I'm first a good provider and husband. My goal is to pleasure my wife in all ways that I can think of. Having all this tension from being caged, being denied masturbation, denied orgasm, denied cumming except for heavy leaking of precum, I easily want to massage her every night. The processes of massaging her helps with my excess sensory need and the built up tension gives me huge amounts of excess energy to do it passionately and lovingly.


I try my best to pleasure her sexually and my biggest thrill comes from making her cum which in the pre chastity days I wasn't able to achieve because of falling asleep immediately after my premature orgasm. Where I'm going with these comments is I think we've enhanced our marriage with these activities.


I went through being cuckolded in my first marriage. I didn't ask for it but when it happened, my submissive nature had me getting very turned on by all of it. She often came home with a pussy full of some other guys cum and the first thing was always to get a length of rope and tie my hands behind my back. I would then crawl between her legs to lick her pussy and clean it of some unkown guys cum. She would share with me what happened and I always had an incredible hard-on.


I guess it was her nature to need the variety of new and different men. I felt insecure and strongly submissive I thought I was holding the marriage together. In the end, its as you suspected, she left for one of the new guys, abandoning our marriage.


The funny thing for me was being young, I could fuck her really well. My hard-on at the time compared favorably to most of the guys except for one who was as large as my current giant strap-on. Even then, I could fuck and suck right along with him, I wasn't particularly intimidated.


Cuckolding, very exciting, ultimate submission, probably ends most marriages but I love it anyway.


I'm a guy locked in a very small steel cage that likes serving my wife, is energetic and happy pleasuring my wife. A guy dependent upon my wife to someday give me freedom if she chooses. A guy whose turned on by the humilation, submissiveness, horniness and frustration.

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