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Cuckold good and bad experiences



My cockolding experience began in 1990 and lasted over 2 years. It took years for me to get my wife to cockold me but wow once she did she really got into it. It was before I had even heard the term cockolding.

Anyway, here are the good and bad about it for anyone considering it.



The good:


Preparing my wife for her dates was fantastic. Sometimes that even began about a week in advance buying her clothes she would wear on her date. Helping her decide what to buy for her to wear for another man is very erotic.

Then helping prepare her for the actual date. Helping wash and dry her hair, trimming her pussy hair, doing her nails.

Sometimes, I got to watch her on her date, watching her dance, flirt, and kiss.

Most of the time if she came home she would let me do clean up duty by licking her pussy and asshole clean. I usually would be allowed to jerk off afterward, though not all the time. Not if she was too tired. Usually, I did this on my own, but occasionally she would help me jerk off. Sometimes she would let me cum on her ass but only if I promised to lick my cum off of her.



The bad:


Once the cockolding began I lost control. She did what she wanted, when she wanted.

In the 2+ years, I figure her and I only made love 3-6 times.

The not really knowing if she would leave me for the other guy was a bummer. Oh yes, she said she loved me but was in love with him.

Sometimes she would tell me not to jerk off while she went on a date, that she had plans for us when she got home. The whole time she was gone I'd be going crazy in anticipation, only to find out she would not come home chosing to stay at his place for the night.

Sometimes, I'd get down when she would decide to do something with her boyfriend at the last minute canceling plans we had made over a week ago.

I know of some cockolds that actually lost their wives to other men.

I was lucky. She commited herself back to me and our marriage is even stronger because of the experience. The funny thing is her affair ended when he asked her to marry him. Like she told me; She already had the perfect husband, ME.

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