that. Cumming is something you're going to have to earn from now on and it's not going to come easily. Now I'll tell you what. You go get your sneakers on and run down to the corner store dressed just as you are and get me some condoms. Now when you get there ask the person behind the counter if they have extra large and make sure you tell them they're not for you." Silently I obeyed. My only hope was that since it was so late no one would be out and no one at the all night convenience store would recognize me. I darted out of the house wearing sneakers, the t-shirt just about covering my balls and the chastity device. I sprinted the block to the store and was relieved when I saw there was no one out.


I stood around the corner from the store and waited for the only customer to leave then made a mad dash for the door. I entered the door and the guy behind the counter eyed me suspicously. "Excuse me can I have a package of condoms?" The man reached behind him to the rack and then I remembered what Frank had said. "Do you have extra large?" He turned and looked at me. "They're not for me." I said, bowing my head. He placed the condoms on the counter. All I wanted to do was pay for them and get the hell out of there, when the phone rang. "Hello. Yes, why yes he is, why yes he did. Okay." The man behind the counter hung up. "The man on the phone said you've got five minutes to get home." I threw some bills down and raced home condoms in hand.


Upon entering the house Stephanie and Frank were naked in bed. I ran to the bedroom and handed the condoms to Frank. "Good boy." He said. "Now I suppose you think you deserve to cum?" I breathed heavily trying to catch my breath from running. "Y-y-y-yes." I said. "We need to get some things straight. First of all, when you address me, you will call me Sir, and when you address Step you will call her Ma'am. Now when you are in our presence, you will be on your knees unless I tell you otherwise is that clear?" I immediately dropped to my knees. "Yes Sir." I said. "Okay, well you're not quite ready to cum yet." At that he rolled over and proceeded to unroll the extra large condom onto his massive cock and stuck his cock into Stephanie.


They fucked and sucked for a good hour and a half as I knelt there quietly listening to her scream his name out and how good he was. Her ankle bracelet glistened in the light as her legs bounced up and down on the bed. She brought her to two orgasms, more than she had ever had with me. Finally I saw Franks ass cheeks clench and he drove his cock deeper into her with five slow thrusts and I knew he was cumming. They lay exhausted in each others arms, him on top of her. I knelt there silently not wanting to disturb them. Finally Frank rolled off her and lay on his back. Stephanie removed the key from her ankle bracelet and ordered me to her side of the bed. I complied and she unlocked the device and my tiny cock sprang to life. They both laughed.


Frank said, "Now come her cucky." I walked to his side of the bed and stood there. Frank stood up and the extra large condom hung off his massive cock with a load still in the tip. He unrolled it and handed to me. "Here," he said, "Fuck this and cum. It'll almost be like fucking your wife!" He walked toward the bathroom laughing and Stephanie rolled over and went to sleep. There I stood in what used to be my bedroom, ready to put my cock into a used condom of my wife's lover and cum!!!!

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